Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 25 Contract?

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"Wo!" The sound sounded again. Although it was not very loud, it clearly reached Fan Tian's ears.

"What is this sound? It sounds like a hunter's house, which is often a gatekeeper!" He frowned and looked at the source of the sound. It was this voice that had just saved Fan Tian's life. Fan Tian should not have been curious about a voice that could scare away the third-order fierce beast. Leaving this place immediately is the best choice.

However, the weakness and powerlessness in this voice have always made Fan Tian unable to make up his mind. Whether from the perspective of robbery or gratitude, he can't leave here.

"Let's go and have a look. If the other party is very strong, then turn around and leave." Fan Tian meditated in his heart, hid his breath, and carefully searched along the direction of the sound. As he kept approaching the source of the sound, the breath of the fierce beasts around him became thinner and thinner, which meant that there was no fierce beast near the owner of the sound.

Feeling the changes around him, Fan Tian became more and more nervous. After all, he could scare away the third-order fierce beasts, and his own strength must be strong. But as it gets closer, Fan Tian does not feel any strong breath. On the contrary, there is only a very fragile vitality, which seems to be in danger of extinction at any time.

"Is it true that some kind of flood beast has been hit hard and is about to die?" If this is the case, then he can be regarded as picking up the treasure this time, but Fan Tian did not dare to take it lightly until he saw the target. The experience of the snake just now is a good lesson.

The "Oh" sound seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and the other party's life may disappear immediately. After some twists and turns, Fan Tian finally saw the owner of the voice, but the moment he saw the other party, a surprised expression appeared on his face at the same time.

"Oranimal dogs or young?" Fan Tian couldn't believe that the owner of the sound that scared the third-order snake away was actually a newborn dog. No wonder he felt that this sound was familiar. When he was in a border town, many hunters would foster dogs.

"It seems to be dying!" Fan Tian frowned. After repeatedly observing that the surrounding situation was indeed safe, the bronze figure quickly came to this dying life, which was obviously an abandoned dog at birth. Although he didn't know why his mother abandoned it, Fan Tian felt that this little life should be saved for nothing else. He just shocked the snake and saved Fan Tian's life because of its roar.

"Little guy, don't be afraid. Since we are predestined and you saved my life, I won't let you die." Looking at the palm-sized puppy in front of him, Fan Tian gently held it in his arms, and the gentle source force in his body surrounded him.

At the moment of touching Fan Tian, the young body suddenly shook, which seemed to be afraid and frightened. But as the gentle source surrounds it, the tension gradually subsides. The young forehead, which has not yet opened, arched cutely in Fan Tian's arms.

"Hehe, since we are predestined, you can follow me in the future. Let's fight together. You are a dog, and I am also a dog. Although we don't have good talent, we have endless consciousness. Let's fight and grow together!" Fan Tian looked at the puppy in his arms and suddenly had a particularly kind feeling, which was the throbbing that only the family could bring. It was the warmth and doting that disappeared after his sister left.

The puppy in his arms seemed to feel Fan Tian's thoughts, and the young man kept squeaking. Just as Fan Tian thought that the other party was coquettish, a six-pointed array suddenly appeared above them. The ancient and vicissitudes of time were transmitted directly through the six-point array. Fan Tian's knowledge of the sea.

A set of mysterious characters constantly emitting colorful light, and their bodies were wrapped in various halos at the same time. Although Fan Tian did not understand what this was and the mysterious character, there was a sudden understanding in his heart.

"Heaven has a heart, his heart, your heart!" With the entanglement of mysterious runes and the rhyme of the road, Fan Tian gradually felt that he had an inexplicable connection with the dog in his arms, and the source power in his body was also actively flowing to the other party's body. At the same time, the vitality of the puppy was constantly strong and strong.

"Contract? The bondage of the road?" An idea flashed in Fan Tian's mind for the first time, that is, the road contract that only fierce beasts can take the initiative to issue on the source continent. Beasts are naturally cruel, but if they are cultivated from an early age and have feelings for their owners, they can take the initiative to send out a trace of the road, the traces of the law, and create an inexplicable connection with their owners.

And the advantage of this thing is that the communication between human beings and fierce beasts achieves an unexpected effect in battle. Of course, this inexplicable trace of the road and the trace of the law are different for each fierce beast. After all, there are not many people who can get the love and respect of fierce beasts, and the source continent does not have a deep understanding of it.

