Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 7 Awakening

While a roar broke out in Fan Tian's body, it meant that his body had finally reached the limit, but Fan Tian did not stop there, because the deadlock in his body could not be broken, and the energy dragon and seal were always deadlocked. Although the seal already has a trace of melting, according to this slow speed, even if Fan Tian's consciousness can hold on, the remaining opening time of the altar is not allowed to do so.

So, while the roar burst out, the speed of the body absorbing energy with the outside world was once again improved by him. And this rough behavior, no matter how strong the body is, will be unbearable. A trace of blood has begun to overflow from his pores, and Fan Tian's bronze skin is gradually covered with light red plasma.

The absorption speed of more than three times also coated Fan Tian with a faint halo.

"His body actually emitted a faint golden light, and it is constantly strengthening." Dressed in purple, the girl with clear eyebrows looked at Fan Tian in the corner with an incredible face. This is a form of energy gathering too much and showing on the surface. The master said that anyone who can do this without dying is extremely strong. The girl in purple squeezed her little mouth incredulously.

Naturally, several other people who still stay in the altar also know this truth, and they can't help but envy it. If such a beast soul awakens successfully, this golden teenager will definitely be the target of all parties. After several people were surprised, they returned to their cultivation state, because they had reached a critical moment, but Fan Tian's figure left a deep impression on them.

"Is your body going to collapse?" Fan Tian stared at the slightly cracked meridians in his body, and a trace of hesitation flashed in his eyes, but in an instant, this hesitation was replaced by firmness.

"Even if the meridians are broken today, I will break the seal." Fan Tian has no choice but to move forward bravely. At this moment, the golden dragon in his body has become powerful and lifelike with the support of three times its energy. It keeps churning waves in Fan Tian's meridian city, and the seal opposite is also accelerating its melting under its violent attack.

What is pain into the bone marrow? What is heartbreaking? Fan Tian finally understood it today. It is a kind of burning from the depths of the soul. This feeling is completely different from cutting the bone. It is a kind of ability to point directly at the soul in the depths, so that you have no resistance and defense.

This pain is completely destroying your consciousness, and when your consciousness can't stand this pain and goes out, the golden energy introduced into your body will explode uncontrollably, turning you into a blood mist.

At this moment, Fan Tian finally knows why those teenagers have failed one after another, because their meridians are not as strong as Fan Tian, so they have begun to break their meridians and suffer the pain of burning with energy far less than Fan Tian. Under this pain, people who are slightly unstable will completely fall into a comatose and thus lose Go to life.

Now, what Fan Tian can do is not to resist, but to insist that his consciousness will not die, because as long as his consciousness is still there, the energy in his body will not dissipate. Fan Tian finally understood that the first words of Elder Jin Xing were extremely concise, but they said the fundamentals of the awakening beast soul.

Because Fan Tian just found that the meridians in his body that should have been broken have been broken for a long time. Although they were still in a broken state, none of them were really broken. Carefully attaching his consciousness to the meridians, an amazing result was peeped at.

"It turns out that these violent golden energy is slowly repairing the meridians." Fan Tian couldn't believe that these culprits who caused the rupture of the meridians were actually repairing the meridians at the same time. Although the speed of this repair was slightly invisible, he could always keep the meridians not completely broken.

It seems to be a kind of understanding, which seems to be a kind of clarity. Fan Tian finally really understood why the awakening of the beast soul is the first level on the road of martial arts. Seeing that his meridians were not completely broken, he really understood that the awakening of the beast soul was not really killing others, not the body, not any objective factors, but entirely because his will was not strong enough, and the people who were not conscious enough were bound to be the first people to be eliminated on the road of martial arts.

Understanding this, Fan Tianqiang endured the pain and took a breath.

"Wow, as long as the spirit does not die, the young master will be cruel!" Under the control of the beast formula in his body, Fan Tian's speed of absorbing energy was actually doubled again, and the faint gold on the original body surface had been replaced by strong light. At the same time, the bronze skin under the golden light burst and exploded countless capillaries.

