President, be careful of love

Chapter 196 Double-sided Man

She smiled faintly: "That's not true. It's just that an old man I knew before. He likes to grow flowers very much. He has a lot of contact with him. I can also know one or two about these flowers and plants."

When she lived in Lei's villa before, Lei Shaotang had to play with the flowers and trees in the garden every day. Over time, she could recognize some flowers and know a little about them.

Grandpa nodded with approval, meditated a little, and then slowly asked, "I've been in this yard for a long time. Today is the first time I've seen a girl. Seeing that the little girl's dress doesn't look like a worker here, I don't know why she appears here?"

She didn't expect the other party to ask such a question. She was a little surprised. Looking from her direction, the grandfather was kind-looking and looked very kind, but the key points of those words just now were on her. Looking at this heavily guarded manor, there are servants everywhere, and the grandfather sits noblely in a valuable wheelchair, and his speech shows extraordinary temperament everywhere. Even if he is not the owner here, his identity must not be small.

Thinking of this, she smiled frankly and looked directly at him: "Actually, I was brought here by my husband a few days ago. After he settled in the house in front of me, he left the manor with An Yiwen. I stayed in the house and looked at the good weather today, so I came out for a walk. I didn't expect to meet you, Grandpa.

"Oh? Did you say that you were settled here by your husband? Grandpa seemed to be only interested in this, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes? That boy is married? Didn't even inform him? Or is there something else hidden in it?

As if to determine something, his eyes moved to the other party again, just looking at her clear and clean eyes, and it didn't look like lying. So, she is Li Xin's wife?

"It turned out to be Li Xin's wife. I'm sorry that I was rude. I don't know what to call the little girl?"

"Chen Jingyi, just call me Jingyi. Don't you know grandpa is?" After Jingyi introduced herself, she asked the other party.

Grandpa laughed and answered her question slowly: "I'm Ye Hongwen, Ye Hongwen. I didn't expect that the boy got married and didn't even tell me a letter to this old man. Oh, it's really old. This young generation is getting more and more of their own ideas. Thinking about our generation, This marriage must be determined by parents. How can it be as free as it is now!"

Grandpa's words were ambiguous, and Jingyi couldn't guess what he meant for a while? Is this freedom of marriage good or bad? However, she seems to have ignored one thing?

"Grandpa, I'm a little sure whether your grandson is my husband or not?" Speaking of which, it's better for even her to feel embarrassed. How can anyone not even know her husband's name, but the reality is that she is really not sure whether the iceberg man's name is Ye Lixin? On their marriage registration book, he used the name Luo Xiu. She knew it was a pseudonym, but she didn't intend to ask the bottom. Since he didn't want to say it, why did she have to bother? What's more, he has the intention to hide it. Even if she breaks the casserole and asks, she can't find out the truth about the matter.

When Ye Hongwen heard Jingyi's words, he suddenly felt doubtful? What the hell is going on?

As soon as he wanted to ask, a male voice came from a distance at the right time, interrupting the conversation between them, and the owner of the voice was Ye Lixin in their mouth.

"Grandpa, how are you doing?" Ye Lixin gently squatted in front of the wheelchair and held Ye Hongwen's hand thoughtfully, looking filial and obedient.

It was the first time she saw him so gentle. She thought that he only had a violent, cold and ruthless side. When she slowly contacted him, she knew that he was also cold humorous, considerate and gentle. Something in her heart was changing slightly.

Jingyi, who was meditating, was suddenly stunned by Ye Hongwen's movements. Looking up, Ye Hongwen picked up the flower watering container in his hand and smashed Ye Lixin fiercely. Ye Lixin did not dodge, but just raised his arm to cover it slightly.

There was a dissatisfied protest: "Grandpa, why did you hit me!"

Ye Hongwen stopped the movement in his hand and shouted angrily, "You stinky boy, how dare you ask me, look at Jingyi, how much you have suffered!"

"Grandpa?" The iceberg man looked puzzled. What wronged did she suffer from following him? Why doesn't he know at all?

Looking at Ye Lixin's blank face, Ye Hongwen was even more angry and hit the guy in his hand. This time, Ye Lixin no longer allowed him to fight and quickly jumped away from a distance.

"Grandpa, listen to our explanation before you hit me! It can't be so unreasonable! If you don't respect me like this, I will learn from you!"

Hearing his words, Jingyi, who stood aside, almost broke his glasses. This, this, these words really came from the iceberg man. Oh, no, is it Ye Lixin's mouth? Well, she's really a little messy...

