Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 72 Win

The changes in the game field shocked everyone. Fan Tian, who had been expected to be defeated for a long time, has persisted until now, and his momentum is still rising. By now, no one thinks that Fan Tian was sent to die. The originally gray face of the Yao family showed joy again. And the patriarch Sima on the opposite side is indeed ugly.

"The patriarch, even if he breaks through a period of luck, he is still no match for the prince." A guest of the Sima family was charming, but he didn't realize that it was not the right time to flatter him. Sima Lie's face became more unhappy.

"You know nothing." In the face of Sima Lie's sudden roar, the guest also knew that he had slapped on the horse's hoof and quickly closed his mouth and retreated back into the crowd. Seeing the angry Sima Lie, an old man in gray standing next to him took the initiative to move forward.

"Pearl, what he said is not unreasonable. Although the other party has broken through for a period of time, there is still a two-level gap with the prince. As long as the prince is serious, victory will not be a problem." The old man's status was obviously not low. After hearing his persuasion, Sima Lie's face obviously improved a little.

"I really don't know where this young man came from? We don't seem to have this number in Bincheng. Sima Lie frowned and continued to look at the game on the field. But in his eyes, he was no longer as confident as before, but a little more hesitant and worried.

The game has changed due to Fan Tian's breakthrough. He has just broken through and has reached the peak of the second stage. You can imagine how strong his accumulation is. After so many hardships, his strength has been constantly accumulated and condensed. Although he has not broken the deadlock and broken through to the second stage, this accumulation really exists. Once it breaks through, it is like an unstoppable mountain torrent.

"You are really beyond my expectation." Sima Xiong fell on the martial arts platform, and there was no disdain in his eyes. Although Fan Tian's strength still did not look as good as him, as a smart man, he had understood that the enemy in front of him could no longer judge his real strength by simple levels.

"I need to thank you. Without your oppression, I don't know when I can break through to the second paragraph." Feeling the strong source power in his body, Fan Tian has inadvertently exuded his majesty.

"Hmm, even if you break through to the second paragraph, you still don't want to go back alive." Sima Xiong still has confidence in himself. Fan Tian is very strong, but he is not strong enough to defeat him in his eyes.

"Is that right? You talk big every time." Looking at the other side faintly, the dragon scale dog above Fan Tian's head stared at the copper bell-like eyes, and the purple and gold power kept boiling, as if it could pounce on the other party at any time. However, this time Sima Xiong was not angry because of Fan Tian's fierceness. Previously, it was because of his arrogance, but now he treats Fan Tian equally. He has put away his arrogance.

"Then let's talk in actual combat." Sima Xiong rose into the sky again. He did not dare to fight with Fan Tian on the ground. A force gathered towards the pterodactyl eagle and the dragon scales and dogs respectively. The final war was finally about to begin.

"Dragon Eagle Sky Claw" is also a fusion skill, but this time it is no longer a simple fusion skill, but a unique skill in the beast soul fusion skill of the Sima family. Only this unique skill can be used without fused this part of the body.

A huge dragon eagle's claw flew out of Sima Xiong's left hand. His three fingers were like three giant pillars, and the tip of his claws exuded a deep cold light, which was more powerful than just now. It fell from the sky. The power of martial arts has broken the shackles and reached the senior soul master. Strength.

Facing the eagle's claws, Fan Tian's face was cold and ruthless, and his right hand was slightly raised. The martial soul on his head suddenly entered the body. A purple-gold four fingers flew out of his hand, and the dense dragon scales on the four toes emitted purple-gold light. In the center of the hand of destruction, a miniature black vortex was constantly rotating.

"Can he also use martial soul fusion skills?" The people present were really frightened today and stimulated one after another, but Fan Tian was unmoved. His black eyes stared at the void motionless, and there was a faint sound in his mouth.

The "Hand of Destruction" fell out, emitting the purple-gold light of the hand of destruction, facing the sky and colliding with the other party with the breath of destruction. At this moment, the void cracked, the sun and moon were lightless, the sky and the earth were silent, and the source power was shattered. The power of the hand of destruction is not weaker than that of the other party, and the two giant claws are deadlocked in the void.

