President, be careful of love

Chapter 165 Forget the World

Zhang Yimo walked steadily towards the disease**, and Xiaoyan hid behind Jingyi in fear.

Jingyi carefully felt the panic of Xiaoyan. Before Zhang Yimo got closer, she stopped her and said, "What are you doing here!"

Zhang Yimo didn't even look at her and looked at the panicked Ji Xiaoyan with complicated eyes. After a long time, he said, "I'll get back what belongs to me!"

Jingyi stopped in front of Xiaoyan and shouted angrily, "What do you mean? Take back what belongs to you? What right do you have to have Xiaoyan?"

"That's my business. You'd better not mind your own business!" Zhang Yimo obviously lost his patience.

"Well, I'm in charge today. What's wrong? Do you still want to rob it!"

"You get out of the way!" Zhang Yimo did not pity the jade at all and pushed her vigorously. Suddenly, her center of gravity was unstable and she fell to the ground. When she raised her head, she happened to meet Lei Shaochen's cold eyes, and there was a bitterness in her heart.

Isn't that the situation? After separation, even if you meet on a narrow road and happen to encounter an accident, I will only treat you as a stranger you have never known and will never help.

Her heart is aching, but she dares not show it at this time. Xiaoyan is still waiting for her to rescue!

"Zhang Yimo, you can't bully Xiaoyan like this! If you are still a person, leave her. There are still drops on her hands!" Seeing that it was hard, Jingyi decided to move with emotion, if he still had feelings for Xiaoyan.

"The Zhang family has a private doctor, so you don't need to teach me how to do it!"

"Yes, you don't need me to teach you. You also have eyes. Please take a closer look at me. Is Xiaoyan's current appearance what you want to see? Also, she was taken away. Since you don't believe her, why do you have to leave her by your side? Is it fun to abuse a person you once loved?

"Enough!" Zhang Yimo suddenly turned around and stared at Jingyi with tears. His hot eyes almost burned Jingyi! No, it should be burned!

Jingyi couldn't help shivering.

"I'm just talking about the matter. If you still love her and believe her, treat her well. She is a good girl and should not be bullied or tortured. We should not be allowed to be insulted and framed by some ill-intentioned people without a name! I know you are a smart person, and you should understand what I mean by saying this! Today, I let Xiaoyan go with you. If she encounters such insults as today and receives treatment like today, I will not let go of those who embarrass her! I hope you understand that the person who compromises for love is not the weak. She just cherishes this relationship more.

Jingyi knew that Zhang Yimo listened to these words.

After Zhang Yimo left, only she and Lei Shaochen were left in the room.

Lei Shaochen looked at her meaningfully and was surprised by her fierceness. He knew that she had also encountered such torture as Xiaoyan, but at that time, he did not see the truth of the matter clearly and hoped that Mo would not follow his footsteps! However, although the Zhang family is powerful, it is a very traditional family. In their world, it is natural for mothers to rely on their children. I'm afraid it's not so easy for Zhang Yimo to marry Xiaoyan openly, and it's absolutely impossible for him to be the woman behind him with his character.

The two looked at each other awkwardly, with a silent atmosphere and strange eyes.

It's just the most familiar stranger, so let's separate like this.

Jingyi nodded slightly to him and walked directly out of the room, leaving Lei Shaochen standing there alone, looking at her back in a stunned way.

When she returned home, Jingyi suddenly remembered that she should have just asked him directly to return the blood diamond! Hey, why do you only care about the love between your children? It seems that we have to find him again later! Thinking of this, there is a burst of chagrin in my heart!

But no one answered his mobile phone and dialed the company. The assistant said that he should go home directly in the evening when he went out for inspection today.

Go home? Jingyi frowned. Forget it, let's go to his house to find him. This matter is not suitable for talking outside, so as not to have ears on the wall and cause trouble.

Jingyi put away the phone, took the bag and planned to go out. After thinking about it, she turned back, ran back to her room, stood in front of the mirror and looked at it for a while. She felt that the clothes she was wearing did not look good, so she opened the wardrobe and began to to tosss. It's late spring and early summer. If you wear less, you will feel slightly cool. Wearing thick clothes is easy to get hot. Wearing clothes is the most troublesome in this season!

Finally, I chose a black long-sleeved close-fitting dress with a white Chanel professional coat, a simple handbag, a pair of black socks and a pair of black pointed high heels.

After wearing it, stand in front of the mirror: I am more satisfied with my image.

She lifted her long hair back in front of the mirror, and suddenly had an idea. She simply took the head rope to tie up the long black hair, but left a handful of hair on the right side, divided it into three strands into a braid, and then pinned it in her hair. A black lace bow was pinned at the interface between the braid and the bun. Replace the black high heels on the feet with a bow shape at the ankle of the same color.

