Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 37 Another World

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"Here....?" Fan Tian woke up, but what he could see was another world.

The surroundings are silent, the white bones are kind, the ruins are broken, the dark atmosphere is full, the gloomy wind is raging, and a blood moon hangs in the sky, which is the only light source here. This seems to be an ancient battlefield, and the corpses are everywhere. The black eyes are glowing, and there seems to be a city in the distance. And they are on a sand dune.

"Fatty, wake up!" Fan Tian woke up Fuquan at the first time, because there was also a Xiaoyue who was practicing in his space ring. If he did not release the other party for a long time, it was likely to suffocate Xiaoyue.

"Where is this?" Fuquan opened his eyes and the scene he saw surprised him, but Fan Tian was worried about Xiaoyue in the space ring and was not in the mood to talk nonsense with him.

"Release Xiaoyue quickly!" Looking at Fan Tian's anxious face, Fuquan didn't react for a moment. Just as Fan Tian planned to rob the space ring, the fat man finally realized the problem and hurriedly released Xiaoyue in the space ring.

"Fat, you're going to suffoze me!" The first thing after Xiaoyue came out was to breathe air. It can be imagined that if it is half a minute later, it may really kill people.

"Are you all right?" Xiaoyue just came out and didn't notice the changes around her, but after hearing Fan Tian's deep voice, she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the scene around her.

"Where is this place?" The surrounding darkness and the white bones on the ground scared Xiaoyue.

"Unfortunately, we fell into the ghost sand, and this is the world after we wake up!" The darkness and silence around them soon made them understand that their situation was very dangerous. No one knows what kind of existence this strange world is.

"Xiaoyue, Fan Tian, I'm sorry that I impried you!" The fat man's face showed guilt. He should have been the only one here, and he should be the only one facing death, while Fan Tian and Xiaoyue, one was to save him, and the other was involved in his space ring and were involved in the disaster.

"Fat, do you remember what we said when we came to Nanhuo?" Fan Tian understood the mood of the fat man.

"I said that five people come and five people go back. Coming here does not mean that we will definitely die. If others fail to go out, it doesn't mean that we can't!" Looking at the looming ancient city in the distance, Fan Tian always felt that there was a familiar smell here.

"Yes, fat brother may be God's test for us!" Xiaoyue also returned to her smile and didn't mean to blame the fat man. Seeing that Ren everyone regained their confidence, Fan Tian began to introduce the topic.

"How is Xiaoyue's injury?" Fan Tian looked at Xiaoyue and found that the other party's face had become rosy again.

"Basically, there is no problem. It was just overloaded in the battle. After half a day, it has recovered, and the source power is better than before." Xiaoyue's face was full of excitement. It seemed that she had basically mastered new skills and was no longer afraid of counterattack.

"In this case, let's rest in place for two hours and strive to raise our combat strength to the peak state, and then we will move in that direction!" In the confusion of the two, Fan Tian pointed to the depths of darkness.

From time to time, the sound of broken bones came from under his feet, and the scalp was numb, but it was really difficult to find a place without corpses on this land.

"What on earth happened here? So many people died?" As a girl, although Xiaoyue often experiences the battlefield and has made her have some resistance, she still looks good in the face of so many bones.

"This should be an ancient battlefield. Looking at the degree of bone weathering, it seems to have a history of thousands of years!" Fan Tian frowned. His eyes were the broadest of everyone in the team, and his fluorescent eyes looked through everything in the dark.

However, behind everyone's continuous moving forward, a pile of broken bones on the ground seemed to have life and gathered together.

"Fen Tian, where on earth are we going?" In this darkness, Fuquan and his eyesight are less than 100 meters. Naturally, they can't see the outline of the distance. In the face of the vast darkness, their hearts are empty and there is no sense of security.

"Front!" However, at this moment, a trace of dangerous information interrupted his words.


