President, be careful of love

Chapter 5 Meeting on a narrow road at night

"Waiter, since you came in, why do you stand still and pour wine for our Mr. Lei? I really don't understand the rules." One of the chubby middle-aged men spoke in a tone full of dissatisfaction with her.

Hearing the cry, Jingyi gritted her teeth and thought that she had come in. Let's wait and see what happens first. Just find a chance to slip away later.

"Yes" answered, and Jingyi picked up the wine on the table and began to pour it for them. According to the manager's instructions, she first poured up from the middle of the seat, but the fat man motioned her to fall from next to him, that is, the murderer. He carefully walked to him, tried his best to suppress his panic and pour him full of wine, and then poured it for the rest of the people in turn. After this round, Jingyi's forehead began to sweat.

I thought I would pour a good wine and just stand aside. Who knew that the disgusting fat man actually asked her to sing a song. At this time, the next song on the screen happened to be Lin Yilian's hearing that love had come back. Jingyi did not refuse. She picked up the microphone and sang it. Her voice was very good, especially when she sang this kind of sad song, which could bring people into the song every time. Now it is no exception. When her song sounded, everyone was attracted by her singing and looked at her seriously, but she sang like crazy. Drunk, as if she had really loved deeply, so affectionate.

Lei Shaochen originally thought that a woman like her who ate a buffet regardless of her image and could fall asleep on the ground must be howling, but she didn't expect it to be so smelly. Her voice was like a magnet, which made people have to pay attention on her. However, when Lei Shaochen noticed the meaning of her song, she was a little angry. It turned out that she had someone she had loved deeply, and an indescribable sense of loss suddenly surged in her heart.

After singing the song, no one said anything. Probably everyone remembered their past with her singing. She didn't have such a thing. When she was a senior year, she was familiar with the environment and was busy making friends. In her sophomore year, she planned to open an online store. Her junior and senior year revolved around the store and study. In a blink of an eye, she was about to graduate, and the graduation ceremony would be in a few days. Thinking about my failure, it is crazy that love is a compulsory course in college, so I must have failed.

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting cold, the fat man quickly asked her to come and pour wine for everyone again. Just as she walked over, I don't know who suddenly stretched out a foot. She didn't expect such a thing at all. She was about to lean forward and wait for the pain of landing. However, after a while, she found that she was intact and opened her eyes slightly. It was okay not to open it. She was scared as soon as she opened it. It turned out that she received at this time. It happened that Lei Shaochen lived with her. Jingyi saw him and immediately pushed him away.

At this time, Lei Shaochen was completely angry, "Are you serving the guests like this?" Seeing that he was angry, Jingyi immediately apologized, and then poured himself a glass of wine, saying that he was really sorry. I almost fell down just now. I was a little afraid, so I overreacted. I hope you have a lot of this glass of wine as if I apologized to you. After saying that, I drank it in one breath, but the spicy feeling of alcohol. She rushed up and stimulated her to cough constantly, and even tears came out.

Seeing her like this, Lei Shaochen couldn't bear to embarrass her any more and let her stand aside.

Hao Yidong was beside him and was simply dumbfounded. When did he see Lei Shaochen treat girls so gently, and he was still a room princess. Looking at them just now, it doesn't seem like the first time I've seen them. There must be something wrong. So he deliberately designed to stick out his foot just now, and didn't expect that the woman would really fall to Lei Shaochen without paying attention. Normally, Lei Shaochen probably would get out of the way and let the woman fall on the sofa, so he disdained to reach out to pick it up, and it was so timely...