She went out with satisfaction. Arriving at Lei's villa, Jingyi saw Lei Shaotang busy in the garden of the courtyard. It seemed that Grandpa still liked to tidy up flowers and plants. Jingyi walked to the door and just as she wanted to walk over to greet Lei Shaotang, Aunt Chen Li saw her and led her into the house happily.

Seeing that Aunt Chen Li turned her head to call Lei Shaotang, Jingyi stopped her: "Aunt Chen Li, you don't need to call Grandpa. I came here to find Lei Shaochen."

Aunt Chen Li stopped, scratched her hair awkwardly, and said with an embarrassed smile, "The young master doesn't live at home. He hasn't come back for a long time. Why don't you call him on his mobile phone and ask him where he is?

"That's not necessary. I know where he is. Aunt Chen Li, how have you been recently?

"Well, very good. Aunt Chen is doing well, but I miss you a little. Since you left the Lei family, the young master has rarely come back. Uncle Lei is very lonely. If you have time, go home more."

Hearing Aunt Chen Li say this, Jingyi was a little embarrassed. She and Lei Shaochen have divorced, and this is no longer her home. In what capacity did she set foot here again? My heart is a little bitter. Presumably Aunt Chen Li doesn't know anything about her and Lei Shaochen, right?

However, she doesn't want to explain too much. Everything is over.

Retract these messy clues and said quietly with a smile, "Well, I will. I have something else to leave first, Aunt Chen. I'll come to see you and Grandpa another day. Remember to take care of yourself!" At the end, her eyes turned slightly red.

Aunt Chen Li's concerns about her are vivid.

However, Chen Li didn't seem to find Jingyi's mood swing, but said kindly, "Well, you go ahead. By the way, I also made your favorite chestnut chicken soup in my kitchen. Do you want to bring some back?

"Aunt Chen Li, don't bother. I'll come to see you in a while and taste your taste. I'm leaving. Bye." Jingyi almost rushed out of the door.

My heart is blocked. In this world, few people have cared about what she likes and doesn't like to eat! In addition to Dad, Aunt Chen Qing, Aunt Chen Li is the third person to know her taste! After such a long time, I still remember that she loves chestnut chicken soup.

It's a lie to say that it's untouched! When a child grows up in a single-parent family, her heart is inevitably a little ** and fragile.

After leaving Lei's villa and sitting in a cafe outside for an afternoon, Jingyi set out for Lei Shaochen's apartment.

It's not that she doesn't want to go there early, but that she is afraid that Lei Shaochen will be away early.

It was seven o'clock in the evening when she arrived at his apartment. She stood downstairs with some hesitation and looked at the light. She knew he was there.

But he began to hesitate and even a little nervous.

However, she will never allow herself to retreat! The attacking man is not a good man. If he doesn't get a blood diamond, he will not let her family go! Originally, the blood diamond was an unlucky thing, and she still wanted to return it to those people. She just wanted her family to live a safe life. Other than that, there is nothing extravagant.

arrived at his door and rang the doorbell several times, but no one answered it. Jingyi was thinking, maybe he knew it was him and didn't want to come and open the door, right? In this case, she had to do it herself and tried the previous password, but she didn't expect the door to open.

Entering the house, a familiar feeling comes from the pavement. This used to be her and his home, but now, it has nothing to do with her! Oh, the world is unpredictable!

She stood in the dark living room and found that the light was on in her original guest room, which made her a little surprised.

Why does Lei Shaochen not turn on the light in the master bedroom at home, but the light in the guest room? This can't be said to be strange.

She walked to the door of the room with curiosity and pushed it gently. The door was unlocked, and the door opened automatically like that. She saw a man and a woman stabbed ** body, intertwined.

After all, no matter how realistic the rumor is, it is a rumor. When you see your former lover lying on a woman and intertwined with its ambiguous posture, the feeling of heartache and heartbreak is even more terrible than the end of the world!

Quietly looked at the two people who stared at **, and obviously they also found her.

** The girl looks only about 20 years old, and she is probably about the same age as her. She feels shy and wants to push away Lei Shaochen above, but Lei Shaochen just looked at Jingyi coldly, withdrew her eyes and worked harder to pump/send.

"Don't worry about others, be my woman!" He ordered domineeringly.

In Jingyi's ears, there are unspeakable harsh ears! When did she become an irrelevant person!

His woman, his woman! It turns out that I am nothing.

He is really hateful and hateful! Not only did you break your heart, but also do such a thing with other women in front of her! Why, why! Doesn't he know how to be shy and shameless? Or is it that he doesn't care about himself at all?

The last idea shocked her. It turned out that she still cared about him!

Jingyi didn't know how they ended up. She only remembered that she had been sprinting the woman's petite/breathing in her ear and his hard shouting, which was no enthusiasm for her!

Only when you have loved can you know the pain, hate, and only when you have you know how deep love.