Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 144 Remains of the Ancient Emperor

Fan Tian's whole figure was frozen there at this moment. Xi Ting looked at the direction he was looking at doubtfully, but there was still nothing but a wooden wall. But in Fan Tian's eyes, there is another scene. In this small room that seems to be only a few square meters, there is another world. Behind the wooden wall, there is also a room, but what surprises Fan Tian is not this dark space, but a person sitting in this space.

The man Kong Wu was powerful, his eyes were slightly closed, and the dense texture on his body showed that he was not a human. The crystal blue bones on his forehead did not make him ugly at all. Instead, there was a graceful atmosphere. The blue armor had no cracks and dust under the erosion of the years, like crystal, still The light is flowing.

"East Emperor, Kaicher!" Fan Tian couldn't believe that this ancient emperor, who had been sitting tens of thousands of years ago, was still sitting opposite him vividly. If it hadn't been for the existence of purple and gold eyes, he might have thought that there were no other party's bodies here like most people.

"What did you say?" In Fan Tian's shocked eyes, Xi Ting looked confused, because she did not have Fan Tian's eyes to see through everything, so in front of Xi Ting, this was just a wooden wall. After the initial surprise, Fan Tian slowly calmed down, his eyes kept scanning the surrounding scenery, and finally found an abnormal place.

"Xiting, follow my pace and let's go to another room." Fan Tian's eyes were solemn. This is an illusion array. They must enter it first. Their purple-gold eyes bloomed a deep light at this moment. Runes flashed through the pupils and constantly analyzed the illusion array in front of him. Naturally, the things set by the ancient emperor were not so easy to crack. Although Fan Tian's unicorn eyes were talented, But in the face of the illusion in front of him, it is still faintly painful and almost cracking. Finally, he was lucky enough to catch the footprints of his predecessors, and then he successfully broke in.

"Wow, is this?" Xiting finally saw the true face inside the wall. Her big eyes were round, and she looked at each other in disbelief and then at Fan Tian.

"Yes, this should be the ancient emperor who is said to be more than 100,000 years ago!" Fan Tian did not say anything, because the breath still emanating from the other party's body had judged that the alien middle-aged man in front of him was an emperor.

"It has been more than 100,000 years, and his body is not rotten, but it is the same as a living person." This little witch was so bold that she wanted to test whether the other party was real, but she was pulled by Fan Tian. The remains of the ancient emperor were not so blasphemous.

"You don't want to die!" Fan Tian looked at Xiting with some blame. The other party was always so careless that it was too reassuring.

"A dead man, it doesn't matter!" Xiting was still a little unconvinced. Fan Tian glanced at her unreasonably, and a source nucleus appeared in his hand and flew over to the emperor in front of him.


When the originally calm air was about to touch the emperor's body, there was a trace of turbulence. The close golden textures rippled beside him, and the approaching source nucleus instantly turned into powder. Without even time to reflect, it disappeared sideways into the air. Xi Ting looked at each other with a surprised face. There was no sound for a long time.

"See, you just went up and ended up with this source core. If there is no response, it will completely disappear into the air. Do you think the remains of an emperor will remain here without any attack? There are already many powerful things before us. They have been here, but they have not touched each other, because this emperor is the real killing here. Fan Tian couldn't help taking a breath of cold air when he saw the end of the source core. He didn't expect that the emperor was so fierce. Such a hard thing as the source core was broken when touched. He could imagine what would happen if someone met him.

"This emperor has been dead for so long and it's still so horrible!" Xiting also felt the fear and couldn't help spitting out her tongue. However, Fan Tian's eyes have been placed elsewhere at this moment, and a paragraph engraved on the wooden wall attracted his attention.

"The burial ground of the immortals of the human race, the immortal emperor fell into the world, only for the mortal world, where to find the way!" Four very simple words exude the great power of Taoism. Obviously, this is what the Eastern Emperor engraved here before sitting. He must have found something from it and seemed to say something to future generations, but Fan Tian has never heard of what this so-called immortal emperor is like.

"I seem to have seen this immortal emperor in the family's ancient books." Xiting came over at some point, with her big eyes shining with stars and looking at the ancient seal font on the wall.

"Oh? Do you know what this immortal emperor is?

