President, be careful of love

Chapter 210 Heart Knot

After separating from Lei Shaotang, she has been recalling the last words he said. She is as smart as her, and how can she not understand what he means? He hopes to convince Chen Mickey through her and let her return to the side of justice. However, how credible is Lei Shaotang's words? In those years, was it true that Yang Zhicheng's rebellion killed Hu Zhiqiang? But why does the second aunt believe Yang Zhicheng so truthfully? What is the reason for this? The eyebrows frowned deeper and deeper, and the troubles in my heart were chaotic. The sky suddenly thundered. Is it going to rain? Jingyi shook his head and jumped on the last bus.

When the bus arrived at the station, there was already a light rain outside, which was not big or small, but enough to wet the clothes. She hurriedly trotted in the rain, a little out of breath. Coupled with pregnancy, she was exhausted when she came home. Perhaps, it was not only her body, but also her hot heart.

She took off her wet clothes one by one, and there was a trace of coolness in her arms. She couldn't help shivering, raised the chiffon mid-sleeved dress on her gloves, and ran to the bathroom to dry her hair with a bath towel to complete this series of movements. She looked up at the clock. It was already 10:30 p.m. Her eyebrows frowned slightly, and Ye Lixin hadn't come back yet. She was alone in the empty house, and her heart was lonely and lonely for no reason.

The rain comes and stops quickly in summer. In the blink of an eye, the window was already dotted with stars. The rainy sky is more refreshing and pleasant, sweeping away the sultry heat of midsummer. She came to the balcony with a cup of warm boiled water and looked up at the quiet sky. For a moment, she felt a little trance. She took a sip of the boiled water and tasted a slight bitterness. How can boiled water taste? The bitterness was just the two lines of tears hanging on her face. Hearing the sound from the porch, she knew who was back without looking back. She quickly stretched out her hand to dry the tears on her face, and poured all the boiling water in the glass into her throat. She drank too much, coupled with a little panic, she coughed violently, with a small face. It was red and purple, and tears came out of my eyes.

As soon as Ye Lixin changed his slippers, he heard a violent cough from the balcony. He subconsciously ran to the balcony. His eyes were as dark as ink, but his pupils involuntarily contracted and glowed nervously. He patted her on the back rhythmically: "Why are you so careless?" There is an unconcealed worry between the eyebrows.

For a long time, she took a deep breath, raised her red eyes, and squeezed out a smile astringently: "It's okay. I'm choking with water." Her body is more honest than her, and she will respond to bad stimulation. Thinking of this, she suddenly smiled, smiling as brightly as a flower, smiling brightly and tremblingly. Ye Lixin looked at her quietly. Her beautiful eyes were dark and shiny, but the corners of his eyes oozed crystal. He stretched out his rough hand and gently wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. However, those tears were like broken beads and could not be wiped away.

He took her hand and said, "Let's go in."

She stood behind him and clearly heard his shallow sigh.

Her heart tightened slightly, as if she heard a broken sound.

This night, they lay **, thinking about their own thoughts. Later, she couldn't resist the sleepiness and fell asleep quietly. Ye Lixin looked at the pink and spring face in front of her, and her fingers slowly covered her eyebrows, her eyes, her handsome nose, and cherry-like mouth. Perhaps this is the last time he stares at you like this, holding you like a treasure with such pure eyes. Tomorrow, after tomorrow, everything will be different. From that moment on, you will definitely hate me, hate me, and even despise me.

The corners of his mouth pulled out sadly, and the cold folds between his eyebrows and the faint shade in his dark eyes could not be dispersed. I didn't sleep all night until dawn that I fell asleep.

The moment she woke up from her sleep, she felt the warm and wet palm of her hand. She slowly opened her eyes and found that she didn't know when he held her hand tightly and put it on his left chest. His ups and downs were silently transmitted to her heart. Beautiful features. For a moment, her heart was surging and her heart was slightly moved by his heartbeat.

Carefully pulled his little hand out of his arms and couldn't bear to disturb his dreams. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him quietly, feeling a slight pain in her heart. Anyway, even when she went to bed, the thick eyebrows had to frown tightly. How much she wanted to stretch out her hand to smooth the entanglement one by one. However, she was afraid of waking him up. Hesitantly, she still silently left the edge of the bed.

