President, be careful of love

Chapter 88 Fusion 3

The next day, Jingyi, who was processing documents in Kaitu, suddenly received a notice that a lawyer wanted to see her. Wang Shirong, the most famous lawyer in A, is dressed as a gentleman, like a noble nobleman with a gentle smile, but a pair of black and white eyes, shining shrewd and cunning. The sharpness of words can also be seen when the thin lips are tightly squeezed.

"Hello, Miss Chen, I'm Lei Shaochen's entrusted lawyer. He asked me to give you this document. If it's convenient for you now, you might as well sign it so that I can go back to work." This statement seems to be trembling and submissive, but it is just a means of communication. Some people are born as actors.

Jingyi reached out to take the document and looked at the big title. There seemed to be a sharp arrow roaring past. Wherever he passed, there was blood everywhere, and several striking words reflected in front of him: divorce agreement! It turned out that he really couldn't wait. Before the child was born, he would end this contractual marriage and marry Zhang Xinmeng, who had been thinking about him for ten years. But does he know her true face? The killer of JM mercenary world, how bloody are those delicate jade hands? How many bloody corpses has trampled through that pair of pretending to be sluggish feet to survive today? Originally, she had no idea of all this. These days, Xuanyuanfan chattered in her ear when training every day, and she was forced to receive these shocking information. Yes, shocked, shocked! Nothing else.

"You ask him to come here, and I will listen to him!" Although the voice is mixed with a few hints of sadness, it does not reduce the fierce majesty. If the enemy is strong, I will be strong. She has also learned a little about Xuanyuanfan's principles.

"This..." Wang Shirong's face was embarrassed. There was no reason to reject what Lei Shaochen told him. His heart was clear, and his face did not change and he said in a low voice, "Miss Chen, I don't know whether to say or not. Now it's good for you to drag or not sign like this. Signing it, the glory and wealth are endless. Reject it, with Lei Shaochen's hand. Duan, why don't he worry about finding a solution? In fact, he doesn't have to communicate with you through these formal channels. I feel that he has some respect for you in his heart!"

Respect? A sneer appeared on Jingyi's face. Her marriage has ended and her affection has been ended. What does she want this trace of respect for? What she really wants is his love. Maybe he has never given him the love. He can't afford the priceless love. His heart has already been given to Zhang Xinmeng, and it has long been gone! In this case, it's better to take the opportunity to sign it. Fortunately, I lost it. At least she still has a child! His eyes were half narrow, full of desolation, but his mouth was deeply bent, with a smile, sneering and laughing: "Haha, well, such a glorious and rich enjoyment, such a respect! In this case, I'll sign it. Go back and tell Lei Shaochen, don't regret it!" After saying that, she picked up the pen on the table, and the pen was shocked and the pen cried. With a wave of this big pen, everything was a for conclusion. All contracts failed, and she was free! It's just that this freedom comes too fast, too fast, too sudden and too sad. At this moment, she has been covered with water, and her feelings are hard to return. In this life, her heart is really hurt.

So smoothly got her signature, but Wang Shirong was not as happy as he thought. Maybe it was too easy to make him feel unreal, or maybe the almost crazy and calm look on Chen Jingyi's face stabbed his eyelids. He always felt that this Compared with other divorced women, women are a little more calm and revealing a strange atmosphere. Sometimes it is normal to make a lot of noise. If you don't cry or make peace, there are no waves, but it is surging inside. Shaking his body, he strode out of Kaitu. The autumn sun was particularly mild and shone on him lazily. His heart gradually warmed up, and a faint smile bent at the corners of his mouth, and walked calmly and confidently towards Lei's mansion.

Lei's Mansion is magnificent and exquisite. This is the headquarters of Lei's Group. It is full of talents. All kinds of advanced computer equipment are crisscrossed. The huge hall and huge electronic screens shine with a series of numbers, which are ever-changing. This lineup is better than that of formal securities companies! The daily trading volume here is even larger than that of ordinary securities companies!

Stepping into such a luxurious and majestic place, if it weren't for his famous Wang Shirong, or because he had sold himself to the Lei family, he would not have been able to step into this place all his life! Not to mention the solid exterior walls and the heavily guarded exits, which contain all kinds of powerful weapons, guns and swords. Outsiders can't figure out their power at all. According to outside rumors, if you accidentally break into Lei's mansion, you can only go in and out alive. It can be seen that the danger inside is extraordinary!

deliberately straightened his waist and walked towards Lei Shaochen's office, trying not to squint naturally, trying to hide his inner fear and shock. It was not until standing in front of Lei Shaochen that he calmed down a little and respectfully handed him the document signed by Chen Jingyi, waiting anxiously for his reply. Lei Shaochen looked at the signature behind, and his eyes were a little dim, but it was fleeting. He picked up the pen on the table and signed his name, then copied several copies of the signed documents and handed them to Wang Shirong together. He calmly ordered, "Help me keep the original, don't hand them in first, and then send these agreements. One is sent to Chen Jingyi, one is sent to my home, and one is sent to the Financial Express! Hurry up!"

Wang Shirong nodded hurriedly and replied "Yes." Then he took the document and returned it.

It was not until Wang Shirong completely withdrew from the room that Lei Shaochen relaxedly leaned on the soft chair and rubbed his temples. Is this wrong? Wait for it to be known!

Just think of countermeasures and tell Grandpa, otherwise I'm afraid he will be furious with Grandpa's personality! Although Jingyi left because of the theft, his heart still cares about her and the flesh and blood of the Lei family in her stomach. It's just that the situation is dangerous now, and he has no choice, to let go, or the best way!

When the dark night came, the autumn climate was supposed to be cool and cloudless, but now it is full of wind and clouds. At this time, the moon did not know where to hide. The bright stars all over the sky had long disappeared at this time, and there was a thunder in the dark sky, and a downpour fell in an instant. The dense houses in A city highlight a bright light. They must have been awakened by the thunder and lightning, the sound of rain knocking on the window. The window shadows shook everywhere. For a while, children's crying, adults' scolding, and wild cats can be heard everywhere. This is an uneasy night.