Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 28 Disaster

PS: Chapter 3 comes, ** rises again!

After returning to the mountain gate, they carved up the trophies of the five space rings. After saying goodbye to each other, they returned to their residences. The first thing Fan Tian did when he returned to the courtyard was not to practice, but to find a wet nurse for Xiaotian. Xiaotian was Fan Tian's new name for the beast dog in his arms. Although the dog can absorb its own power to maintain life, Fan Tian always feels that he should find some food for him.

Sure enough, after finding a few beasts that could be fed, the little guy's appetite suddenly opened and he kept drinking. It was not until the end that his stomach could not hold it, that he was unwilling to stop. Maybe he was hungry before. Although the source force absorbed from Fan Tian can maintain his life for a short time, there will definitely be problems for a long time.

After solving my worries about this small family, Fan Tian finally settled down and entered the state of cultivation. Yao Mingjian had already returned to his room with a folding fan and smiled. He didn't know what to do.

In the room, Fan Tian held three source cores and felt that his heart was hot. After half a month of training in the back mountain, he has already polished the source force in his body and fixed it firmly on the second stage. It can be said that after half a month of life-and-death training, he has fully equipped the foundation to impact the three stages, and the source core in his hand is his capital.

"Three source cores are enough to satisfy my impact three segments." Fan Tian's indescribable joy, because if this is an ordinary practice, it will take at least more than a year to accumulate enough power. This is also the reason why many disciples of big families practice far faster than ordinary people, which is the so-called cultivation resources.

"Wow!" Holding the source core in his hand, Fan Tian tried to calm himself down and slowly entered the cultivation state. The light golden source slowly flowed from the diamond-shaped source nucleus to the body. With the influx of this energy, the fog in the Qihai cave suddenly became active.

"We must break through three paragraphs this time!" Fan Tian became very fierce in his eyes, because he knew that if he still failed to reach the intermediate level after Xiao Yun's breakthrough and lost the deterrence of Cangyan, it would be difficult for him to save his life in Xiao Yun's hands. Therefore, he must break through the intermediate level in a short time, and the faster the better.

Under the guidance of the beast formula, he constantly introduced the source force in the source nucleus into his body. Under the injection of this source force, the fog stirred up, like the waves at high tide, surging and boiling. The speed of fog is increasing, and the dark golden droplets seem to be fighting with each other.

"As long as these droplets are completely integrated into a turbulent liquid vortex, they will successfully break through to three stages." In fact, the advanced principle of the source force is very simple, which is to condense and compress the source force in the body step by step from the initial gas state to the final ** state.

After more than half a day of absorption, Fan Tian finally exhausted the energy in the first source core, but he was not eager to absorb the remaining eight sources, because this source will not disappear immediately under the protection of the source power. It will take at least three days to gradually disperse.

So he replaced the second source nucleus, because he wanted to break through three stages of the source force in his body. Supported by the second source nucleus, the fog in the body accelerated and rotated again, and the original small fog droplets gradually merged into one, becoming twice as large as before.

As the fog drops continue to appear, the fog in the body gradually becomes more sticky. The martial soul above the fog also felt the boiling power below and became excited and grew imperceptably.

The energy of the second source core also disappeared. Take out the last one, hold it in your hand, and meditate in your heart.

"We must break through, this time we must break through!" Fan Tian looked nervously at the thicker fog droplets in the fog circle and slowly poured the source force. With the injection of the third energy obtained, those dense fog drops finally changed qualitatively: attracting each other, tearing each other, as if to incorporate each other into their own bodies.


The source force just injected is like a strip of silk, connecting all the fog drops and pulling together. It seems that this is not a thread of source force, but a bond that brings each other closer.


The accumulation finally reached a qualitative leap, and the big fog drops finally merged together. The fog circle in the Fan celestial body was divided into a section of forces. These forces were just the fusion of the fog drops, and they were also pulling and merging with each other

With the continuous reduction of the source force in the source nucleus, several forces in the fog rotation are also approaching each other. The whole fog rotation has shrunk to one-third of the original size, but the source energy contained in it does not decrease but increase.

"Bang!" Several night groups finally couldn't resist and merged with each other until they finally turned into two distinct sections. Fan Tian knew that as long as the last two paragraphs were integrated, he would have three paragraphs of strength.

"Condensive me!" Under the influence of powerful divine consciousness, the two liquid masses finally slowly approached and merged with each other. With the last injection, it finally merged together.


