President, be careful of love

Chapter 75 Peach Utopia Party

After dinner in a tea restaurant near the small apartment, several people began to set out for the peach utopia. Due to the traffic jam, several people arrived at their destination after 8 p.m. Several people hurried in and said that they wanted to give Wang Yuxuan a surprise. Along the way, Mo Ziqi was repeatedly monitored and she was not allowed to secretly sue. Secret, it's like a surprise inspection.

After entering the bar, several people walked towards the sofa in the first row and found that it had been occupied for a long time. Several people had no choice but to sit in the back position. Obviously, their big action had already made Wang Yuxuan notice their arrival and wave to them. Wang Yuxuan continued to work on the stage. The performance on the ground, but the sight floats towards them from time to time.

"Sister Xiaoyan, what shall we drink tonight?" Lin Xiaonan asked as soon as she sat down.

"You can order whatever you want to drink." Ji Xiaoyan waved his hand and looked like a small boss. Yang Yidan said with a smile, "Sister Yan, you have the demeanor of a rich woman!"

"What a rich woman, my family is in an economic crisis now. Maybe I will declare bankruptcy tomorrow, and I will turn around and become a poor man gorgeously!" Ji Xiaoyan sighed.

"If you become a poor man, don't forget to turn around gorgeously. It's too stylish!" Yang Yidan moved and didn't think what Xiaoyan said was true at all. He thought she was joking about herself. On the contrary, Jingyi listened to Xiaoyan's words. She remembered that Xiaoyan had stopped him when she had a conflict with Lei Shaochen last time, but later Lei Shaochen seemed to mention that Xiaoyan's family was raising funds. What could make Lei Shaochen notice must not be a small matter. Thinking of this, Jingyi pulled Ji Xiaoyan aside and pressed him. He asked in a low voice, "Xiaoyan, is it true that Lei Shaochen said that your family was in a financial crisis last time? Has the problem been solved now?" There are unconcealed worries in his tone.

Ji Xiaoyan nodded and said, "Of course it's true, but Zhang Yimo intends to help our family. My father is also going to give it to him now, but..." In the end, Ji Xiaoyan really couldn't go on.

"Just how?"

"He asked us to get married as soon as possible."

"Isn't it set for early next year?"

"He said he would choose a new date within this year." Xiaoyan looked lonely.

"..." Looking at Xiaoyan's unhappy appearance, Jingyi really couldn't say congratulations.

"Let's go and play first. Don't think so much." Jingyi comforted Xiaoyan in a low mood, perhaps also to herself. After saying that, the two returned to the sofa hand in hand.

Several people watched Wang Yuxuan's performance while drinking drinks. Today, Wang Yuxuan changed his previous rock style, put on a gentle white shirt, a dark red bow at the neckline, and a pair of narrow-legged black jeans on his lower body. His hairstyle was refreshing and neat. He looked over and didn't go up at all. The second strong and cool appearance reveals a gentle, refreshing and clean temperament, which makes people involuntarily associate him with the hero in Korean TV series. He is polite and gentle, which makes people can't help but be close.

After singing a song, Wang Yuxuan put down the guitar and walked straight to them, causing other female guests in the bar to look at him in a while whisper: "Look, he came down. He is so handsome. I really want to take a picture with him."

Another girl said, "Don't be crazy. Maybe his girlfriend is over there!" Don't you think he walked in that direction?

"Oh, what a pity, so handsome, I like it so much~" The girl couldn't help sighing.

Wang Yuxuan came over and touched Mo Ziqi's head and asked gently, "Are you tired at work today?"

Mo Ziqi shook her head, couldn't hide happiness between her eyebrows, and smiled sweetly and said, "I'm not tired at all!" Word by word, full of coquettish meaning.

After Wang Yuxuan and Mo Ziqi finished speaking, they turned their eyes to Jingyi and said happily, "Jingyi, Xiaoyan, why are you here? It's really rare! Well, the performance just now didn't disappoint you, did it?

Jingyi smiled faintly and said, "Not only is there no disappointment, it's completely the level of a singer!" If I'm an agent, I'll sign you right away!"

"It's true or not, but if you want to sign me, you have to ask my wife." Wang Yuxuan hugged Mo Ziqi and said.

"Rungle, take advantage of Qiqi before she gets married. Be careful that she won't marry you!" Lin Xiaonan said.

"Wife, will you marry me?" Wang Yuxuan lowered his head and asked Ziqi in his arms.

Ziqi lowered her head and smiled sweetly, with her eyes half drooping, and holding his hand unnaturally in her hand. Under the dim light, a faint glow appeared behind her back. The red light hit her face, reflecting a crimson color, ambiguous sweetness.

At the moment when everyone was laughing, a beautiful man dressed in black, wearing a certain jazz hat, wearing this pair of pointed scalp shoes, earlobe and even pinned several earrings slowly came towards them. His enchanting pace was comparable to that of women, revealing a natural self-confidence and charm all over his body. Men should be born like this. Be a star.

