President, be careful of love

Chapter 189 His sarcasm

Lejia? Why did she appear here? Is she Yang Zhicheng's adopted daughter?

Jingyi was shocked by her idea. When the host took Lejia's hand and officially introduced it, her little heart was still shocked by the sudden news!

He breathed a gentle breath and was a little relieved about the car accident a few days ago: she could become the only adopted daughter loved by Yang Zhicheng and the only heir of the Yang family. She must have something extraordinary. If she was just a mediocre person, how could Yang Zhicheng hand over such a huge career to her? Thinking about this, I'm afraid her wrist and courage are extraordinary...

Thinking of this, I thought of all her actions with Zhao An that day. For a moment, I was a little worried. I hope Zhao An would still be as careless as before, otherwise, this relationship will probably hurt him.

But how could she have thought that things would go beyond her expectations. Isn't it aunt Chen Meili and Zhao An who came from afar? What are they doing? Aunt and Yang Zhicheng actually hugged each other like old friends? And the two young people next to him kissed in front of their elders without hesitation? What the hell is going on? She was just worried about how Zhao An could be a girl like Lejia? Thinking that even if Le Jia can put down and accept Zhao An, will Yang Zhicheng agree? He has no children and no daughter in his life. Only Lejia, the adopted daughter, is spoiled in every way. He has declared to the outside world more than once that he would hand over this huge family business to his adopted daughter after a hundred years. In this way, in order to ensure that the foundation he founded can be passed down for thousands of generations, the future son-in-in-law of the Yang family must be carefully selected. One in ten thousand. Although Zhao An is also talented and beautiful, he specializes in directing, which is useless for the operation of a huge enterprise! From this perspective, Zhao An is not the best candidate...

Jingyi looked at them puzzledly, watching them talking and laughing in the dazzling light, talking enthusiastically, and a feeling of uneasiness spread in her heart. She looked at the crowd in her vision helplessly and did not find Xuanyuanfan's figure, so she had to pick up the wine glass alone and bypass the noisy crowd. Go out of the hall...

The night breeze is refreshing, and the sultry summer is also a little fresh. It is probably the shade of trees, luxuriant branches and leaves, and adjacent to the sea area. The climate is more pleasant than the city center. Looking up at the clear starry night sky, the whole person is much more comfortable.

The whole person is completely relaxed and enjoys the gentle and beautiful night like water. When the iceberg man unconsciously appeared beside her, she looked a little surprised, and her eyes were full of doubts and puzzles.

"Why did you see me so surprised? Or is it someone else you are looking forward to? The playful questioning made Jingyi a little speechless.

She turned around and looked at him and curled her lips: "It's not a fish. How do you know what the fish is thinking?"

The iceberg man is still in a cold posture, looking at the darkness in the distance. His slender hand gently shakes the red ** in the cup, but the charm is uncertain. Suddenly, the action in his hand paused, and the red ** slipped into his throat. The breath was smooth, and the cold temperament all over his body actually made people's eyes straight.

"Has anyone said that you look charming when you drink? How to say, demagogic?"

She just casually said her inner thoughts and didn't expect a trace of sadness flashing in his eyes? Or maybe it's sad? Although they are very close, she seems to be able to smell the faint smell of tobacco on him, with a slight mint fragrance. But the hazy night made her unable to see clearly and couldn't figure out his mind.

Women's hearts, undersea needles, what about men's hearts? And what?

She smiled faintly, a little sad, and her heart seemed to be disturbed by something. She was a little flustered, but she was a little sad.

Maybe they are a type of person who can't be loved. Sure enough, you can't love when you want to love...

The iceberg man turned his head and looked at her. Seeing her smile faintly, the beautiful smile gradually spread, fainting in the darkness of the night. In the darkness, he seemed to see the face that made him tired and nostalgic. He couldn't tell whether it was the effect of alcohol or the inner desire. His lips were like this. Cover her bright red without warning. At first, he licked and wiped like a dragonfly, and then went to be deeply entangled. His movements were so gentle, but she could feel his enthusiasm like fire, feel his inner desire, and even imagine how hot and close his dark eyes were, and they could hear each other's fierce heartbeats.

They kissed like this and left the glittering banquet behind. Maybe, at this moment, they belong to each other, or maybe this is just the most primitive desire in their hearts in the night, unrelated to feelings and love. Or maybe this is a misunderstanding...

Sometimes, there is a person in the heart, but the body will succumb to desire.

Fortunately, this desire did not last too long, but at the end, it was a little hasty, or a little strange. When the love is strong, they actually push each other away at the same time with such a tacit understanding. Such a thing cannot be said to be a coincidence, but there is always a reason in it. Perhaps only the parties are more aware of why their brains suddenly wake up.

