Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 11 Beast Gate

After ten years of long flight, Fan Tian finally came to the Wan Beast Gate located in the southern boundary of the Central Plains. I have to say that Fan Tian owed a great favor to the Beast Soul Hall of Shiyuan City this time. In order to enable him to arrive before the enrollment of Wan Beast Gate, the Beast Soul Hall specially sent its own long-distance mount to transport Fan Sky to Wan Beast Gate.

"Thank you, Deacon Xing. Please help me tell Elder Jin Xing and Brother Jin Li that Fan Tian will remember their kindness." Fan Tian bowed deeply to the man on the lion eagle and thanked him.

"You're welcome, little brother Fantian. I will definitely achieve it. I hope you can show your ambition here!" As soon as the words fell, the man on the lion eagle drove away.

A few days ago, Fan Tian discussed with Jin Li in the hall what sect was more suitable for him. Finally, this beast gate, which was claimed to be built on the ruins of the ancient Beast Sect, attracted Fan Tian's attention, because his cultivation was the unique learning of the ancient Beast Sect. If you can find the follow-up chapters, The benefits of Fantian are self-evident. Therefore, he resolutely chose this place.

At the foot of Wanshoumen Mountain.

"Who is coming?" Two young men in tight uniforms stopped Fan Tian. Fan Tian is still dressed in his original clothes, a black animal leather coat, ** with half-armed shoulders, bronze skin against a firm face, his eyes are bright, and his voice is still neither humble nor loud.

"In Lower Fantian, come to the Beast Gate to learn art!" Fan Tian bowed slightly to show his courtesy. Seeing Fan Tian like this, the two young men had a clear expression. Recently, the mountain gate has opened, and there must be many people who come to join the sect. After all, the Beast Gate is also a sect.

"The entrance ceremony will not begin in two days. Those who arrive first can rest at the foot of the mountain, which is the temporary rest place we have prepared for you." Following the direction pointed by the young man, Fan Tian saw some buildings, where there were many teenagers of his age, resting and meditating, as if preparing for the entry test two days later.

Fan Tian nodded, made it clear, and walked over there. Although the building area is not very large, it is very rich, with a variety of daily necessities, food and drinks. Seeing this, Fan Tian couldn't help nodding secretly, "Sure enough, as recorded, Wan Beast Gate is a very humane sect. The leader is righteous and awe-inspiring, and he cherishes his disciples."

You can often see a person's style in small things.

Moreover, all beasts do not choose the soul, as long as they can pass the test. Unlike many sects that have requirements for beast souls, this is another reason why Fan Tian chose the Beast Gate. Other sects will be rejected thousands of miles by virtue of the appearance of his black dog martial soul.

During the next break, Fan Tian was also constantly speculing about his martial soul. After all, he would not believe that such a difficult martial soul to awaken was actually a black dog. But after many days of exploration, he sadly found that this was indeed a black dog, with no specialty or speciality.

There is no special ability except to increase some strength and speed. Maybe he has limited ability and has not found it, or maybe he doesn't at all. However, these are not important to Fan Tian, because in his eternal will, no matter how ordinary the martial soul is, it will evolve into the most powerful martial soul.

The short two days passed quickly, and the mountain gate test was held today.

In the morning, the sun is bright, and the whole beast mountain is shrouded in a faint fog, which has a unique taste of a fairyland holy place.

"Three brothers!" The two teenagers on duty at the gate of the mountain saw the strong young man coming out of the mountain gate, and their eyes were very respectful. The young man, known as the third brother, is healthy and has no smile on his face, but shows arrogance between his hands and feet. However, with his age, he has cultivated to the peak of the intermediate martial soul, and he does have some proud capital.

Lightly, the third brother looked down at the young warriors who came to participate in the test. His voice sounded throughout the valley. With the support of Yuan Li, his voice could be clearly heard at the gate of the mountain.

"Thank you very much for coming from all over the country. Our mountain gate test is still the same as before. The people who pass will become our new juniors. I won't go into details about the specific rules. I think everyone must have understood it before coming. Remember, you have only one purpose. Those who successfully step into the mountain gate are equivalent to becoming a member of the beast gate.

As the voice of the third brother gradually disappeared, the mountain gate that originally appeared in front of everyone gradually withdrew from people's sight and was replaced by 180 mountain roads. Looking at these 180 mountain roads, everyone present knows that this is his challenge today.

Success will become a part of the Beast Gate. Failure may even face death. After taking a long breath, Fan Tian remembered the records in the mainland.

"The Beast Gate is one of the few sects that uses the same test method, because their Beast Mountain is a king-level soul weapon that can change its shape at will, so the warriors who participated in the test enter real scenes, not fantasy. This is why the elders of the Beast Gate will safely and boldly reuse the same test method.