A rusty knife suddenly cut from the darkness behind the crowd, quietly, like a faint blade. The long stick in Fan Tian's hand suddenly appeared, and there seemed to be eyes behind him, which was accurately blocked under the blade.

"Who is it?" Fan Tian roared and turned around, and the scene he saw surprised him. Unexpectedly, it was not a human holding a big knife, but a skeleton wearing tattered armor. It seemed that it would be weathered at any time. A gray fog wrapped around its body, emitting bursts of crying, which was very feroous.

"Yin Soldier!" Xiaoyue beside him suddenly screamed, and Fan Tian was even more dignified. Although it is also a skeleton appearance, it is fundamentally different from dark demons. The appearance of the dark devil is only the skeleton of human beings, which looks towering, but its core is an energy.

But the yin soldier is different. It is a kind of existence that should not be alive, and each yin soldier represents a ghost. And this kind of thing that should not exist in the world appears here. What kind of place is this ancient ruins?


Although he was shocked by the identity of the other party, Fan Tian's hand did not stop. The long stick was as heavy as a thousand and fell from the sky. At this moment, he suddenly felt that there was a force around him, like a fish entering the sea and roaming in it.

With the support of this force, Fan Tian's stick became sharper, smashing the opponent's body into powder with one blow, and a gray ghost overflowed from it and roared and disappeared into the darkness.

"It's terrible!" Xiaoyue patted her chest, which was simply a ghost in the world.

"Fortunately, his power is not strong, but a corpse driven by the ghost is about to be weathered. As long as it is properly prepared, there will be no danger!" Fan Tianchang took a breath, but the next scene made him breathe back.

In the distance, in the darkness, there was a sudden creaking sound of bones, and everyone's scalp was numb.

"What sound? It seems that someone is approaching us?" Xiaoyue's sight is the closest, and she can only see 100 meters, but Fan Tian is different. A group of dense skeletons, wearing broken armor, holding rusty weapons, tens of millions of ghosts surround, and the sky and the earth blow the dark wind. This group of endless yin soldiers are slowly approaching the three people.

"Prepare to fight! Fatty, protect Xiaoyue!" While talking, Fan Tian had aroused his own martial soul. The black dog looked up to the sky and roared, as if bathed in the faint dark breath in the air, and the yin soldiers opposite were roared, but this phenomenon did not last long and continued to attack.


The red moon is in the sky, the wind is blowing, the darkness is full, and the cold is overflowing. The three were simply in a ghost, and they all felt their scalp numb, but they had to struggle for their lives, because no one wanted to be part of the opposite yin soldiers.

"Follow me and kill a bloody road!" Fan Tian has found that the area with the fewest yin soldiers rushed over first. The long stick in his hand was like cutting white paper, and the yin soldiers turned into powder under his long stick one by one. However, the way these yin soldiers win is not in quality, but in quantity, endless skeletons, holding weapons, constantly, and rushing to Fan Tian without fear of life and death.

"In this way, we will be exhausted and die!" The fat man sweated profusely. Although the quality of the yin soldiers was very poor, the endless number still made him confused. After all, these attacks seemed to be powerless, but if they were not defended, they would leave an indestructible scar on his body.

"Don't worry, you have to break out from the front!" Fan Tian's eyes were glowing, and the huge gap in the darkness had already appeared in his eyes.


The exhausted people finally broke through the encirclement of the Yin soldiers and came to the gap, but they did not stop to rest, because the Yin soldiers behind them may keep up at any time.

"Feng Tian, why do I think this gap is so weird?" Xiaoyue is proficient in divine consciousness and has a stronger perception than Fan Tian in some aspects.

"Yes, I also feel the difference!" But his fluorescent eyes did not find anything strange.

"Left front! There are fluctuations!" Xiaoyue suddenly shouted that although she couldn't see it, she could feel the changes there. Following the direction pointed by Xiaoyue, Fan Tian finally found something strange, but this strangeness almost made his scalp explode.