President, be careful of love

Chapter 18 Don't mind the bridal chamber in advance

The two walked forward silently, holding the ring they had just bought in their hands. They felt heavy in their hands. They didn't know whether they were tired in Red City today or panicked in their hearts.

When she got into the car, she gave him the address of the small apartment. He just snorted and did not respond much. He focused on driving forward, and the atmosphere in the car was even more dull than when he came. With nothing to say, Jingyi closed her eyes and planned to take a break.

Unconsciously, he fell asleep. Seeing the woman fall asleep from the rearview mirror, looking at her quiet little face and leaning against the seat tiredly, he slowly slowed down for fear of waking her up. After finishing this series of actions, I suddenly felt a little annoyed. Why did I care about her? Just at a fast and slow speed, he drove the car to the parking lot of his apartment. Seeing that the woman was still sleeping, he walked over and woke her up. "Hey, here we are."

Jingyi, who was sleeping soundly, was pushed by him and woke up suddenly. She opened her half-squinted eyes and saw her face in front of her. She was obviously shocked. She finally stabilized her heart and got out of the car. Lei Shaochen was very unhappy with her expression. Did he look so horrible to see him like a monster? However, when she just woke up, she was really pretty. Her face turned slightly red, and her long hair drooped a little messy, which naturally did not lose her beauty. Usually, her big eyes were half squinting dissatisfiedly at this moment because they did not sleep enough, but had amorous feelings.

suppressed his inner reverie for her, cursed in a low voice, and walked forward quickly. Jingyi had to speed up and trot to keep up. I walked out of the parking lot and took a look at the community and found that he didn't send her back. She asked quickly, "Excuse me, where is this?"

"My home." Lei Shaochen answered her briefly without looking back.

"Your home? Isn't it at the seaside? Did she say the question in her heart?

Grandpa and my parents live there, and I won't go back until the weekend. You will also live here after marriage. I will show you today. You will move things here tomorrow and we will live together.

Ah? Cohabitation? We are not married yet..." She couldn't help but say what she thought.

"Go to get the certificate tomorrow morning and move in the afternoon. There are only more than 20 days left for the wedding. Lei Shaochen was dissatisfied with her attitude of always avoiding him and unwillingness to be with him, which always made him feel indescribably depressed.

"Oh." Jingyi had no choice but to stop making a sound. Observe the situation of this community. There are about five or six houses in the whole community, each of which is at least 30 stories high. Looking at the greening and facilities of this community, the price of this community is not less than 60,000 per square meter? Thinking of this, she couldn't help spitting out her tongue. It was indeed the world of the rich.

He bought four bedrooms and two living rooms, with a full 200 square meters. Each room is very large. One is his bedroom, one is a study, and the other two should be guest rooms. The furniture in the hall is complete, and even his bedroom has a 42-inch LCD TV. The overall layout of the house is very simple and elegant, which is completely in line with his taste. Just at the door, he entered her fingerprints and told her the password. In the future, she can come into the house at any time.

When I thought of living with him in the future, I suddenly felt a little uneasy. I have been living alone in the same room since I was a child. Even if I live with Xiaoyan, I still have two bedrooms, one living room and one room. When I sleep, I like to kick the quilt and grab the quilt. I guess it's unlucky for others to sleep with her. I don't know if he will be unbearable if he sleeps with him in the future? Thinking of this, her ears couldn't help but turn red. He followed her and introduced the house to her, with a full view of her beauty, and his eyes involuntarily became hot. Unable to hear his voice, Jingyi couldn't help looking back at him. Just as he took another step forward, her petite body hit his chest. She hurriedly blocked her hand in front of her and saw the shy appearance of her arms. Lei Shaochen's lower abdomen suddenly became hot, hugged her tightly, and her lips were gently attached.

Jingyi is not used to the sudden intimation between the two. Although she is about to get married, she was hugged and kissed by an unloved man. She unconsciously resisted and tried hard to push him away. But Lei Shao's arms held her tightly in his arms, and it was useless for her to resist. Under his step-by-step invasion, a trace of numbness came from her lips, and her body couldn't help trembling, and her mouth was full of longing.

Her squeam knocked down Lei Shaochen's tension and couldn't help taking her to the master bedroom.

Aware of his intention, Jingyi woke up a little and shouted to let me go.

Lei Shaochen, who was at a critical moment, would not let go of her to make herself uncomfortable, so he said, "Sooner or later, they are all my people. Today is a good day. I don't mind getting into the bridal chamber in advance." After saying that, put her in **.......

It was not until noon the next day that Jingyi woke up and found herself lying in his arms. From the outside, the two seemed to hug each other and sleep. Looking at him still sleeping, Jingyi couldn't help recalling their beautness last night...

The first time he entered, she only felt pain and tears came out, enduring great pain until he was released. Then she went to sleep tiredly and slept until midnight. She woke up and found herself lying in his arms, so she planned to get up and sleep in the guest room, but he found her body as soon as she moved, so she had to let him hold her, but he Her hand began to feel restless and kept rubbing her two softnesss. Later, despite her opposition, she asked her again, and this time it lasted longer than the last time. The second time, she was not as painful as the first time. Instead, she felt a trace of numbness passing through like an electric current, and she couldn't stop her delicate voice...

Quietly pushed away his tightly held hand, and then got out of bed to clean it. As soon as his feet fell to the ground, he didn't have much strength. He took a few steps to return to normal, but the soft feeling still existed. After washing, he opened the refrigerator and saw that there was not much food in it. Jingyi took out egg noodles and ham and boiled a soup noodle.

Lei Shaochen woke up and found that the woman beside him was no longer there. He picked up his mobile phone and looked at it. He didn't expect that it was past 12 noon. He hadn't slept so well for a long time and slept so soundly. In the past, I always slept very lightly, occasionally had nightmares, and always dreamed of Xin Menger's car accident, so I always woke up and slept unsteadily.

Lei Shaochen got up and saw the bright red on the sheet. First, he was stunned for a few seconds, and then turned to a smile that was imperceptible at the corners of his mouth. He walked to the bathroom. After washing, he smelled bursts of fragrance from the kitchen, and the hunger suddenly occupied the whole brain. . When he walked to the kitchen and saw her busy figure there, he was in a surprisingly good mood. He felt that it would be good to marry her, at least someone to cook for himself. Thinking about this, he smiled unconsciously.