In this real scene, success is success, failure is failure, and there is no cheating. Of course, many years ago, some people would ask whether 180 mountain roads of different difficulties meant unfairness to the participants. But the head of the beast only said one sentence: martial arts need luck, and martial arts need great will.

Although Fan Tian doesn't think he will have any good luck, he has an unyielding will. Without much hesitation, Fan Tian casually chose a mountain road and strode in.

From the moment you step into the mountain road, the surrounding scenes have undergone earth-shaking changes: green mountains and rivers, dense forests, birds and flowers, and mountain roads, pointing to the distance but there is no end.

"It doesn't seem ideal!" Seeing the surrounding scene, Fan Tian knew that there was a fierce battle here. In the dense forest, there must be many fierce beasts. However, at the moment when Fan Tian stepped into the mountain road, at the other end of the mountain road, the king-level soul weapon was under the control, and a middle-aged man in a green robe frowned slightly.

"I didn't expect that someone would cause the most difficult mountain road!" Looking at Fan Tian in the picture, under the control of the beast gate, the beast sky frowned slightly and was thinking about something. Others don't know, but he knows best the function of the soul weapon of Wan Beast Mountain. What can cause the most difficult challenge is not because of his bad luck, but because there is a dark breath hidden in his body that resists the soul weapon of Wan Beast Mountain.

The beast mountain soul weapon can not only feel the luck of others, but also test the breath in the other person's body. Just as the head beast Tianqing was thinking, Fan Tian in the middle of the picture encountered the first wave of trouble on his mountain road.

"Grill, a kind of long-tailed rat with soil ability, has sand hair, is good at escaping, peak teeth and claws, which is very difficult to deal with!" Fan Tian frowned slightly, and the source power in his body had begun to operate silently, and a long black stick appeared in his hand. Because it was difficult to capture the other party's figure without using weapons to deal with this small and difficult beast.

"Squeak!" Although the IQ of the primary fierce beast is not high, it knows what it means when he sees Fan Tian taking out a weapon, and its original purpose is to devouring the prey in front of him. Although its body is only half a meter, its food intake is amazingly large. The battle finally broke out at the urging of both sides. In the face of the fierce beast Fan Tian naturally would not be polite, and the black iron stick in his hand smashed it at the first time.

"Boom" a stick can't be less powerful, and there is a piece of dust around it, but the original gerbil disappeared from Fan Tian's sight.

"I'm out of the ground!" Fan Tian's first reaction was to stimulate his own martial soul. Under the increase of the martial soul, his spiritual consciousness suddenly increased, and a trace of earth pulse came from Fan Tian's feet.

"Sure enough, it's underground, and it's constantly approaching me!" Fan Tian narrowed his eyes slightly, and his brain was constantly calculating the position and distance of the fierce beast. Naturally, the black iron stick in his hand was not vegetarian. Under the injection of rolling force, it became more indestructible. Finally, Fan Tian locked the position of the other party and waved the long stick in his hand for the first time.

"Boom!" Another sound, but this time it did not stir up dust, but deliberately controlled the source force in the long stick and spread it to the ground, and the cracked armor lines scattered in all directions with the long stick as the center. At the same time, a voice of pain came from the ground.

"Squeak!" Obviously, the gerbil was injured under Fan Tian's attack and was also provoked. With a flash of light, the gerbil appeared on the ground again. But at this moment, blood has flowed from its sharp mouth.

"Squeak, squeak!" The gerbil kept roaring at Fan Tian, and at the same time, his tail stood up. Fan Tian, who thought the other party was just angry, suddenly realized what was wrong.

"He is summoning his companions!" Fan Tian's face changed slightly, and the power in his body spewed out. The speed of the bronze figure soared and rushed to the gerbil opposite. At the same time, the black iron stick in his hand seemed to turn into a black iron spear under the injection of the source force. The gerbil shot hard before he was ready to escape again.

"Wo!" Fan Tian often used this trick when hunting in the border town, and he has been practicing it for a long time. At this moment, he attached a murderous atmosphere and firmly locked the gerbil opposite. Affected by this murderous spirit, the gerbil's action actually slowed down half a beat, and it was this half a beat that ended its life.

"Puff!" The long stick passed through its body and firmly nailed it to one side, and blood overflowed from the gap between it and the long stick. However, Fan Tian has not yet relieved to solve it. Three identical figures appeared in front of him. Although he successfully killed the gerbil, he still did not stop him from summoning his companions.

Facing three primary gerbils at the same time, and they are still very angry gerbils, Fan Tian is in danger.

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