At the moment of success, the waves in the air sea cave were surging, the dark gold whirlpool rotated rapidly, and the surrounding liquid energy kept swallowing and tossed in the vortex. At the same time, the martial soul above the whirlpool also grew again.

"Is this the big vortex? The sign of the soul master?" Fan Tian looked at the golden energy vortex in his body with some shock. Under the detection of divine consciousness, he found that the bottom of the vortex seemed to be blocked by something, and the divine consciousness could not pass through.

"Legend has it that there will be changes in the vortex of the emperor, hiding the shocking rice, and I don't know if it's true or not!" Fan Tian yearned for a burst of yearning, but before that, he had to break the vortex and communicate in order to pass through another world in the whirlpool.

When he was excited, Fan Tian was not a distant person. He picked up the core of the exhausted power beside him again, and he began to absorb the source of the eight souls. With the first time and the second time, I became more familiar with the road.

The colorful light is shining, and the martial soul is strengthened again. Fan Tian feels that his five senses have become stronger. At the same time, the eighth soul has become stronger under the supply of the power of the source, and the fog veil covering the martial soul has also become stronger.

Three days later, a golden light suddenly flashed in Fan Tian's eyes.

"The martial soul comes out." Under his order, a two-meter-long and domineering black hound appeared above Fan Tian's head. The eyes of the black dog's martial soul are full of domineering and depth. At this moment, it can no longer be called a black dog, because the black dog will never have such a forced posture. Its current figure is no less than any male lion.

Feed the power increase brought by the martial soul, and Fan Tian couldn't help roaring. However, at this moment, there was a sudden sound of anxious footsteps outside.

"Fen Tian, something big has happened. Come out quickly!" Opening the room, it was the first time he saw Yao Mingjian so anxious.

"What's the matter, Ming Jian?" He stared at each other with doubt.

"We were exposed." After being exposed, Fan Tian's first reaction was to think of the back mountain.

"Don't worry, take your time!"

"Our battle that day was actually recorded with image symbols. Now it has been reported to the Presbyterian Council, and they are preparing to judge us." The anxiety on Mingjian's face replaced the looseness of the past.

"If it is recorded by the other party, the elders should know that they are the first to provoke!" Fan Tian frowned. There was still a glimmer of life on his side, but he became more anxious to hear these swords.

"This is their meanness. That guy did not record the scene of the previous provocation, but the part where we slaughtered." Hearing the explanation of the famous sword, Fan Tian knew that they had been calculated this time. Just then, the people of the mountain gate law enforcement team appeared in front of them.

"Who are Fan Tian and Yao Mingjian!" Seeing the law enforcement team, both of them looked good.

"We are!" Fan Tian showed a cold light in his eyes and walked towards the other party.

"Please come to the Presbyterian Palace and come with me!" The young man glanced at the two faintly and took the lead out.

"Can I meet someone first?" Fan Tian's body was stunned, and now only Brother Cangyan, who can help himself.

"Who is it?" The young man did not refuse directly. It seemed that the law enforcement team members who came this time were on the side of the second brother's camp, leaving more or less a chance for Fan Tian.

"External Deacon Hall, Cangyan!" When the young man heard this, he frowned slightly, but still nodded, because he happened to pass by the outer gate deacon hall on the way to the elder hall.

Half an hour later, several people came to the door of the deacon's hall, and the young man looked at Fan Tian.

"You only have half a quarter of an hour!"

"Enough" Fan Tian only said two words and walked in. What came into view was still the lazy appearance of Brother Cangyan. Seeing Fan Tian, Cangyan was shocked first, and then became enthusiastic.

"Fentian, why do you have time to come here? What do you need? Just say it!" The teacher and brother were still very enthusiastic and did not realize Fan Tian's change, but Fan Tian did not have much time to be polite to the other party.

"Brother, I killed someone in the back mountain and was reported by the other party. I'm going to the Presbyterian Hall. I don't know if you can do anything!" Fan Tian went straight to the topic and explained the story to Brother Cangyan, and the other party also fell silent when he heard it.

A quarter of an hour later, a bronze figure came out of the deacon's hall.

"Thank you!" Fan Tian nodded to the man of the youth law enforcement team.

"Thank you!" The other party's voice is still faint and has no feelings. The two came to the Presbyterian Palace under the leadership of the law enforcement team. The three people under the hall are Xi Shaohuang, Fuquan and Ning Xiaoyue. At this moment, everyone's face is not very good, and Xiaoyue's face is even more pale.

"Are you Fan Tian, the one who harms his family?" The majestic voice came from the palace.