Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 137 Lin Yu

The two sides quarreled at the entrance of the Kirin Holy Land, and Fan Tian couldn't stand his anger. The other party's three miserable guys were simply unreasonable. They looked down on them, who came in from outside, and they didn't know what environment cultivated them with their eyes.

"I'm just looking for someone. If Lin Fan is not here, please inform you that you can take care of it, and say that Fan Tian is looking for a meeting!" If Xiting beside her hadn't been pulled by Fan Tian, she would have rushed up and seen it proudly. It was the first time she had met such an arrogant one.

"We have said that Lin Fan is not here. Outsiders are not welcome here. If you don't leave, don't blame us for being rude!" The three men will take action on Fan Tian in their words.

"You are still unreasonable. We are here to find people, not to worship teachers!" The little witch was made a little manic by the other party.

"The person you are looking for is not here, and outsiders are also not welcome here. If you want to wait, you can go abroad!" Just as the two sides were tense, the quarrel finally attracted the attention of others.

"What are you doing here?" The comer wore a set of purple armor, revealing a feeling of thunder and lightning, and his knife face was filled with a fierce smell.

"Oh? Brother Lin Yu, these two people want to break into the Holy Land of Kirin!" When the three men saw the purple man, a trace of fear flashed inadvertently.

"Oh? The people who can break into our Kirin Holy Land either commit suicide and want to die, or have extraordinary strength. Which one do you two belong to? The man named Lin Yue actually had a chilling feeling in his eyes when he looked at Fan Tian and Xi Ting.

"Neither. We are here to find someone." Xiting answered first.

"Who are you looking for?" Lin Yu's words are simple

"Lin Fan, or one of you can be the elders of the Lord." When Xi Ting mentioned Lin Fan, the other party's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Lin Fan? Are you Lin Fan's friends?"

"It's true!" Fan Tian was a little helpless and knew at a glance that this guy was not a fuel-efficient lamp.

"Oh, since you are Lin Fan's friend, there is no problem!" Just when the two thought that the other party would release them, the other party's next words made them stagnate.

"Can we go in?" Xiting is about to step forward

"No, you can get out. Lin Fan's friends are not welcome here!" The other party's words made the two look at each other. For a moment, they didn't know what to say. The sympathetic eyes of the other three made Fan Tian suddenly wake up. This guy and Lin Fan must have had a problem.

"Please don't be so rude to this friend. I don't want to come here, but should you stop!" Fan Tian finally didn't want to talk nonsense with the other party, because he found that this place was unreasonable.

"Listen to your tone, aren't you going to get rid of it?" Lin Yu's knife-cut face gave off a more fierce look.

"Then listen to your tone, how can you enter the unicorn sanctuary?" When Fan Tian finished this sentence, he just looked at Fan Tian's unhappy face, but now he cast a sympathetic look.

"Okay, have backbone. If you can defeat me today, you will naturally get the qualification to enter the Holy Land of Kirin." As he spoke, the electric arcs began to permeate under the purple armor, and the purple thunder and lightning kept flashing on his body, and even his fierce pupils had turned dark purple at this time.

"In this case, I can only defeat you!" Fan Tian put on golden armor, which has made him understand that if he wants to get the respect of Kirin Holy Land, he must first win the recognition of the other party in strength. Although Fan Tian's surface power is purple and gold, they are two attributes that they don't understand at all, one is destruction and the other is thunder.


The breath of the two sides collided in the air and did not give in to each other. Although Fan Tian only had an advanced stage, his combat effectiveness has been tested many times, and it has been refined for so long in the four-layer thunderstorm world. It is impossible without progress. Although it has not yet broken through to the second stage, it has reached a critical point. The difference is just an opportunity.

The opposite Lin Yue is worthy of being an elite disciple of the ancient family. A power that is not weaker than Linfan gushed out, but his three paragraphs seem to be mixed with a cruel and fierce breath. Two powerful sources confronted each other in the void. Lei Qilin circled over the other's head for the first time, while Fan Tian only hid his ink Qilin in his body, because he did not want to expose his beast soul.