He has always been washing his hands and cooking all kinds of delicious food for her. Today, let's change her. Although she is a nominal wife, she should also do her duty. A hundred years of cultivation can cross the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation can sleep together. In this way, the fate between them is not shallow, but it is not deep enough.

I don't know if it's because of my heavy heart, or I haven't been in the kitchen for a long time. My craftsmanship is quite strange, and I have repeatedly knocked over the pots and bowls. Fortunately, the green shredded pork porridge served on the table is full of aroma, the fried poached eggs are golden yellow, and the deep-fried dough sticks bought from the supermarket look decent.

Looking at her masterpiece, the corners of her mouth rose gently, and she felt much more comfortable. She carefully arranged the bowls and chopsticks. Ye Lixin unexpectedly appeared at the table on time.

She smiled brightly at him: "Get up? Have you washed yet? Come here for breakfast quickly."

His eyes were shining: "Did you do it all?"

Jingyi nodded with a smile and took the initiative to stretch out his hand to open the seat for him. Ye Lixin was not polite. He went straight over and sat down, picked up a spoon on the table and scooped a large spoonful of millet porridge and sent it to his mouth. It was fragrant and sweet. The light vegetable fragrance mixed with the richness of beef and meat and vegetables matched. His eyebrows gradually relaxed and picked up the spoon again. Scooped a spoonful.

"Is it delicious?" She looked at him with an expectant face.

He nodded: "That's good." The two short words, which can't be praised, make her heart as sweet as honey. She was happy like a child, smiling, her big eyes narrowed into a seam, filled a large bowl, and began to eat slowly.

After eating, Ye Lixin put down the bowls and chopsticks contentedly, paused, and suddenly said, "Jingyi, thank you." Thank you for making this breakfast for me. It's simple but warm. Thank you for making me feel the warmth of home at the last moment.

Jingyi was stunned for a long time and curled her lips unnaturally: "No need."

Ye Lixin went out after breakfast. Jingyi stayed at home to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, and the morning news was broadcast in the living room. Jingyi has never cared about political current affairs, but this time, her eyes were shocked by the content of the news and sweated coldly: Yang Zhicheng, the richest man, had a heart attack last night and died in the early morning after rescue? Jingyi stared with big eyes and stared at the TV screen without blinking. She saw Lejia standing in front of many reporters sadly and silently wiped her tears.

Constered, shocked, but also sad for the tough woman. His eyes touched Lejia's sad look, and he felt faintly uneasy.

Finally, after hesitating, she still planned to go and have a look. In her heart, she probably still liked Lejia, a straightforward girl.

The scene was very chaotic. Jinxiu Garden, which is usually quiet and strict, is now crowded with reporters and people from all sides. However, Yang Zhicheng's villa is surrounded by strict guards. Jingyi's heart paused and glanced around casually. She faintly felt something was wrong, but she couldn't say what was wrong. She explained her intention to the security guard standing at the door. Before long, a maid came to take her in.

As soon as she stepped into the door, she was shocked. In the middle of the huge living room, there was a pair of good coffins, dark colors and faint light. Next to the spiritual platform, a large group of people knelt down in black. Even Lejia changed into a dark gray system, her eyes were slightly red and tired. . Jingyi bowed deeply to the spiritual position according to the etiquette. Suddenly, a large group of people walked in behind her. The leader was a dry and neat woman with gorgeous red lips, but she looked a little pale, with big sunglasses on her face, covering most of her face. Despite this, she still recognized it at a glance. The person who came was Hu Linglong.

Hu Linglong also saw Jingyi standing next to her. The two people's eyes met, Hu Linglong took off her sunglasses, and their eyes separated as soon as they touched them. The indifference was like a stranger, and the cold breath was like a sharp blade, piercing her heart fiercely, and the pain was endless. At this moment, she is not even as good as her cheating man. The corners of her mouth are mocking, not laughing at Hu Linglong, but at herself and hating herself! Knowing that she may not be her own mother, she has no place in her heart, but she will still look forward to the position of her left chest. After all, a sentence of mother that has been missing for so many years is frustrated, lost, sad, and eventually turned into a bubble.

