Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 79 The Beginning of Crisis

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The fog has dissipated, and the world has calmed down. A moment ago, it was still the magic realm of the sky. At this moment, it has become completely disfigured and a mess. The bronze figure stood alone on the ruins, with infinite emotion in his eyes. A generation of destroyed kings finally ended his life in this way.

"Oh...!" A long sigh came from his mouth. Although the fist of destruction was good, it could not hide his life's battle, and finally he was trapped in the vicissitudes of more than 100,000 years. Fan Tian was thinking that he didn't know whether his future would be like this ruined king for the rest of his life, but he found that everything was not what he wanted.

Seeing that the air returned to calm, the Void Dragon and Ming Jian rushed to Fan Tian, who was standing still. Mingjian is concerned about the life and death of Fan Tian, while the empty dragon is curious about why the vanity that has been suppressed for more than 100,000 years has changed.

"Fen Tian, are you all right?" Mingjian's voice was full of concern, and his eyes kept looking at Fan Tian from top to bottom nervously. The empty dragon on the side directly uses divine consciousness to check whether Fan Tian's body has changed.

"I'm fine. You two don't need this!" Fan Tianxin smiled warmly. Such a life-and-death friendship will always make people feel that the surroundings are full of warmth.

"Are you sure it's okay?" Mingjian is still a little worried.

"Don't be nervous. I've checked it with my mind. He really doesn't have anything." Void Dragon frowned and was already asking Fan Tian what was going on here. The solemn eyes of the Void Dragon made Fan Tian understand that he must tell the whole story, otherwise the other party would definitely not let him go.

"Void Dragon Senior, you don't need to think about it. If this virtual emperor does not take the initiative to choose to transform the Tao, even the spiritual sword can only suppress it and cannot be completely destroyed. It just borrowed my hand, opened the way to destroy the world, and took the initiative to return!" Fan Tian's explanation was clear, and the void dragon's eyebrows gradually stretched. It also understood that if the vanity had not completely disappeared, the spiritual sword several times stronger than it would not have ignored it.

The empty dragon suddenly looked up at the sky and didn't know what it was like. In the past, it was suppressed by the power of the whole family. In this way, it left the world. It was doubting whether the feat of more than 100,000 years ago was worth it.

"You have completed the task, and now after signing the commitment contract, you can get out of here." The huge body of the empty dragon suddenly looked at Fan Tian and Mingjian, and suddenly seemed to be much older. However, when they heard that the other party kept their promise, Fan Tian and Mingjian's faces showed excitement.

"Thank you, senior!" The two were audited at the same time. Although their strength could not be improved, it is a very congratulatory thing for them to save their longevity for 30 years. After all, with their strength, 30 years will not be as simple as improving for 30 years.

"You two are welcome. This time, I would also like to thank you for solving this hidden danger for the Ling clan. Of course, after you go out, I hope to inform others not to come to this place again. If you come in again, it will not be as simple as losing 30 years of longevity. The Void Dragon's words have revealed a faint murderous spirit. Obviously, it has been a little impatient with its continuous intrusion into human beings. Seeing the empty dragon with such a tone, Ming Jian immediately patted his chest as a guarantee.

"Please rest assured that no one will enter here again." Mingjian vowed that if he didn't know the truth, maybe the rest of the family would enter here, but it would suddenly reduce his life expectancy by 30 years. As long as he was not a fool, he would not be happy to do such a thing.

"In that case, we will sign the contract now and send you out." While talking, the two corners of the empty dragon have emitted a faint light. Two six-pointed arrays enveloped Fan Tian and Mingjian respectively. A commitment creed accurately reflected in their minds. If it is violated, it will inevitably attract punishment of the rules of heaven and earth.

After signing the contract, the two quickly came to the entrance under the escort of the Void Dragon. Seeing this, Mingjianmen's face suddenly showed a trace of tension, as if they remembered something.

"Senior, I don't know how many other people came in together?" Mingjian's words suddenly reminded Fan Tian that they had not seen anyone else since they came here. I really don't know how those people were dealt with by the Void Dragon. Seeing Mingjian's nervous eyes, the empty dragon was faint.

"The three of them have been dealt with by my companions for a long time, cut off their memories and still went out." Void Dragon's answer made Mingjian breathe a long breath. After all, those people are the hope of the Yao family in the future, and if there is a mistake, it will be irreparable. In this case, Fan Tian and Mingjian can also leave at ease. While talking, they took off the golden armor given by the empty dragon and handed it to each other. But the Void Dragon stopped them from moving.

