President, be careful of love

Chapter 64 Punished by Love

"This matter is about Lin Xiaonan and Yang Yidan." Jingyi took a deep breath and her tone was full of guilt.

Xiaoyan nodded, implying that she would continue to speak.

"Do you remember the night after the picnic? Our group ran to the bar to support. Later, I didn't feel comfortable and got up to go to the bathroom. As a result, I met Yang Yidan and Guan Yiyang hugging together on the way. Jingyi was silent for a few seconds and then said, "They are kissing."

"What? You?" Xiaoyan opened his eyes wide in surprise, and his eyes were full of doubts.

Jingyi nodded gently and affirmed Xiaoyan's suspicion.

"Isn't it possible? Guan Yiyang was very considerate and concerned about Lin Xiaonan. At that time, I envied them. How happy it was to have male pets!" Xiaoyan recalled the situation of that day, and a small face was full of longing and envy.

Jingyi frowned: "I also thought so at that time, but maybe it was just a false image. Do you think we should hint at Lin Xiaonan?"

Xiaoyan hesitated for a while and shook his head gently: "I don't know. I'm afraid that it will be self-defeating and help. Let's wait and see what happens first. In the emotional world, outsiders are just spectators. Even if they have thousands of knots, they can only rely on themselves to solve it."

"Hey." Jingyi sighed gently and raised her watch to look. The pointer had pointed to four ten points.

"I'll go out to see Tongtong first." Jingyi walked out of the door after saying that.

When he came to the living room, he noticed that Tong Tong fell into Yang Yidan's legs and fell asleep, looking like he had relied on her before. Jingyi's heart flashed a little helplessness, mixed with a little sourness. Is the little guy really in love? He greeted Yang Yidan and gently picked up Tong Tong on her leg. Although the movement could not be lighter, as a cat, it still opened its eyes slightly, glanced at the person who woke it up, and stared at Jingyi for a few seconds, as if it had an excited "meow" Jingyi fondly stroked the hair on its back and gently coaxed: "Tong Tong, good boy, keep sleeping. Sister will take you home tonight."

Tong seemed to understand, obediently closed her big round, wet eyes, and continued to sleep in her arms. Ha ha, a faint happiness surged up in Jingyi's heart. It still belongs to her heart. She is obedient, cute, lazy, cute and soft.

He hugged it contentedly and entered Xiaoyan's room, full of hidden pride, as if declaring to Xiaoyan: "You see, it will always only like me!"

Xiaoyan sighed helplessly: "Jingyi, don't you feel like his mother." Xiaoyan said and pointed to Tong Tong in her arms.

Jingyi stared at her angrily: "You are like her mother. Am I that old? It's like his sister. It's his sister. At the end, she said word by word, full of emphasis.

"Pretense to be tender!

"I just pretend to be young! Anyway, I can afford it. I'm a month and 3 days younger than you, and I'm younger than you!" Jingyi refutes.

"..." Xiaoyan couldn't help but be speechless.

"You have the right to remain silent in front of the facts." Jingyi laughed.

"Sister, you are already a wife, and I'm still a girl to marry. Who do you think is older!" Xiaoyan counterattacked.

"You... You..." Jingyi stuttered angrily by the naughty little words.

Xiaoyan proudly made a victory gesture to her and stuck out his tongue at her, looking like a villain.

"I won't argue with you, a lot of crooked things!" Quietly, it is appropriate to weaken.

"Hee hee, did you lose? Come on, call me sister, and I'll let you go." Xiaoyan said with a hippie smile.

Jingyi glanced at her and said, "Stop it. I'm going to take Tongtong back today. I have to go first and prepare some daily necessities for Tongtong."

"It's so early to chat with me again. I'm so bored alone. Every day after they get off work, I don't even have a person to talk to. What a pity!" Xiaoyan showed an aggrieved look.

"I plan to come here to work tomorrow, so you won't be alone."

Xiaoyan hugged Jingyi and asked in surprise, "Really?"

"Of course it's true!" Jingyi nodded heavily.

The two girls chatted for a while before they separated.

It was more than six o'clock when I came home with Tongtong in my arms. The moment she stepped into the door of the villa, she suddenly felt depressed. The whole family sat on the sofa and stared at her in silently, as if they were waiting for her appearance. Jingyi was stunned and glanced at Zhang Xinmeng. Seeing a trace of imperceptible gloating flashing in her eyes, her heart cried secretly. Well, it must have been the woman's villain who complained first. She blamed herself for being too impulsive and reckless at noon. She was so angry that she slapped her head. Presumably she must have complained to Lei Shaochen.

The arrow is already on the string, and it will be fired as soon as the situation is ready. The other party is a knife, and I am a fish, so I have to act on the opportunity. Steady, Jingyi walked firmly towards them, sat generously in the empty seat opposite Shaochen, smiled and said, "Grandpa, are you back? Is everything going well today?

Lei Shaotang was stunned, and his peaceful face unfolded in an instant: "Well, it's going well. Where did you go out today? Is the cat in your arms the Tongtong you have been talking about?"

Jingyi smiled sweetly: "Grandpa, it's awesome! You can see it at a glance."

"Enough!" Just as the two were chatting happily, Shaochen shouted and stared at Jingyi with a gloomy face, "How dare you laugh here and see what you have done today!" Lei Shaochen pointed angrily at Chen Jingyi.

Jingyi looked puzzled: "I didn't do anything today!"

