Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 17 Zhengming of Wudoutai

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On the martial arts stage, Fan Tian glanced at the audience. Most of the older brothers have dispersed, and most of the people who stayed to watch are new disciples who have just started. After all, Fan Tian's level of battle is of no value for the elderly brothers, but for these new disciples, it is indeed very interesting. Interesting things.

Tie suddenly saw that Fan Tian had not moved for a long time. He thought he was afraid, and his words were even more sarcastic and presumptuous.

"You ignorant boy, today I'll show you what a dog stick is!" When Fan Tian saw that the other party was arrogant, he didn't bother to argue with him again. Since he was on this stage, he had decided to put him down on the stage.

Under his control, the source force in the body operated for the first time after the first recovery of the serious disease, and the abundant source force made Fan Tian feel that there were some signs of breakthrough. After seeing Fan Tian's power, his eyes disdained and aroused his martial soul.

A tin giant ape with less than two battles tall stands above him. Obviously, this is also a childhood martial soul, but even so, its potential is unquestionable. In contrast, Fan Tian's little black dog, which is less than half a foot, is quite weak and unimpulnerable.

Fan Tian is not talking nonsense with him, because he wants to prove his martial soul with his actions. The battle began at the moment Fan Tian smashed out the black iron stick.

Boom" two people are both sticks. Fan Tian uses a black iron long stick, more than a dozen silver, and there are still five or six in his space rings in stock. And the other party's use is indeed a fine iron stick, which is tough and light, costing hundreds of silver.

So in the first round of testing, Fan Tian's black iron stick was deformed, which further contributed to the arrogance of the other party.

"Haha, the weapons in your hand are bent. What else are you going to fight with me? Uncle, I'll let you know the consequences of offending me." The iron-eared monkey's cheeks are full of complacency. The arrogant expression of the other party made Fan Tian secretly sneer, because through the temptation just now, he found that this guy had no practical experience at all.

"This opportunity is just right to stand Wei, so that others don't think I'm easy to bully!" Fan Tian secretly clenched the long stick in his hand, and at the same time, he decided that he must win the beauty, establish his own majesty, and let others know that black dogs should not be bullied at will.

His figure moved again, and the black iron stick in his hand emitted a faint light under the injection of the source force, and at the same time became harder. The whole bronze body was like the birth of arhat at the moment of the outbreak of the martial soul, and the long stick in his hand hit the opposite door directly without any fancy.

"Hehe, do you want to defeat me like this?" Seeing Fan Tian's stick without any skill, the other party raised the interception contemptuously. But what he didn't expect was that Fan Tian looked like a simple stick, but it was full of the power of Mount Tai.

At the moment of the impact, the fierce tiger's mouth was cracked and bleeding. You can imagine how strong Fan Tian's power is. Although the other party has the power of the iron ape martial soul, Fan Tian's power can compete with the junior soul master before awakening the martial soul. After awakening, it is far better than other junior soul masters under the superposition of the martial soul.

So with just one slam hit, Tie Meng showed his disadvantage, which is also inseparable from his petty enemy.

Fan Tian did not stop here, but his whole body suddenly jumped up and put his feet on the other party's chest. Tie Meng saw that Fan Tianlai's menacing legs had to give up the fine iron stick in his hand, endured the pain, and put his hands across his chest to block his feet.

"Bang!" Fan Tian's own strength was greater than Tie Meng. Under the influence of the impact, he kicked the other party's body out and retreated more than a dozen steps to stabilize his figure, and a trace of blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth.

"Dogs will bite people when they are in a hurry!" Tie Meng looked at Fan Tian viciously, and his heart was even more full of shock. He didn't expect that he would be defeated in the hands of a black dog martial soul. Seeing the pointing eyes on the field, Tie Meng's resentment for Fan Tian increased another point.

Originally, Fan Tian was going to stop defeating him, but he didn't expect this guy to still speak rudely. Fan Tian's eyes finally showed a trace of murder, and his cold eyes locked the other party.

"You have to pay for your words and deeds today!" There was no emotion in the words, and the black iron stick in Fan Tian's hand was injected with power, like a sharp spear. The martial soul above his head suddenly roared, and the source power in his body suddenly burst out, and the black iron stick shot out.


The long stick came to the other party like a dark golden spear and lightning. At that time, under the murderous lock, Tie Meng actually found that he could not dodge anything and was about to be nailed to the martial arts platform. At this critical moment, Xiao Yun, the young man who had been looking down below, finally took action.

"Kka!" A huge eagle's claw suddenly appeared in the sky and grabbed the black iron bar. The golden eagle's wingspan is ten meters, which is the domineering and power that only the intermediate martial soul can have.

"Golden Eagle Xiaoyun!" At the moment when the young man took action, someone suddenly screamed off the court, and Fan Tian naturally heard it.

"What? Brother wants to stop our duel? This doesn't seem to be in line with the rules. Fan Tian stared at the golden eagle Xiao Yun on the field and was not afraid of his identity at all. On the other hand, the young man did not expect that Fan Tian, a little black dog martial soul, could surpass the other party's iron ape.

He put away his released golden eagle martial soul, and Xiao Yun's face was not good.

