Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 4 Let me teach you a lesson

At the moment the young man said that sentence, Fan Tian's breath changed, and the gentle, enthusiastic and polite Fan Tian disappeared without a trace, replaced by fierce eyes, domineering and a faint fierce spirit around him.

"Give you a chance to disappear in front of my eyes immediately!" Fan Tian's voice was cold and without any emotion, and a piercing cold light burst out of his eyes. At that moment, the young man opposite seemed to feel that he was stabbed through his body by a cold air. This was a trace of murder honed by long-term survival between life and death. When he was in the border town, Fan Tian not only practiced with giant bears every day, but also I will find some powerful beasts in the forest for life and death training. Although the murderous spirit honed is not very strong, it is enough to deal with the playboy in front of me.

The hanging young man retreated a whole step from Fan Tian's sudden murderous spirit, but he was also a person who was about to awaken the beast's soul. After losing his mind in a short moment, he quickly struggled out of Fan Tian's murderous spirit.

"You savage from the remote mountains, how dare you scare me? I won't let you eat it today!" Although the other party's words were fierce, a trill mixed in it all proved that the young man still had lingering fear.

However, on the contrary, Fan Tian's clothes are really not good. The tight black mink trousers and shirtless make Fan Tian look wild. Although this kind of dress is a very ordinary dress for a martial artist, in the eyes of the prince in front of him, it is a symbol of the poor. He can only live on the edge of the knife all day long. This is the case with hunters who make blood money in the sand.

In the face of a poor man, this rich young master can teach him a hundred lessons.

When Fan Tian saw the other party, he not only retreated without knowing the difficulty, but also became more arrogant. He knew that there was no need to continue talking to such a person. He already had a 1.8-meter bronze body and slowly walked to the other party under his cold eyes.

"Do you want to fight? Young master, I just let you know how powerful I am!" While talking, the young man has put on his own posture. Although he does not awaken the beast soul in his eyes, the basic martial arts of his family is not comparable to those savages from the remote mountains outside.

Naturally, Fan Tian ignored him. For this kind of flower shelf that has not experienced the training between life and death, he can defeat him with his hands and feet, but the other party obviously does not think so, and seems to show how advanced his martial arts is.

"Today, I will let you, a savage, see what real martial arts is!" As soon as the words fell, the hanging teenager suddenly punched Fan Tian's eyebrows. This powerful teenager actually took the lead in attacking Fan Tian.

But all this is so ridiculous in Fan Tian's eyes.

"You'd better go home and study for a few more years!" Without any dodging, Fan Tian's whole momentum was as stable as Mount Tai. Compared with the giant bear, the strength of the teenager opposite was simply not worth mentioning. There was no fancy. A very simple punch was connected with the teenager's sudden fist. Only a crisp bone sound was heard, and the teenager opposite made a harsh scream.

"Ah! My hand, my hand is broken!" The hanging teenager rolled back and forth on the ground in pain, and when he saw his young master's injured two-brighted man, he did not react for a moment, because they really couldn't believe that their young master was defeated by a rural savage with one move.

"How dare you hurt our young master!" One of the big mans finally woke up. The soul of the beast behind him loomed and was about to attack Fan Tian. Unexpectedly, the two bodyguards behind the teenager were actually junior soul masters, and they were still the primary peak. For Fan Tian, a person who has not yet awakened the beast soul, it is simply a heaven and an earth.

However, Fan Tian has no fear at all, because on the martial arts road, he has always believed that "it is better to break bones than perseverance". In the face of the soul master in front of him, Fan Tian took a faint step forward and was ready to fight with him, but they forgot that in Shiyuan City, the battle was not allowed, and there were bursts of darkness. A Jun's voice suddenly sounded downstairs in the inn.

"What are you doing! I don't know if it is forbidden to fight in Shiyuan City!" Three Black Armored Army suddenly appeared in front of the crowd. The big man knew the power of the Black Armored Army and put away the beast soul, but the momentum did not diminish at all.

"Our young master is the little son of the Wu family in Zhoushan. This time he came to Shiyuan City to awaken the beast soul, and now he is injured by this mountain village man! What do you think we should do? The arrogation of this big man made the three black armored soldiers who had just arrived frown slightly.

"Is that right? Boy, why did you hit someone?" The three black armored soldiers looked at Fan Tian at the same time, and their breath locked him tightly. Fan Tian was also unwilling to show weakness and had no intention of explaining. This performance made the three black armored soldiers very unhappy and were ready to come to the blackmail. When the lorew saw this scene, the corners of his mouth cracked slightly and thought that he had played a role in raising the name of the Wu family.

Seeing that the Black Armor Army was about to arrest Fan Tian, Linger, who had been silent behind him, suddenly rushed out.

"It was this man who rushed into our private room and provoked my brother to let us leave, and he was the first to fight against my brother!" Linger's delicate voice almost made the opposite big man jump up.

"What did you little girl say? Now it's our son who fell to the ground. The Black Armor Army quickly arrested them!" The big man regarded himself as the identity of the Wu family and actually ordered the Black Armor Army, which made the three immediately unhappy. The three Black Armored men ignored the big man but turned their heads to look like Xiao Er.