She raised her eyebrows and her gloomy eyes tightened Lejia's heart. She gently leaned in and subconsciously put her hands on her shoulder: "Are you all right? Why don't you take a break inside?"

Jingyi's face was pale, and she vaguely felt something was wrong, but she still shook her head and squeezed out a faint smile at the corners of her mouth: "I'm fine. I didn't sleep well last night. Go and greet the guests quickly." After a pause, as if he remembered something, his mouth opened again with difficulty: "I'm sorry for the change."

Four words gently hit Lejia's heart like a heavy hammer. Her eyes turned slightly red, and she silently said sorry, sorry in her heart.

She didn't expect that this matter would be widely involved. Her adoptive father was just that she and Xuan Yuanfan fell asleep, but these people who came to mourn were really sad. Looking at those grieving eyes, they were clean and cold, and her heart seemed to have been bitten by thousands of insects. Hundreds of insects scratch their hearts, not painful, but tear their hearts and lungs.

She doesn't know whether this move is right or wrong. When she was a child, her adoptive father Yang Zhicheng liked to play chess most. He taught her since she was a child that as long as she was free, the father and daughter would fight on a small chessboard. The two sides often fell into a stalemate and it was difficult to win or lose. Her world outlook, values and outlook on life are gradually completed on the chessboard. Her adoptive father taught her right and wrong, benevolence, righteousness and morality, and boundless love.

She knew that her adoptive father loved her very much in his heart, spoiled her, and spoiled her in everything he did. With her nature, he held her like a treasure and regarded her as a pearl in the palm of her hand. This love is precious and unforgettable in her life. But this time, she knew that her father had made a mistake and made a ridiculous mistake. She doesn't want her father to make mistakes again. Even if she will lose her father's love from now on, she will be happy.

Is that what it is like to bear the pain and give up love?

She smiled bitterly, and among the many guests present, who could understand the contradictions, struggles and bitterness in her heart. Those who know me say that I am worried, but those who don't know me say what I want?

He came to his senses and found that Jingyi had left the living room in a blink of an eye. She glanced blankly at the living room and finally focused on the mourning guests.

Jingyi did not leave without saying goodbye. As soon as she saw Hu Linglong's mourning, she went up to the second floor alone and followed her ghostly. But on the second floor, as soon as she turned around, Hu Linglong lost her trace. Jingyi stood alone at the entrance of the stairs and looked at the long corridor. The alarm bell in her heart rang. Her pupils contracted instantly, converged, held her breath, and gently walked towards the long corridor. She was careful, but her pace was unprecedentedly firm.

Suddenly, her arm was pulled hard. Before she could make a call, her mouth was covered. Her heart suddenly muffled, and her back was stiff, and she was allowed to drag her away.

Waiting to see the white and beautiful face in front of her, her face was stiff and bloodless.

She clenched her fist tightly, and her small hands were clearly jointed, revealing her inner perseverance.

Hu Linglong took the documents in the drawer, looked up at her coldly and said, "Let her go."

Jingyi took a deep breath and looked at her coldly, not sad or happy, not angry. Her round eyes were as black as ink, shining brightly, and her chin stubbornly raised slightly, revealing hardness.

"I only ask you one thing, and I'll leave after asking."

Hu Linglong looked at her with a playful look and squeezed her lips without saying a word.

Despite her coldness and disdain, Jingyi said bluntly, "Whose daughter am I?"

However, Hu Linglong's face was slightly stunned, and her sharp eyes flashed a trace of panic, but the next second, her pupils suddenly contracted and became more fierce, and the corners of her mouth were even contemptuous: "What's the point of worrying about this problem now?"

The corners of Jingyi's mouth sarcastically: "It's really meaningless, but now I feel glad that at least I won't be your daughter. This answer is enough for me."

Jingyi finished speaking and walked straight out of the door. The bodyguard at the door wanted to stop her. Seeing Hu Linglong waving her hand, they stopped timidly and let her leave.

Looking at Jingyi's back gradually disappearing, Hu Linglong sat on the stool frustrated and unconsciously leaned behind her, as if she wanted to seek some support. At this moment, she suddenly felt tired. She closed her eyes and was silent for a long time. Suddenly, she opened her sharp eyes and handed over several documents to the bodyguard. She tidied up her clothes and looked naturally downstairs.