President, be careful of love

Chapter 145 Compromise and Temptation

The phone rang a few times and was answered by Taylor.

"Lei Shao, why do you call me so much when you are free?"

"Stop talking nonsense and let the ghost doctor hand over the antidote!" Lei Shaochen on the phone said hatefully.

"The antidote of the ghost doctor is not so easy to get..." Taylor deliberately sold the key.

"I, I will send Jingyi back to you." Lei Shaochen gritted his teeth and said.

"Sorry, I'm not interested in her now. I can say that interest has a shelf life!" Taylor on the other side of the phone said while playing with the red wine in his hand, arrogantly.

"What the hell do you want?"

"If I want you, what do you think?"

"You are a pervert!"

"Lei Shaochen, whatever you say! It's you who ask me now! Don't forget!"


"If I can see you angry now, it must be very good. Well, you bring my little sweetheart to see me tonight. Remember, don't try to tell others, or you will regret it!"


"You will know!" After saying that, Taylor hung up the phone proudly, and his eyes narrowed slightly, showing a sense of danger.

He has waited for this moment for so many years, so he will never forgive Lei Shaochen!

In winter nights, the streets are particularly deserted, full of depressed scenes, and the suburbs are even more desolate. Lei Shaochen and Jing Yihou have been here for nearly two hours, but he still haven't seen any people. He closed the windows tightly for fear that the quietness in the car will be frozen. At this moment, she fell asleep quietly. The clever appearance comforted him and remembered the earth-shaking scenes during the day, and his heart was extremely painful.

Now her nerves are eroded by drugs and often have hallucinations. Just like at noon, if you treat the blueberries on the blueberry cake as insects, sometimes you will suddenly change your mood and fight like a madman. Now there are still scratches on his arm that she scratched when she was in a bad mood.

More often, she doesn't know who she is. Sometimes she thinks of herself as a child, sometimes she thinks of herself as Bella and Taylor. But when she is awake, when she thinks of these things, she will be depressed, close her heart and refuse to communicate with the outside world.

She made him sad, but there was nothing he could do.

I hope that returning to Taylor can make her healthy, no matter how much he is willing to pay!

In the distance, the light gradually lit up and staggered towards his position.

Gradually, the car became faster and faster, crashing into their car at a high speed. Finally, he stopped 1 meter away from the car. Taylor frivolously walked down from the car and hooked his finger at Lei Shaochen, hinting him to get out of the car.

Lei Shaochen opened the door without hesitation and walked towards him.

"Please give her medicine as soon as possible. I promise you no matter what the conditions are!"

"Then get in the car." Taylor made a "please" gesture to Lei Shaochen.

Then he took Jingyi from Lei Shaochen's car and sat in the co-pilot's seat. Lei Shaochen sat in the middle of the back seat, with a strong man sitting next to him to guard him.

He couldn't help but feel funny. Since he came, he had no intention of running away.

The car kept moving forward and walked around the winding path all night before stopping.

At the moment when the car stopped, he was covered by the sweat next to him with a cloth stained with sweat medicine, and finally gradually lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself locked in a small dark room. As his sight slowly adapted, he gradually saw the situation of the small dark room: the room was not small, at least more than 40 square meters, and there was an unusually white bed in the small dark room, accounting for almost one-third of the room. There is an LCD TV opposite the bed and a camera in the upper left corner. This is the whole layout of this room.

He knew that Taylor was behind the camera, and he must be monitoring all his behavior. He looked at the camera meaningfully, then lowered his head and stared at the door motionless. If he hadn't blinked occasionally, it would have made people think that he was a statue.

Suddenly, the LCD TV in the room lit up. But it's not any program... Looking at the scene on TV, a man and a woman were tightly entangled, and Lei Shaochen angrily wanted to smash it!!!

But damn it, Jingyi in the camera did not seem to resist Taylor's touch, and even bowed up to cater to his attack and provocation!!!

His eyes were red, his fists were clenched, and his ears listened to their harsh moans/groans. There was an impulse in his heart that seemed to break out. He rushed to the TV by the wall like crazy, and his fists hit them hard. He only heard the sound of "bangs" coming from the TV, correctly speaking, tempering from the periphery of the TV. The glass comes up! Damn Taylor must have known that he would be so angry that he wanted to smash the TV that he took this protective measure in advance!

The last picture of the video turned out to be that Taylor had been lying on her body for a long time. Needless to think about it, the contact between them was without estrangement. Finding this made Lei Shaochen even more angry!!! Although he couldn't smash the excellently protected TV, his angry fists still fell on the tempered glass, and the whole room echoed with a loud "bang" sound for a long time...

Seeing Lei Shaochen's angry appearance, Taylor in front of the monitor smiled gently.

This is the beginning, and the more wonderful thing is yet to come! Lei Shaochen, just wait slowly!

At dinner time, Taylor sent someone to bring food. The moment he opened the door, Lei Shaochen really wanted to rush out, but when he thought of Jingyi, he still put up with it. After a hasty dinner, he began to think seriously about what might happen next.

But it didn't take long for him to find that he was extremely hot and his lower body slowly swollen. He knew that he had been tricked by Taylor again, and there was aphrodisiac in the meal.

Damn Taylor!!!

This is not the worst. When Lei Shaochen saw the door open, he almost collapsed! Taylor actually sent him a very sexy woman!

With a bang, the door was closed again.

At first, Lei Shaochen could still stand the heat in his heart, but when the beautiful woman approached extremely enchantingly and began to take off his clothes one by one, his blood was about to boil, and his mouth began to gasp vigorously, breathe, constantly adjust his breath, and his hands desperately to stop the beautiful woman. Action, stuffed the clothes she took off to her randomly and shouted at her hoarsely, "Put it on! I order you to put it on!!!"

But the beautiful woman began to twist her graceful waist charmingly as if she couldn't understand his words, ignored the forbearable Lei Shaochen, took off her bare and lay down to the soft big **, and began to gently stroke/touch her body. The graceful curves, in the faint light Under the shine, it seemed to emit a seductive luster, as if it was coated with a soft glow, which was completely sexy. The slender fingers slowly rubbed the delicate red lips, and the plump chest was tight and plump. The damn woman actually made a sound in her mouth, and the soft and thin squeak was like a call, calling. With Lei Shaochen approaching...