"These two golden armors are given to you to help our spiritual clan solve such a big trouble. We can't be stingy. Of course, you don't have to be embarrassed. This kind of armor is very ordinary for the spirit clan. In the face of the Void Dragon, the two did not make friends anymore. After all, their hair was thicker than their legs.

"Senior, take care, we're goodbye!" The two checked their heads again and stepped to the entrance one after another. Looking at the back of the two leaving, a strange color appeared in the empty dragon's copper bell-like eyes.

"The mainland has changed. I really don't know what the birth of the spiritual clan will be like in a hundred years. Perhaps the formation set by the patriarch was right. Letting some talented young people come here may have an unexpected effect on the comeback of the spiritual clan in the future." Looking over there, the dead cemetery, a trace of life in the coffin is slowly recovering.

At the mouth of the cave, below the four characters of the forbidden place of the spiritual clan.

"E Elder, they have been in for so long. Why haven't they come out yet? Has something happened?" In the face of the questioning of several other people, the gray elders are also very anxious. You should know that Mingjian is the most potential seed of the Yao family. If he has any mistakes, he will be ashamed of his ancestors.

"Yes, they are ahead of us, but we all come out, but they still don't see them." The few people who are talking are the other family disciples who came with Mingjian. Their breath has been different at this moment, but no one knows that they have lost more than 30 years of longevity. Just as the elder was so anxious that he had jumped, the mouth of the cave suddenly flashed, and two figures appeared in front of everyone.

"Mingjian, Fan Tian, are you two all right?" The elder was so nervous that he came to Mingjian and examined it carefully from top to bottom. Ming Jian was almost scared back by the other party's behavior.

"Ha, elder, I'm fine. You don't have to be so nervous." However, the two were still panting in the future, and one of the teenagers found something strange.

"Brother Mingjian, your strength doesn't seem to have increased?" In the face of questioning, Mingjian suddenly felt a little embarrassed and didn't know how to answer, whether to tell them the truth or lie.

"Well, I don't know much about this, but I always feel that this place is a little cautious. Let's go back to the family first and then discuss this matter." After Mingjian's reminder, several people also felt the strangeness here and nodded one after another. The elder was so scared that he didn't want to stay here. Seeing that he had successfully changed the topic, Mingjian couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After traveling, several people returned to the family again, and Mingjian couldn't wait to find his father to explain everything. Of course, he just warned the rest of the family not to enter there. As for everything about the spiritual clan, it is a contractual restriction and not to talk nonsense.

Sima family

"Hasn't that damn boy left the Yao family yet?" Sima Lie gritted his teeth and sprayed fire in his eyes.

"Yes, patriarch, the humble position has been paying close attention to his every move. Once the other party leaves the Yao family, we will have first-hand information." When it comes to Fan Tian, the speaker is also full of resentment. For the whole Sima family, Fan Tian is an enemy that can't be forgotten in this life. It is this person who has scattered the Sima family's plan for decades.

"You looked at me. Once he leaves Yao's house, I will smash him into ten thousand pieces." Sima Lie can no longer be regarded as resentment. This hatred has penetrated into the bone marrow without removing the hatred of the other party.

After resting in Yao's family for another five days, Fan Tian carefully sorted out everything he had learned recently, including the hand of destruction, the empty seal, the cracked mountain stick method and the destruction king boxing he had just obtained, as well as Fan Tian's beast formula. Although he didn't learn much martial arts, each of them was an outstanding first-class acquisition, so now Fan Tian, even in the face of senior soul masters, has the ability to escape for his life. Of course, he will run for his life in a very awkward manner.

"Calculations, I have been staying at Yao's house for a long time, and it's time to leave." Fan Tian held a magic stick in his hand. He still hasn't figured out this weapon and has been using it in front of a hard iron bar.

"Why, are you leaving?" Mingjian didn't know when he came to Fan Tian with a folding fan in his hand, and there was a trace of reluctance in his eyes. But he knew that there was no feast that would never end. As a dragon and phoenix, Fan Tian would not succumb to their small place, so Mingjian did nothing to stop him.

"Yes, time flies. Let's leave tomorrow." The two brothers stood on the reef and looked at the vast sea. They were full of reluctance. However, the world always had to move forward. Fan Tian still had a lot to do. Whether the sister of the Sky City was the father of the emperor and the mother who was taken away did not allow him to stop.

In the morning of the second day, Fan Tian left here in a lion eagle escorted by Yao's family.

"The patriarch, the patriarch, the young man they invited finally left the Yao family." After hearing the news, Sima Lie in the room suddenly sat up with a fierce light in his eyes.

"Okay, okay, okay, let's see how I kill you this time!" While talking, Sima Lie patted the armrest of the seat fiercely, and his eyes were full of murderous intent.