Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 13 Blood Red Desert

Looking at the boundless desert in front of him, if it hadn't been for the imprint of a winding path, Fan Tianzhen didn't know which direction to go.

"Oh, it's really hot. The legendary land of southern fire is nothing more than that!" Fan Tian realized what sweaty is at this moment. Fortunately, there is a lot of water stored in his space ring. Otherwise, he will be dehydrated in such an environment and take off a layer of skin.

"Gugudu!" He drank a few sips of water fiercely, looked at the endless desert in the distance, and stepped out, sweating step by step. The surrounding steamer-like heat caused Fan Tian to resist the origin.

10 kilometers, 20 kilometers, 30 kilometers...

Even his own heart does not know how far he has gone, and the water in the space ring is getting less and less. Dry lips can't be made up for by drinking some water. This is a manifestation of the sequelae of being in a dry and hot environment for a long time and peeling.

"How far is this? It has been a day and a night. With the strength of my junior soul master, it will be at least more than 100 kilometers." Fan Tian's heart is full of helplessness. This endless scene, a trace of unchanging road, is even more time-wearing fighting spirit than the battle between life and death.

As time goes by, Fan Tian's physical strength and strength are constantly lost. Fortunately, no fierce beasts have been encountered in this desert. The wound of his left arm has healed 80% after a day and one night under the influence of medicine and source power. Of course, this is not how abnormal his body is, but the light of baptism performed for him by Elder Jin Xing a few days ago.

Although Fan Tian's combat power is only primary, his physical resilience is already comparable to that of an intermediate soul master. This is why the light of baptism is so popular. This alone, which changes the body's ability to recover, will fascinate countless people. Of course, this is just one of its functions.

"Roar!" Fan Tian finally couldn't stand this uniform scene and roared to release the depressed emotions in his body, but his roar seemed to be at the right time. Because a fierce beast that did not come to him was attracted by this roar.

"Smile!" The huge figure suddenly appeared in Fan Tian's hazy eyes, and this huge thing made Fan Tian, who was a little hazy, suddenly shiver. It's not that its huge figure scares Fan Tian, but because its sudden appearance scared Fan Tian.

"Wow!" Some shockedly patted his chest, but when Fan Tian saw the strength of the comer, a trace of cold sweat flowed from behind his back.

"Primary third-order fierce beast, this is not a joke!" In Fan Tian's mind, a primary third-order fierce beast can easily solve five primary first-order fierce beasts. He is very difficult to face three first-order fierce beasts at the same time, so from any perspective, Fan Tian has no chance of winning against this fierce beast.

On the other side, when he saw the fierce beast appear, the head of the beast was a little unhappy.

"You arranged this fierce beast, didn't you? You did it to kill him!" Beast Tianqing looked a little unnatural at the beast mountain soul weapon in front of him.

"Ha ha, the head Shao'an is not impatient. I can see that you appreciate this teenager very much. Although he has some breaths that I don't like, I also appreciate his fighting spirit, and there is no need to kill him at all. However, it is a good thing to never bend, but if he is reckless and inflexion, then his martial arts road will not be too far after all. If you want to cultivate him as our seed player, he must be brave and resourceful at the same time!" Wan Beast Mountain will not be a king-level soul weapon that has existed for many years. The words are sonorous, reasonable and far-sighted, which makes this great leader have to admire it. However, Beast Tianqing still shook his hand to shake his face.

"No matter what, if you kill him, I won't be polite to you!" The Beast Mountain Horcruc also knew that this was the leader's face, so he did not continue to pester him on this issue. One person once again focused his attention on the picture, and this person was a little worried, but this device was completely watching a game, because it had no feelings, and it was just following the will of his ancestors.

In the desert, Fan Tian's expression is very solemn.

"This battle can't be fought!" His unyielding does not mean that he is stupid and dies in the face of an impossible opponent. This is not that the other party wants to humiliate himself and break his martial arts will in Shiyuan City. He and the fierce beast opposite are just a prey, and there is no reason to hunt the prey knowing that they are not opponents.

After carefully observing the opponent's figure, Fan Tian found that the three-meter fierce beast with the head of the lizard and the limbs of the crocodile has a huge feature, that is, its tongue split. Fan Tian had no doubt that the length of this green tongue can shoot out ten meters in an instant, and once it is stuck to this green tongue, it will become the food in the other party's mouth, which is also a certainty.

"Smile!" The giant lizard didn't seem to want to confront Fan Tian anymore, and he couldn't help but prepare to attack him. However, Fan took the lead in launching an attack: the black iron stick was held across his chest, the power surged in his body, and his body shot over like an arrow.

