Beast Soul Continent

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An ancient curse, a continent of Poland, opened an immortal sequel here...

On the top of the sea peak, on the other side of the cliff, the mysterious wind is piercing, the clouds are wet, the lonely shadow is red arms, and the teenager is unmoved, only the dark eyes staring motionlessly at the distance...

Two days ago, a border town.

"Father, father! Look, this is the one I just caught!" Fan Tian, a 14-year-old teenager, dragged a gray wolf that had died and rushed to his father excitedly.

However, the young father was unmoved by all this, and his resolute eyes always looked up at the sky and meditated on something.

Fan Tian looked at his father doubtfully. He didn't know why his father, who had always loved him very much, suddenly became distracted recently. He always looked at the sky inexplicably and sometimes muttered something.

"Well, it seems that I can only show off to my mother!" Fan Tian, who was young, shook his head in disappointment and turned around to leave the room. However, at the moment when he turned around, an indescribable breath enveloped the town they usually lived in in an instant. Even the young Fan Tian, who had not really stepped into the martial arts journey, clearly felt the abnormality in the air, because the breath was too violent and clear.

"Father!" Fan Tian's face changed slightly and looked at his father who was still looking up at the sky. According to common sense, his father was a martial artist and was thousands of times more sensitive to things than Fan Tian, but at this moment, he was like a person outside the world and did not realize it at all. A trace of bad spiritual consciousness suddenly spread in Fan Tian's heart.

Sure enough, things went in the worst direction. Under the cover of the abnormal breath in the air, the originally cloudless sky was suddenly shrouded in thick fog, which was extremely horrible. The sudden changes made the young Fan Tian a little overwhelmed and scared. On the other hand, his father was still very calm, as if all this could not affect him. It seemed that all this was expected and that all this should have come.

In the sky, the black fog is getting thicker and thicker, and the original day turns into darkness in an instant. There seems to be a force in the darkness that is constantly spreading and gathering towards them.

Suddenly, a big black hand came out of the thick fog. Fan Tian will never forget the black bone finger full of curse. Each joint of the giant hand is lifelike, like a dry bone palm without a trace of flesh and blood, grabbing Fan Tian's father.

"Father!" The claws full of curse made Fan Tian scream in panic, and the scream finally changed his father's mind. The strong face gently turned to Fan Tian. There was no fear or surprise in his eyes. He only showed a kind father's face and smiled at Fan Tian.

This is the last picture Fan Tian saw his father. Since then, his father has disappeared into the world without a sound or a single message.

In the wooden house

"Mother, who captured my father?" Fan Tian pulled the corners of his mother's clothes and shed tears in his eyes.

"Son, there are some things you will know when you grow up. Don't worry about your father, because that's his choice!" The mother's eyes have been soaked with tears, and the father's disappearance undoubtedly hurts the mother the most. However, this is only the beginning of the night arranged by God, and the day falls!

On the second day, the calm border town suddenly welcomed two mysterious old men. The two old men came to Fan Tian's home without a sound and forcibly took their mother away without a single sound.

Blowing the piercing cold wind, Fan Tian still remembers the last words his mother said before leaving, "You are the only man in the family. Take care of your sister!"

Looking at the endless Cangming, Fan Tian kept asking in his heart, "Why? Why?" But the sky is still so calm and unmoved. Throughout the day, he stood on the piercing top of the cold wind, because he could not accept the fact that a happy family of four, his parents left one after another in just two days.

The 14-year-old boy is in a period of naive romance, and he can't accept this cruel reality physically or psychologically. Even such a piercing cold wind still could not awaken his chaotic heart.

"Brother!" With a runny-like throat, it sounded behind Fan Tian. The original long red face has been destroyed by the mountain wind, and the delicate seven-year-old body seems to be accidentally blown down by the mountain wind.

"sister!" Seeing Linger's moment, Fan Tian's chaotic heart finally woke up. My parents are gone, and my sister is only seven years old this year. At this moment, he understood that he had not lost everything, and there was a sister who stayed with him and needed his care and care. He can't sink and can't be sad anymore. He should stand up and walk down like a man to protect her sister from anyone's bullying and any grievances.

holding his sister's cold little hand, the figure of the brother and sister gradually disappeared on the top of the cliff, and another life officially jumped a new note from this moment.

In an instant

It has been more than a month since their parents disappeared, and the brother and sister have gradually come out of the pain. Although the younger sister will often think of her mother and his father, they are slowly coming out and slowly learning to face the world and accept this reality.

In the month when his parents disappeared, Fan Tian would go hunting in the mountains and forests every three or five days.

Because he and his sister are young and do not eat much, a beast is enough for them to eat for three or five days. Fortunately, Fan Tian has practiced martial arts since he was four years old and hunted at the age of ten. Although they are all small beasts in the mountains and forests, it is not easy for a 14-year-old child.

The place where Fan Tian lives is called the "source continent", a continent where warriors live. On this continent, if a person can't do martial arts, it is equivalent to a penniless person in today's society who is difficult to walk and can't survive. Of course, the achievements of martial artists are high and low, and the high command of a region, and the low can only maintain a basic livelihood by hunting in the mountains and forests.

