Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 19 Horizontal

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The back mountain is an boundless mountain forest connected by 27 mountains. There is a road through 27 mountains and directly into this uninhabited mountain forest. Because of the existence of the Beast Gate, the surrounding is full of prohibitions, and the further away from the Beast Gate prohibition, the more fragile it is.

Therefore, near the Wan Beast Gate area, under the forbidden restrictions, the strength of the fierce beast is not strong. On the contrary, there are many powerful beings living in the depths of the mountains. Fan Tian's purpose this time is to find some weak and fierce beasts to fight their teeth on the edge of the mountain.

Half an hour of foot strength, the entrance of the back mountain appeared in front of Fan Tian.

"The back mountain is dangerous!" The big words of the stone tablet are powerful, reminding passers-by. Fan Tian also nodded secretly when he saw it, so that no one would stray into the back mountain and be in danger.

"Today, if possible, try to hunt as many third-order fierce beasts as possible. After all, my beast formula also needs the source core to advance." Holding the Xuantie long stick just given to him by Brother Cangyan, Fan Tian operated the source power in his body and entered the combat state before walking to the entrance.


At the moment of entering the back mountain, I clearly felt that there was less peace here, but a little more ancient and vicissitudes. Fan Tian finally understood why there was no fierce beast in the gate of beasts, and the back mountain only a line away was a paradise for fierce beasts.

"It turns out that it is the reason for this prohibition. It clearly separates the beast gate from the back mountain, just like an indestructible barrier in the Chu River and Han world." However, Fan Tian did not know that the location of the Beast Gate was the only gate leading to the outside world, and this gate was very strong and closed at this moment.

Standing at the entrance of the forest, Fan Tian remembered the instructions of Brother Cangyan.

"A third-order fierce beast can be found along a kilometer of the entrance. Don't go deep, otherwise you will encounter a more powerful existence. If you encounter a dangerous division in the back mountain, you will not take action." Brother Cangyan's serious expression made Fan Tian clearly realize that this is not a good place.

Hiding his breath, Fan Tian doesn't want to be disturbed by those first-order and second-order fierce beasts. Fast forward, one kilometer is just a matter of minutes.

"The breath of the third-order fierce beast!" Fan Tian suddenly stopped and looked in the direction of breath, but he didn't see any figure. Just as he was wondering, a cold breath suddenly came from behind. Years of experience in fighting in the mountains and forests made him reflect it at the first time.


The black iron stick in his hand blocked behind him only by feeling. At the same time, his whole body slipped sideways and twisted his body strongly. It was not until this moment that he could see the figure behind him clearly. However, this figure obviously did not want to let him go easily.

"Idiot Dragon!" Fan Tian's eyes were full of surprise, but the other party ignored these, and the giant crocodile blocked by the black iron stick bit Fan Tian again. Fan Tian's shock was temporarily suppressed under the fierce attack of the other party, because he knew that if he was not fully committed to dealing with this third-order beast, he would definitely suffer a great loss.


The source power in the body surged crazily, the black dog martial soul roared angrily behind him, and the black iron stick in his hand emitted fluorescence. There is no doubt that Fan Tian has raised his combat strength to the peak. The whole person's temperament is also filled with a faint murderous spirit, but under the influence of murderous spirit, the other party has not changed at all, which only shows that the other party's murderous spirit is not under Fan Tian.

The idiot dragon, the head snake body, has blue wings on its back. It is said that the idiot dragon was a kind of flying snake in ancient times, but later changed into a dragon head snake body due to the failure to turn into a dragon, so it was named idiot dragon. The five elements belong to the wind and highly poisonous.

The record in the mainland chronicles made Fan Tian dare not take it lightly at all, and the long stick in his hand greeted him again while the other party jumped out.


The other party's teeth collided with the Xuantie long stick, making a steel-like sound. You can imagine how serious the consequences will be if you are bitten by it. After the impact, Fan Tian retreated with inertia and opened the distance from the other party. In the first round of sneak attack, Chilong did not get any benefit.


The unsuccessful Chilong seemed to be a little unwilling, staring at Fan Tian's yellow double holes and plotting something. The intelligence of the third-order fierce beast is no less than that of a five- or six-year-old child. Of course, this IQ itself is nothing, but it is also unpreventable to use it all day on battles and sneak attacks.

So Fan Tian decided to take the lead in launching an attack, and also wanted to test his cracking stick method. The Xuantie long stick is transformed into a magic, with a long shadow, endlessly sweeping the other party.

