Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 9 Power

In the source continent, the beast soul is divided into two types. The first one mainly cultivates the body and integrates the beast soul with the body, so that the whole body has the ability of the beast soul, but without losing the appearance of human beings, and finally steps on the supreme realm. This kind of beast soul is known as the martial soul.

The other is to major in the original soul and practice the incarnation outside the body. The highest level can even throw away the combination of the body and the beast soul and incarnate the monster. Of course, the second cultivation method is also very mean to the beast soul itself. The general beast soul and bloodline are difficult to practice, and this is called the magic soul.

The two people who are about to fight at this moment obviously have martial souls and illegal souls. However, the martial soul of the hanging teenager is far stronger than Fan Tian. Although it seems to be in childhood, the figure of the wolf more than one meter tall is many times larger than the black puppy on Fan Tian's head.

Desp> Despite this, Fan Tian still had no fear, and his fist in his hand smashed over without hesitation. The hanging teenager also regained his self-confidence because of the awakening of the martial soul. In the face of Fan Tian's attack, he did not dodge at all, and his fists also came up. In his eyes, the growth ability brought by the wolf martial soul is not comparable to that of the little black dog in front of him.

However, the facts once again shattered his self-confidence.

"Boom!" The voice was not very loud. The source power of the two dissipated with one blow. Unexpectedly, Fan Tian's retreat did not appear. On the contrary, the young man retreated three steps. He couldn't believe the fact in front of the wolf martial soul. After awakening the martial soul, his power still lost to what he thought was the mountain village man.

How is it possible? How can your dog's martial soul be better than my wolf? The hanging teenager couldn't accept the fact in front of him and kept looking at his hands, as if he were looking for the root of the problem. However, Fan Tian has no time to waste with him. At present, looking for his sister is his biggest concern.

"Where is my sister? If you don't say anything, I'll kill you!" There was no emotion in Fan Tian's words, and his words once again stimulated the hanging teenager who could not accept the facts opposite.

"What? Are you going to split me? Do you dare to split me? Do you know who I am? I'm Wu Yu, the young master of the Wu family in Zhoushan! If you dare to touch my hair, I will let you die without a burial place." The young man went crazy. His self-esteem was destroyed again. Unacceptably, he actually wanted to move out of the family to sanction Fan Tian.

And the last thing Fan Tian is afraid of is threats, not to mention that when he begs his sister, he is even more unable to take care of it.

"Go to your Zhoushan Wu family!" In everyone's surprised eyes, Fan Tian rushed directly, grabbed the unbelieving young man, raised his hand and smashed him in the face. What's more sad is that no matter how the hanging teenager struggles, he can't escape Fan Tian's palm. This has to be said to be an irony for the wolf martial soul behind him, and he was defeated by a little black dog.

"Damn, don't you say it?" Fan Tian's eyes were blood red, and Wu Yu in his hand was beaten with blood and gave up the struggle. Looking at this form, if he doesn't say anything, Fan Tian doesn't mind continuing to enlarge his face.

"If you dare to hit me, it's over, I will kill you!" The young man was vicious and had lost his mind, because both his body and his self-esteem were fiercely strangled by Fan Tian. The other party was still stubborn. Fan Tian not only didn't care about his threat at all, but also put his feet on it this time.

Some people around the scene also talked about it.

"Look, the Zhoushan Wu family was disgraced this time. The famous wolf martial soul was actually beaten all over the ground by an unknown little black dog!" A spectator doesn't know whether it's sympathy or ridicule.

"What do you know? This teenager is the young master of the Wu family who has just awakened the beast soul. Before he had time to learn their wolf martial arts, he was caught off guard and was bullied by the teenager in front of him. Look, he offended the Wu family. This teenager can't get better. The bodyguards and housekeepers who came to their family this time have been sent by this young master to buy things. When I come back later, I will definitely not be able to get around this teenager. He also sighed for a long time, as if he had seen Fan Tian being taken off.

While everyone was talking, the young man saw that Fan Tian was not threatened, and he was getting heavier and heavier, and finally couldn't stand it.

"Stop fighting, don't fight, I said, I said!" Wu Yu finally succed, and Fan Tian also stopped his movements. After all, his purpose was to inquire about his sister's whereabouts, not to beat people.

"Quickly, if there is a lie, don't blame me for being rude!" Fan Tian's tone was tough, and the young man had no doubt that he would do it again.

"I said, when I left the square, I saw your sister taken away by a woman in blue!" Wu Yu, with a bloody face, said tremblingly.

"What? You said that my sister was taken away by a woman in blue, not you!" There was suspicion in Fan Tian's eyes, but he didn't believe what the young man said. I'm ready to teach him some more lessons. Seeing that Fan Tian was ready to do it again, the young man's eyes showed fear and he was busy screaming.

"What I said is true. Originally, when I saw that you didn't come out, I was going to repair your sister and burst into a bad breath. Unexpectedly, at this time, a woman in blue suddenly fell from the sky and took her away. What I said is true. I can swear with my wolf martial soul that if there is a trace of lie, it must Will not be able to advance." The hanging teenager was really scared by Fan Tian, otherwise no one would swear with his own beast soul in the source continent, because many people who swear with beast souls in history have fulfilled it.

"Girl in blue?" Fan Tian carefully searched his memory and didn't seem to have any information related to her. It seems that he can only ask the young man again. Maybe he will know him.

"Who is that girl in blue?" Fan Tian looked at the young man with sharp eyes, hoping to get an answer, but the result disappointed him.

"I really don't know who the girl in blue is, but she has a high level of cultivation." In order to avoid being beaten again, the hanging teenager took everything.

"How do you know that it is very high?" Fan Tian frowned slightly, which didn't seem to be a good thing.

