Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 69 Ming Jian comes out

Looking at the other party's unruly face, Fan Tian raised the corners of his mouth lightly and did not show any anger in the face of Sima Xiong's provocation. On the contrary, he was very calm. It seems that the other party is not talking to him, but other people.


"This guy is so arrogant. If I have a chance, I must leave a few rows of tooth marks on him." The roaring golden dog head beside him looked at each other with a unhappy face and wanted to jump up and bite him twice now.

"You'd better not mess with him. This guy's strength is unfathomable, and even I may not be able to beat him." Fan Tian was really afraid that this guy would run to attack the other party. Sima Xiong is not from the Yao family and can show mercy. If it is not good, it may leave it alive forever. After being scolded by Fan Tian, Xiaotian also realized the danger and couldn't help fighting a cold war.

"Well, let's teach him a lesson when I'm strong." The perverted growth rate of this guy Xiaotian is really shocking. Fan Tian believes that if he can give it a few years to grow up, he may not even be his opponent.


The three major families, the Sun family, have voluntarily withdrawn from the competition and given up the competition for the largest fat meat due to their lack of strength. Therefore, in the end, the competition for the core sea area of trade was completely between Sima and the Yao family. The patriarch of the Sima family showed red light and held his head high. Looking from a distance, he looked like a bamboo face. On the other hand, the Yao family's faces are solemn, like facing a big enemy.

"Lao Yao, your family has mastered the core area for several years, and it's time for others to share it." The patriarch of the Sima family came over with his head held high, with a serious tone.

"Old Sima, don't be proud. It's hard to say whether you win or lose today." Yao Yu's face is a little unnatural. Obviously, the other party is in his chest. What he came to say is sarcastic. If he lose control today, the Sima family may have their eyes above their heads.

"My son hopes to have a strong opponent and let him practice. I don't know if Brother Yao still hides his baby? I'm afraid it's not enough to see these people in front of me. Old man Sima was unreasonable and finally found such an opportunity. How could he give up easily? However, now the situation is better than others, and the Yao family is indeed not such a master. Yao Yu opened his mouth and finally had to grit his teeth helplessly.

The battle on the scene kicked off under the attention of everyone. The two companies won two games in three games, and the participants selected three of the five participants in the competition in advance to fight against each other. There is no doubt that Sima Xiong must be the first, followed by them to invite guests, and the last one is a young teenager named Sima Xunlu, but this guy also has the strength of the second level.

In contrast, the Yao family is a little pitiful. In the whole team, only Mingjian and Mo Jie are intermediate second-level soul masters, and the rest of them are only a piece of strength. Therefore, the lineup is also very simple. In addition to Mingjian and Mo Jie, there is only Fan Tian, who was personally ordered by the patriarch.

"Damnly, the patriarch actually let the Fan Sky, who had only a period of strength, and didn't let me play." Mingzhou on the sidelines gritted his teeth and looked at Fan Tian with jealousy. However, the three people on the stage obviously have no energy to pay attention to these, because they are arranging their own plans.

"Mingjian is the weakest of the three people. You can easily defeat the three-stage guest Qing and Sima Xiong are relatively tricky." The three frowned, because no matter how they calculated, their strength was weaker than each other.

"Second son, unless you can beat their guest, I will try my best to fight for Sima Xunlu, so that we still have a chance to win." Mo Jie obviously did not count Fan Tian, because in his eyes, Fan Tian, who only has a period of strength, can't defeat anyone at all. But Mingjian didn't think so. He did not answer Mo Jie's suggestion, but looked at Fan Tian.

"I'm very serious about asking you this time. I'm sure." Mingjian is not joking at all, because this is no longer his business, but related to the economic lifeline of the family. Fan Tian frowned slightly and seemed to be thinking about something in his eyes. After a moment, a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Still ten floors." The dialogue between Mingjian and Fan Tian made Mo Jie a little confused, as if he were an outsider. Just as he wanted to open his mouth, Mingjian made the final decision.

"Okay, then do as I said next. I will fight against Sima Hsulu and Mo Jie against their three-stage guest officials. Sima Xiong handed it over to Fan Tian to deal with. The reason why Mingjian made this decision is that for the sake of fairness, each side has a decision to play in order.

