President, be careful of love

Chapter 61 Don't touch me, dirty

After the phone call, Lei Shaochen went to Jingyi and sat down. He wanted to take her shoulder. His eyes met Xin Meng's aggrieved look. Before he could stretch his hand and retreated back, he gently lowered his head and asked her with her eyes closed: "Are you comfortable?"

Gent nodded, and his eyes didn't even have the strength to open. He took a soft breath and said weakly, "You and Grandpa continue to go to dinner. I'll just take a break."

"Then you can have a rest here. The doctor will be there soon. Call us as soon as you feel unwell." After saying that, Lei Shaochen walked over and pushed Xinmeng back to the dining table. Jingyi secretly half squinted and watched the three of them talking and laughing at the dinner table. Suddenly, she felt like a superfluous person. This feeling of loneliness was like a thick rope, which made it so difficult for her to breathe. Gently put his hand on his stomach and said silently: Baby, you are left with your mother in the future. You must stay strong with your mother, accompany your mother, and protect your mother.

Not long after, Dr. Li of Zhang's Hospital appeared in the thunder house.

Dr. Li has served in Zhang's Hospital for more than 20 years. She is the leading female obstetrician and gynecology doctor with rich technology and experience in China. She is very friendly and kind to treat patients, think of patients, and share their worries. This is also an important reason why Zhang Yimo must let Dr. Li come to examine Jingyi.

In front of the sofa, Dr. Li gently understood the situation with Xiang Jingyi. The gentle and calm voice came, making people feel as comfortable as the spring breeze: "Miss Chen, is this the first time you have had morning sickness? Is there anything strange before?"

Jingyi smiled faintly: "For the first time, there has been no reaction before."

"Generally speaking, morning sickness is easy to occur in the morning. Has Miss Chen been unhappy recently? During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant women is very important. If the psychological pressure is high, the pregnancy reaction will be more obvious. Pay more attention to adjusting the mood, participate in some outdoor activities, take more walks, eat more vegetables and fruits, and it will be better after a period of time. Dr. Li said.

"Ye, I know. Thank you, Dr. Li." Jingyi thanked politely.

"You're welcome."

Lei Shaochen, who sat aside and listened, interrupted their conversation anxiously: "Dr. Li, she just vomited badly. Don't you need to prescribe some medicine for her?"

"Mr. Lei, morning sickness is a normal phenomenon for pregnant women. As long as you get through this period of time, you can take your wife out for a walk. I think your yard is very beautiful. Take a walk here and breathe in the new air. You will be happy. The morning sickness will reduce a lot. Don't worry about it. So many hearts." Dr. Li explained to everyone kindly.

Looking at Lei Shaochen's tight face, Zhang Xinmeng's heart was very uncomfortable. Is he so quiet because of the child in her belly or because he cares about her? Has she really been away for too long? In just a few months, she took away Lei Shaochen's heart? Humph, she won't let her succeed. She thought hard in her heart, but said with a smile, "Shaochen, don't be so nervous. Dr. Li is so experienced. Since he says that there is nothing wrong, there must be no problem. Don't worry."

Hearing Zhang Xinmeng's words, Dr. Li turned his eyes to her and always felt that the sound sounded very familiar, but looking at her face carefully, she clearly didn't know this person. She frowned slightly, thought for a few seconds, and noticed that she was sitting in a wheelchair. She was a little surprised. It's a pity that young and beautiful girls didn't expect to be disabled. He secretly sighed in his heart and asked Xinmeng with concern, "Is this young lady injured?"

Xinmeng's face was slightly hot, and a feeling of inferiority quickly spread to her whole body. She moved her body unnaturally and tried to make her voice calm: "I once had a car accident."

"..." For a moment, everyone fell silent.

Lei Shaochen looked at Xinmeng's lonely and injured eyes and was a little angry and angry, but she couldn't vent it.

On the contrary, Jingyi looked generous and relieved Dr. Li with a slight smile: "Dr. Li, you don't think I have anything to do. You should go back early. This road is still quite far. If you don't let the driver see you off, it's not easy to find a car near this point."

Dr. Li quickly shook his head with a smile and said, "Miss Chen, you're too polite. I'll just wait for the car by myself, so as not to be told by Zhang Yimo that I don't distinguish between public and private. The cost of a trip is very high, and I'm too sorry to accept your pick-up and drop-off. Have a good rest and relax your mind. If there is anything you don't understand, you can give I'll call and I'm welcome at any time.

