Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 15 Apprentice

In the ancient mountain spring of the back mountain, a pale figure is slowly recovering.

The ancient mountain spring is also a secret place of the Beast Gate. Only those who have won the rewards of the sect have the opportunity to be transported here. Except for the head and some elders, no one knows its location.

In the ancient mountain spring, a trace of vitality is constantly pouring into Fan Tian's body from the light green spring, and some white faces gradually show a trace of blood color, and the vitality is constantly recovering.

One day and two, Fan Tian's body was slowly getting better. At the same time, the whole mountain gate is also in a hot arrangement, because in a few days, there will be a new disciple's crown ceremony.

Central Hall of the Beast Gate

The head was tied with a crown and the head of Wanshou Mountain in a robe sat in court. Hua Yu, the third brother in a leather suit below, can't see any pride on him at this moment, but a very servile face.

"Hua Yu, this crown ceremony will be hosted by you. How are you prepared?" At this time, the head of the beast sky was full of majesty, and the beast Huayu below bowed slightly with respect.

"In return, everything is in the smooth arrangement and will be held on time!" Beast Huayu is very confident, as if everything is under control. Tianqing, the leader of the beast, also appreciated this talented disciple very much and nodded slightly.

"You have done a good job, but this crown ceremony will be delayed by two days. Go and pass this news to the peaks!" Although the leader's words surprised the beast Huayu, he did not ask, because he knew what to ask as a disciple and what not to ask.

"It's the leader, and I'll pass it on to the peaks." After the beast Huayu retreated and looked at his back, the head shook his head almost invisiblely and sighed.

"This son is talented, but proud. Character still needs to be polished!" After saying that, the figure of the leader disappeared in the central hall at the same time, but appeared on the edge of the ancient mountain spring in the back mountain.

"Gu Ying, have you been standing here?" This middle-aged man, known as the ancient shadow, is the spirit of the soul of the beast mountain.

"Anyway, I'm dumbfounded everywhere. Why don't you observe his recovery!" The more natural the ancient shadow's words are, the more abnormal it is for Beast Sky to listen to. Because since he met the ancient shadow, this soul weapon that has lived for thousands of years does not seem to care about anything, but he pays special attention to this teenager.

Just when the head of the beast was confused, the most surprising sentence of this century came to his ears.

"I want to take this boy as an apprentice." Beast Tianqing was said by Gu Ying and did not react for a moment. After a long time, his eyes rolled round and he looked at each other with a shocked face.

"What did you say?" Beast Tianqing couldn't believe his ears and wanted to confirm it again, and Gu Ying seemed to take the other party's reaction for granted, because it really didn't seem to come from his mouth.

"You heard right. I just want to take him as an apprentice, but not now, but after he grows into a senior soul master, now let him practice life like other ordinary disciples." Gu Ying turned around and looked at the beast Tianqing faintly, as if waiting for his reply and seemed to be planning something.

Although the beast Tianqing doesn't know what Gu Ying thinks, although he also hopes to take this teenager as an apprentice. But he has no reason to rob the apprentice with the other party. Because this is the first time he has heard Gu Ying's request, as if this is also the first time that this ancient soul weapon, which has been guarding the gate of beasts, has made his own request for thousands of years.


Beast Tianqing no longer knows what to say, because his brain is not enough at all. Why did this teenager attract the attention of Gu Ying? Is it just because of his will? Beast Tianqing doesn't believe it, so the only reason left is to pass the most difficult test that no one has passed for thousands of years.

Beast Tianqing touched his nose and caught a clue in his mind, and the ancient shadow beside him also noticed his change.

"Do you think it has something to do with me to accept him as a disciple and pass the mountain gate test?" Beast Tianqing didn't expect that Gu Ying would discuss this matter with him so bluntly. But as a leader, he is also a hero and never escapes in the face of problems.

"Yes, according to your personality, I really can't think of anything else." Beast Tianqing nodded inexplicably.

"You are right. The root cause of his apprenticeship is that he passed the most difficult mountain gate test." Speaking of this, Gu Ying sighed for a long time, which seemed so vicissitudes. "Do you know? Beast Sky, I have been waiting for this person for 5,000 years!" It was not until this moment that the head understood that the mountain gate test did not seem to be just for apprentices, but also had other meanings.

The leader did not ask further, but waited for the other party to explain himself. However, from Gu Ying's next words, he learned a secret that even the leaders of previous generations did not know.

"Five thousand years ago, as a soul weapon in the hands of the ancestors, she was born and died in the ends of the sea. Finally, we came to the Mountain of Beasts and created the Gate of Beasts today, but at the Gate of Beasts, the door was like a city. When the festival rose, she suddenly disappeared and left a note before leaving, and this note only There is the most difficult test she set up to open it."

"For thousands of years, I have been trying to open my notes, but I have never succeeded. It was not until this teenager successfully passed the most difficult test, and the notes finally changed a little. At that time, I found that when she left, she left a mark on me and on my notes at the same time. Only those who passed the most difficult test could Through this seal, I remember the approval of the note and finally open the note. The ancient shadow's face is full of vicissitudes.

"Is the peerless skill recorded in this note?" Beast Tianqing frowned slightly. He didn't expect that even he, the head, didn't know that there was such a secret in the Beast Gate.

