Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 5 Awakening

The moment he entered the door of space, the surrounding scene changed greatly. The originally bright sky suddenly became dusk-like dark red and gray. Fan Tian could clearly feel that an inexplicable energy around him was slightly oppressing his body, and the air seemed to be mixed with a faint smell of blood. .

The Gate of Space is another world opened up by the awakening altar, which is equivalent to a different dimension space and the outside world. In this space, it is full of a mysterious energy that plays a key role in the awakening of the beast soul.

Fan Tian stood alone at the entrance, looking around the surrounding scene. A square with a diameter of about one kilometer came into view, surrounded by blue stone and jade fences. The space here is not very large, but it is more than enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people. Because Fan Tian entered late, many people have sat on the Bluestone Square at this moment. After carefully observing the surrounding situation, he wanted to find a more remote place.

However, in the process of Fan Tian's search, a familiar figure came into his eyes, but this acquaintance's figure was not a friend, but the hanging prince of the Zhoushan Wu family who repeatedly provoked Fan Tian in the inn that day.

Originally, Fan Tian didn't want to have any other relationship with this person and planned to find a relatively remote position to sit down. Unfortunately, it backfired. At the moment Fan Tian saw him, this person also looked at Fan Tian at the same time. At the same time, an unpopular voice sounded in Fan Tian's ear.

"Countrybag, you are also here to awaken the beast soul, but with your lowly identity, you must stay here as a nutrient today!" The hanging teenager exported viciousness, which immediately aroused Fan Tian's disgust.

"Tell it again, I don't mind spending you now so that you can become a nutrient here before you wake up." Fan Tian looked at him coldly, and at the same time, his body took a step forward slightly. While Fan Tian stepped forward, there was a trace of fear in the eyes of the hanging teenager, and his body leaned back slightly, and his tone was not as stiff as before.

"Well, the beast soul is about to awaken. I don't want to waste my physical strength in your fight. After the beast soul awakens, if you are still alive, I will make you lose convinced!" While talking, the hanging teenager has stood up from the sitting bluestone ground. As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked in another direction. The impression left on him a few days ago is still fresh. He was really afraid that the guy in front of him would ignore other things and abolish him before awakening the beast soul.

Seeing this boring person leave blandily, Fan Tian did not bother to care about it again. After all, awakening the beast soul is the first important thing at present. Seeing that there was a vacant seat in a corner not far away, Fan Tian strode over and sat lightly.

At this moment, the voice of the elders sounded in this alien space.

"The future of the source continent, the awakening ceremony is about to begin. What I want to say is very simple. Nothing can help you here except will, so I wish you all can successfully live!" With the disappearance of the elder's voice, the door of the space originally transmitted in was also out of everyone's sight.

The mysterious energy in the air that squeezes the skin seems to become active.

"It's starting!" Fan Tian said silently in his heart that before coming to the awakening altar, he had clearly grasped the context of the awakened beast soul.

"The beast soul is the source energy sealed in the legend, and this awakening process is to break the seal and awaken the source. The reason why it must be awakened in the altar of awakening is that it requires a special energy to break the seal, and this energy is too thin in the world to be used at all, so people must come to the altar of awakening, because there is very strong energy here, and the process of awakening is to use these energy The amount is introduced into the body and breaks the seal.

Fan Tian doesn't know what kind of beast soul he is, because his parents have never told him their beast soul, so Fan Tian doesn't know what kind of beast soul he will be, because everyone's beast soul will basically inherit his parents' beast soul. Of course, there will be some mutations in it, but that's just something else. .

Therefore, many large families in the source continent attach great importance to their own bloodline, because the purer the bloodline is, the more the beast soul of the awakened person will be closer to the ancestor beast soul of their family, and the talent will be stronger.

For Fan Tian, not knowing what the beast soul is means that he does not know the difficulty of his awakening, because the more powerful the beast soul is, the more power it takes to break the seal, the more difficult it is. Therefore, in order to improve the awakening success rate of their own families, some big families have some secret methods to break their own seal and improve their success rate. This is also the reason why the hanging teenager looks down on Fan Tian. As some people who are not from the big family, their own beast soul may not be very powerful. After awakening, the beast soul has It may be very weak, and future achievements will be limited. Although any beast soul can eventually evolve into a peak beast soul, what do you think of a poor man with only a few hundred silver and a second generation of dage worth millions of silver?