The body will not die, which does not mean that it will not be harmed. After the stronger energy influx, the meridians in the body become more precarious, but they always take a breath and are not completely broken. Fan Tian knows that this is the limit of his body. Although golden energy can repair the meridians, it also has a certain Amount.

In the next time, what he wanted to fight for was the will. The golden dragon kept roaring in the air sea cave-door court. The seal finally couldn't stand the pressure and accelerated to melt, and a trace of blood-colored silk turned into nothingness refined by golden energy. With the current speed, it will take about a day for Fan Tian to completely break the seal.

And now two days have passed, and there are only canvas teenagers, purple girls, and Fan Tian left in the altar. However, the two seem to have almost broken their seals. The two virtual shadows are struggling and condensing above their heads behind them. I believe that it won't be long before they can completely break out of the air.

to the second half

The girl in purple finally took the lead in breaking the deadlock, and a huge Qingming sparrow spread its wings and chirped behind it. The Qingming finch legend is the descendant of the divine bird Bifang. It spreads its wings like a crane and is called a warbler. It has mysterious power and can directly attack the opponent's consciousness. It is a very top magic soul among the beast soul.

After awakening, the girl in purple looked at the canvas teenager and Fan Tian, who were still breaking the seal, with a strange color in her eyes, as if she wanted to make friends with them

"Little woman, purple warbler, I don't know if I can become friends with the two sons!" In the expectation of the purple warbler, a force seemed to want to teleport her, but the wings behind her were slightly shaken, which delayed the power.

The ferocious canvas teenager did not open his eyes, but squeezed two words from between his teeth.

"Lishan!" There was still a trace of pain in his voice. Obviously, he was very difficult now, but he still showed the intention of making friends. After all, those who can survive for two and a half days are all geniuses, and they are likely to meet in the future. If they plant good fate today, they are likely to get unexpected results.

At this time, Fan Tian also squeezed out two words from his teeth.

"Fen Tian!" However, his voice is obviously more powerless and painful than that of another year. Knowing their names, the girl nodded with a smile and was sent out by the more fierce power of transmission.

Not long after the girl left, the canvas teenager finally broke his seal. A huge lion roar shook the space inside the whole altar, and even Fan Tian was shocked and his eyes opened slightly. The golden lion appeared in Fan Tian's eyes, looking up to the sky, proud of the world, and then the figure of the teenager was also spread out.

Now there is only Fan Tian in the whole altar, and in less than half a day, the seal in his body has finally melted to less than half.

"Strong harder!" Fan Tian kept roaring in his heart, and his consciousness began to gradually blur. Even if he was just answering the question of the girl in purple, it was still hazy. Now the only thing that supports him to be awake is that he is still waiting for his sister outside.

"I can't die, I can't be in a coma, my sister is still waiting for me outside!" Thinking of her sister holding the doll tightly in her hand and staring motionless at Fan Tian entering the altar of awakening, Fan Tian could clearly feel that the crowd around her at that moment seemed to have nothing to do with the little girl. There was only one person left in the world who could support her was the only brother. It will only take a few days for me to walk out of the altar in front of me, hug her and touch her head.

Fan Tian knew that he could never die. He could not let his sister down and leave his sister alone in this world. At this moment, he was struggling in burning pain, but he didn't know that the little girl had not moved a step since the moment he entered the altar. She held the doll tightly in her hand and stared at the altar motionlessly for two days without moving a trace.

It seems that her world has been static from that moment. It seems that only her brother's out can make her world run again, and all this is seen by a woman in blue.

At this time, the purple girl Ziying has been transmitted out and happily threw it to her master. A middle-aged woman in purple finally breathed a long sigh of relief when she saw the purple warbler coming out.

"Woman, you really cheered up the master. You are the last one to be transmitted!" Middle-aged woman asked proudly

"Hey, I let you down. There are two people in it!" The purple warbler's reply surprised the middle-aged woman.