"Puff!" At the moment of Fan Tian's action, the other party shot his green tongue, twice as fast as Fan Tian, and flew over. However, Fan Tian did not dodge unexpectedly, but greeted the black iron bar in his hand.


At the moment when the black iron stick came into contact with the green tongue, Fan Tian clearly smelled a smell of corrosion, and a faint green smoke appeared on the black iron stick. This thing should stick directly to yourself, and you will shudder when you think about it. After the green tongue rolled up the black iron stick, it shrank back fiercely, no less than squirting.

However, Fan Tian did not want to let go at all. He not only clenched the black iron stick with his hands, but also flew towards the big lizard at twice the usual speed under the guidance of the green tongue. When the lizard saw the food he wanted to eat, his face was full of excitement. However, just as he opened his mouth and was ready to enjoy the meat, Fan Tian's body suddenly moved, and his legs burst into incredible power under the infusion of the source force and violently kicked the other party's jaw.

With the power of this recoil and the speed of the green tongue, he flipped over the other party's body and did not fall until more than 20 meters later. After landing, Fan Tianke did not dare to stay, and he didn't even dare to look back. Because he knew that the big lizard that had been kicked and ate a mouthful of soil would not easily let him go after he was furious.

"Run!" In addition to running desperately, he ran desperately. Along the winding path, Fan Angel came out of the fastest speed in his life. Even so, he failed to pull the big lizard behind him far. However, in the process of his escape, his hands did not stop. The bodies of the two gerbils in the space ring that had just been killed by him were thrown back by him one after another.

That's why the speed of the big lizard can be slowed down.

"Bastard, how far is it? I won't last long!" Looking at the less and less food in the space ring, Fan Tian quickly thought about other ways in his mind. At this time, several darts in the ring attracted his attention. Although he was not good at this, he had the foundation of the spear, and his head would not be much worse.

"It's done, it's blocked!" Fan Tian's heart was horizontal, holding two darts in his left and right hands, and the forward body suddenly turned around. Just as the other party thought he would continue to return food, Fan Tian threw two darts in his hand, shooting straight into the eyes of the big lizard. At this critical moment, the strength of the junior third-order fierce beast showed itself. It actually deflected its neck 90 degrees and easily escaped Fan Tian's sudden attack.

However, after the other party dodged the attack, Fan Tian was not disappointed, but showed a triumphant smile, because the two darts shot by the other hand had successfully reached his target under the cover of these two darts.

"Puff!" The sound was not loud and the wound was not deep, but it stabbed the left front leg at the same time. The big lizard was furious, but Fan Tian raised a V word of victory. Because the big lizard after the forelimb injury is no longer the same speed, it can only follow Fan Tian's buttocks to eat dust, and all of this is seen by the head and the beast mountain soul weapon. The desert in front of him finally came to an end.

"Hu" finally came out and looked back at the endless desert Fan Tian, still had a lingering heart. Breathing the fresh air around him, he thought he had come to the paradise, but after those in front of him, he knew that this was just a short-mile rest station to restore his physical strength and source strength, which would be a more difficult test later.

Still leaving half of his consciousness, Fan Tian quickly recovered his source power and was also replenishing his physical strength, because he had spent three days unconsciously.

It took him another half a day, and he finally recovered his strength and physical strength to the peak state, and at the same time, his physical injuries also recovered. It takes more than two days for the wound to heal, which takes at least five days for ordinary people, but for those who have experienced the light of baptism, this time has been reduced by half. The recovery ability of warriors in the source continent is particularly strong, which is actually a racial talent.

The scene of ten different days was presented in front of Fan Tian again.

"What is this? Icefield?" Fan Tian sighed in his heart that he had experienced any scene and climate when he participated in a mountain gate test. He shook his head helplessly and ran the source force in his body. Fan Tian walked inside again. And on the other side of the soul weapon on the beasts, the head of Beast Tianqing saw all this and turned green.

"Thousands of miles of ice, you are really cruel!" Although Beast Tianqing gritted his teeth, he knew that this extreme test was a great ordeal for Fan Tian, but the benefits after the ordeal were also rich.

"Ha ha, the leader is not worried, three gerbils, the test is this son's force, pass! Blood red desert, the test is this son's wisdom, pass! This last thousand-mile ice field tests perseverance. If you can pass the test, I will not oppose what you will do to him after that because of the dark energy in his body!" The beast Tianqing listened to the words of the soul weapon on the beast, but thought about what kind of dark breath was in this boy's body, which actually made the mountain soul weapon of the beasts bring down the most difficult and unprecedented test in history.

But for some reason, the head of Beast Sky seems to think that this son can break this history.