Poor people are likely to become rich through their own efforts, but how much effort do you think he has to get the value that the second generation of dung be born, and how much effort does he need to make to surpass and catch up with the father of the second generation of the dung bellied?

In fact, this is the blessing of the ancestors. A powerful beast soul can make a warrior have strong potential, and a weak beast soul will also greatly limit the development of the warrior. The more powerful the family is, the more energy it has to support the awakening of their younger beast souls, which makes their success rate higher. , such as secret methods, elixir and so on.

Fan Tian sat on the blue stone and has calmed down and slowly introduced the energy around him into his body. He believes that with his physical strength, even without the assistance of powerful secret methods and elixir, he can also break through the seal. In fact, those who do not have a family* want to increase the success rate of the breakthrough can only be with Fan Tianyi Constantly polishing his body makes him stronger, able to withstand greater energy shocks, and awakens successfully with a strong will.

As energy kept pouring into the body, a picture suddenly appeared in Fan Tian's sea of knowledge.

"Sure enough, as mentioned in the book, in the process of awakening the beast's soul, with the help of this special energy, the ability of internal vision can be realized." Fan Tian was only a little surprised at first and began to carefully observe the situation in his body, and strong meridians appeared in front of Fan Tian.

"The width of my meridians is three times that recorded in the book! He didn't expect that the training these days were really effective." Fan Tian was a little proud in his heart, but there was one thing he didn't know. If it hadn't been for the mysterious medicine pool left by his parents, it would have been a great thing that his meridians could be as strong as one or five times that of ordinary people. Think carefully, how a medicinal liquid that can restore people's health and vitality in one night can be an ordinary thing.

After excitement, Fan Tian's own divine consciousness concentrated in the Qihai Cave, because it was the sealed place. Under the gaze of the divine consciousness, another picture with a cave sky appeared in his consciousness. On the Qihai cave, the dense crawling full of blood-red silk threads firmly blocked the mouth of the acupuncture point. If you look carefully, you will find that the dense blood-red silk threads actually constitute the word "sealed" of an ancient seal body, winding on the door of the Qihai cave.

"Sure enough, as recorded, as long as this seal is broken, the original beast soul in the Qihai cave can be awakened. However, why do I look so much stronger than in the record? After careful observation, Fan Tian actually found that the blood-red silk thread on his air cave was actually three times that of ordinary people, that is to say, it was three times more difficult for him to break through the seal than ordinary people, and the children of ordinary families were 1.5 times that of ordinary people, and those who could reach twice were all unrivaled geniuses. More than five floors will fall.

And Fan Tian, with the identity of an ordinary family, wants to break through the triple seal. Without the assistance of the elixir secret method, its success rate will not be higher than half. Of course, it is only his personal opinion that there is no assistance of elixir and secret methods. In fact, the beast chapter he has been practicing is the ancient secret method. Although there is only a foundation chapter, it is not comparable to ordinary people, and the elixir he has been soaking is the best product of cutting hair and washing the marrow.

However, even so, in the face of three times the seal, his success rate still does not exceed 11%.

Looking at his seal, Fan Tian couldn't help showing a wry smile. "Such a powerful seal, the beast soul in my body must not be weak, but..." Fan Tian did not continue to say. At this moment, he did not know whether he should cry or laugh. It is a good thing that the beast soul is strong, but it is nothing if it is too strong. Good thing. After all, there is life, but it may not be useful.

Taking a deep breath, Fan Tian's bitter smile has disappeared, replaced by a face of perseverance, because he thought of his sister who was still waiting for him to come back alone, a seven-year-old girl, alone. Fan Tian knew that he had no reason to leave his sister alone. Stay alone in this world.

"Come on!" Fan Tian's eyes burst into an unshakable light, and it was his only choice to succeed and live.

"What's so difficult about the three times the seal I want to see!" The beast secret has played a guiding role in the body. According to the above record, Fan Tian operated for the first time. Because before awakening the beast soul, the martial artist could not attract the source force, so Fan Tian has been practicing the outer fist of the beast secret. This is the first time that he has used the energy of the awakening altar space to guide the operation.

