Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 127 King-level Horcrusm

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Jiuyuan appeared in the world, and all races moved together. At this moment, everyone was crazy. Even some soul masters who could not fly flew to the air on flying mounts. The strong men of several ancient clans and sects flew up for the first time and fell on the square of the Jiuyuan Temple, waiting for the door to open.

"I said, old man Xuanwu, why did you come here again and again? You can't live so long without giving the younger generation a chance."

"Humph, you don't come back again and again, of course you go back empty-handed again and again." This old man, called Xuanwu, is an elder of Xuanwu's underworld. It is said that because of his family's blood, he has lived for more than 5,000 years and almost caught up with a king.

"I just came for sightseeing and gave everything to the younger generation. Like you, the iron rooster, I don't even leave a piece of source essence to others." This old man, who keeps sneering at the old Xuanwu, is called Chi Mingzi, and is also the elder of the sect. Since 3,000 years ago, the two have been fighting because of a treasure.

"Well, I know how fast I talk. I haven't seen you let go of the baby any time. In the end, I'm not strong enough to grab others, and I don't blush." On this hall square, many people are old acquaintances who have lived for thousands of years. Some of them are old, but more of them are quarrels.

In the urgent and excited eyes of everyone, the door of the Jiuyuan Temple finally opened. Standing in the middle of the hall is still the golden unicorn, but at this moment, it looks more powerful and domineering. Naturally, these old antiques know this golden unicorn and respect its appearance, but no one knows Jin Kirin's real identity is that he is a gatekeeper beast.

"A thousand years later, the door of Jiuyuan has opened again. I don't know if there is a successful person who can get the inheritance of Emperor Kirin this time." Jin Qilin's words suddenly excited everyone. The inheritance of the emperor means the road to becoming an emperor one day, and no one can not be moved.

Of course, some of these people also have newborn calves. When they see the golden unicorn, they don't know the depth of the sky and the earth.

"Bad Kirin, get out of here after you've finished speaking. Don't delay the young master's road to becoming emperor." However, before the other party's voice fell, a blood light flew out of his body. Before the young man could react, he fell into the square and disappeared.

"Oh, there are always those guys whose brains are short-circuited every time." Chi Mingzi curled his lips helplessly. Some people are used to being bandits and will indeed be a little arrogant. However, when these people meet people who are better than them, they will pay a lifelong price. And the restlessness in the crowd also became quiet because of Jin Qilin's sudden action.

"The rules of the Jiuyuan Temple remain unchanged. You can grab treasure, but you can't hurt a penny of the temple. Of course, several of you who can hurt the temple don't seem to have come this time?" When the old Kirin raised his eyebrows, he found that there seemed to be many less strong people who came this time.

"To return to the elders, our ancestors closed down in the clan and prepared to plunder this heavenly opportunity and promote the emperor." Chi Mingzi was very respectful to Jin Qilin. Although he also lived for more than 3,000 years, when he came here 3,000 years ago, this unicorn already existed, so it was not an exaggeration to be called an elder.

"Oh? So, there is indeed a great opportunity this time, and I hope that more emperors can be born this time. Jin Qilin looked at Chi Mingzi with satisfaction. He was still satisfied with this person who was very respectful every time.

"In this case, the Jiuyuan Temple is officially opened and closed in seven days, and everyone will be automatically released." As soon as the old Kirin finished speaking, he looked at the red name that had just begun to speak.

"You can directly enter the second floor. The array on the first floor is already well-handed, and it doesn't make sense to break through any further." Old Kirin's words brightened Chi Mingzi's eyes. At the same time, his figure disappeared into the square. Obviously, he had been directly transmitted to the second floor by the old Kirin, and the Xuanwu old man beside him suddenly became jealous and stopped talking.

With the gradual disappearance of the old Kirin's figure, everyone began to use it crazily, and the hall that Fan Tian saw at the beginning had completely changed at this moment. The six golden totem pillars had disappeared, and the totem above seemed to be resurrected, transforming into layers of arrays and stopping everyone's footsteps.

"That's the entrance on the first floor. Hurry up, over there!" The weak intermediate soul masters looked at the gate in front of them and rushed over crazily. However, when they arrived in front of them, they found that this was a ruthless killing array. The whole hall was no longer peaceful, but there was blood fog everywhere. Whenever a corpse fell, it would automatically spread them out of the temple, which was also Why, when Fan Tian came here, he didn't see any corpses.