"Yuxuan, are these all your friends? Why don't you introduce me and leave me alone? I'm not a friend enough!" As soon as he spoke, everyone was relieved: Fortunately, such a charming man did not speak delicately, otherwise they would really doubt that he was basic, but a man with such a unique temperament must have an extraordinary taste!

"Um, let me introduce to you. This is Jingyi and Xiaoyan. They are costume designers and can be regarded as your colleagues. Next to them are Lin Xiaonan, Zhao Yiting and Yang Yidan. Next to me is the one you have seen, my girlfriend Mo Ziqi," Wang Yuxuan paused for a moment and continued, "This is my best friend, Guo Nehe's famous fashion designer, You Jingtian.

Listening to Wang Yuxuan's introduction, Jingyi smiled at Xiaoyan. Since the other party is a designer, it seems that they have to get to know each other well. Maybe they can ask him for advice in the future. Thinking of this, Jingyi stretched out her hand and said enthusiastically, "Hello, Mr. You Jingtian, my name is Chen Jingyi. It's nice to meet you."

Right Jingtian smiled indifferently: "Me too." Hold her little hand gently.

In this way, even if everyone knew each other, Wang Yuxuan invited everyone to sit down, greeted the bartender to send some wine, and sat down and chatted with everyone safely.

"Jingyi, Xiaoyan, You Jingtian is an expert in clothing design. If you have any questions, you can ask him." Wang Yuxuan threw bricks and said first.

"Will it be boring to talk about work at the first meeting?" Xiaoyan asked carefully.

"Ji Xiaoyan, you are too polite. Yuxuan's friend is my friend. There is no need to be polite." Right Jingtian said amicably.

"Well, at present, we have designed some clothes and want to sell them on Taobao, but we can't find a suitable manufacturer at present, so we are a little at a loss. After all, we have just entered the industry, and the novices don't know anything. Please give us more guidance." Jingyi slowly talked about their current problems.

When You Jingtian heard this, he smiled and said, "What's the problem? If you really can't find a suitable manufacturer, I'll give it to our company to help you deal with it to ensure your satisfaction, but," You Jingtian paused here.

Jingyi and Xiaoyan immediately asked with one voice, "But how about it?"

"However, our company is holding a new fashion design competition recently. If you are interested, you can come to the competition with your design works. What do you think?"

"Participate in the competition? This is our first work. I don't know if it's okay?" Jingyi looked worried.

"It doesn't matter. This time we are mainly for newcomers. As long as your work is not published and has your own style, you are qualified to participate in the competition. If you get the first place, you can sign a contract with our company and get the opportunity to study in France provided by our company. The cost is all by our company. Contract." Right Jingtian explained.

"The conditions are really attractive, Jingyi, why don't we try it?" Xiaoyan consulted Jingyi's opinion, and Jingyi thought about it slightly. If she participates in such a competition, even if she doesn't get a ranking, she can at least come into contact with all kinds of designers, understand the current design trend, and learn a lot of other people's skills. It's a matter of killing many birds with one stone. Thinking of this, Jing He nodded and said, "We have decided to participate in the competition."

"Then I will send you the company's link later, and you can upload the manuscript directly according to the requirements. At that time, we will score in two categories, one is the domestic and foreign professional judges hired by the company, and the other is the network score. At that time, we will get a comprehensive score, and we will enter the top ten works according to the designer's It is required to be produced, and finally a fashion show will be held for these works, and then the last three will be selected.

"It's so strict!" Everyone couldn't help sighing, whether they had a chance to enter the finals?

"You have to have confidence in your work!" Right Jingtian encouraged.

Everyone nodded, Jingyi raised the mango juice in her hand and said happily, "Let's replace the wine with juice and toast Mr. You Jingtian." After saying that, he stood up first and looked at him sincerely. Everyone stood up one after another. Wang Yuxuan said boldly, "It's rare for everyone to get together, raise a glass, and drink. Let's not be drunk tonight!"

The sound of crisp wine glasses colliding one after another, the atmosphere is so lively, the blurred lights, three or five confidants, life must be full of joy, don't make the golden bottle empty to the moon, isn't this the scene?

Out of the peach utopia, except for Jingyi who did not drink and stay awake, everyone was a little drunk and walked in the cool and windy streets with interest. The night wind blew over, the night was charming, the lights were bright, and the wine was strong, which made people unable to distinguish whether such a scene was in the world or a fairyland. Among these people, Lin Xiaonan drank the most and was the most drunk. Jingyi struggled to help her walk forward crookedly, but Lin Xiaonan kept shouting, "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk. I want to go by myself. Jingyi, you don't have to help me. I'll go by myself. I can climb mountains and I can swim. ......”

Yang Yidan smiled crazily: "Nannan, you are drunk, you are really drunk, you are not as good as me, your figure is not as good as me, you are not as good as me, hahahaha." After saying that, he burst into laughter.

Jingyi was afraid that she would continue to talk. She would talk about Guan Yiyang and hurriedly helped Lin Xiaonan stride forward, trying to open their distance, but her petite body was unable to support her slightly strong at all. She stumbled and almost fell down. Fortunately, she was firmly supported by a pair of hands and turned back gratefully. When I saw the people coming, I was stunned in an instant.