President, be careful of love

Chapter 70 Sympathy

After drinking the juice, Yu Nana finally came back with an enchanting pace. Jingyi smiled faintly at her and asked, "Are you feeling better?"

Yu Nana nodded awkwardly. Zhang Ziwen looked at her and asked, "We are going to Lei's house to see my sister. Will you go with us or go home to rest?"

When Yu Nana heard that she was going to see his sister, she was conflicted and finally decided to go with everyone. The four of them sat in Zhang Ziwen's car and set out for Lei's house. After getting on the car, Yu Nana kept pestering Zhang Ziwen to ask about Zhang Xinmeng, and Jingyi also listened to some. It turned out that after Zhang Xinmeng had a car accident, the Zhang family learned the news and rushed to the scene. Seeing the scene of the car, the fragments of the car were burning, and Zhang's mother Shen Qingman almost fainted. Fortunately, Zhang's father remained a little calm at that time. The police at the scene searched carefully and miraculously found Xinmeng in the bushes by the roadside. The figure, it is estimated that the huge momentum of the car explosion blew her away at that time. Zhang Boming immediately ordered Zhang Xinmeng to be sent to a nearby hospital. As a result, the nearby People's Hospital said there was nothing to do. Zhang Boming gritted his teeth and immediately prepared a private plane to directly send Zhang Xinmeng to Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States and fell. In a word: No matter how much it costs, he will cure his daughter!

For Lei Shaochen, who rushed over at that time, the Zhang family considered repeatedly choosing to hide the truth of the matter from Lei Shaochen. Later, under the doctor's treatment, Xinmeng woke up and saved her life, but she no longer wanted to see Lei Shaochen. She was afraid that her appearance would scare him, so they asked the Zhang family to release the illusion of her death in a car accident. After so many years, although her body has basically recovered, most of her body's skin burns and her legs have suffered great wounds, and there is no way to recover. Due to the long processing time, she has been in a state of ultra-high metabolism for a long time and excessive energy consumption. The protein is decomposed in large quantities, in a serious negative nitrogen balance, reduced resistance and immunity, and even caused internal organ damage, so it has been recuperating and scar repairing in the past few years after wound repair. It's just that for her patients with severe burns, long-term reexamination is needed to avoid mutation.

Hearing this, Jingyi took a deep breath and began to sympathize with Zhang Xinmeng's experience. Maybe she had done too much before and would still try to let her in the future. After all, compared with her, she was really too happy. I hope God will bless her to fully recover and live a healthy life.

Seeing that both women looked sad, Zhang Ziwen curled his lips and said, "Don't show such sympathy. Didn't Dr. Taylor also say that she has basically recovered now. This is already a great blessing in misfortune. You should be happy for her. However, when you see my sister, don't show that you know your story, or she will kill me. Although she is usually very strong and optimistic, in fact, she is very concerned. I hope you don't put this matter in front of her.

"I will." The two women answered with one voice.

Zhang Xinmeng, maybe I will give Lei Shaochen to you, because you need him more than me, Jingyi thinks silently.

When they returned home, Shaochen and Xinmeng had not come back yet. Jingyi invited everyone to enter the room, asked Aunt Chen to pour tea and snacks for everyone, sit down and chat together and wait for them. Time passed minute by, and dinner time was almost over, and there were no two people coming back. Jingyi was a little anxious. From time to time, she took out her mobile phone to check the time. She wanted to call him several times, but she didn't know what to say. After thinking about it, she would wait for them to come back.

At that time, when the needle pointed to 745, Lei Shaochen's footsteps finally sounded outside the door. Then Lei Shaochen pushed Xinmeng in and seemed to be talking to Lei Shaochen with an excited face. Lei Shaochen smiled faintly, which extended to the bottom of his eyes, revealing the meaning of happiness. Jingyi lowered her head sadly and picked up the boiling water on the table and drank it, deliberately not to look at their sweetness.

When Zhang Ziwen saw them come in, he got up and walked over happily, squatted down and grabbed Xinmeng's shoulder. He said happily, "Sister, are you really back? Why don't you tell your parents so that we can pick you up?

"Ziwen, why did you come here?" Xinmeng is not excited at all.

"I met Jingyi when I was shopping today. She said you were back, so I followed you to see you."

"Have you talked to your parents?" Xinmeng asked nervously.

"No, I haven't had time to tell them yet.

"Oh." Xinmeng simply replied with a word and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

When Lei Shaochen saw that the two sisters seemed to have something to say, he let go of Xinmeng's wheelchair and went to Jingyi's side alone and sat down.

asked softly, "Did you really go shopping today?"

"Yes, yes. Did you have a good time today? Jingyi's heart couldn't help tightening, waiting for his answer.

"Ye�, it's not bad. What did you buy for shopping today?

"I bought a few sets of clothes." Jingyi answered faintly, pretending to be calm, but she couldn't hide the sadness in her eyes.

When Lei Shaochen saw her unhappy face, she suddenly felt bored and had to stop talking. Jingyi was very depressed and had no intention to continue the topic and sat quietly.

Zhang Ziwen leaned next to Xinmeng and said in a low voice, "Sister, Lei Shao and Jingyi are married. You shouldn't continue to pester him."

"Ziwen, you don't have to worry about your sister's affairs. Remember not to tell your parents that I'm back when you get home."

"Sister, how can you do this? Jingyi is very innocent. She is married. What do you look like when you plug in again?" Zhang Ziwen was a little angry.

"Ziwen, thanks to your sister loving you so much, why can't you think about your sister?" Zhang Xinmeng's temper also came up.

"Sister, whatever you say, it's wrong for you to do this. I'll go back and tell my parents."

"Ziwen, if you dare to tell your parents, I will never talk to you again!" Zhang Xinmeng raised her voice, and everyone present could hear it clearly.

"It's up to you!" Zhang Ziwen replied in a rough voice.

Seeing that their sister and brother were quarreling, Jingyi hurried over, pulled Zhang Ziwen's clothes, and whispered, "Senior, don't talk to your sister so loudly."

"Jingyi, you don't have to speak for her."

"Humph, why did you interrupt me when I talked to my brother?" Xinmeng said angrily to Jingyi.

"Sister, how can you say Jingyi like this! She didn't say anything wrong!" Zhang Ziwen couldn't help answering when he saw Jingyi being bullied.

"Fake good intentions." Xinmeng dropped this sentence coldly and pushed the wheelchair in the direction of Lei Shaochen.

"Shaochen, I'm so hungry. When can we eat?" Xinmeng said coquettishly to Lei Shaochen.

"Then I'll order Aunt Chen to have dinner." Lei Shaochen said to Chen Li, "When the food is ready, bring it up and have dinner. By the way, where's grandpa?

"Uncle Lei has something to do. He won't go home for dinner tonight." Aunt Chen replied.