President, be careful of love

Chapter 123 Lost 2

"Uncle, what should I do? The tsunami is coming. Will we die here? Jingyi looked at Taylor nervously with her lips trembling.

"No, don't be afraid. Captain Qili is very powerful. He will definitely lead us out of here." Taylor comforted the woman in his arms softly. Before his comforting words fell, the sound of the boat seemed to have been hit by something. Taylor looked up and looked out of the window. A few meters high waves swept in. Taylor hurriedly released the woman in his arms, took out two life jackets from the corner of the bedroom, and quickly unfolded the life jacket. Put it on Jingyi's body, and then began to put it on himself.

After completing this series of actions, the wind and waves came, and the huge waves lifted the hull to a few meters high. The people on the ship screamed in horror, panic and despair, and instinctive shouting, but the huge waves covered their heartbreaking shouts silently, as if they were just small ants, even if they fought Try your best to shout, and the voice is just as fine as a mosquito. In front of the universe without ahan, the smallness of human beings is obvious. It is easy for this huge wave to swallow this small and medium-sized yacht, but fate still seems to favor them. Although the huge waves are one after another, the rotating tsunami storm suddenly turned and moved to the other side. Otherwise, even if they have ten lives, they can't escape this natural killer.

Although the tsunami storm has gone away, the huge waves have already shaken the yacht. The yacht is full of water, and the motor has long lost its power. The items on the yacht floated everywhere on the water, dyeing the surrounding sea into a large dyeing tank, colorful but cold. The cold sea soaked everyone's clothes, and the cold water eroded the warm skin. The warm skin slowly became cold and stiff. If it went on like this, they died not from tsunami storms or drowning, but from the cold. Everyone knows this very well that they can't sit back and wait for death, but they are helpless in the face of the endless sea.

"Uncle, I'm so cold." Jingyi trembled and clung to Taylor, but her consciousness began to show vague signs.

Taylor's blue eyes are full of worry. If it goes on like this, his Bella must not be able to stand it. I'm afraid that she will die by the cold sea without rescue. No, his Bella can't die. Taylor's eyes began to sharpen and looked around the surrounding environment. Suddenly, the deep eyes narrowed and stared at A small black dot not far away looked at it with concentration.

"Qili, look at that little black spot in the distance!"

Qili looked in the direction of Taylor, and there was indeed a small moving black dot, and now they were saved! Just as they waited excitedly for the small black spot to approach to see more clearly, they suddenly found that the black spot seemed to be moving at an unconventional speed. It's too late to cool down in an instant: this is not a moving ship, but a new round of tsunami storm!!!

Just when they realized this, the rotating giant storm was close to a foot and it was impossible to escape. Taylor opened her bright eyes, hugged Jingyi tightly, gently branded her forehead and whispered, "Bella, my Bella, I love you."

"Uncle, I'm afraid."

"Don't be afraid, Bella, my Bella, I will always be by your side, guarding you. It's okay. Close your eyes and talk to your uncle."


"Bella, what do you want to eat after we are rescued? Where do you want to go?

"I want to go to Japan, I want to soak in a warm hot spring..."

"Okay, let's go to Japan. Let's go to the hot spring first, then stroll in the sea of flowers, take you to eat the most authentic snacks in Japan, and buy your favorite hot soup noodles. There are many kinds of hot soup noodles in Japan, and the taste is super good. You will definitely like it..."

"Hot soup noodles, I love hot soup noodles..." Before Jingyi's words could finish, the huge storm swirling and swept everything. After the wind and waves, everything was calm, and even the sundries of those yachts were missing, leaving only this blue sea, gently shaking, as if whispering and mourning something...< /P>