Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 61 Quasi-Emperor

City Master's Mansion

After three days of conditioning, Fan Tian finally recovered the injury in his body. I have to say that if he had not just realized the true meaning of destruction, it would have been difficult to win this battle. Even so, he would only win the front line. However, after this battle, Fan Tian took another step forward to break through the second stage.

"Who is coming?" The two guards were not angry and arrogant. However, before Fan Tian could speak, a voice suddenly came from the depths of the city owner, which was majestic and inviolable.

"Let him in!" The two guards suddenly showed respect and introduced Fan Tian into the garden, and a middle-aged man greeted him with a smile. The little brother is young and future. My grandfather has been waiting in the back garden for a long time. Please follow me. Fan Tian nodded slightly. This time, he came to the Dragon Pool or the tiger's den. In the face of this unfathomable strong man, Fan Tian couldn't escape even if he wanted to escape, so he left Zhier in the inn.

The mountains in the garden are green, and an old man in a robe sits under the pavilion, holding a tea set, and there is no fluctuations around him, as if he is in the world or not in the world.

"Little brother, the visitor is a guest, please sit down!" Fan Tian is not polite. Now that he has come here, he is frightened. It's better to let nature take its course.

"I don't know why the lord of the city asked me to come here? There should be nothing to do with each other, right?" Fan Tian's voice was faint, as if he didn't know everything.

"Ha ha, what the little brother said is very false. I have always liked to beat around the bush. The little brother is coming to another place!" Fan Tian was surprised. Although he thought of all kinds of things before he came, he never thought that the other party could see his origin and origin. This made Fan Tian suddenly feel that it was not accidental that he came to this place.

"Looking on your reaction, I should have guessed correctly!" Despite his expectation, the old man's face was still shocked by Fan Tian's identity.

"How do you know that I'm not from this place?" Fan Tian felt that he didn't seem to reveal anything.

"In fact, it's very simple. When you reach my level, you can gain insight into the world and feel the differences around you, and the completely different energy fluctuations in your body make it difficult to escape my eyes!" The old man smiled in his chest.

"What level have you reached?" Fan Tian is curious about what level this person who has always made him feel dangerous has reached.

"Half-step emperor level!" The old man's faint voice almost made Fan Tian jump up from his chair. You should know that the head of their beasts was just king. Unexpectedly, there was a shocking master hidden in this unknown town. After a short period of surprise, Fan Tian suddenly calmed down. It seemed that it was not easy for such a master to find him.

"It seems that you are looking for me to know about our place?" Fan Tian is very hazy, but he also knows that he deserves a quasi-imperial meeting in person, and only his origin.

"Yes, do you know why I am a half-step emperor, not a real emperor?" The old man looked at Fan Tian, but Fan Tian did not say anything, but silently waited for the other party and listened.

"In fact, it's not that my strength is not enough. I have stayed at this level for a long time. It seems that the world has lost an opportunity to become an emperor. However, one day a long time ago, I suddenly found that this opportunity seemed to be connected to another world, and that feeling was exactly the same as yours. The old man's eyes suddenly glowed and looked at Fan Tian. At this moment, Fan Tian suddenly felt that his eyes were very similar to that of his father, who had left. Yes, it was the eyes of my father when he left, the same expectation, the same confusion, as if he could give up everything for that opportunity.

"So I traveled all over the Tianwu Continent to find this opportunity, but it took me a hundred years to find any relevant information. I found that the history of the whole Tianwu Continent seemed to have been broken ten thousand years ago. Ten thousand years ago, it became blank, maybe only some ancient Only the relevant records of the family, but these old antique families, regarded them as treasures, refused to take them out and read them to me. In the end, I had no choice but to give up until I met you!" The old man's eyes when he looked at Fan Tian were suddenly full of excitement.

"Can you tell me how to get to your world?" In the old man's expectant eyes, Fan Tian shook his head helplessly.

"If it's something else, I may be able to help, but I can't do anything about this, because I also came here confusedly and I'm still looking for a way back!" Fan Tian originally wanted to learn some information from this old antique that could go back, but now it seems impossible.

"Come here in a muddle?" The old man's eyes seemed to be a little disbelieving, thinking that Fan Tian still didn't want to tell the truth.

"Actually, you know so much. I don't need to lie to you at all. I also want to find a way back, but when I came, it was transmitted by a statue of a saint. When I woke up, it was already here!" Just as Fan Tian was about to explain, the other party suddenly interrupted him.

