Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 132 Color of Heaven and Earth

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The birth of Huangjidan will definitely cause bloody wind again. The attraction of this thing is not comparable to that of a king-level soul weapon. Huangji Dan knows its level when you hear its name. This is an elixir that only the emperor can practice, and the success rate is so low that even a large family can't afford this price.

"It's really Huangji Dan." At this moment, almost all the king-level soul masters who chased Fan Tian stopped, staring motionless at the elixir floating above the altar, feeling the faint imperial breath, and everyone's faces showed greedy fluctuations.

"Huangjidan was born, won't we wait any longer?" Xiting in Fan Tian's arms stared at her big eyes and looked at Huangji Dan in the distance, and also flashed a light.

"Do you still want to rob it?" Fan Tian raised her eyebrows, and the little witch was not human enough to swallow elephants, and she actually wanted to hit the idea of Huangjidan.

"Are you not interested? But I heard from my father that this imperial elixir is made of king-level medicinal materials, supplemented by the imperial law, and finally refined by Tianlei. Although Fan Tian knew Huangjidan, he didn't expect that the price of this thing would be so high. Among other things, the king-level main medicine is enough to drink a pot. You know, the king-level herbs have long been cultivated into human figures. Refining medicine with this thing is simply equivalent to refining a king-level soul master into an elixir. Think about this What kind of anti-sky means do you need to do it.

"Although what you said is very touching, do you think that if the two of us are robing the imperial elixir, will anyone here be willing to let us go?" Now an emperor's elixir has finally appeared, which distracts the attention of these kings. If he doesn't know what's good or wrong, the result can be imagined.

"Are we going to watch?" Not only did Xiting feel a little unwilling, but also Fan Tian himself was a little unbearable, but in the end, his reason still defeated his sensibility and he should know how to be content.

"Forget it, we have just become senior, and there is still a long way to go from the imperial level. We can't break ourselves here." Fan Tian shook his head and did the tiger's tooth extraction for the first time, which was regarded as luck. If he did it again, it would be suicide.

"All right!" Although Xiting is a little unwilling, she also knows in her heart that if she really robs Huangjidan, she really doesn't want to go out alive.

"Let's get out of here while they focus on Huangjidan." The battle armor is too eye-catching, and standing here will become the target of everyone sooner or later. Fan Tian pulled up Xiting, and the two gradually moved away under the eyes of the kings. At the same time, Fan Tian also put away his tonic armor.

"Look, the two of them are leaving here." The kings naturally found the pace of their departure. Everyone's eyes showed fierceness, but no one stepped forward, because no one here wanted to let go of the Huangji Dan here. Looking at the disappearing figures of Fan Tian and Xi Ting, the kings couldn't help gritting their teeth with hatred.

"After I get this imperial elixir, I will definitely dig three feet of the ground and find you out." The bones of the old Xuanwu kept making noises, and his words had already revealed a murderous atmosphere. However, just as he shifted his attention to another place, a king finally couldn't stand it and took action.


None of the thirteen kings can let go of the elixir in front of them. There is a certain chance that the thirteen of them have been seriously injured, but in the face of the ** of the imperial elixir, they can't help flying to these kings one by one. Obviously, they have begun to Prepare to work hard at all costs.

Trajectories in the void crossed the sky and flew to the altar. Although the eyes of these kings were greedy, they did not lose their minds. None of these old people who had lived for thousands of years were not old foxes. When they came to the altar, none of them boldly stretched out their hands, but stopped alertly. Come down.

"Chi Mingzi, why did you stop running so fast?" The speed is a disadvantageous Xuanwu old man, and his eyes are full of disdain.

"I just want to get closer and see what Huangji Dan looks like and why he wants to take action." Chi Mingzi was not convinced at all, and no one cared about the quarrel between the two at this time, because most people mainly focused on the simple Huangjidan in front of them.

"Gu Ying, are we going to take action?" Beast Tianqing looked at the ancient shadow beside him through divine consciousness. Although he is the leader, he still needs to listen to the opinions of the ancient shadow when he comes to Jiuyuan. After all, the other party is the longest living person here.

"Wait a minute, the things here can't be undefed. The more precious they are, the more powerful they are to protect it." Gu Ying has been here many times since he was still in office as the head of the previous generation. He knows the situation here better and is also the most sayable person.

Seeing that the ancient shadow did not move, although the beast Tianqing was anxious, the heat in his heart was still suppressed. At this time, some of the thirteen kings finally couldn't stand it and took action.