"A senior soul master dares to be so arrogant!" Seeing that there was only the fluctuation of the senior soul master in Fan Tian's body, Lin Yue opposite raised his forehead slightly and was full of disdain.

"Why, don't you dare to fight?" Fan Tian saw the other party's arrogation and sneered a little. He saw many such people. Although he had the strength of the busy owner of the three soul masters, it was really nothing in Fan Tian's eyes.

"Don't dare? I'm too lazy to take action against you."

"Well, I'll take action against you first!" The magic stick appeared in Fan Tian's hands at this moment, and the three-way world evolved into the world again. This time, it did not transform chaos, because chaos could not break the sky, but the three-way world could be completely controlled by him. While the three-way world of heaven and earth appeared, the surrounding source power fluctuated, and a breath of oppressive space fell from the sky. , which instantly changed the color of the medieval people on the opposite side.

"I didn't expect that I underestimated you!" Although Fan Tian is only a senior section, even Lin Yue of the advanced three sections has to take seriously the atmosphere evolved by this move.

"Thunder meteorite" with the roar of the beast soul above his head, a purple thunder fell from the air, with the power of violent thunder, pressing on the three-way world in Fan Tian's hands. Although Lin Yu and Lin Fan are both elites of the Kirin clan, their bloodline is a little different. Lin Fan's beast soul is the most powerful colorful unicorn in Kirin's blood, and Lin Yu is indeed the thunder unicorn with the highest attack power. In the final analysis, Lin Yu's beast soul is not as good as Lin Fan, so he is jealous of him.

The thunder is as thick as ancestor tree, and the sky is complete, as if it were a chain connecting heaven and earth, constantly releasing terrible energy. The three-way world seems to have been hit by thunderstorms, everywhere by the falling thunder and lightning, and the cracks of green smoke seem to be destroyed by the other party. In the face of continuous thunder, the three-party world has been somewhat dilapidated.

"Although I have some strength, it's not enough to defeat me." Lin Yue has just put away his contempt. Although he doesn't believe that the other party can defeat him, he doesn't look down on Fan Tian as much as when he just showed his strength.

"Your strength is also very good, and you should be comparable to Lin Fan!" Fan Tian's eyes are solemn, and the other party is obviously not ordinary. Although Fan Tian has the confidence to defeat the other party, he still can't take it lightly in the face of his opponent. This is a deep memory in the land of Nanhuo.

"What? You think my strength is comparable to that of Lin Fan. Well, I will show you the real strength. After all, he is stronger than him. Fan Tian didn't expect that his casual talk caused such a huge reaction from the other party. Looking at Lin Yue's eyes, which became stronger and fierce because of anger, Fan Tian suddenly realized that this guy was not just jealous of Lin Fan.

"Light of Leilin!" The thunder and lightning in the sky had not disappeared, and the other party actually used the light of Lei Lin again. It seemed that Fan Tian's careless words should have stabbed the other party's pain, otherwise this guy could not suddenly go crazy.

A thunder light condensed from the void, but a one-meter-sized ball flashed with a terrible atmosphere. Fan Tian seemed to feel the smell of annihilation of thunder beads, so he did not dare to hold it. The sword of beheading the world with a law of destruction, cut to the light of Leilin, which was constantly shining with electric arcs.

Two powerful breaths collided in the air and finally attracted the attention of the elders of the Kirin Holy Land. They flew here one by one to check the situation. However, when they saw the attack of the two, their bodies stopped there for a moment. The power of Lei Lin's light was beyond Fan Tian's expectation, and the sword of the world was cracked. Seeing this, Xiting wanted to come forward to help, but Fan Tian stopped him.

"Your thunder is really strong, but when you meet me, it loses its supposed fighting power!" At this moment, Fan Tian's bronze figure actually emitted a purple arc like Lin Yue on the opposite side, not just because of the source force, but because of his body.


The sword of the world in the sky was broken for the first time. The light of Lei Lin flew to Fan Tian's chest under the gaze of everyone. However, it was expected that the explosion did not happen, but slowly wrapped Fan Tian. His body surface was like a thunder body at this moment, and people still did not doubt the possibility of its explosion. Some strength The powerful elders are ready to arrange the boundary.