Lei Shaochen gently turned Zhang Xinmeng's left face, and Jingyi exclaimed gently. Her face was red and swollen, and even there were traces of blood, as if she had been beaten, but she obviously only slapped her. At that time, her face was only slightly red. How could it become this after an afternoon? What does it look like? She shook her head in disbelief.

"Do you want to deny your "masterpiece"? Chen Jingyi, you disappoint me so much!" Lei Shaochen said sharply.

"Yes, I admit that I slapped her, but that's her fault. You don't know the cause of the matter at all, so you wronged me!" Jingyi is furious.

"I wronged you, and you admitted that you had a dream. Why did I wrong you? It's just that I never found out that you had such a vicious heart!" Lei Shaochen roared angrily.

Zhang Xinmeng gently pulled Shaochen's clothes and said carefully, "Shaochen, forget it. Anyway, she will recover soon after taking medicine. I will never provoke Jingyi again. Don't be angry with Jingyi anymore. She is still pregnant."

Looking at Zhang Xinmeng's weak and pretending to say these words generously, Jingyi reluctantly sneered: "Don't call me sister. If there is a sister like you, I will be disgusted to death!"

"Young morning, I..." Zhang Xinmeng looked at Shaochen with an innocent face, weak and low-minded, and her aggrieved eyes seemed to be full of water vapor...

This poor and fragile appearance can best stimulate men's desire for protection.

As a matter of fact, Lei Shaochen roared rudely: "You don't have to plead for such a woman anymore. I will get justice for you!"

"Lei Shaochen, I just slapped her, and it's impossible for her to get hurt like this. Also, it's not that I did it first. Aunt Chen can testify about this!"

"Young Morning..." Jingyi couldn't help sliding down when she mentioned Aunt Chen's dream...

Shaochen took her shoulder and stared at Jingyi fiercely and said, "Do you want to defend your trouble with your servants?"

"I didn't! Why don't you believe me?" Jingyi is angry.

"I also want to believe you, but you are not worthy of believing. Chen Jingyi, today I finally saw your true face clearly! Go away and take your stinky cat and get out of here as far as you can!"

"You don't have to say that I will leave, too. Don't think how rare I am!" Jingyi rushed upstairs angrily and quickly threw the clothes in the wardrobe into the suitcase at will, until the suitcase was full and covered, with luggage in one hand and Tongtong in one hand, standing at the door of the room, looking at it with a lonely expression and turning downstairs.

Lei Shaochen looked coldly at her dragging her luggage down, looking at her like a cold stranger, and Tong Tong in her arms. Her heart seemed to be a little lost. She really wanted to leave. At this moment, her heart seemed to be a little upset, but what she said was like water spilled out, and there was no way to save it.

Lei Shaotang, who had been silent, couldn't stand it any longer and gently stopped Jingyi: "Jingyi, don't be angry. Be good and say it well if you have something to say." As he spoke, he walked over and pulled her luggage down.

"Grandpa, I'd better leave for a while. Don't persuade me anymore. I've made up my mind to leave it here and continue to slander. I'd rather leave, and please believe me and Aunt Chen. I absolutely didn't beat her like that!" Jingyi's slightly angry tone.

"Grandpa believes you, but where are you going after you leave? Grandpa is worried. You are pregnant again. How can you be relieved to tos Grandpa like this? Listen to Grandpa's words and continue to stay. When Shaochen is not so angry, ask him to explain, huh?" Lei Shaotang gently suggested.

"Grandpa, there is nothing to explain between me and him. He doesn't trust me. What else is there to say? It's just a pile of nonsense. Doesn't he like that woman and never forget her? Why can't I fulfill them?"

"Stupid child, happiness needs to be fought for." Lei Shaotang sighed gently and said.

"Grandpa, I have fought for it. Now I can see his heart and don't want to fight for it anymore. Don't worry, the child will be born well. He will always be a child of the Lei family. I won't go back on this." Jingyi vows to make a solemn guarantee.

"Sister Jingyi, don't be so angry, you'd better listen to Grandpa's words and stay. As long as you apologize to me, this matter will be over, okay?" Zhang Xinmeng's delicate voice came from behind.

"Apologize? I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I apologize?" Jingyi scolded angrily.

"Sister Jingyi, don't be so angry. I read that being angry is not good for the baby. Calm down. If you want to go out for a walk, I'll ask Shaochen to see you off. You'll come back in a few days when you figure it out." Xinmeng gently suggested.

Looking at her fake face, Jingyi's heart was disgusted and stared at her and Shaochen contemptuously: "Since I have left, I won't come back. What should I do here? Come back to accept your injustice and accept your sowing? Or come back to see how you have successfully deceived a man who is right and wrong and take him for yourself? Let me tell you, I'm really not interested in this kind of man who doesn't investigate rumors. If you want, I'll give him to you. You seem to be more right when you are together. Bless you!" After saying that, he smiled coldly and turned away, not even the luggage in Grandpa's hand.

"Jingyi, don't go." Grandpa's voice dimmed and floated in the wind, mixed with a little sadness.

Lei Shaochen pulled his fist angrily. If Meng'er hadn't tightly pulled the corners of his clothes, he would have crushed her chin. He, a powerful, majestic and domineering business fighter in the mall, was used to flattery, praise and compliments. When would anyone be so boldly sarcastic? He? This woman challenges his endurance over and over again. She can forgive her once, twice, maybe three times, but there is absolutely no way to accept her contempt and sarcasm! Want freedom? Escape with his child? This is absolutely impossible!!!