Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 140 Mother

The Kirin clan said amazingly. Fan Tian did not expect that there was such an unhuman story hidden behind this, and these so-called human beings today were actually the result of the curse of monsters. Fan Tian didn't understand why the strong man did this, but he felt that there must be a reason for this. But it was unexpected that the search for the mother actually got a secret that shocked the whole continent. The mystery of the ten thousand-year fault finally untied her mysterious veil.

"Exuncle, was the daughter of the strong human being killed by the ancestor? How could he be angry with the whole continent? For this loving middle-aged man, Fan Tiansheng did not have any malice. On the contrary, he felt that the person standing in front of him seemed to be on his mother's side at the beginning, otherwise he would not have been friendly enough to talk to him so much.

"Of course, our ancestors will not be crazy enough to kill the daughter of another emperor, but they do not look up to human beings. He believes that the bloodline of our monsters is the strongest, so he prohibits his clan from marrying with human beings, but it seems that they want to punish this continent. One of the favorite son of our ancestors is also a clan. The unique Mo Qilin fell in love with this human princess. Hearing this, without the other party to say, Fan Tian has also understood that it is another ancient disease that intervenes with his children for the purity of blood.

"So the last two emperors did it all because of their relationship?" Fan Tian has almost guessed * inseparable ten.

"You're right. In the end, the emperor of the human race took the initiative to find our ancestors. The two did not agree and finally fought. However, in the end, our ancestors were on the stronger front line and shot down the emperor of the human race. Just when our old lord thought that the problem had been solved, the other party actually released the most at the cost of life. A powerful curse."

"That day, the sky rained and the wind raged. At that moment, all the monsters in the source continent turned into human appearances in pain. Although the ancestors resisted the curse with all their strength, because he was also a crossbow, he finally only added a little opportunity for our monsters, but there was nothing they could do to completely lift the seal. Since then, the ancestor has fallen into a deep sleep. The long-scale patriarch seemed to see the turmoil at that time, the body mutated, and the power shuffled, and the whole source continent was trapped in blood for a long time.

"So, at the beginning, the strong human beings were going to seal all the blood in our bodies, but because of the action of the ancestors, they got the opportunity to awaken this martial soul!" Until now, Fan Tian finally understood what the seals of blood in the sea cave were when he awakened the martial soul. It turned out to be the curse sealed by the strong man of the human race with his life.

"Yes, this is why history was broken ten thousand years ago, because the ancestors erased the memory of the whole source continent before sleeping. Only those ancient families like us can leave records, and the rest of the whole source continent's records of ten thousand years ago were turned into flying ash, and from that moment on, all the ancient clans They all decided to hide and not go out.

A series of terrible information couldn't help but make Fan Tian and Xi Ting take a cold breath together. He did not expect that such a scene would happen in Yuan mainland ten thousand years ago. Just because of the two families, the whole continent was implicated. From this, it is not difficult to see how powerful this so-called emperor will be. To the extent, his curse can actually affect the whole continent.

Here, Fan Tian has understood the reason for the whole thing, but he still doesn't know why these people let their mother leave him? Did they know that they were the black unicorn martial soul before awakening the martial soul?

"My uncle, I still don't understand what all this has to do with my mother being taken away? Do they really know my martial soul in advance? Fan Tian is puzzled. Even if he knows it in advance, he can't be sure that his beast soul is Mo Qilin. After all, he is himself. He only knew his current martial soul after the recent evolution.

"I'm really sorry about you. At the beginning, your mother also disobeyed the will of the patriarch of the previous generation, that is, our father, and married your father, but your father's beast soul is a dark snake, with a very pure dark atmosphere. If the bloodline of the Kirin family is stained with dark energy, their The offspring is likely to be Mo Qilin. The patriarch paused.

