President, be careful of love

Chapter 105 Reunion 3

Jingyi stared at the necklace in her hand, thought for a while, and smiled indifferently. Maybe she thought too much. This necklace and blood diamond were just similar. How could the real blood diamond be in her childhood sundries box? No matter how you think about it, it's impossible. What's more, the real blood diamond is dark red. The pendant of her necklace is pale yellow, and you can't tell whether it's a diamond or not. Maybe it's actually a cheap glass ball. Thinking about it, she calms down.

"Jingyi, have you eaten? Have you found the birth certificate?" Aunt Chen's voice came, and Jingyi casually answered, "Well, I found it. I'll come right away and wait for me." Then he put the necklace in his pocket and went to the kitchen to help Aunt Chen serve the dishes. His face regained a lively expression. His slippery eyes stared at the plate of fragrant dishes. The saliva almost did not flow to the ground. While serving the dishes, he did not forget to secretly take a piece of braised meat into his mouth, chewing the meat and said vaguely. "Aunt Chen, the food you cook is so delicious. Every time I'm so hungry, I will quietly think about your cooking. The more I think about it, the more hungry I become. Finally, I can't wait to rush to your side and have a bite to relieve my idbite!"

"If it's delicious, go home more! You girl, you still can't change the habit of stealing food. Have you washed your hands? The tone is slightly delicate, but full of intimacy.

"Hee, not yet. I'll go right away. I'll go right away." Knowing that he had made a mistake, he immediately admitted and corrected his mistake.

"Take out a spoon after washing your hands."

"All's good."

"Aunt Chen, has Dad made any progress recently?"

"It's still the same." Chen Qing took a sip of soup and said.

"I may go to the United States to do something in a few days. Dad, please take care of it alone."

"Well, go ahead, I'll take good care of him. By the way, when will you go to that design institute in the United States for training?"

"I've been so busy recently that I can't leave. Let's talk about it after this period."

"Okay, anyway, let me know when you leave. If there is any work that needs my help, you can arrange it. We are all a family. You're welcome."

"Aunt Chen!" Jingyi put down her bowls and chopsticks, and her eyes were red with Chen Qing, and her little heart was full of emotion.

"Silly child, why are you crying?" Chen Qing put down the bowl and chopsticks, walked to her, and gently wiped away her tears.

"Aunt Chen, when Dad wakes up, I must handle the marriage for you immediately."

Chen Qing paused for a moment and then said, "Jingyi, in fact, to tell you the truth, Yi Tang and I received the certificate as early as a year ago, but we didn't tell you. I'm afraid you wouldn't agree."

"How come? When I was a child, I didn't know anything to resist. In fact, as I grew up, you lived with us again. I had long regarded you as my mother. I was just used to calling Aunt Chen. I couldn't change it for a while, so I kept screaming.

"Good boy, it's really my good boy."

"Mom." Jingyi gently called out the call that had been meditate in her heart a hundred times and ten thousand times.

"Hey." With a soft reply, the water light stored in his eyes fell quietly.

Although I have no children, this deep upbringing is more than everything.

Two women who are not related by blood hugged each other and had a warm dinner, which was as warm as spring.

After saying goodbye to Aunt Chen, Jingyi turned to Xuanyuanfan, gently pushed open the door of Xuanyuanfan's office, and the spring color of the room came into sight:

A sexy and hot girl, wearing a split black tight dress, revealing her slender and white legs, her graceful figure is tightly wrapped in Xuanyuan's arms, gently twisting this graceful figure, her cherry lips slightly open, and allowing Xuanyuanfan to kiss her inch of skin warmly, and her two big hands are constantly Touching her delicate body through her clothes, she threw herself into it and forgot me.

Jingyi coughed gently twice in an attempt to pull the hot two back to reality.

Sure enough, the two people who heard the noise immediately stopped the ongoing movement and quickly separated. Xuanyuan Fan naturally buttoned up her shirt. The girl pulled her skirt slightly and stepped on seven-inch high heels and gracefully followed Xuanyuan Fan towards her.

Xuanyuan smiled evilly and said, "I'm sorry to make you laugh. This is my girlfriend, Miao An'an. This is Chen Jingyi."

Miao An'an stretched out her jade hand and said politely, "Hello, I'm Miao An'an. I often heard you mention you before. Today, when I see you, you are really a beauty!"

"Miss Miao is flattered." Quietly smile.

"Why do you remember to come to me today?" Xuanyuanfan raised his eyebrows and asked.

"I want to ask you to do me a favor and help me check Hu Linglong."

"Hu Linglong? The second-in-command of international terrorist organizations? Xuanyuanfan frowned tightly and looked thoughtful.

"Ye�. She has the same name as my mother who died 20 years ago, and even looks very similar. I want to know if they are the same person.

"OK. No problem." Xuanyuan Fan accepted it in one bite.

"How long will it take for everyone to find it?"