When Chilong saw Fan Tian take the lead in launching the attack, he was first shocked, and then showed a bloodthirsty expression and rushed over. The blue wings waved, and the two-meter snake crossed. Unexpectedly, it was very easy to dodge Fan Tian's attack and rushed straight to his door.

"It's not good!" Fan Tian was shocked. He didn't expect that the other party was so agile. The black iron stick in his hand was too late to turn around. At the critical moment, Fan Tian's claws turned into an eagle. At the same time, his fingers were like a blade under the blessing of the source force, dodged the other party's huge amount and grabbed his neck.

At this moment, Fan Tian used the shape of the beast formula. Compared with the stick method, Fan Tian's boxing method has been immersed since childhood. However, what Fan Tian didn't expect was that just as his hands were about to grab the other party's neck, the dragon giant crocodile gushed out as a poisonous fog and shot straight at Fan Tian, who was close at hand.

At this moment, Fan Tian was already in an embarrassing position where he could not retreat and was in danger. Between life and death, he suddenly felt a warm current gushing out of the air sea cave.


The source of the sound is not Fan Tian, but the martial soul black dog above Fan Tian. This roar is not like a dog barking or a tiger roar, but it is full of majesty. The most important thing is that it is actually a sound wave attack, interrupting the poisonous fog erupting from the other party.

"Good opportunity!" Fan Tian was overjoyed to see the other party's body, and the paused action in his hand grabbed the other party's snake neck again. At the moment of contact, Fan Tian knew that he could not break through the other party's defense at all.

Therefore, his other hand did not stop and directly found the seven-inch white spot of the other party and stabbed it fiercely.


The dragon finally came out of the influence of sound waves, and a sharp pain came from its body. Fan Tian also threw its body out at this time, and quickly picked up the black iron stick on the ground, operated the source force in his body, and smashed it on the other party again.


All the source power was concentrated on the long stick, and a phantom carried a fierce momentum and swept to the Chilong again, but this time the other party did not dodge, and the injured body greatly reduced its mobility. The Xuantie long stick hit the other party's body fiercely.


With the sound of pain, the dragon's long body was smashed out more than 20 meters. At the same time, Fan Tian finally realized a trace of true meaning across the sky.

While you were ill and killed you, Fan Tian was not a soft-hearted person. He caught up with a long stick and directly hit the other party's head lying on the ground. Blood overflowed, and this fierce beast ended his life in this way. After collecting the other party's body, Fan Tian quickly ran to the entrance.

Because he found that the strength of the third-order fierce beast was not what he could deal with now. If it hadn't been for the sudden change of the martial soul, he would have been lying on the ground now.

The figure flashed, and Fan Tian returned to the entrance again, with a long sigh of relief.

"I really didn't expect that the third-order fierce beast would be so fierce, not only with extraordinary strength, but also super talent for fighting!" Fan Tian had a lingering palpitation, but looking at the idiot dragon in the space ring, he was still ecstatic. This is the reason for the so-called wealth and risk.

However, while he was happy, a sound of extremely destructive atmosphere came to his ears.

"Who do I think I am? Isn't this a dog showing off on the martial arts stage!" The other party's words made Fan Tian's face extremely ugly.

"Do you think it's a little too much for your brother to abuse him so much!" Fan Tian's knuckles turned white because of his clenching. If it hadn't been for the strength of the other party, he would have rushed to tear the other party.

"Do I have it? Isn't that a dog above your head? Am I wrong?" Jin Ying and Xiao Yun completely ignored Fan Tian, but pretended to be very doubtful and asked behind him, and his face was full of laughter. The people behind him echoed with sneer at the sign of Xiao Yun.

"Brother is right. The other side is indeed a brother with a "dog" martial soul." While talking, he unintentionally paused the long dog word.

"Hahahaha!" Everyone laughed, but Fan Tian's face became more and more ugly. But instead, he thought that since the other party wanted to completely tear his face, he had nothing to worry about. Anyway, they could not fight against Fan Tian in the mountain gate.

"Yes, my dog likes to eat golden birds." The other party didn't expect Fan Tian to dare to speak back, and his uneven laughter suddenly seemed to eat a fish bone and get stuck in his throat.

"What did you say?" Xiao Yun seemed to be a little unable to believe his ears. Because since the day he entered the world, with his status as a Dharma soul, he has been sought after everywhere, and this is the first time that someone has said anything rude to him.