"The peerless skills of the Beast Gate remain in the Heavenly Beast Cave, and this note only records the wheres of the ancestors." At this moment, Beast Tianqing really feels that there is another wave of unfinished waves.

"What? Do you think the ancestor didn't sit down? Beast Tianqing can't believe that a person can live so long. You should know that a king-level soul master only has a life of about a thousand years. However, Gu Ying's next words broke his previous ideas.

"Of course, there is no sitting. Today's world has changed, and there are almost no imperial soul masters, so few people know that there are earth-shaking changes from the king level to the emperor level. A king-level soul master only has a thousand years of life, but an imperial soul master has a life span of five or six thousand years. Beast Tianqing was shocked. In this era, if a sect has a king-level soul master, it will be a prince, and only those ancient secret sects can find one and a half. One.

Therefore, in today's source continent, many people know that the king-level soul master is powerful, but few people know the majesty of the emperor-level soul master, and only some ancient sects know something about the emperor-level soul master. And the beast Tianqing is the only king-level soul master in the world of beasts today.

The shock of the leader was expected by Gu Ying. Of course, he did not stop complaining because of the shock of the other party.

"So, what is recorded in the notes is not the secret book, but the trace of the whereabouts of the ancestors!" After saying this, Gu Ying did not explain much, as if it had aroused his painful memories. The armor-like figure disappeared from the shocked eyes of the beast, and the head also left the ancient spring with an incredible face.

Three days later, Fan Tian finally woke up slowly in the ancient mountain spring.

"What is this place?" He opened his eyes with some effort, and what he saw was the steam and the breath of spirit. His whole body was soaked in the ancient mountain spring. The pool was not very large and could accommodate five or six people at the same time, but the vitality in the pool was extremely strong.

"Let's check the injury in the body first!" Fan Tian regained a trace of memory and took the lead in surveying the injury in his body. However, when he was about to mobilize the source power in his body, he suddenly found that the body that should have been empty was full of source power at this moment.

"Is it the effect of this mountain spring?" Fan Tian only guessed half of it correctly. Previously, when the leader and Gu Ying healed his wounds, they used their own source power, but after removing the cold air, they took back their own source power, but left a trace of seed in Fan Tian's body. It was this seed that took eight days to use the ancient mountain springs in the outside world to make Fan's body. The internal power recovered bit by bit.

"I can't control so much. Let's check the injury in your body first!" Because the physical injury is quite serious in his memory. With the help of Yuanli, Fan Tian clearly saw the situation in his body, but the scene he saw was far from what he thought. The body that was originally thought to be broken is now full of vitality. The faint green energy surrounds its meridians and is still repairing the last trace of deficiency.

"How could this happen?" Fan Tian's brain rotated rapidly, and he found the problem in an instant, because the pale green in the whole spring was exactly the same as the energy in his body.

"This spring still has such a powerful vitality energy that my body has completely recovered under its moisture, and it is better than before." Feeling the more tough meridians in his body, Fan Tian's face is indescribably excited. You should know that the change of the meridians is the most difficult. Once the adult meridians will be shaped, its width will be difficult to increase, and its thickness will only become tougher only with the increase of strength.

I didn't expect that this time I was blessed by misfortune, and the toughness of the veins was twice as high as before. This is like when a person becomes an adult, his physical appearance will basically not change much, and the meridians are the same. Before the age of 15 in the source continent is the best time to exercise the meridians. Once this opportunity is missed and the beast soul awakens, his meridians will basically not change much.

So this change really makes Fan Tian happy. After waking up, he also knew that this was a treasure land. How could he return home with empty hands? He didn't care about the crown of the hall, so he began to crazily absorb the rich vitality energy in the ancient mountain springs and polish and improve his body.

In a blink of an eye, half a day passed, and the injury in Fantian was completely recovered.

However, just as he was about to continue to suck greedily, the surrounding air suddenly fluctuated, and the scene around him changed instantly. Unexpectedly, it turned from an ancient mountain spring to a separate courtyard in an instant, and at the same time, a voice came to his mind.

"You have successfully passed the mountain gate test, and you can participate in the crown ceremony tomorrow. Don't mention anything in the ancient mountain spring. Wan beasts do their best for every disciple, so because your injury is exceptionally soaked in the ancient mountain spring, but other peers are not allowed to know about this matter, otherwise drive out the mountain gate." Although Fan Tian did not know who the owner of this voice was, he knew that he must be a person of good status, so he was also very respectful in words.

"Disciples will keep it in mind and dare not say anything!" Fan Tian slightly recapsed the void. He respected this person from the bottom of his heart, otherwise his injury would not have recovered so quickly.

In the wing room, a set of blue gowns are neatly stacked on **. This is the clothes that must be worn to participate in the ceremony. Usually, disciples of the Beast Gate can wear any dress, but on formal occasions, they must wear these gowns to show etiquette.

Fan Tian ate something and did not go out, but chose to rest quietly in the house. After all, he has been soaking in hot springs these days. Although he has received a lot of benefits, his spirit has never relaxed, so he has to relax himself before the ceremony.

The second day, the crown ceremony finally began

But what Fan Tian didn't know was that the ceremony was delayed for two days because of him.