"Today is the crown ceremony. It's not appropriate to see blood. Now that you have won, forget it!" Xiao Yun, a young man, looked at Fan Tian from indistinence to disgust. If it hadn't been in public, he wouldn't have mind killing Fan Tian at all.

"In this case, the lottery should belong to me!" Fan Tian knew that since Xiao Yun intervened, there could be no result of today's incident. It would be futile to continue to pester him. It's better to get the secret. Anyway, Liang Zi has taken over.

Although Xiao Yun was angry, he could not attack in the face of so many disciples. He resisted the anger in his heart, and a jade wall flew from his hand to Fan Tian. After getting the jade wall, Fan Tian grinned.

"Thank you for your reward!" Anyway, he has been offended, and he doesn't care about another one. Fan Tian's figure disappeared from everyone's sight in the anger of the other party.

In the junior disciple's courtyard, Fan Tian sat in the house with a jade wall.

"Today, this Liangzi is finally married. I'm afraid it won't be peaceful in the future!" Fan Tian calculated in his heart that he knew that Xiao Yun, the golden eagle just now, would not let him go so easily. But if he doesn't leave the mountain gate, the other party can't do anything to him.

Recalling the golden eagle that had just appeared in front of him, he felt a little shocked, because this is a real magic soul. Only the magic soul in the source continent can attack the other party from the body, while the martial soul can only melt into the body to increase its own strength, but cannot attack from the body.

It's false to say that you don't envy it. The magic soul is equivalent to the incarnation of the second beast. It is powerful and unparalleled. The martial soul at the same stage is not as good as the magic soul in terms of power or appreciation.

"Hey!" Fan Tian sighed, clenched the jade wall in his hand, and practiced. He knew that in the face of such a powerful enemy, the only thing he could protect himself was his strength. Only strong strength could make him occupy a place to survive in this supreme source continent of martial arts.

Slowly inject divine consciousness into the jade wall, and a paragraph of text is presented in his sea of knowledge. "The secret of all beasts condenses the power of all beasts, turns them into the source of their own bodies, breaks the nine extremes, and becomes the body armor of thousands of beasts." Next is the specific introduction of the beast formula and the cultivation of thousands of words.

The cultivation of the beast formula is very domineering. At almost every stage, you need to hunt nine fierce beasts of the same level, seize the essence of the eighth soul in their source core, and condense your own eight souls. It is well known that people have three souls and seven souls, and the creatures of the world are limited by nine poles. Even fierce beasts have lost one soul because of one more soul, becoming the existence of two souls and eight souls. Because of this, the fierce beasts of the same level are far stronger than human beings, but their intelligence is not as strong as human beings.

What the secret of all beasts should do is to grab the source of the eighth soul of the fierce beast, condense itself, break the limitations of heaven and earth, and form the eighth soul. Once the eight souls are condensed, it represents the body armor of all beasts, and the combat power is invincible. At the same time, the other seven souls of the fierce beast can also strengthen their seven souls and make their beast souls continue to evolve and transform.

Fan Tian was shocked by the skills recorded in the beast formula. He couldn't believe that such a superior skill was so simple to be made public. Although it was a primary chapter, it could only practice intermediate martial souls, but it should not be so.

Although many sects will open up some martial arts secrets, some advanced town secrets can only be learned by core disciples and leaders. It really makes Fan Tian a little confused to publish such advanced secrets to the public as Wanjumen.

Of course, Fan Tian also identified the authenticity of this secret book. Although he has not seen the primary chapter, the foundation chapter in his hand tells it that it is true. Although there is no specific cultivation method for building the foundation article, it introduces the introduction of each article.

"There must be a reason for this." Fan Tian narrowed his eyes and seemed to think of something, but he didn't care, because from any angle, the beast formula is the most suitable for him. From the moment he practiced martial arts, he only came into contact with the beast formula. Although he was not very deep in this martial arts, he was extremely familiar with the corresponding meridians. Double the effort.

"Huh, I can't control it. There must be a way before the car reaches the mountain. Let's practice the primary school first." Fan Tian couldn't wait, because he felt that there seemed to be some faint signs of breakthrough in his body.

According to the more mysterious operation mode, the cyclone in Fan seems to be constantly converging to the center. Zhou Tian's force continues to pour into his body at the same time, and the golden source is also increasing, and the cyclone in the Qihai cave gradually becomes sticky and atomized.

"It's really going to break through!" The changes in his body made Fan Tian excited. Once the cyclone condensed into drops and turned into a fog, it proved that he had successfully stepped into the realm of the primary second stage.

The change of source force represents advancement, which is relatively easy from one paragraph to another. And the change of the martial soul also represents promotion, from primary to intermediate... It is far more difficult than the change of the source force, so it is easy to advance and difficult to advance.

Some people have reached the primary three stages early, but they have not been able to advance to the intermediate martial soul in their lives. The source power represents quantitative change, while the beast soul represents qualitative change. There is an insurmountable gap. That's why Golden Eagle Xiao Yun and other intermediate mountain disciples look at Fan Tian like ants.

Because Fan Tian and their junior disciples have a large part, they can't even reach the intermediate martial soul in their lives. This is the gap between levels and is irreparable. This is why Xiao Yun can easily take Fan Tian's attack.

Time changes bit by bit, and the source force in Fan's celestial body finally has a tendency to condense.