The corners of Fan Tian and Sima Xiong's mouths overflowed with blood, and the two continued to stimulate the source of power in their bodies. At this critical moment, as long as one person made a slight mistake, he would die under his opponent's martial arts skills. Seeing the current situation, the elders of the Yao family who had ridiced Fan Tian looked at each other. And the Sima family opposite has gritted its teeth and made Fan Tian hate through his heart. Originally, it was stable for this naval battle, but there was a change because of Fan Tian.

"Is that person really only two soul masters?" The audience can no longer operate their brains. It is the first time in their life that such a powerful second-stage soul master has been seen.

"How terrible it would be if such a person grew up to be a senior soul master." Fan Tian's invincible martial arts will has deeply shocked everyone under the stage. The two deadlocked giant claws finally changed slightly.

"Your strength is very strong, but your foundation and consciousness are very weak, so you are destined to lose in my hands today." A mouthful of blood overflowed the corners of Fan Tian's mouth again, but the hand of destruction in the air became stronger. The black vortex in the palm of his hand was like a devouring well that destroys everything, constantly destroying the power of the dragon eagle's claws.


The dragon eagle's claws finally couldn't hold on, and there was a crack. Sima Xiong in the air suddenly shook his body and was about to fall down. The dragon eagle's claws were finally broken and destroyed at this moment and were swallowed up by Fan Tian's destruction hand. Moreover, the hand of destruction still has the momentum after devouring the dragon eagle's claws. It rushed to Sima Xiong, who was crumbling in the air and saw that he was about to break here.

However, at this time, a very powerful breath suddenly gushed out from the ring and rushed to the stage. At this moment, Fan Tian sensed the danger. However, when he was about to hide, another equally powerful breath protected Fan Tian.

"Sima Lie, what do you mean!" Yao Qian's face is gloomy and has come to Fan Tian's side. He glared at the patriarch of the Sima family who took the lead.

"Hmm!" After Sima Lie snorted coldly, he took Sima Xiong in the air in his hand, and then turned around and walked down the ring. The cold voice was remembered in the air.

"This is a naval battle, and we lose." Sima Lie's sudden voice stunned everyone present, especially the members of the Sima family, who could not accept this fact. The original certainty was actually broken by a teenager who suddenly appeared. In the anger of the members of the Sima family, Sima Lie took the lead in leaving the martial arts arena. In the end, the rest of the Sima family were also unwilling to keep up, but their eyes looking at Fan Tian were full of viciousness.

"Nephew, how is your injury?" Yao Qian looked at Fan Tian with concern.

"It's a small matter, but what your nephew promised you can be done." After saying this, Fan Tian suddenly darkened in front of his eyes and fainted in Yao Qian's arms. Although he won, it was not as simple as it seemed. Fan Tian was also seriously injured. In the end, it was hard to say who was weak as Sima Xiong's martial arts will not as himself.

However, after the Sima family left, the Yao family finally burst into cheers, because they once again won control of the trading area, and all these contributions were attributed to the teenager they had not been optimistic about before. At this moment, no one in the Yao family thought that Fan Tian was not. Even Mingzhou, who had been jealous, changed his eyes when he looked at Fan Tian.

In the following days, the Yao family completely opened the door to the injured Fan Tian. All kinds of panacea were given to Fan Tian for free, which finally made Fan Tian a little embarrassed.

"Fen Tian, I really want to thank you for winning control of our family this time." Mingjian has been accompanying Fan Tian for the past few days, because he has been ordered by above, and the only task at present is to accompany the injured Fan Tian.

"You are still so polite to me." Looking at the serious Mingjian, Fan Tian felt a little uncomfortable. After this battle, Fan Tian has been completely accepted by the Yao family, and even a secret in the trade center area has been told by Yao Jun. Two days ago, when he was still recovering from his injury, the patriarch Yao Jun suddenly ran over with a smile on his face.

"Near, I have good news for you. I helped you win a place in an undersea cave from your family." Looking at Fan Tian with a blank face, Yao Qian explained patiently.

It turns out that the central trading area is not only a place for trade. The reason why the Yao family like it so much is that the family found a strange cave in the sea more than 20 years ago, which has endless benefits for practitioners. This time, because Fan Tian took control of here, the secret was not discovered by the other party, so the Taishang Elders in the family collectively decided to give him a place to enter the cave.

Hearing this, Fan Tiancai understood what this so-called quota was for. However, Yao Jun never explained what the benefits of the underground cave were. He just told him that he would know that the benefits were unimaginable.

There are five places to enter the cave this time, of which he and Mingjian account for two.