Fifteen years old, this is the age at which everyone will be excited about, because at this age, something will determine everyone's fate. That is the "animal soul awakening". The beast soul is a sign of truly becoming a warrior. Only those who successfully awaken the beast soul can be called a real warrior.

Therefore, the beast soul is the lifeblood of the source continent and the lifeblood of the warriors. At this moment, Fan Tian is working crazily to awaken the beast soul half a year later. Because he knew that "if you want to find your father and mother, you have no choice but to become as strong as your father. If you want to protect your sister, you have no choice but to become strong. If you want to survive on this continent, you have no choice but to become strong."

Three ways to describe one of the most obvious truths in the source continent, "Wu is the way of heaven!"

The dense forest in the back mountain, the mouth of the bear king's cave.

A roar kept coming out, and a bronze figure in the forest was holding a giant wood and a three-meter-tall bear! The teenager, who was only more than 1.7 meters tall, was not afraid at all. His eyes burst into a resolute and dignified light. The earthworm-like muscles under the bronze skin were squirming slightly, as if they were always ready to meet the opponent's attack.

"Wo!" The gray giant bear more than three meters high is very angry at this moment, because this hateful human has been harassing it for more than half a month, and at least two to three hours a day, but it can't help the hateful human in front of it.

"Stupid bear, don't shout, we're starting!" Fan Tian shook the long wood in his hand, grinned at the corners of his mouth, and looked at the giant bear opposite him with a smile. Half a month ago, in order to increase his physical strength faster and better, Fan Tian kept looking for various ways. In an accidental accident, he suddenly found that the bear king in this cave was surprisingly powerful, but not as fast as him.

So Fan Tian had an idea and remembered a crooked idea, which is to fight with this big stupid bear every day to exercise his strength, because in the battle, he may bear several times the usual strength in an instant. Such an exercise method is far stronger than his own static strength training, and this kind of life-and-death battle is easier. Squeeze out your own limits.

Although Fan Tian looks hippie on the surface, he absolutely dares not be careless in the actual battle. Because the power of this bear king is much higher than that of Fan Tian. Although it is faster than his legs, this is the bear king who only eats dust behind Fan Tian, but if he confronts the power head-on, he can almost slap him into mud.

Therefore, Fan Tian's every battle is not really to counter the power of the Bear King, but with the long wood in his hand, he weakens the side, so that he can only bear part of the power. Even so, Fan Tian has benefited a lot in this half month, and his own strength has increased by at least 30%. At the same time, the ability to resist combat and combat experience have not improved a little or two.

"Roar!" For half a month, the King of Bear has turned a blind eye to Fan Tian and doesn't want to pay attention to it, because he can't beat him, and he can't catch up with it, but the other party doesn't want to let him go. Whenever it has no choice but to give up attacking the other party, this hateful human will hit its head mercilessly with the long wood in his hand. Bear King There is no doubt that if he does not counter his hand, this human will definitely kill it mercilessly with the long wood in his hand.

So, its only hope now is that the hateful and small human opposite him will be killed by it inadtentionally in the battle. Of course, such a precedent is not without. Several times this small human has been broken by the arm and even cut open his chest, but in the end, this human escaped fortunately.


The big stupid bear in front of him kept screaming, but he refused to do it first. Fan Tian knew that he needed to give it some motivation and stimulation. The two-meter-long wood in his hand went straight to the other party's head with lightning under the control of both hands.

"Oh!" Seeing this ruthless long wood, the bear king knew in his heart that if he didn't do it again, he would be tricked. Unwilling and willing, but its men are not powerful at all, recruiting fierce and killing again and again. The mountain-like body rushed over at the moment when the long wood fell.


One bear claw neatly blocked the long wood, and the other bear claw mercilessly grabbed the face door of Fan Tian. The bear king knew that if he wanted to completely solve the annoying human in front of him, there was no other way but to completely kill him, so every time it took action, it was extremely fierce and attracted the enemy to death.

"Hehe! That's right!" Seeing that the bear king's men were merciless, Fan Tian smiled, but his eyes were extremely solemn, because he knew better than anyone how strong the bear king was and how many pounds he had. He had no doubted that as long as he was careless and showed a flaw, he would be torn to pieces by the king of the bear. He still remembers the previous injuries.


The battle officially kicked off in Fan Tian's provocation. For him, this is another life-and-death test and also a power improvement.

However, just as he was practicing with the bear king as usual, a huge uninvited guest came. The huge figure covered the sky like dark clouds, and the violent breath was like the wind of the nine heavens.

"Boom" is such an uninvited guest who suddenly fell from the sky and fell not far from them.

"Flying Dragon!" Fan Tian couldn't believe his eyes. At this time, the huge thing that suddenly fell from the sky was exactly the same as the flying dragon described in the book. His body was more than ten meters long, his turquoise wings and blood-red eyes corresponded to the wind dragon in the book.

"Why did the wind dragon appear here?" While Fan Tian was shocked, his young head was also constantly flying. You should know that the lethality of this guy in front of him is much greater than that of this bear king. A blow can make him fly away. This is only equivalent to the fierce beast of a senior martial soul master. What is the concept of a senior soul master? The powerful existence of the mountain rift between his hands.

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