"Although it is very vague, it seems to be a very powerful title of the human race, at least comparable to our emperor, or even stronger. It is also mentioned in the family's history." Although what Xiting said was very vague, it really scared Fan Tian.

"Do you think this so-called immortal emperor may be above the emperor?" Fan Tian is a little crazy. An emperor may not have come out in tens of thousands of years, and there is actually a more powerful existence.

"That's what the historical materials say, but it seems that no one has seen it. This so-called immortal emperor seems to be the legendary supreme of heaven and earth. He only lives in everyone's legend, and no one has seen him really appear in the world!" Xiting dragged her chin, and Fan Tian suddenly realized that this legendary immortal emperor may not really exist for a lifetime. It may be a higher realm created by everyone, a higher realm above the emperor.

However, just between the two of them talking, a brisk footsteps suddenly came from far to near, thinking that the wooden house was mixed with the dialogue of several people.

"What will happen in this broken place? With a good treasure, the boss insisted on going to this place. What's the value of the ancient tomb that was dug everywhere more than 100,000 years ago? A man is uneven. Obviously, he is not a human. He is five or three thick, more than two meters tall, and his muscles are like a grassroots, full of explosive power. A long tail keeps swinging behind him, like a chain.

"How can you talk so much nonsense? If the boss hears it and makes you unable to walk, you'd better hurry to the wooden house. If the boss asks me to guard it, we will guard it!" There are three people in this pair, but they are all the strength of intermediate soul masters, which is not a threat to Fan Tian. As several people entered, Fan Tian, who was standing in the illusion array, gathered his eyes, and the power in his body was slightly operated, because he was not sure whether the other party could see through the illusion array here like him.

"Fen Tian, what should we do? Just wait here?" Xiting stood next to her. Although the formation here can't see the inside from the outside, she can really see the outside from the inside.

"Wait a minute. If the other party doesn't find us, wait for them to leave. We will quietly go out. Otherwise, we can only go to war." Fan Tian's voice is a little low. Although the strength of the opposite people is not as good as theirs, the boss of these three people has never appeared. Fan Tian is somewhat worried that the strong man who can lead three intermediate soul masters should at least be a senior soul master.

As the three entered, they didn't seem to find another room in the wooden house. After a lot of people around, they sat down, as if they were waiting for someone boringly.

"When did the boss say he would arrive? This place where birds don't lay eggs is so boring!" Two of the three big men were constantly complaining, and the only one left looked at the wall around him and frowned, creating a trace of suspicion.

" boss, let's come here first to prevent others from boarding first. He will arrive in half an hour. You two should be patient, otherwise you know the boss's method." Speaking of the boss's means, the two big men who were still complaining suddenly trembled, showed a trace of fear in their eyes and stopped complaining.

Seeing that the other party did not move, Fan Tian, who was in the illusion array, did not stop, but kept searching around the emperor. He believed that if the saint came to this place, she would definitely find it. As long as she had been here, there would always be some traces left.

Under the continuous glance of Fan Tianzijin's eyes, a trace was finally caught by him. A slightly invisible Taoist trace was almost extinguished. Under the four ancient seal engraved by the emperor, he jumped: "There is still no way to save the father in the burial ground of the immortal emperor. Is it really necessary to reach the other side to have a glimmer of life?" This weak fluctuation of the ancient seal has a sad atmosphere, and this breath is exactly the same as what Fan Tian saw in the Holy Women's Hall.

"Holy lady, I have really been here, but where is this other side?" Fan Tian couldn't help frowning. The saint seemed to finally go to a place called the other side, but Fan Tian never heard of it. Just as he was meditating, another footsteps from the outside world kept approaching. The three big men were immediately energetic and all stood up.

"Big boss!" The three were very respectful. There was only a two-meter-high man on the opposite side, with scars on his face. At first glance, he was a vicious person.

"Has anyone come here?" The man's voice was low, but it made several people cold.

"No!" Three big men answered at the same time.

"Very good, you go out first, guard the door for me, and don't allow anyone to come in!" After the three big men went out, a golden light flashed in the man's eyes, and with a special step under his feet, he actually knew that the illusion here was approaching Fan Tian and the two step by step.