President, be careful of love

Chapter 111 Struggle 6

But the energetic girl suddenly frowned and stared at the computer screen, with a more and more puzzled look: What the hell is going on? Why can't she get through the other party's system? It's strange that she hasn't encountered such a difficult thing since she was a hacker.

Long Yi looked at her slightly frowned and stared at her with interest. Unexpectedly, she felt that her expression was quite rich, and his interest in her was a little bit more. However, he just wanted to frustrate the pride of the beauty. It was not good to worry about the beauty. He raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, "Their system is the latest defense in the United States. Royal system, after you crack it, it will set up a new defense system within 20 seconds, so you only have 20 seconds. If you don't make the right choice in 20 seconds, there is no way to end it's continuous circulation to defend against new intrusions.

The girl frowned and asked, "That's why you came to me?"

"Yes, now you stop first. I'll connect these two computers, and then you will be responsible for breaking through me and stealing information."

"Good." The girl answered simply.

Two people knocked on the keyboard, and the computer ran quickly, faster and faster than before. Others stared at the computer screen as laymen. Although they didn't have time to see the flashing characters clearly, they seemed to be infected by the two people who were absorbed and stared at the computer attentively. On the screen, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, and it held its breath to observe the development of the situation.

Just when everyone thought that the matter could be solved smoothly, suddenly, Long Yi shouted, "Oh, our breakthrough has been detected. Hurry up."

They have to get things before each other reacts, and now time is getting tighter and tighter. Everyone's heart is sweating. Originally, things are very difficult, but now they encounter road tigers. It's a problem to get these video surveillance materials or not. If you really can't get them, you have to go to the police station to steal them! Of course, it will be more difficult and dangerous to enter the U.S. police to steal information than now.

"The most direct way, I'll press this button in a minute, and you can enter the relevant search immediately and copy it." The girl stared at the computer and gave a decisive order, her tone full of decisive and unquestionable posture.

"OK." Dragon Wing's simple answer.

"Action." As soon as the girl's voice fell, the dragon wings immediately reacted quickly. After pressing the copy button, everyone stared nervously at the computer screen. The screen showed that there were 60 seconds left to copy. This time was too long to watch the screen beat slowly one second at a second. Everyone's hearts were almost all together. It seemed that these 60 seconds were smaller than a small It will take a long time.

"Are you crazy? How to copy all the information? 60 seconds is too long. The other party has found us. If we can't stop them and forcibly shut down the system, we will give up all our work. The girl shouted angrily.

"Don't talk." Long Yi stared at the computer majestically and was indeed a little nervous, but he believed in his judgment. They rely too much on the defense of this system and should not respond so quickly, God bless.

The girl stared angrily at Long Yi and was very dissatisfied with his arrogant attitude. She hated this kind of reckless person most in her life, because her favorite person, Simon, died of recklessness and greed. At that time, she was 18 years old and he was 20 years old. He was ordered to steal a batch of cars together, and their good partners Xiaoxi, Herb and Jamie acted with them. Originally, their action was quite successful. As a result, Simon was greedy for the remaining batch of the latest cars. After arranging for Xiao Xi and Herb to leave, he dispatched Jamie to turn back together and wanted to take away the car on another truck. As a result, the drivers of those trucks had long been aware of the goods behind. The car has encountered an accident and is fully prepared. She, who was in charge of signal tracking, also found that there was something wrong with the sudden deceleration of the truck. She repeatedly stressed that they immediately turned the front of the car and returned. As a result, Simon insisted on going with Jamie, but she had to continue to cooperate with their actions. As a result, when Jamie climbed on the truck, the truck suddenly accelerated and seemed to kill Zhan fiercely. Mi threw down. Unfortunately, Jamie, who could not predict the acceleration, made a big jump in a hurry. He stood firmly, but his clothes were hooked by the slit of the truck. No matter how he threw it away, the truck driver soon found this and drove the car forward fiercely. Simon suddenly noticed that there was a tunnel in front of him, which The narrow tunnel can only accommodate the truck. If Jamie can't be rescued before entering the tunnel, he is likely to be sandwiched into meat sauce.

So Simon ordered Jamie to grab his hand. He pulled Jamie down hard. Jamie knew the seriousness of the matter and had no choice but to extend his hand to him tremblingly, but no one expected that the truck driver would forcefully adjust the speed of the car to the limit. The load of the car has reached its limit. Coupled with the speed limit, the car body suddenly lost control and crashed into the cliff next to it...

Xiaoxi and Herb can only watch their best friend and partner fall off the cliff. Among them, the saddest is Xiaoxi. Jamie has been her childhood sweetheart since she was a child, and they plan to get engaged next month. But overnight, Jamie was smashed and left her alone. How could she accept this cruel blow? Too sad, she finally attributed all these mistakes to Simon and transferred her hatred to her. Simon died, and it was up to her to bear the punishment! She is Simon's girlfriend and the controller of the whole thing. Since that incident, they have disbanded. Since then, she has lived a simple life alone, no longer exposed to these dangerous activities, occasionally helping people repair computers or stealing some harmless information, hiding with those sad memories. Since that incident, she has reflected on herself countless times. If she had resolutely rejected Simon's decision at that time and stopped providing them with truck information, would the consequences be different? If Simon could be calm and not so reckless or not so greedy at that time, Xiaoxi should still be her good friend and best friend now. She should have become Jamie's wife, right?

"Oh yeah, we did it!" Suddenly, a cheer pulled her back to reality, but she was not happy at all. She looked at Longyi coldly and said, "Greed is the most deadly weapon, so take care of yourself." After saying that, he picked up the bag on the stool with a gloomy expression and left without looking back.

Long Yi looked at the crowd with a confused face and finally looked at her back. She always felt that she was not only aimed at him, but also seemed to be trying to hide something. Maybe he was greedy, but this greed came from the strength that he could steal more information, whether it was for rescue. It's still a good thing for the panther. I don't know why the girl is so angry and even left so coldly, but what seems to hide in her cold eyes? What the hell is it? Long Yi didn't have time to think deeply, so Lei Shaochen urged him to call out the video surveillance on the day of Jingyi's disappearance. Long Yi withdrew his thoughts and put his energy back on the video.