"If you don't say good words twice, I didn't expect the bird to hear it!" Speaking of this, Fan Tian also showed a sympathetic expression. Fan Tian didn't pay attention to the other party anymore, so he walked to the outer door.

After a long time, Xiao Yun finally reacted, his face became purple and his face was distorted.

"You stop. Today, I want to let you know the consequences of offending me!" While talking, the golden eagle's magic soul has flown out of Xiao Yun's body and is about to rush to Fan Tian. At this time, the brothers with him also realized the seriousness of the situation and hurriedly persuaded him!

"Brother, don't be impulsive and be fooled by him! If you do it in the division, you will be discarded!" The advice of the younger brother beside him made Xiao Yun's heart tremble and stop the movement in his hand. This door rule is not casually said. Even if he is superior in the talent of the Dharma soul, it is still the same to violate the door rule. The lesson of the previous car is frightening.

Xiao Yun gritted his teeth and looked at Fan Tian with fire, and the two-meter-long golden-winged eagle hovered above his head as irritably.

"Is that it?" Looking at Fan Tian's fading away figure, Xiao Yun's inner anger could not be vented.

"Of course, it won't be like this. There is only a line away from the back mountain. Why don't we invite him into the back mountain?" Another young man said lightly, but his words contained cunning.

"How to invite? Will he be stupid enough to go in by himself? Xiao Yun raised his eyebrows and didn't think the other party's method was feasible, but the next words made his eyes shine.

"Brother, can't so many of us invite a teenager with a junior martial soul?" The thin eyebrows, thin lips, and thin face young man looked at Xiao Yun knowingly, and no matter how stupid Xiao Yun was, he understood what the other party's intention was.

"Domineering, domineering, the identity of you two intermediate martial souls, there should be no problem to invite an ant of a junior martial soul into the back mountain!" Xiao Yun's eyes were very cold when he spoke. Looking at Fan Tian's anger, it had gradually turned into murderous.

"Of course there is no problem!" Two big and three thick locust men grinned and rushed to the faraway Fan Tian.

"Little brother, wait a minute!" With bad intentions, the two rushed to Fan Tian several times and blocked his way.

"What's the matter?" Fan Tian frowned slightly. He didn't think anything good would happen to the other party.

"Master Xiao Yun, please gather in the back mountain." The two men's bad expressions instantly let Fan Tian know what the other was going to do.

"This is the mountain gate. If you do it, you'd better consider the door rules!" While talking, Fan Tian kept observing the escape route, but found that the only road had been completely blocked by the two big men.

"We don't want to do it, we just want to invite you to the back mountain!" Fools know each other's purpose. Once they enter the back mountain, Fan Tian will not come back alive.

"Young master, I don't have time now. Please get out of the way!" Fan Tian had clenched his fist in his hand and was ready to do it with a little carelessness. But he didn't expect that the two big men of the other party came directly to him. Their vast bodies, like a road machine, made Fan Tian unable to find any gaps in the past.

"This is to force me to the back mountain!" Fan Tian has seen the purpose of the other party. Even if the two intermediate soul masters don't do it, Fan Tian can't break through their defenses, so that he will be forced by the other party to retreat and retreat step by step to the back mountain. Once he enters the back mountain, he can kill Fan Tianxia.

"Don't force me again!" A long black iron stick has appeared in Fan Tian's hand. If the other party forces him to retreat again, he will not hesitate to take action. Seeing Fan Tian take out his weapon, the two big men with big mouths still grin, and the souls of the two earth bears gushed out and protected their fronts, but they still had no intention of taking action against Fan Tian.


Fan Tian waved the long iron stick in his hand. He knew that if he didn't do it again, he would die today. But when his black iron stick hit the other party's body, he was stunned to find that the other party was like a strong barrier and could not shake it at all.

"Is this the gap between grades?" Fan Tian was shocked, and his full blow could not break the other party's defense, and at this time, his body had retreated to the edge of the entrance of the back mountain.

Xiao Yun, who was beside him, had stepped in with a cold face and waited for him to enter.

"What should I do?" The defense of the intermediate martial soul could not be broken, and he didn't believe that he could escape under Xiao Yun's command. However, the two big men did not want to give Fan Tian time to think. His body, carrying the pressure of martial soul, rushed to Fan Tian at the same time, and he entered the paradise of the fierce beast in the back mountain again.

At the moment he was forced to enter, a huge golden-winged giant eagle came fiercely, and its sharp eagle hook claws cut Fan Tian's throat.


A scream suddenly came from the back mountain!