Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 54 Holy Island

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The moment Fan Tian opened his eyes, like two rounds of hot sun flashing through his eyes. The strange environment around him did not make him nervous. On the contrary, a warm and peaceful atmosphere made him feel very quiet and indifferent. The woman's long hair is elegant, her hair is slightly curled up, her eyes emit pure and warm light, and her slight smile makes people feel ashamed of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The sister and brother were shocked by Fan Tian, who suddenly woke up, but under Fan Tian's gaze, the sister took the lead in reacting, her face turned red and her voice was as pleasant as a piano.

"This is the Holy Island. You are unconscious at the seaside. We found you and brought it back!" The girl's voice shocked Fan Tian.

"Is this the legendary island?" In Fan Tian's expectant eyes, the two sisters showed a confused look. Fan Tian's face couldn't help sinking, but in an instant, he thought that Shendao might be the name of this place by outsiders. The original residents here may not know this. So he decided to ask in detail.

"I don't know if there is a kind of pool water here that can wash the curse in your body?" In Fan Tian's expectant eyes, the two sisters still shook their heads. However, Fan Tian still did not give up.

"Is this the east side of the endless East China Sea?" After asking this question, even he felt that he was a little idiot, because Shendao was an island. Who knew whether it was in the east of the Endless East China Sea or in the Endless East China Sea. The sister and brother still shook their heads. However, just then, an old man entered the room.

"You should be the person from the source continent to look for the holy spring, right?" The old man shocked Fan Tian with a word. He did not expect that after the sister and brother shook their heads continuously, the old man who suddenly appeared would guess his origin.

"That's right, it's from the source continent to find the holy spring to drive away the curse!" Fan Tian directly stated the purpose of this visit. With Fan Tian's affirmation, the other party showed a true look.

"From the moment I saw you, I noticed the different breaths in you. No one has come here for a long time! Is it okay there now?" Fan Tian was a little puzzled by the old man's question. Does the other party still know about the source continent? However, in the face of the old man's problem, Fan Tian did not know where to start.

"What do you mean?" Indeed, the other party's problems are too broad. The old man seemed to be aware of this, with vicissitudes in his eyes and some struggle. Finally, he sighed in Fan Tian's puzzled eyes.

"Forget it, I still won't ask!" The old man quickly adjusted his mood, and his eyebrows were a little dignified and doubtful.

"How did you get here? Through the transmission array?"

"What? Is there still a teleport array here? Fan Tian's face is incredible. If there is really a teleportation array, he will not break into the endless East China Sea. Even if it can't be used now, he can wait until the senior soul master to come here, and at most he will not fight with others before breaking through to the senior level. The more Fan Tian thought about it, the more he felt the impulse to kill.

"So you came from the endless East China Sea?" Although the old man had guessed it, he couldn't help asking.

"Yes!" Fan Tian was thinking about how to find the guy who spread rumors, but he couldn't pull it out and kill him. However, his answer made the other party couldn't help looking at it a few more times.

"With your strength, it's a miracle that you can cross the endless East China Sea!" The old man's eyes showed shock, but Fan Tian knew the pain in it. Of course, if it hadn't been for the mysterious conch, he would have had no chance to endure it.

"Why are you looking for the Holy Spring?" The old man did not ask, but changed the topic, because he felt that it involved the other party's secret. Fan Tian is also happy to do so.

"Because I want to lift a curse!"

"What curse?"

"A kind of curse planted before the death of the dark dragon." Fan Tian's eyes were a little nervous. He didn't know if the old man could help him solve the problem. However, although the other party's answer put his heart in his stomach and frowned at the same time.

"This curse of the holy spring can be completely lifted, but if you want to use the holy spring, you must break through the barriers, which is not an easy thing!" The old man's words made Fan Tian frown. Although he had thought before that even if he arrived at the island, he would not be able to get the holy spring, he did not expect that things would come so quickly and suddenly.

"Then how can I get the holy spring?" Fan Tian looked carefully at the old man opposite.