Fan Tian now felt the use other than communication, that is, the puppy in his arms is constantly demanding strength from him to restore his vitality through this connection. Of course, this little guy is not violently plundering, but sucking gently with Fan Tian's permission.

Looking at the puppy in his arms warmly, Fan Tian decided to leave this place first. The light bursting out just now is too dazzling and will definitely attract the attention of other fierce beasts. Although I don't know why other fierce beasts are not close to this puppy, Fan Tian can't guarantee whether they will rush up next moment.

Although he held the puppy, his speed did not slow down at all, and his bronze body once again turned into a dark part and disappeared into the air.

In the morning of the second day, facing the morning glow and swallowing the source force, Fan Tian sat alone on the top of the giant tree, facing the morning sun. The puppy on his chest was sleeping sweetly. Using the warm animal skin, Fan Tian fixed it on his chest. His young body did not affect his movements at all.

"Today, we will continue to hunt beasts and look for the entrance by the way!" Looking at the source core of the underworld in the space ring, Fan Tian did not dare to absorb cultivation here. This is not on the cliff, and there is no need to worry about other fierce beasts attacking. This is the paradise of fierce beasts. If you are not careful, you will fall into it. The experience of the snake yesterday is still fresh in his memory.

"It is reasonable that this place should not be very far from the entrance. After all, the place where I fell to the bottom of the cliff is only one kilometer away from the intersection." Fan Tian stood at the top of the giant tree with his chin and carefully observed the surrounding landscape. Suddenly, he seemed to find a difference. The opposite direction is slowly rising, while the direction he is following now is descending step by step towards the abyss.

"It's reversed!" Fan Tian's forehead was full of cold sweat. Fortunately, he found out early. If he continued to walk along, the consequences would be unimaginable. If he encounters a middle-level fierce beast, one is enough for him to eat. He quickly changed his direction and retreated. At the same time, he did not forget to observe the fierce beasts around him.

"The fierce beasts here seem to be more dense than yesterday!" After the place where the puppy was found yesterday, Fan Tian suddenly felt that there was a lot of breath around him that had not been there before. In fact, there was something he didn't know. Just after he signed a contract with the puppy, many fierce beasts came here. Because he acted quickly at that time, he had left before the fierce beasts arrived.

"It's better to go first!" Glancing at the puppy in his arms, he suddenly felt that this young life did not seem simple. However, shortly after he left, a very powerful breath suddenly landed here and looked at the situation around him with cold eyes.

At this time, a more powerful breath burst out from the gate of beasts.

"At the foot of the Beast Mountain, leave quickly!" The voice is magnificent and unquestionable. And the owner of the cold eyes stared at the direction Fan Tian left and reluctantly left to the depths of the mountain. At the same time, the strong breath of Wanshou Mountain also went away like a tide.

In the central hall of Wanbei Mountain, the head of Beast Tianqing frowned slightly.

"Someone seems to have changed in the back mountain!" The leader's expression was very solemn, but the elders beside him didn't care.

"We, the mountain of beasts, are guarded by thousands of beasts. No matter what demons and monsters they are, they can't break!" The elders in gray agreed with each other, but the eyebrows of the beast sky have never stretched.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Fan Tian still couldn't find the entrance, not how far it was from the entrance, but the fierce beasts here were too dense. Just yesterday, he was seen by the two fierce beasts for a whole day without moving a step. Facing the two fierce beasts, Fan Tian didn't know what to say.

At that time, he was running towards the entrance. Suddenly, the breath of a fierce beast appeared in front of him and blocked his way. However, just as he was about to kill the other party, another breath suddenly appeared not far behind him, and neither of these two fierce beasts had found Fan Tian's whereabouts.

However, if he dealt with one of them, the other would definitely be attracted, so he was in a very awkward position and could neither move forward nor retreat. He thought that the two fierce beasts would leave after a moment, but he didn't expect that the two of them rested separately until a day later that the one in front of him left.

Looking at the little guy who sleeps when he is full, Fan Tian is really envious. Of course, the energy absorbed by the other party will not affect him at all. How much power a palm-sized puppy can absorb?

Just as Fan Tian was about to continue to find a way out, the faint sound of weapons in front of him attracted his attention.

"There is hope to go out!" Fan Tian grinned at the corners of his mouth and ran in the direction of the sound.