"This is also the reason why when your father left, the clan only took your mother back. In fact, their main purpose is to make you die, the seed that is likely to be Mo Qilin!" Fan Tian understood that the reason why these people judged that they might be Mo Qilin was entirely because of their father. At the beginning, it was not the real purpose of taking their mother away and leaving them to kill themselves. In fact, their original purpose was to kill the Fan Tian brothers and sister. In the end, they still scolded about something and did not do anything, but just My mother forcibly took it back.

"It seems that I'm not dead. Should it be regarded as a reward for the Kirin clan?" Fan Tian's eyes have changed color, and he will not be calm if he knows that he was almost killed, not to mention his relatives. Seeing Fan Tian's expression at this time, the patriarch couldn't help sighing again.

"I knew you would be like this, but it's really our fault. It's all our father's fault. He was greatly affected by Mo Qilin. You may not know that the previous generation of patriarchs was actually Mo Qilin's brother. At the beginning, he saw his father seriously injured and sleep, and his brother was suppressed in the Arctic. I was hit hard."

"No wonder he doesn't want Mo Qilin to reappear so much. Maybe in his mind, Mo Qilin has become an ominous representative!" Xiting also understood the story. Looking at Fan Tian's eyes, she inadvertently showed sympathy and imagined how hard their life would be if a teenager would live without his parents.

"Exuncle, I don't want to pursue other things for the time being. Can you let me see my mother first?" Fan Tian felt that he was a son of man, and everything depends on his mother's attitude. After all, this is the place where she was born and raised.

"Of course, since Lin Meng was forcibly brought back, what he misses most every day is your brother and sister. He often sleeps with your influence crystal. Once the crystal was lost, she looked everywhere like crazy!" Fan Tian has seen that this uncle absolutely stands on his mother's side, and his words will always inadvertently reveal his heartache for his mother.

As the middle-aged man kept moving forward, Fan Tian's heart began to become a little excited. He hadn't seen his mother for more than three years. He grew up as a careless child to a senior soul master who is alone today. Thinking about it, his mother will be very happy to see him.

A secluded place in the Kirin Holy Land, where few people usually care about it, and Fan Tian's mother lives here alone. Looking at the unique cabin, the corners of Fan Tian's eyes are slightly sore. He didn't expect that his mother would still live like this. He didn't believe that Kirin Holy Land did not have the energy to let her live in a gorgeous house. The reason for this must be what his mother required.

"Well, this is her request to us. She must give her a house like this. She said that she would still have a feeling of living with you." Fan Tian's eyes were wet, and she could clearly feel how much her mother missed them, but all this was blocked by the people of the Kirin Holy Land.


In the yard, a middle-aged woman was weaving something, and her eyes were inadvertently missing. When she heard the sound of footsteps, she did not raise her head and still weave what was in her hand.

"Second brother, you're here. I won't talk about it. You don't have to come often. I'm fine. There are still so many things waiting for you to deal with." Looking at the vicissitudes of this middle-aged woman, Fan Tian finally couldn't help laughing and fell to the ground with tears dripping on the ground. At this moment, the other party finally realized that something was wrong and slowly raised his head.

"Second brother, are there any other guests today?" However, when the middle-aged woman saw Fan Tian's face, the faint smile froze and her whole body was stunned there.

"I'm not hallucinating, am I? I seem to have seen the long sky!" The woman shook her head and thought she was missing again. However, this move stimulated Fan Tian even more and finally couldn't help shouting out.

"Mother, it's me, it's God who came to see you!" With tears in his eyes, Fan Tian knelt heavily in front of the woman, and his thoughts broke out like a flood and was uncontrollable.

"Are you really the God? I'm not dreaming again!" The woman's eyes are wet, but she still can't believe it.

"It's me, really God. If you don't believe it, you can touch it!" But the woman did not dare to take action, because she was afraid. Every time she stretched out her hand to touch it in the dream, the dream always became broken and stung his heart. Seeing that he was still hesitating, Fan Tian directly grabbed the other party's hand and put it on his chest. At this moment, the middle-aged woman finally believed it.

"God, it's really you, and my mother misses you so much!" Tears kept flowing from the woman's eyes...