Crazy people are like moths flying into the fire, and their weak strength continues to fall. Some powerful people finally find a layer of entrance to enter it. The first floor is the ice soul world in the Jiuyuan hall. It is as cold as winter, but there is a kind of snow demon completely condensed from ice and frost, and these snow demons are the targets of people's hunting, because there are often treasures on snow demons.

"Thanks, fortunately, it will take a lot of time to enter the first floor with our strength." This man is the leaves of the Beast Gate, leading several elders to find the snow demon. And some king-level strong men have rushed to the second floor, the wood world, which is like a sea of plants, full of big trees, birds and flowers. If you relax your vigilance and be confused by the environment here, it will be a big mistake.


A thousand-year tree demon suddenly rushed behind a king. Although the king was always alert, he was still caught off guard by the other party. The king's strength can almost look down on the world in the outside world, but here, it is greatly suppressed, and it is difficult to play a real level. At most, it can only show the half-step king. Strength, but these tree demons are also advanced three-stage existence. In the face of the infinite regeneration of the other party's body, anyone will have a headache, which is why no strong man can go to the third level for tens of thousands of years.

Of course, Fan Tian and Xi Ting belong to another. They were pardoned by Kirin and did not need to break into the array at all. It can be said that when they came here, they did not open the Jiuyuan Temple and had no murder. However, now the open Jiuyuan, which is full of danger everywhere, and their lives are worthless here.

Just as everyone fell into a crazy state of crisis and treasures, five kings gathered together on the second floor.

"Have you seen Fan Tian's figure?"

"No, Xiting didn't see it either." Several people are the kings of the ancient shadow, beast heaven and Luanfeng Holy Land.

"Can you find the specific location through the symbols on them?" Beast Tianqing was a little worried that even the kings here were dangerous, not to mention the two senior soul masters.

"I can only feel that they are indeed in the Jiuyuan Temple, but I can't be sure where they are. The prohibition here is too strong." Luanyun frowned,

"What should I do?" Several people know that not only the wooden demons here, but also other king-level soul masters will not let them go.

"What else can be done? The auspicious people only have the appearance of heaven. Since they can come here, and there is no them in the hall or the first floor, it only shows that they have found their own chance." Gu Ying is undoubtedly the most calm one. Although he is also worried about Fan Tian, the essence of the artifact has always dominated his character.

"That's the only way. Maybe they have gained great benefits now. Let's find our own opportunities early and don't waste this opportunity." Another king of Luanfeng Holy Land obviously did not have a good relationship with Luan Yun, but he had no choice but to get together in order to seize the treasure.

Although Luan Yunzhi frowned, he never said anything, because he knew that the other party was right. Jiuyuan Temple did not know that it was a treasure and a resource that could cultivate the next generation of the family. As the head of the family, he had no reason to give up the responsibility on his shoulders because of his daughter.

"In that case, let's grab the treasure first!" Luan Yun sighed. As the patriarch, he had to choose this. While this wooden world is full of crises, it also brings endless treasures.


A huge tree demon finally fell under the attack of several imperial soul masters. A weapon flew out of its body and was about to escape.

"I said why this tree demon's attack is so sharp. It turned out that he got a high-level soul weapon, and it seems that he has given birth to an artifact." The king, without slowness, waved his hand and grabbed the dragon pattern knife that was about to escape. The power of the king gushed out of his body. The dragon pattern knife was sealed and thrown into the space ring before it could struggle in the future. Obviously, the advanced soul weapon could no longer attract the king.

The whole second layer of power overflowed, and the waves were surging, full of kings everywhere. Tree demons were divided and cut off by everyone. Among them, the elixir treasures were collected one after another. Two days have passed, and the king-level soul weapons that people expected have not appeared, but they did not slack off at all. Instead, they worked harder to find Look for it.

Finally, in the central area of the wooden world, a breath attracted the attention of the kings. A hundred-foot-high tree demon covered the sky and the sun, and an ancient bronze armor was shining and constantly emitting an ancient atmosphere. A king in front of him was instantly overturned by a huge force and looked at it with shock. Former creatures.

"King's Armor!" While the king was stunned, two figures suddenly appeared in the dense forest not far away, with a bronze figure and a woman's graceful body, which was particularly dazzling at this moment.

"There are kings everywhere here. Let's still disguise it, otherwise we will be identified and there will be continuous trouble in the future." The people who came were Fan Tian and Xi Ting who had disappeared for many days.