"Saint? Is the saint you mentioned a woman with bright energy?

"It should be, but when I saw her, it was already a statue, but the holy spring she was in was full of energy." Fan Tian didn't expect that this statue of the saint was really human.

"In the process of my investigation, I found that this saint disappeared ten thousand years ago, and it seems that this repeated opportunities also have something to do with her!" Hearing the other party's statement, Fan Tian was even more shocked.

"Then I don't know, where did you find the traces of the saint?"

"Holy Church!"

In Fan Tian's shocked eyes, the old man slowly stood up and seemed to see a moment in the future. With the presence of the quasi-imperial, their speed couldn't help but increase greatly. In just a few days, they moved from a Qingning array to the holy church in the west.

In front of the church, the old man confronted the great priest, and the breath of both sides was like destructive explosives, and a little discomfort may be ignited.

"Jing Tuo, you stubborn old man, I just want to see the statue of the saint. Is it necessary for you to do this?" The white-robed priest had a bad face and looked at the old man without giving in.

"The saint is the symbol of our holy church and can't be redeemed. You old man can't touch the statue of the saint at all!" The other party's unreasonableness made Fan Tian and others frown, and even Zhi'er behind him frowned cutely.

"Grandpa, we're just looking at it. We won't do anything." Zhi'er looked at the serious priest opposite.

"The saint can't redeem the shen...!" However, as soon as the priest in red spoke, he suddenly got stuck in his throat and looked at Zhier behind him motionless. Finally, he almost looked at Zhier with a little fear and retreated behind Fan Tian.

"Would you like to join our church?" In the surprised eyes of the crowd, the archbishop suddenly said something that made everyone incredible.

"Did you ask Zhier to join the church?" Fan Tian also had a question mark on his face.

"Yes, if she is willing to join the church, we will try our best to train her to become the next saint!" The great priest added fuel to the waves, which was more and more amazing, which made everyone understand what kind of medicine the red-robed great sacrificer sold in the gourd.

"Why did you choose Zhier?" Fan Tian doesn't think that the church lacks women, and there must be a reason why he value Zhi'er so much. Listening to Fan Tian's words, the other party seemed to be constantly calculating, and finally seemed to have made a major decision and gritted his teeth.

"As long as you agree to let her be our saint, the saint statue can be worshipped by you!" The sudden turn of the great priest made Fan Tian affirm the difference between Zhi'er. At this time, the prospective emperor also looked at Zhi'er, as if to realize what was going on. Under the eyes of everyone, Zhi'er was more afraid and hid behind Fan Tian.

"Master, don't play riddles. You know, if I don't tell the root cause, I can't rest assured to give Zhier to you!" Fan Tian's scalp was about to explode, and no one would feel good when he was looked at by these two antique and destructive figures. The great priest also seemed to have seen everything and knew that today's incident did not explain. I'm afraid it can't continue, and the parties involved are unwilling to. Even if they force it to succeed, they can't be promoted to a real saint.

"Well, then I'll tell you the truth. In fact, this little girl is a rare body of light in a thousand years, the closest to the bright constitution!" When the high priest spoke, his eyes were shining, as if he was not looking at a person, but a treasure.

"The body of light?" Fan Tian was puzzled, but the prospective emperor understood and looked at Zhier incredulously.

"Is this the legendary body of light? Why didn't I see anything special?" When the great priest heard this, he couldn't help curling his lips and looked down on him.

"You are not from the Holy Church. You have become an emperor or can't see it!" The priest in red robe suddenly bypassed Fan Tian and came to bring Zhi'er in front of him.

"Little girl? Will you be my saint?" The priest smiled brightly and lost his former dignity. In the face of Zhier, this guy actually became like an old naughty boy, but Zhier's answer made the other party almost fall to the ground.

"No, I just follow Brother Fan Tian!" After saying that, he still pulled Fan Tian's skirt, afraid that Fan Tian would leave it behind. The prospective old man next to him looked at Fan Tian with bad intentions. In the face of the old man's sudden collapse of the bitter gourd face, Fan Tian only needed to harden his scalp.

"The great priest, Sister Zhier's family has just been destroyed, and it will take some time to adjust. I don't know if we can live here and take it later..." However, Fan Tian's voice has not yet fallen, and the attitude of the other party is a hundred and more than before.

"No problem, Xiao Si, arrange guest rooms for guests from afar!" In the face of the rapid transformation of the great priest, the emperor and Fan Tian both showed cold sweat and bitter faces, but they were one step closer to the statue of the saint.