"Is Zhang Yimo so old-fashioned? I'll help you find someone to repair him, hehe." Jingyi laughed gently by Dr. Li, paused, and then said, "Dr. Li, thank you for coming so quickly today. I'll take you out for a walk." Jingyi said in a relaxed mood.

Lei Shaotang, who had been listening to him, heard Jingyi say this and smiled happily: "Jingyi, Grandpa will accompany you to see Dr. Li off." After saying that, he took Jingyi's hand and led Dr. Li to the door. While walking, chatting with Dr. Li, Jingyi carefully analyzed that today's grandfather seems to be very energetic and talkative. Is it possible that grandpa... Thinking of this, she was happy and secretly looked at them from time to time as she walked. She became more and more sure of her idea. Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind. This idea made her feel inexplicable excitement. She couldn't wait to grow a pair of wings and immediately fly up to implement this matter.

After sending Dr. Li, Grandpa and Jingyi returned home. Grandpa took out the chessboard and insisted on pestering Jingyi to play chess. Unexpectedly, Grandpa was very old, and the time of pestering people could not be underestimated. In a short time, he lost the battle. He became Grandpa's third / companion: drinking tea, playing chess, and gossip.

"Jinger, do you think Dr. Li is friendly?" Lei Shaotang asked happily while playing chess.

Jingyi pretended to think about it for a while and shook her head.

Lei Shaotang was stunned and asked quickly, "Don't you like Dr. Li?"

Jingyi shook her head again, looked at Grandpa's nervous look, smiled secretly, and moved and said, "Grandpa, you have been surrounding her since you sent Dr. Li back. Do you like Dr. Li?"

Grandpa unconsciously touched his chin and laughed: "Grandpa is very old, how can he be qualified to like him?"

"Grandpa, isn't it a matter of age? Didn't Dr. Li just say that she divorced her husband earlier because of her busy work. She is not married, and you are single. As long as you are affectionate and your concubine is interested, it is also a good marriage in the world that only envies mandarin ducks but not immortals!" Jingyi responded quickly.

"Is Grandpa really not old?" Lei Shaotang asked again uncertainly.

Jingyi nodded heavily and said in a very positive tone, "I'm not old, I'm not old at all!" In my eyes, grandpa is handsome! Grandpa is my favorite. After saying that, he leaned against his grandfather affectionately and leaned into his arms. The smell of happiness rippled on the two grandfathers and grandchildren.

The two chatted and played chess. Time flashed, and soon it was time to rest. Jingyi stayed in the living room until Grandpa was sleepy and went back to the room to rest. She still didn't have the courage to step up the stairs. Her mood finally calmed down. If she saw their intimacy again, she might be sad again. Sad, but after a day of tossing, she was exhausted, and sleepy. Finally, her eyelids and lower eyelids kept fighting. Several times, her eyes were about to close. Under the control of the last consciousness, she forced herself to open. Finally, she really couldn't stand it and had to walk upstairs slowly, every time she walked. Step, her heart was heavy, her heart pounding, nervous, and silently prayed in her heart: if she didn't meet, didn't meet, didn't see, didn't hear, just think that all this didn't happen, even if she blinded her eyes and ears, as long as she could live quietly, she would no longer have any extravagant.

I walked all the way to the door of the room in a complicated mood, hesitated at the door for a while, took a deep breath, and then opened the door. There was no one inside, sighing helplessly, went to the wardrobe, took his clothes and walked into the bathroom, wiped his body while trying not to think about their affairs, followed Dr. Li's instructions, and kept his mood stable and peaceful.

She took a shower and dried her hair. She fell asleep as soon as she lay down from bed. Maybe she was really tired today.

Lei Shaochen accompanied Xinmeng to chat in her room. Later, she wanted to take a shower. Lei Shaochen planned to go downstairs and ask Aunt Chen to come and help. Xin Meng shyly pulled the corners of his clothes and gently prayed, "Shaochen, don't go, stay with me, okay? Do you remember? Once I had a cold and fever and shouted to take a shower. You washed it for me. Can you do it as before? After saying that, he looked at him pitifully and waited for his reply.

Lei Shaochen hesitated for a moment before nodding gently.

When she took off her clothes one by one and saw a few faint scars on her body, she felt sad. She should have suffered a lot of pain in the car accident. How did she survive these years? He focused on helping her wipe her body, deliberately ignored her scars, turned his head sadly, and stopped looking at her body.