Suddenly, Ye Hongwen roared again: "Come back! Don't run away!"

Hearing this roar, her mind turned and slowly approached Ye Hongwen's side and said in a delicate voice, "Grandpa, our business is indeed a little hasty, but there is a reason for this incident. Li Xin has been busy during this period, so she didn't have time to ask Grandpa for instructions. If Grandpa must blame Li Xin, please come with me. Punish it!"

"How can grandpa be willing to punish Jinger? You didn't have a wedding banquet when you got married, did you? Set a time to call the relatives of the two families and have dinner together. Li Xin doesn't know etiquette, but marriage is a major event in life, and nothing should be done according to the rules!"

Grandpa's words to her are so reasonable, which makes her a little confused. Their marriage is not authentic in the first place. He has an idea in his heart, and she also has her own considerations. Originally, she thought that this is only a matter for the two of them. Even if they use each other, it only involves the feelings of them, but things seem to More and more beyond her expectations, first Aunt Chen Qing was involved, and now there is inexplicably one more Ye Hongwen. She only hopes that they don't value this relationship too much, because in the foreseeable future, they will eventually be separated. At that time, if they have a relationship, they will be reluctant and hurt.

Let them bear these alone. After all, it is the reason why they planted it. Let them taste the fruit by themselves.

"Grandpa, thank you very much for your kindness. Everything will be done according to Grandpa's ideas." She obediently accepted Ye Hongwen's proposal, but she had made up her mind to leave the manor as soon as possible and get rid of her relationship with Ye Hongwen as soon as possible. She didn't want to hurt an old man's heart.

"Bad boy, look, Jingyi is more considerate! If you had half of this little girl, I would be worry-free!"

"Grandpa, I'm your grandson!" The iceberg man argued with tears and laughter. As soon as he saw Ye Hongwen's projected eyes, he had no choice but to silence.

The three of them, plus An Yiwen, had a very pleasant dinner. Although it was all about unimportant things, she still knew that An Yiwen was Ye Hongwen's adopted son. Therefore, An Yiwen had always been grateful to the Ye family. Originally, he died in a car accident when his parents at the age of six, and no relatives were willing to take him in. He should have spent his childhood in the orphanage, but he was stubborn. He ran out of the orphanage, hungry and hungry. Finally, he was forced to walk into an authentic snack bar and ordered a table of food. After eating and drinking enough, he seized the opportunity and ran away. Unexpectedly, there was a security guard at the door of this small shop to deal with a bully-eating man like him. The security guard caught him. Later, he was forced to call his parents to send money, but his parents had passed away. How could he send him money? He told the other party bluntly that his parents had passed away, but they didn't believe it at all and began to deal with him more aggressively. Finally, Ye Hongwen, who happened to pass by, rescued him and took him back to the Ye family. As a result, he became the second son of the Ye family, but Ye Hongwen has never asked him to change his surname. He has always followed his parents' surname An.

Although An Yiwen understated these things when she told her, she could more or less understand the sadness in his words and the weight of Ye Hongwen in his heart. She was definitely not just grateful.

If Ye Hongwen had not extended a helping hand to him in those years, it would have been a question whether he could survive in those years. Ye Hongwen not only saved him, but also gave him dignity and asked him to keep his surname. Originally, he could have asked An Yiwen to change his surname to Ye, but he didn't do so. Based on this, she felt that the old man was not simple.

After dinner, several people chatted about their homes, and then she returned to the original villa with the iceberg man.

On the way, she stared at him with a faint smile on the corners of her mouth.

"Why do you keep looking at me with a smile?" The iceberg man asked coldly.

"Do you have it?" She still had that smiling expression, but the smile in the corners of her mouth was thicker.

Who made such a huge change in your image? She sighed quietly in her heart. Unexpectedly, a cold and evil man would quarrel with Ye Hongwen in private, blush and act coquettishly like a child, and occasionally show dissatisfaction and grievances...

Most people are like this. No matter how sharp and tough he is, there will always make him lose his calmness and self-control. For the iceberg man, grandpa should be his dead hole. So for her, who is her dead hole?

"by the way, what do you think of Grandpa's wedding banquet?" He asked tentatively.

The Ye family hasn't had a happy event for a long time. Since Grandpa likes her so much, why not follow Grandpa's meaning? He thought, but I'm afraid the plan he made before will have to change...

Although he has got the blood diamond in Lei Shaochen's hand, the rest? It seems that it has to be replanned...