After a brief discussion, in Mo Jie's puzzled eyes, Mingjian made a seemingly defeated decision, but in fact, he handed over the final victory to Fan Tian. It can be imagined how much Mingjian trusted Fan Tian. In the eyes of everyone, an old man stepped on the martial arts platform.

"The wonderful decisive battle once every 20 years is staged again. Next, the players from both sides are invited to play. The Sima family will play first. The Yao family can choose their own team members according to their opponents." Under the auspices of the old man, the Sima family really sent the weakest Sima Xunlu to play, because in this way, they took the initiative. No matter who appeared in the Yao family, they would lose this game at most. If there are two stronger, the Sima family can send Sima Xiong to play first, and the weaker can send the visiting Qing to play.

"Ming Jian, be careful, fight quickly, and win the beauty." Fan Tian believes that for this Sima Juanlu, who is also a two-stage, Mingjian has almost 100% winning rate. However, the people present were shocked when they saw Mingjian's first appearance. The people of the Sima family showed even more sneers.

"It seems that the Yao family is ready to admit defeat and wants to win a beautiful battle." Many people think the same as the Sima family that Mingjian is known to be the strongest and the weakest against the other party. Then the remaining two can't beat the genius and guest of the Sima family in any case.

"The patriarch!" When he saw this lineup, the elders of the Yao family couldn't sit still, but Yao Jun looked extremely calm.

"Ming'er, do you trust Fan Tian so much?" Yao Qian said nothing on the surface, but in his heart, he once again doubted Fan Tian's strength.

On the martial arts platform, Mingjian confronted Sima Hwanlu, with a folding fan, but waving. The sword dragon tooth martial soul above his head put a blue light, a murderous spirit, faintly around Mingjian, and the ruthless eyes in his eyes seemed to have returned to the battlefield again.

"Hehe, Yao Mingjian, it seems that your Yao family is ready to admit defeat, but it's not so easy to beat me today." While talking, Sima Hsulu has released his martial soul, the pterosaur bird. This is a dragon bird that hunts sea whales for food. It has long crocodile wings and is shaped like a pterosaur, with a huge figure covering the sky.

"Sword Dragon Baizhan." Mingjian was too lazy to talk nonsense with such a person. The folding fan in his hand suddenly transformed into a hundred small blades, which were constantly enlarged under the injection of the source force, like a hundred knives flying to the other party. This is the unique skill of the Yao family, the ten-style sword dragon, which kills people.

"Pterosaur spread its wings" and the other party also showed no weakness. The family learned all the unique skills. Sima Huanlu's body suddenly soared into the air, and the huge pterosaur wings appeared behind him. This skill could actually rise briefly like Fan Tian's void seal. Seeing the other party suddenly fly, Ming Jian did not show any surprise. The folding fan in his hand suddenly turned around.

"Second type, the sword dragon turned around" The small blades that flew out suddenly changed direction under his control and rushed into the air, and hundreds of blades bombarded into the air like a pterosaur. Sima Huanglu's face also did not change color, and a long halberd kept waving, intertwined into a net to block the blade.

"It seems that the families of both sides have deeply understood each other's martial arts skills and want to solve the battle quickly. It is impossible to rely on these skills alone." After a short engagement, Fan Tian has made it clear that the three families have a unique understanding of each other, which can be said to be no less than their own martial arts.

Just as the battle entered a state of stalemate, Mingjian's body suddenly stopped, and the power around his body suddenly exploded. The sword dragon tooth martial soul suddenly withdrew from his body. A huge golden gun long mouth appeared in the air, flying to Sima Yulu with a devastating breath. The pressure was overwhelming, and Xiao's murderous spirit enveloped the other party in an instant. Sima Yulu did not react quickly, so he spit blood and flew out.

"Martal soul fusion skills!" Everyone present couldn't believe that an intermediate second-stage martial artist actually used his martial soul fusion skills. In everyone's shocked eyes, only Fan Tian's mouth was slightly upturned.

"Congratulations, you have finally taken this step!" Mingjian, who returned to his side, looked at Fan Tian.

"Don't be in a hurry to congratulate. It's up to you next."

"Don't worry!" Today, I will show you the progress of my young master in the past six months.