"Then I'll tell you about a legend here!" The old man did not answer Fan Tian's question directly, but remembered a very old legend.

"It is said that a long time ago, there was no holy spring on the Holy Island, only one saint, where people lived a peaceful and peaceful life. Suddenly one day, the saint stood there crying alone for some reason. Tears flowed for three days and nights. Finally, the saint became a statue, and these tears turned into the holy water full of pools and never dried up!"

Listening to the old man's story, Fan Tian felt amazing.

"Later, there were many people from the source continent and came to the east. I don't know who among them spread that the holy spring could wash away all the world. After that, more people from the source continent came, but later, for some unknown reason, fewer and fewer people came. Until thousands of years ago, no one went there!" Hearing the story of the old man, Fan Tian suddenly realized that the meaning of his words seemed to be deified by the holy spring.

"Isn't the Holy Spring able to dissolve everything?"

"Yes, but don't worry, the curse of the Dark Dragon can still be lifted, because the holy spring contains the power of light, which just restrains the darkness!" The old man's words made Fan Tian jump to his heart and take it back. If it takes a lot of effort, he will almost be buried in the sea, and he can't lift the curse in the end.

"However, after that, the holy spring also seems to have changed. The spring that was originally accessible was actually covered with fog. It has been shrouded in fog for many years. People who are a little closer will have a fantasy and may be lost in it forever. Therefore, the holy church on the holy island has set up a formation to isolate the holy spring. All those who want to enter it must pass the test of the holy church, otherwise they can't enter at all!" Hearing this, Fan Tian didn't understand why the Holy Church set up a test to prevent everyone from entering in order to protect everyone?

But these old people don't seem to know, and they have to go to the church to know.

In the following days, Fan Tian did not go to the sanctuary, but practiced, but suddenly, he realized a very terrible thing, that is, the roaring sky in the space ring. Fan Tian suddenly broke out in a cold sweat and released Xiaotian, but the terrible thing in his imagination did not happen, which made him full of puzzlement?

"What is this? Why did Xiaotian suddenly turn into an egg? Fan Tian was still frightened, because Xiaotian, who became a giant, still didn't know whether to live or die. Just as he was worried, the giant egg in front of him suddenly burst and a golden dog rushed out of it.

" boss, you want to suffothe me to death!" Xiaotian's ruffian voice finally made Fan Tian breathe a long breath. If Xiaotian is suffocated, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

"How did you become like this?" Looking at the nothing-act Xiaotian, Fan Tian looked curiously at the broken eggshell.

"How dare you say that if I don't use the sealing method to seal myself, I would have been suffocated by you earlier!" Xiaotian looked at Fan Tian angrily. Fan Tian knew that he was wrong and did not quibble. Looking at the big dog that suddenly appeared, the sister and brother felt a little scared at first, but after getting acquainted, they liked it very much.

Fan Tian and Xiao Tian lived a peaceful life here. After a few days of practice and inspection, he found that his body had experienced the destruction of the endless sea and became very perverted. Senior soul masters may not be so strong. Rejureation is Fan Tian's main task at present, because he is ready to go to the sanctuary to meet the challenge in a few days.

Five days later

A bronze figure, standing beside a golden retriever dog, facing the golden and holy church in front of him, one by one dog, stepped out.

"Who is coming?" The guard in silver armor stopped him.

"Fanty Tian came to break into the holy temple, hoping to pass the test and enter the holy spring!" When the guard heard Fan Tian's words, they all frowned.

"Which family on the island are you from? Don't you know that you can't break into the holy church?" The two guards seemed to be about to send Fan Tian away, but how could Fan Tian leave? A voice was directly poured into the source force and roared out.

"I'm from the source continent, come to break the curse, and I beg the great priest's permission!" Fan Tian's voice came directly into the temple, and their behavior annoyed the two guards, and they raised their hands to be rude to him. At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the church.

"Afar visitor, let him in!"