A golden figure in the sky suddenly flew out and grabbed the floating Huangjidan in the altar. However, before he could touch the other party, the originally calm altar rippled, like the calm water stirred up thousands of waves. The simple Huangjidan floating in the air suddenly jumped up, a trace of The emperor's secret text kept overflowing, sweeping out the golden figure directly.

"What is this? Everyone was shocked. An elixir actually emitted an emperor-like fluctuation. Did the other party really become an emperor? Although their strength was suppressed again, it made no sense. It was so simple that they were swept out.

"This elixir has been transformed." The ancient shadow, who has never done anything, sounded at the end of the whole team. As a soul weapon, it is undoubtedly the one with the most say in a similar kind.

"What, do you think he has become a spirit?" Everyone couldn't believe it, but the next move of Huangjidan made them have to believe it. As the dazzling light continued to shine, a figure gradually appeared on the altar. It was the transformation of Huangjidan, with a straight body, imposing momentum, a uniform and a cold frosty face.

"Who is it that disturbs my rest!" This seemingly young figure, but its voice is like a warrior who has experienced vicissitudes. Looking at this powerful figure, everyone finally woke up. This imperial elixir is no longer what they can get, because this soul weapon and elixir after transformation can no longer be controlled and absorbed by people.

Once people want to forcibly devour the power in their bodies, they will be attacked by stormy counterattacks, and the final result can only be both sides. This is why although Gu Ying is also a king's soul weapon, no one has thought of it, because his spirit has With the integration of the whole soul weapon car, once someone wants to forcibly control it, the final result can only be the destruction of the weapon.

However, the armor that Fan Tian took away is different. The artifacts are very weak, and they are not enough to control the whole soul weapon. It is easy to be operated by people and brand themselves. Fan Tian took this armor very easily. Of course, thanks to the tree demon, he has been restricting the armor. The growth of the spirit, otherwise when it grows strong enough, it can break away from the shackles of people and become independent beings like ancient shadows.

The emperor's elixir has turned into a spirit. Even if he does not become an emperor, he will at least have the ability to become an emperor. In this restricted world, he is almost invincible. The kings look at each other and look bad. Now they have some regretted giving up chasing Fan Tian for this elixir. And this imperial elixir saw that everyone was silent, but he showed an unhappy look. He didn't know what they wanted to do without saying anything.

"You people should want to devour me and find an opportunity to break through the imperial level." The heroic man looked at everyone like a sharp knife, and at the same time, his hands had fluctuated as he spoke.

"Senior, we didn't mean to disturb you. We just came here chasing someone." These kings are all old deep-fried dough sticks. Naturally, they will not hold on when they are defeated, and there is no benefit.

"Is that right? Who will you kill here?

"A person who killed the tree demon on the second floor and seized the tonic armor." Chi Mingzi is worthy of being old and cunning, and naturally leads the disaster to the east. And the other party was really distracted by his words.

"What? Do you think the tree demon of the two-story wooden world was killed? Huangjidan was suddenly moved at this moment. Everyone did not expect that the other party's reaction would be so violent that even the surrounding altars were cracked.

"Yes, this cunning and cunning knows how to lurk. As we see with our own eyes, the wooden demon of the wooden world died behind its sneak attack." Chi Mingzi's eyes inadvertently came out of a trace of coldness, and the old fox obviously wanted to kill people with a knife. However, Huangjidan's mind seemed to be not simple. Instead, he squinted at Chi Mingzi.

"He attacked the tree demon, what did you do? You're not going to attack me, are you?" Huangjidan's words made everyone's eyes shrink, and it was obvious that the other party had seen the trick.

"What should I do?" The beast sky secretly conveys divine consciousness.

"The driver fled!" Gu Ying only said four words, but it undoubtedly did not prove that they were in danger. The kings never thought that this trip to Jiuyuan would be so bad. The tiger cave and wolf nests continued one after another. Just as everyone was worried and preparing to escape, the Jiuyuan Hall suddenly sounded, and an irresistible force transmitted everyone. Get out.

"So it's time!" Everyone often breathed because of the end, but when the king looked at the gradually disappearing Jiuyuan Temple, the whole source continent surged up one after another. The darkness of the sky seemed to correspond to these breaths. The gradually disappearing Jiuyuan Temple was actually connected with the seven pearls in the northern air. In an eight-star map, at this moment, the laws of the whole continent are trembling.

"Eight stars appear, heaven and earth change, all races come out, blood demon love!" In the surprised eyes of the whole continent, a planet slowly appeared in the sky, a blood-red monster, almost breaking into the nine days of the source continent and adjacent to it.