"Is that what he said?" The child was stared at by the three black armored soldiers and was in a cold sweat. He tremblingly wiped the sweat on his forehead with a towel and said in a weak voice

"Yes!" Hearing Xiao Er's answer, the big man's copper bell-like eyes seemed to eat him, but at this time, the three black armored army stopped his action.

"Now that the matter has been investigated clearly, Mr. Wu provoked first, ignored the law in the city, and was injured. This time, he will not be investigated. If there is a next time, he will be severely punished!" In the surprised eyes of the big man of the locust, the Black Armor Army issued a conclusion that he couldn't believe.

"Do you know that we are the Wu family in Zhoushan!" The big man stressed again in disbelief, but it aroused the dissatisfaction of the Black Armor Army.

"In our original city, everyone is equal. No force is allowed to use force. This is an iron discipline. No one can destroy it. If you talk nonsense again, you will be arrested as disturbing the order in the city. Get out quickly!" While talking, the three Black Armored Army had already held up the long knife in their hands. It couldn't be more obvious. If they didn't leave, I'm afraid the Black Armored Army would use force.

"Okay, it's really worthy of the Black Armor Army, with strict discipline!" The big man picked up the injured young master on the ground and left in dismay, because they knew that if he didn't leave, he was afraid he would really go to prison today. After all, he was just a bodyguard. If he was arrested, no one cared about his life and death.

Seeing the other party leave, the three black armored soldiers turned their heads to look at Fan Tian.

"Although I don't like you, I don't like them much. I advise you to go and don't be too arrogant!" The words of the Black Armor Army made Fan Tian smile, and the murderous spirit around his body disappeared.

"Thank you for your advice, but it will always be my martial arts will!" Although Fan Tian said it was easy and natural, his eyes were as resolute as eternity. In Fan Tian's eyes, the Black Armored Army seemed to read a resolute teenager standing between heaven and earth.

In silence, the black armored army did not say anything more, but chose to leave silently, because he suddenly felt that the young man's will in martial arts in front of him was as strong as eternal, and he was like an ant in front of him.

After that day, the teenager did not come to look for Fan Tian's trouble. Maybe it was because of the rules of the city or the injury was recovering. After all, there were still a few days when the beast soul woke up. Fan Tian was also happy and comfortable to play around the city with his sister.

Happy time always passes quickly, and it has reached the day to open the altar in a flash.

In the morning, the originally calm awakening altar, the looming six-pointed light suddenly burst out, the dazzling golden light fell from the sky, the six-point altar ran under the golden light, and the whole city was bathed in the bright golden light.

"Are you going to turn it on?" Fan Tian stood in the middle of the inn and looked at the altar not far away. His heart changed the excitement of the past and became extremely quiet. His clothes had already been worn by him, and the little sister beside him did not make a sound and had been quietly accompanying him.

"Linger, it's almost time. Let's go!" Fan Tian looked at Linger next to him with a smile, stretched out his left hand and pulled her in his hand. The brother and sister walked to the altar heart to heart.

As it gets closer and closer to the altar, the breath felt becomes more and more fierce, and the golden light that goes straight to the sky brings people not only shock, but also excitement. At this moment, the foot of the altar was densely full of people. In the expectation of everyone, a long-bearded old man in a golden robe fell from the sky.

"Everyone, I am the elder Jin Xing who held this awakening altar. Everyone knows that every year at the same time, many people will awaken the beast souls for martial arts to participate in this awakening altar, but every time they wake up, many people will leave the world from now on. This is the first card of martial arts, which does not pass. The people who passed it are the first batch of failed people in the pursuit of martial arts, so everyone must think about it!" Elder Jin Xing paused and looked at the crowd in the square. There were about ten teenagers here who were about to lose their lives. This was another helpless move, because people who did not have awakened beast souls in the source continent could not pursue martial arts, and a person who could not pursue martial arts unless he had the protection of a big family could not be on the mainland. Surviving among them.

Of course, the larger the family, the more fierce the competition, and the more impossible it is to let a person without an awakened beast soul exist. This is the contradiction of the source continent. No matter what the result is, there is only one way out for the awakening beast soul in the end. After a short look, the elder Jin Xing slowly injected his source power into the activated altar to lead.

With the continuous injection of the power of the elders of the Golden Bank, something seems to be squirming in the golden light, and a mass of golden light keeps gathering together, gathering more and more, and gradually the outline of a space door appears in people's sight, becoming clearer and clearer.

"The altar has been opened. The teenager who awakened the beast's soul, please walk to the door." At the call of the elders, a group of teenagers slowly stepped into the door of the golden space under the reluctant eyes of their parents. Some people are destined to lose their children forever, but this is another must-answer question.

The flow of people in the square gradually decreased. Fan Tian knew that he should also go in. He squatted down to look at the spirit in front of him. Fan Tian's heart could not say how he felt, but his eyes were very identified.

"Linger, wait for me, my brother will definitely come out. I will take care of you for the rest of my life. This is my promise to you!" Fan Tian was very serious, and Linger also made a clear point, because he believed that his brother would not lie to him. Finally, he stroked his sister's hair, and Fan Tian quietly walked to the altar.

At the moment he stepped into the door of space, he finally looked at his sister in the distance and found that she was staring at himself motionless in the distance...

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