Under the guidance of the beast formula, the energy in the space slowly poured into the body through the pores and flowed to the meridians. As time passed, Fan Tian was not eager to impact the seal, because he knew that if he wanted to break his seal, ordinary power could not complete it. Therefore, he must continue to accumulate to the limit that his meridians can withstand, and then gather all the power in his body to give the seal thunder.

1, 20%, under the continuous guidance of the beast formula, there is more and more energy in the meridians. From the initial golden light to condense into a thin line of golden light, Fan Tian's meridians have been full of golden energy, but he knows that this is not enough. More is needed, at least all the meridians in the body. The pulse is full.

However, just as he was accumulating energy, a roar had already sounded in public in the square.

"Look, someone's beast soul has awakened!" Surprise voices interrupted Fan Tian's cohesion, opened his eyes and followed the direction of everyone's eyes. A teenager in sackcloth, his face was covered with sweat, and a virtual shadow was struggling out behind him at this moment. Obviously, this is a trend that is about to break the seal and the beast soul is born.

In everyone's surprised comments, an uncut voice sounded.

"When I woke up so early, I knew at a glance that it came out of the remote mountains, and the martial soul was definitely not much better." Talking is a young man who is richly dressed and full of pride between his eyebrows. At first glance, he is a son of a rich family. Although what he said is not very good, it is indeed a practice. The easier it is for the beast soul to awaken, the more fragile the seal is, and the inner beast soul of the seal will not be too strong.

While everyone was talking, the virtual shadow behind the teenager had gradually condensed.

"Look, his beast soul has broken through and condensed!" The first person to make a breakthrough is always noticed by everyone. Almost all the teenagers in the square will look over, and Fan Tian is naturally no exception. As the virtual shadow became clearer, everyone saw the true face of the beast soul.

"Green sheep, it's really low-level!" Another voice is slightly sympathetic. After all, Qingyang, as one of the lowest beast souls, has no other advantages except speed, which will greatly limit its martial arts future, that is to say, the teenager's talent is not very good.

At the moment of awakening, the teenager also knew what beast soul he was, his face was full of depression, like frost eggplant, and the array also transmitted it out, because the door of space has disappeared, only those who successfully awakened the beast soul can be transmitted, otherwise he will stay here forever, although this The young man's beast soul is not ideal, but he should be glad that he at least survived.

After the teenager was transmitted, the rest of the people felt different. Some were worried, some didn't care, and some were afraid, but Fan Tian did not have the energy to care about this, because he had to seize the time to condense the energy in his body and impact his unbreakable seal.

After the teenager woke up, some low-level beast souls began to wake up one after another, and a figure was transmitted from time to time. However, when everyone rushed to hit their beast souls, a harsh cry broke the original order.

"Ah!" The voice of pain came from the body of a teenager in the northeast corner of the square. Just as everyone was puzzled, the changes that followed shocked everyone present, including Fan Tian.

"Bang!" The pain made the teenager lose consciousness, and it was precisely at the moment when the teenager lost consciousness, his body exploded, turned into a mass of blood, and disappeared into the air, leaving only some fragments of clothes. Fan Tian finally understood where the faint smell of blood in the air came from. At this moment, he also understood why those teenagers did not go out, not even a corpse, because their bodies had already turned into energy and become part of this alien space.

At this moment, Fan Tian suddenly realized that the energy in this space seemed to be more than refined between heaven and earth.

The sudden death of the teenager shocked some people in the square. Although they knew that there would be death before they came in, not all of them would walk between mountains and forests like Fan Tian before they became adults and hone on the edge of life and death. At this moment, some people have begun to envy those who have been successfully transmitted out. Although the beast soul is low-level, it is still alive.

However, the death of this teenager is not an end, because the same voice sounded again when everyone was shocked.

"Boom!" It was a bloody fog, a teenager, and a living life disappeared in front of everyone. Fan Tian did not continue to wait and see, but closed his eyes faintly and condensed the energy in his body, because he knew very well that among all the people still alive in the square, he was undoubtedly the one with the highest chance of stepping into the future.