Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 31 Battle 1

There is an unreserved golden desert on all sides, which is like a big steamer, evaporating everyone's body. In this desert, there was a team staring nervously at the Yuanmo team that slowly appeared on the opposite side.

"Sure enough, the sand and gravel are entangled and the red fire is erupting!" Although it is recorded in the book, several people are still very shocked after actually seeing it. The Yuanmo opposite seems to be made of five huge stones. The skull, torso and limbs, and the fire-breathing holes on the head, are even more incredible.

"Remember that the core of the demon is the magic core in the torso. If you don't break its torso, even if you smash its head, it can still kill you. Many chicks will die in this low-level mistake." Chi Yan is very serious, and the long gun in his hand emits a faint light and is ready to fight at any time.

"There are six Yuan demons on the opposite side, of which only the strength of the primary one or two stages. Only the Yuanmo with weapons has three levels of strength. However, don't take it lightly because of this. A loser with two levels of strength is also very scary. Chi Yan's final reminder was over, so he rushed up first.

At the same time, the two or three-meter-high Yuan demon also found them and rushed over violently. A piece of sand rolled, and as it kept approaching, Fan Tian actually found that the air around Yuanmo was hotter. If he did not run the source force again to resist, it would weaken half of his combat power. However, Chi Yan, on the other hand, was not affected at all and did not use the source force to resist.


The two sides finally bumped into each other, and Chi Yan was also three-stage strength, but he chose the strongest one in the Yuanmo team. Fan Tian and others did not compete. Although they learned some of the characteristics of the other party from the book, they had never experienced a real battle and would never know how terrible the opponent was.

"Fatty, stop two, is there a problem?" The young emperor looked solemn and did not despise the other party at all. Everyone in the team became serious.

"Haha, there is no problem with all three. You can solve the other three quickly. Xiaoyue and I will delay these!" The fat man held a shield and his martial soul was above his head. He had put on the black armor distributed by the army, and his whole body was like a barrier in front of the team.

"Be careful!" After a brief reminder, Fan Tianyan rushed out and went to face the Yuan demon. At the same time, several other people also split up.

"The figure is really big enough!" In the face of the three-meter-tall Yuanmo, Fan Tian felt that 1.8 meters tall was simply not enough. The other party's eyes spit fire, and the rock torso is completely a combination of energy and rock. Fan Tian couldn't figure out how such a creature was produced. These thoughts flashed by, because the rock giant hand opposite had been hit.


Of course, Fan Tian will not be so stupid that he will confront the enemy when he does not understand the strength of the other party. Although he knows that his opponent's strength is not as good as himself, he is still very cautious. The long black iron stick in his hand gently blocked, and the bronze figure floated and retreated. Even so, his hands were numb.

"What a great power!" Although Fan Tian was just a temptation, he was still shocked by the strength of the other party. Like him, several other people also showed shock. Fortunately, everyone's strength was much higher than that of the other party, and they quickly adjusted their bodies and fought again.

"This guy is covered with weapons!" After several fights, Fan Tian found that the other party did not feel any pain, and no way could kill the other party except smashing the magic core.

"Horizontal, cut the moon!" Taking advantage of its surprise, the stick turned into a mountain and hit the other party's body. Under the powerful attack, the Yuanmo flew directly out ten meters, and the rocks on his body also broke and fell off. However, Fan Tian was still happy in the future, and the other party rushed back again as if nothing had happened.

"Damn it!" Mingjian, not far away, seemed to have had the same scene as Fan Tian. This guy couldn't help laughing and actually burst into swearing. However, Fan Tian was not in the mood to continue to pay attention to him, because his Yuanmo had come back angrily again.

"It seems that there is no way to destroy the magic nucleus except to break the torso directly!" Fan Tian narrowed his eyes and stared at the other party's every move. The bronze body suddenly retreated, and a force gushed out of the whirlpool of the Qihai cave, and the long stick in his hand was transformed again.