"I'll do it as soon as possible." Xuanyuan Fan glanced at Miao An'an next to him and replied.

"Okay, thank you in advance." As if remembering something, Jingyi asked, "How's the blood diamond I gave you last time?"


"Destroyed? Why?"


"How do you tell whether it is true or false?" Jingyi is full of curiosity.


"..." This is too ridiculous, isn't it?

"I lied to you. I showed it to Grandpa. He was lucky enough to see a blood diamond."

"Is there such a thing? It seems that your grandfather is awesome!"

"I heard from Grandpa that he saw it from a worldly friendship, which is said to be very beautiful."

Of course, the unparalleled things are beautiful. Well, it's getting late, so I'll go back first. I won't bother you two. Goodbye." After saying that, he smiled at Xuanyuanfan and Miao Anying, turned around and left, leaving the room to the ambiguous two.

When he came out of Xuanyuanfan, he met Lei Shaochen at the door. He was surprised and happy. He ran to him happily and asked mischievously, "Why are you here?"

"Wait for you."

Jingyi looked at him with disbelief and smiled: "It's a lie! You don't know I'm here. Why are you waiting for me?

"Haven't you heard that your heart is sharp?" Lei Shaochen raised the corners of his mouth playfully.

"Come on, where do we come from!" Jingyi curled her lips in response.

"Well, I admit that I just passed by here and happened to see you go in again, so I'm waiting for you here. Is my wife satisfied now?"

"Not satisfied! Who approved you to call me my wife? Reject it!"

"Rejected again!" Lei Shaochen hit back with a hippie smile and saw him quarreling with her like a child. He wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh. He held it desperately. A small face was red by her. Under the neon lights, it looked very beautiful.

"You are so naive. You are an uncle who has stood up for 30 years, and you still have the same experience as a little girl!"

"Are you a little girl? You are the woman of my Lei Shaochen, okay!!!" After saying this, Lei Shaochen's face was gloomy and gloomy, as if it were dark before the storm.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, she immediately said with a smile, "What a stingy uncle, a stingy uncle. I'm hungry. Hurry up and invite me to dinner."

"Oc, what do you want to eat?"

"Ye, I want to eat salted chicken wings and hot and sour noodles!" When I think of the smell of hot and sour noodles, my saliva is about to flow out.

"It's these non-nutritious things again. Don't you have to quit now? This is absolutely not edible. Replace it with another one.

Jingyi flattened her mouth helplessly. She also knew that it was not good to eat this now, but she wanted to eat it now. In order to achieve her own purpose, she desperately opened her eyes and looked at him with innocent and pitiful eyes, just like a cute puppy looking at its owner for bones.

"Or no, can I go back and do something for you?"

"Uncle, when did you learn to cook?"

"I never said I couldn't cook!" Lei Shaochen shrugged helplessly and showed treachery between his eyebrows.

Jingyi's eyes quietly turned, and she could eat what he made. That was not bad. She made up her mind, turned around and looked at Lei Shaochen with a smile and said, "Then you do it? Is that going to your place or mine?

"Go to your place. The villa has not been decorated yet. Grandpa and the others are still living in a small apartment. It's not convenient. I'm afraid that your little girl will be shy."

Jingyi stared at him unhappily: "Who said I would be shy!"

"Well, let's go home."

"Forget it. Go to my place."

"Yes, get in the car, my little princess." Lei Shaochen said badly.

Looking at his treacherous appearance, Jingyi couldn't help shivering and climbed into the back seat of his car. It's better to keep a distance from him.

The corners of Lei Shaochen's mouth bent slightly up, and the woman still wanted to keep a distance from him. However, he won't let her succeed. Since he believes that he only loves her in his life, he will do everything he can to make her fall deeply attached to him!

It's just that between him and her, there is still a Zhang Xinmeng. She is not leaving. She is just trying her best. When the baby is born, she will return triumphantly and win. At this moment, living in a luxurious apartment in the United States, she is sitting alone in front of the window, staring at the information on her notebook and looking carefully. This is her next task. She sneaks into the U.S. branch of the Yamaguchi Group to steal a contract, which is just a matter of effort. I heard that the U.S. branch of the Yamaguchi Group Is the master still a bachelor? She stared at the information on the computer charmingly and smiled contemptuously at the corners of her mouth. It seemed that another man was going to waste it in her hand! Gently closed the computer and said to the girl sitting on the sofa, "I'm going out for a moment. Do you have anything you want to eat? I'll pack it for you."

The girl on the sofa smiled shyly and said, "Thank you, I'm not hungry."

"Well, I'll go out and remember to drink milk before going to bed, which is beneficial to the baby." Zhang Xinmeng didn't forget to tell him again before he left.

She can't be nervous and tight. The child in the girl's belly is her only bargaining chip, because it is Lei Shaochen's flesh and blood in it! She can't get pregnant, but it doesn't mean that she won't have a baby!