Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 30 Such an army

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The Great Yan Empire is located in the southern part of the Central Plains, adjacent to the southern fire. In order to resist the demons of the southern fire, more than 100,000 soul masters die every year. Of course, more than 100,000 soul masters are not entirely from the Dayan Empire, because the empire guards the borders of the whole mankind, so other countries on the source continent will transfer a group of troops to the Dayan Empire every year out of assistance.

Because everyone in the mainland is a soul master, many people who did not join the sect entered the army. Of course, most of the army are ordinary warriors with ordinary martial souls and ordinary strength. Because those with slightly better qualifications are absorbed by the sect, only those soul masters who can't join the sect will choose this kind of day.

Although everyone in the mainland is a soul master, 90% of the people are stuck in the primary stage. For example, everyone is rich, but there are only a few millionaires and multimillionaires. Therefore, the soul master who has not broken through the junior soul master in the source mainland is the common people. Once he breaks through the junior soul master and becomes an intermediate soul master, he will immediately rise and be respected by thousands of people. Even in the army, he will become a general.

Fan Tian and others are being led by the burly man Chiyan to the military headquarters of the army. Chiyan is burly, with dark skin and a terrible knife on his face, but this big man is very bold and talkative.

"You guys, come here if you have nothing to do. It's really looking for death!" Looking at the middle-aged eyes, Chi Yan seemed to have some sympathy and pity.

"Then you came here to die early?" Mingjian has never been a person who loses his mouth. As he speaks, he opens his folding fan, like a fable son who came to visit. Chi Yan didn't care about the return of Ming Jian.

"I like the feeling of living on the edge of the knife here. The greenhouse flowers in your sect can't withstand the hot sun here. I dare to say that the first time you go to the battlefield, you will die in half." Chi Yan glanced at the crowd, especially the book full of Mingjian, which made him shake his head.

"Listen to your tone, it seems that I have seen many disciples die in the battle!" Fan Tian's voice sounded faintly. Chi Yan noticed Fan Tian, who was wearing leather clothes from the beginning, because he felt that the most dangerous thing in the whole team was this teenager.

"I not only saw them killed by Yuanmo with my own eyes, but also I was very powerless. I once led two teams, one team of ten people, one team of eight people, and none of the 18 elites left here alive!" Chi Yan's words showed a faint sadness and contained imperceptible self-reproach, but they were instantly covered up by others.

"So, you are the third team I lead. Because you are sent to experience in the sect, you don't need to join the army and enter the establishment. Of course, if you are put into a team led by the staff, it will kill a lot of people!" Chiyan grinned, and his tone made everyone very unconvinced.

In the army, those who can reach the primary three-stage can become the captain of a party, and Chi Yan is a three-stage warrior, but he is not affiliated with the formal army, but is responsible for leading mountain disciples like Fan Tian and others who come to train punished. Of course, the sect will not tell the army that these are mistakes. There will be a grand reason for the disciples, that is, experience.

While talking, they have come to the military headquarters. Here is a general in charge of the fire wolf martial soul. He wears King Kong heavy armor, wears a wild geese helmet, and a pair of fiery red eyebrows are frightening.

"General, the disciples of Wan Beast Gate have been brought to you!" Chi Yan held his fists and held the military salute.

"Hm, I don't have much to say here. I hope you can go back alive!" The general Red Flame's voice revealed a faint vicissitudes, but he signaled that Chiyan took the crowd down.

What does this general mean? Meet us? Then drive us out?" Leaving the military headquarters, the young emperor also felt a little uneven, but his unintentional words angered Chi Yan.

"You'd better not talk nonsense. The general takes care of everything every day, worry about the people, and guard the border. You can't comment at will!" I didn't expect that Chi Yan, who had always cared about nothing, respected the general so much.

The originally harmonious atmosphere became tense. Chi Yan also realized that the young emperor was unintentional and his expression eased a little.

"Well, this time I didn't hear anything. Don't talk about the general casually in the army in the future. If others hear it, they will fight with you!" Fan Tian didn't expect that the general sitting in the military tent had such a high prestige in the army.

Under the leadership of Chi Yan, everyone came to the army's logistical supplies.

"This is the most important place for the whole army. Everyone who comes here will receive a set of their own equipment, a set of skills, a living space ring, and a set of heavy armor. As for whether you are willing to wear it or not, no one cares." Chi Yan handed a space ring to everyone.

"It's all here. You can check for yourself to see if it's missing!" Fan Tian's eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this space ring again and could hold living things.

"Captain Chi Yan, do you think this space ring can hold living things?" Fan Tian couldn't believe it, because in the ordinary space ring, it is impossible to survive without oxygen.

"Of course, this space ring is specially designed, because there will often be a large number of casualties in their own battles in Nanhuo. In order to save their comrades-in-arms faster, a formation is designed in the space ring that can store a small amount of air, but the air stored in this formation is only enough for ordinary people to breathe half God, after this time, they will suffocate!" Hearing such a magical design, several people's eyes were round, but the secret in the space ring was even more amazing.

"This secret is specially designed for Yuan Mo, because the energy core of Yuan Mo is different from ordinary fierce beasts. It is a crystal completely condensed by the source force mixed with fire attributes. We call it the magic core. The source force in this magic nucleus cannot be directly absorbed by us. And a powerful existence specially established this skill for our soldiers guarding the border of the land of southern fire!" Speaking of the powerful existence, Chi Yan's face actually showed a light of admiration.

After some introduction, several people finally have some understanding of the land of Nanhuo. In that secret book, it not only records special cultivation methods, but also records the characteristics of the local demons of Nanhuo. When Chi Yan left, he told them that he would be given three days to adapt to the environment, and three days later, he would set out for the land of southern fire.

And Fan Tian used these three days to go to the nearest Yancheng to store food for the little guy in his chest. Of course, its food is a large amount of animal milk. Last time it was stored in the beast gate, it has been exhausted during the long journey. This time he wants to store it for the little guy. Save it for half a year. Anyway, the space ring is not afraid of deterioration. Of course, this is also a vast project. In the past three days, all the female creatures that can be nurtured in Yancheng have been made by Fan Tian.

Three days later, everyone gathered in front of the camp, but this time Chi Yan changed a set of equipment, with dark heavy armor all over his body. Under the reflection of the sun, a trace of scars were exposed, and a long black gun in his hand emitted a faint dark gold light.

"Guys, are you ready to die?" Chiyan's tone is still unpleasant to everyone, but no one has paid attention to him now.

"Our task today is very simple. After hunting a team of scouts, we can come back to rest!" Chi Yan said it simply, but everyone knows that this scout must be the enemy's advance search force. Riding on the sand beast, everyone marched to this destination.

At the moment he entered the land of Nanhuo, Fan Tian felt that his skin had been burned and rushed to the source of luck. The little guy on his chest had been subjected to the space ring. Because after previous tests, he found that this space ring that could support human survival for half a day, the little guy could stay in it. Two nights, after all, it only has two palm-sized bodies. Although it is twice as old as before, it is still not very big.

"What the hell is this place? It's so hot!" Fuquan was the first to stand it, because his body was the fattest in the team.

"Fat, who let you be covered with fat, lose weight quickly!" Mingjian smiled, shook his folding fan, and sat on the sand beast. It was so leisurely.

"Well, young master, I'm not strong, who will resist for you in front!" The fat man looked at Ming Jian and looked unhappy. However, just as everyone was fighting, a low voice came from the front of him.

"The target has appeared, ready to fight!" Following the direction pointed by Chi Yan, a group of Yuan demons appeared in everyone's sight, surrounded by sand and stones, and red fire erupted!