Looking at the back of the iceberg man fleeing, she was a little stunned. The hazy expression was interpreted as attachment in the eyes of another man.

"Why, don't you want to give up?" The cold voice came from above her head, and her expression was suddenly shocked, and her lips trembled slightly. Did he see her affair with the iceberg man just now? I don't know why her body shook slightly after getting such a conclusion.

Her silence looked in his eyes, and there was an indescribable hindrance. He jumped angrily from the second floor and stood in front of her. His gloomy eyes stared at her tightly, but there was a contemptuous sne at the corners of his mouth.

"What's the matter? These are not what you should pay attention to, right? What are you so angry about? We have divorced, and even if I sleep with him now, I don't count as cuckolding you. Perhaps his sarcasm and contempt stimulated her, and the small universe in her heart began to explode, and the words she said were sharp and vicious.

Lei Shaochen frowned angrily, with sparks in her eyes, grabbed her wrist and pulled out the bruises hard. She frowned in pain, but did not resist, and her eyes looked elsewhere indifferently.

"You say it again." He almost gritted his teeth and said these words, and the other hand rudely pressed the back of her head. His eyes are as red as blood, burning crazy and ferocious. All his patience seems to have been exhausted, and the rest is just fury. Her body suddenly stiffened, as if she were blown by the overwhelming cold wind, submerged by the surging tide, and her eyes slowly overflowed with moisture.

"Lei Shaochen, please let me go. Don't be so angry. Don't show such a horrible look in front of me. We have really passed, and you are about to enter another marriage. Let's let each other go. In this life, we are impossible. I still remember that when I was with you, you and Zhang Xinmeng were entangled. At that time, I once thought about quitting and fulfilling you. Isn't love the happiness of one person and the other two? I think the biggest shame in my life is that I signed that agreement with my grandfather to marry you. If we never know each other, maybe our fate will be better than now. At least, if I weren't with you, I wouldn't be imprisoned by Taylor and won't spend those crazy days of amnesia..." Speaking of that unbearable past, her body couldn't help trembling. It was a terrible thing the more she thought about. Now when she dreamed back at midnight, some very cruel and bloody pictures would appear in her mind. She thought that it was probably the shame of her life. Tears fell down like this and couldn't help it. This paragraph The grievances suffered by time and the changes experienced seem to pour out at this moment...

The spark in his eyes was slowly extinguished and replaced by heartache and pity. He gently took her into his arms, hugged her tightly, and whispered softly, "Don't cry. I know you're sad. Everything will pass. Good boy, don't cry..." I didn't expect that my voice would be a little choked: "You live a good life, and I will never bother you again."

She is afraid of his interruption, but in fact, she is more afraid that they will eventually be strangers. Those sharp words came out of his mouth, and her heart seemed to be as painful as being cut by thousands of knives, but she had no way out. It was not that she hadn't heard the rumors that he was going to marry Zhang Xinyu. For the sake of the child in her stomach, she could only do this, one knife and two times!

Leaving from his arms, she smiled weakly: "Thank you for your success. I wish you happiness!" After saying that, he turned around and left without looking back, but his pace was hurried but extremely firm.

The greatness of maternal love may be here. She said in her heart, baby, you must understand your mother, support your mother, and accompany your mother to go strong. We will be happy.

She washed her face in the bathroom and cleaned the tears. She picked a deserted passage and left the hall of the charity banquet and planned to leave. She doesn't have the courage to stay any longer.

But I didn't expect to meet Le Jia and Zhao An at the door. She originally planned to leave quietly, but since she met her, she always wanted to say hello, but she didn't expect to be pulled back to the banquet by Le Jia and took her upstairs to visit.

"Jingyi, do you like my room? Come and live here for a while. You will definitely like it!" Lejia happily took her hand and acted coquettishly.

Jingyi smiled faintly and muttered in her heart: She can't afford to live in such an expensive villa.

Lejia is a very intelligent girl. She saw the hesitation in her eyes at a glance. She curled her lips and said with a little coquettishness: "Sister Jingyi, this place is just a home for me. Whether it is an expensive and beautiful house or a warm and simple nest, it makes no difference for me. Do you believe it? The first time I saw you, I liked you very much and felt that you were like my sister, which was very intimate. Although I have been living a colorful life since I was a child, in fact, I am very lonely. There are no brothers or sisters, no playmates, and I have been arranged by my father to study various courses all day long. Childhood is very boring.

Jingyi was surprised by her straightforwardness, but it was these words that made her heart resonate.

She readily agreed: "I understand. I will come here when I have time!"