"What? Two more? So are they still human?" The middle-aged woman's eyes are round. You know that two and a half days have passed, the purple warbler has been regarded as a genius among geniuses. Unexpectedly, there are two more evil beings in it.

"What sect are they from? It seems that all the major sects we know have come out? The middle-aged woman frowned slightly and seemed to be searching for the forces missing in her memory. But the purple warbler interrupted her thinking.

"Master, those two people should be doorless. Seeing that their clothes are very simple, they asked their names when they came out. One was called Lishan and the other was called Fan Tian. However, Lishan should break the seal soon. Fan Tian has been shrouded in golden light, but there is no sign of breaking the seal. The girl in purple frowned and told her master what was inside, and her master was shocked when he heard the golden light of Fan Tian.

"What? If someone is surrounded by golden light, it means that his physical fitness is at least twice as strong as ordinary people!" The middle-aged woman couldn't believe it, but the purple warbler nodded affirmably and knocked hard on her shock.

While they were talking, the altar shone, and the boy in canvas was transmitted. Everyone was shocked by the sudden appearance of the teenager, and many sects rushed forward to accept the disciples.

At this time, the altar was about to be closed in three hours. The little girl in the square, who had not moved for three days, was full of fog in her round eyes, but never flowed down, because she put all her hopes in the last three hours and gathered all her beliefs together.

However, as time went by, the crowd in the square gradually dispersed, because people no longer believed that there were still people who could survive in it, leaving only some parents who had lost their children crying on the playground. At this time, the woman in blue finally walked to Linger.

"Little sister, are you waiting for someone?" The voice of the woman in blue was so soft and approachable, but these did not seem to affect Linger. A young soul that seemed to be silent had to make a very weak voice because she had not eaten for three days.

"Brother!" Linger's eyes finally couldn't hold back, and tears kept flowing down, because at this moment, Elder Jin Xing had announced the closure of the altar, and her brother had never been able to come out. Looking at the sad Linger, the woman in blue couldn't help but be moved.

"Brother won't come back. The altar has been closed. How about you?" The woman in blue gently stroked Linger's head, and the little daughter's inner defense finally collapsed.

"My brother won't lie to me. He will definitely come back. He promised me when he left!" Linger cried and choked, unwilling to believe this fact, and her weak body seemed to be unable to withstand such a violent stimulation, and her eyes fainted.

The woman in blue hugged her body tightly, her eyes full of sympathy, and the unconscious spirit.

"My brother is gone, and my sister will take care of you in the future!" With Linger's weak body, the woman in blue moved lightly and disappeared to the edge of the sky. Shortly after he left, the altar suddenly changed, and it took the initiative to absorb the energy of heaven and earth to run again.

In the altar, the virtual shadow behind Fan Tian was constantly struggling. He finally reached the last step and was about to break through the seal. However, at this critical moment, the altar stopped working, and the surrounding energy became dull and difficult to absorb in an instant. At this critical moment, the energy in his body appeared to be given. Foot.

Three days of efforts will turn into nothing, Fan Tian is unwilling, and even his weak soul roars.

"Why, why can't you come another moment, my sister, wait for me, wait for me!" Fan Tian was unwilling and roared heartbreakingly. His blood scab body ruptured in the middle layer of the roar and shed blood again. Blood-red eyes stared at everything around them in despair.

However, God seemed to hear his roar. The altar, which had stopped running, actually took the initiative to operate without injecting the source force, and the energy in the space was active again. And before the great age, the violent energy rushed directly into the air sea cave in the roar, which was one of the few sealing forces. Finally, ashes and smoke disappeared, and a black beast soul roared out behind its back, as if venting its dissatisfaction.

Then, in the shocked eyes of Elder Jin Xing, a blood-red teenager was thrown out. At the moment of transmission, Fan Tian's face finally showed a smile.

"I promised my sister and finally did it!" Then he fainted, because this awakening had completely exhausted his physical strength and soul power. However, he did not know that his sister had been taken away by a mysterious woman.