"Because she left in the air!" Soaring has another meaning in the source continent, that is, the representative of the advanced beast soul. Only by cultivating the beast soul to the advanced level can he have the ability to take off the air. Fan Tian knew that there was only so much information he could get from the mouth of the hanging teenager, so he was ready to lift up and leave, but at the moment he was ready to turn around. A loud and angry voice came from the door.

"Who are you? Dare to bully my young master!" Seeing the person coming, the hanging teenager tore up loudly as if he had seen the savior.

"The housekeeper saved me. This man bullied our Wu family and must kill him!" The hanging teenager seemed to forget that he was still at Fan Tian's feet. Fan Tian glanced at the dung beety waste, and his lower limbs took off his whole body until he hit a wooden stake in the distance.

"Puff!" A mouthful of blood overflowed from the teenager's mouth. Although Fan Tian beat him severely in advance, he also paid attention to the proportion of his hands, which only caused some trauma to him. Unexpectedly, this teenager not only said viciously, but also had a very vicious heart and was always wanted to kill people. That's why I decided to teach him some lessons and no longer be polite to him.

Seeing that the hanging teenager was blown out by Fan Tiandi, the person known as the housekeeper at the door was heart and gallblad. For them, the young master was injured. After returning to the family, they absolutely did not have any good fruit to eat.

"Bastard, you actually hurt our young master!" While talking, a wolf-shaped martial soul gushed out of the middle-aged man's body. This is not the wolf martial soul that the young man has just awakened, but a real intermediate martial soul. Although it is not a wolf, it is also a very powerful wolf martial soul.

In the roar of the other party, an arrow rushed to Fan Tian. Although Fan Tian had been on guard, the level gap was irreparable. With just one blow, his body flew out like a sandbag.

"Boom" is an irresistible force that rushes directly into the bronze body. There is nothing more than this. The injury in the body became more serious under this blow, and a mouthful of blood flowed out from the corners of Fan Tian's mouth.

Although Fan Tian's body was blown away, his will was not affected at all. He slowly stood up from the ground and wiped the blood at the corners of his mouth. His frighting eyes stared at the other party motionlessly, murderous. The martial soul of the black puppy, which is only half a meter above his head, seemed to reflect Fan Tian's heart, and his cold eyes stared at each other motionlessly.

"Kid, why are you not convinced?" Although the other party feels a little unnatural under Fan Tian's gaze, the level gap is irreparable. If the gaze can kill people, he may be afraid of Fan Tian, but obviously this is impossible.

"You insulted the Wu family. I can't let you go out alive today!" As soon as the housekeeper finished speaking, he was ready to kill Fan Tian. However, at this critical moment, a young man in the priest's robe appeared at the door of the inn.

" Stop it!" After seeing the young man appear, there was a trace of respect in his eyes, because his clothes represented a special organization on the source continent, the Beast Soul Hall.

Seeing the young man appear, the housekeeper frowned and secretly thought in his heart, "How did the Beast Soul Hall come? What does this boy have to do with the Beast Soul Hall?" Then it's not easy to deal with!" After being a housekeeper for so many years, middle-aged men are naturally not reckless.

"Excuse me, what is this soul sacrificer? Our Zhoushan Wu family is here to deal with some private affairs. Please forgive me for the disturbance." The middle-aged housekeeper remained calm and tested the purpose of the other party's visit this time. Although the young man in the priest's robe came from a noble background, he did not speak arrogantly.

"Jin Li, the deacon in the Beast Soul Hall of Shiyuan City, may have some misunderstandings. This teenager is a guest of our Beast Soul Hall, so I hope that today's events can turn into jade." Young Jin Li's tone was soft, but the words contained irresistible dignity. The middle-aged housekeeper is also a seven-faceted and exquisite person. He knows that today's affairs are not up to him, but when he catches the glimpse of the seriously injured young master in the distance, the middle-aged housekeeper doesn't know what to do.

If you take such a seriously injured young master home, it will not be as simple as being punished. Young Jin Li seemed to be prepared for a long time when he saw the other party's dilemma.

"Well, as today's apology, I will shine the light of baptism for your young master. Do you think so!" Jin Li smiled. He was not afraid of the other party's refusal, because anyone knew that the light of baptism could not only recover from his injury, but also have great benefits for his future cultivation.

The light of baptism is the unique ability of the Beast Soul Hall. Each person can only use it once a year, which is not precious. If the young master of the Wang family can get the light of baptism, he will not only not be punished but also rewarded after going back this time. Under the surprised eyes of the middle-aged housekeeper, the young Jin Li slowly walked to the injured young master of the Wang family. For a moment, a golden light emitted from his body and enveloped the hanging teenager.

With the continuous increase of golden light, the wound of the hanging teenager recovered at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. In an instant, all his injuries had disappeared, and the remaining internal injuries could be healed in just a few days. In everyone's enviable eyes, the young Jin Li walked to Fan Tian.

"Let's go!" His voice is a little weak, which is the negative effect of the light of baptism. I'm afraid he will have to rest for a few days to recover. Fan Tian didn't say much, but his heart deeply remembered the other party's feelings.

"Thank you!" Following Jin Li, the two left the inn. Looking at the young man still bathed in the light of baptism, the middle-aged housekeeper couldn't help shaking his head with envy. If he was beaten, he could get the light of baptism. Presumably he was willing to do this. However, the middle-aged housekeeper knew that the reason why the other party did this was to resolve the enmity between the teenager and the Zhoushan Wu family.

"I really don't know what the identity of this teenager is. The Beast Soul Hall is actually willing to come forward to help him resolve the resentment." The middle-aged parent sighed. Anyway, this time, he will not only not be punished, but also be rewarded. He is too lazy to take care of other things, but can this resentment really be resolved in this way?

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