His strangeness made Xinmeng feel sad. After all, he still cares, doesn't he? I endured not seeing him for ten years, but I was afraid that he would see these ugly scars on his body. In fact, at first, she also had several scars on her face. Later, after the doctor's treatment, she recovered in recent years. There are too many scars on her body that it is impossible to recover all of them. It has reached this level. It's the limit! But compared with her previous slippery/white skin, she still can't accept such ugliness for her pursuit of beauty and extremely arrogant heart. Many times, she wanted to leave the world, but at the thought of never seeing him again, she put up with all these and loved him one by one. , is the strength that supports her to live until now, so absolutely, never lose him!

Thinking of this, Xin Meng hugged Lei Shaochen tightly and choked, "Shaochen, don't leave me, okay?" He raised his head and looked at Lei Shaochen with tears in his eyes.

Lei Shaochen's heart moved inexplicably, and she remembered the moment he left Jingyi in Japan. She begged him not to leave with tears. Suddenly, she was irritable. She gently took Xinmeng's hand and said without a trace, "Good boy, take a shower first, or you should catch a cold later." After saying that, he began to scrub her body seriously.

After taking a shower to appease Xinmeng's sleep, Lei Shaochen returned to his room with a tired face and saw her sleeping quietly, with long eyelashes hanging on her eyelids, and the moonlight outside the window shone faintly on her little face. The beautiful appearance was clearly reflected in his deep eyes, and his heart was unexpectedly peaceful and quiet, quickly Take a shower, gently lie down next to her and clothes, gently pull up her open quilt, and gently kiss her on the cheek.

Jingyi, who was sleepy, felt that her cheeks were itchy. She unconsciously reached out and grabbed it. Unexpectedly, she touched a piece of hair. She woke up in fear. Seeing him, she stared at him, moved away from him and pretended that he did not exist and continued to sleep.

Lei Shaochen was a little annoyed when she saw her appearance. She moved over, and he followed her. He stretched out his hand to hold her shamelessly and moved his hand away angrily. Lei Shaochen came up again. After three or two times, Jingyi turned around and asked angrily, "I want to sleep, don't touch me!" In fact, you don't have to come back, and I won't mind sleeping in her!"

I don't mind making Lei Shaochen deeply angry, hugging her tightly with tears and kissing her forcibly.

Jingyi pushed him away angrily and said angrily, "Lei Shaochen, don't touch me with your dirty body! I feel sick!"

Lei Shaochen stared at her fiercely: "You have the guts to say it again!"

"It's also this sentence again. You don't understand human words now, do you? Since you can't even understand people's words, why should I say more!" Jingyi retorted coldly.

"Don't try to challenge my endurance!" Lei Shaochen gritted his teeth and jumped out this sentence.

"This sentence should be what I said! Now that your longing dream has come back, why are you challenging my endurance while you flirting with her? Since you love her so much, let's just divorce and marry her!" Jingyi said hatefully.

Divorce? You just want a divorce, don't you? I'm inseparable! Don't think I'll do what you want!" Lei Shaochen was so angry that she pinched her chin and announced it word by word.

"Don't forget that we signed a contract, which clearly says that you must be clean during the marriage! Are you clean? While enjoying the beauty of Zhang Xin's dream, he tried to touch me! You dream! Don't touch my body by touching her hand. I don't like it, and I even feel disgusted. Do you know why I vomit? I just think you are disgusting!" Jingyi is angry and unscrupulous.

"Now I'll show you if I'm clean!" After saying that, Lei Shaochen tore her pajamas fiercely, and the cartoon pajamas with buttons collapsed under his tear. The buttons splashed everywhere. Jingyi pulled her clothes tightly and resisted desperately to prevent Lei Shaochen from succeeding. But Lei Shaochen, who was in a state of rage, couldn't care so much. The more she resisted him, the harder she became. Her heavy body pressed on her body, which made her turbulent. Then she kissed her lips and bit her slightly hard. After the thin skin was bitten, the bloody smell was brought in by his tongue, which was fishy and fishy. Astringent. Jingyi was angry for a moment and tried to bite him fiercely. Unexpectedly, he seemed to be ready to dodge gently, quickly imprisoned her hands with one hand, and then the other hand kept picking her plumpness, and his thin lips kissed her neck densely. Taking advantage of her indifference, he stood up and entered her. Quiet. The softness of the silk came from her body, which made her gradually weak, and her clenched lips could not withstand his impact and made a ** moan: "Don't... To... Leave... Me."

"Good boy." Lei Shaochen smiled playfully, bringing her a faster and more ** impact...

Unable to resist, she surrendered to his attack, but tears from the corners of her eyes quietly slipped...