"Dongtian!" The long stick is like an engine, and the hole is broken for nine days. The dark golden stick light is shot from one end along the black iron long stick. A black iron long stick, which is completely transformed by energy, comes out in response and shoots directly into the opponent's torso.

The sound was not loud, like cutting white paper with a knife, and it easily cut into the body of the other party's rock. A fiery red magic core appeared in front of Fan Tian. Fan Tian would give up such a good opportunity. A black iron bar instantly appeared in his hand and did not hesitate to throw it at the other party's magic core.


Under the impact of the black iron stick, the magic core flew out of the original demon's body, and the original demon suddenly stiffened body and stopped moving, and the rock body broke and scattered to the ground.

"Seal the magic nucleus quickly, or it will be resurrected!" Chi Yan, who was also caught in a bitter battle, suddenly roared. Fan Tian couldn't shout, and his movements were also very agile. Seeing the magic core that wanted to fly again, the power in his hand surged. A complex array trapped the other party in it. With a flash of light, the other party was finally sealed and stopped moving. This set of seals is naturally recorded in the secrets.

While he surrendered to his opponent, the young emperor wrapped his sharp fist and claws around the opponent and took out another magic core, and the Mingjian didn't know how to do it. He let the opponent have a fist, smashed his body, and exposed the magic core to let him do it.

Seeing several people, the fat man who fought against the second finally couldn't help shouting.

"Come and help me, I'm about to be beaten to the head of a pig!" If Xiaoyue hadn't been creating phantoms to affect the other party's vision, the fat man would have been flattened by two big stones. In this case, the shield in his hand had also turned into a piece of scrap iron, and he could almost make dumplings by the other party.

"Hold on for a while, young master, I'll drink some water first!" Just after cleaning up the other party's Mingjian, he held the magic core with a smile and said sarcastic words. The fat man was almost stunned by him.

"Fatty, don't be angry, I don't drink water!" The young emperor showed a serious expression, which made people feel more angry. However, although everyone said, the movements of their hands did not stop. The three came to the fat man very tacitly and attacked the same demon from three different directions at the same time.

"Bang!" Under the attack of three three soul masters, the second demon finally fell down unwillingly. When there was the last one left, Fan Tian suddenly felt the breath of danger, and this source of danger came from the other party.

"Self-detonation?" Fan Tian's face suddenly changed. At the first time, he waved a long stick and exerted unprecedented power in the air. He flew the opponent's body more than 20 meters away. However, his teammates who attacked the Yuanmo with him did not know why Fan Tian flew it away, because under the siege of several people, it was easy to clean up the other party.

"Get down!" Fan Tian suddenly roared and threw Xiaoyue behind him directly on the ground. Although the other people were very puzzled, they still obeyed Fan Tian's order and lay on the ground. At the moment when everyone lay down, the defeated Yuanmo suddenly made a loud noise, and the fragments of the rock collapsed. It was a mess within more than ten meters near it. Fan Tian absolutely did not believe that he could save his life in it.

Everyone couldn't help taking a deep breath and looking at Fan Tian gratefully. If it hadn't been for him, everyone would have been a dead soul under the knife

"Papa!" I don't know when Chi Yan had solved his opponent and came to everyone, and at this time he looked at everyone's eyes, which became different.

"Congratulations on surviving the first battle. Maybe you can really get out of here alive!" While talking, he also looked at Fan Tian intentionally or unintentionally. However, Fan Tian's eyes towards him were no longer friendly.

"Do you know that Yuanmo will self-destruct?" Fan Tian's voice was faint and without any emotion.

"Yes, I know that Yuanmo will blow himself up, just like you know!" Chi Yan put away his long gun and didn't seem to care about Fan Tian's questioning. Instead, he said it naturally.

"What if I know? There is no sign of Yuanmo's self-detonation. What do you think I can remind you except by relying on your sensitive sense of smell? Chi Yan is right. The self-explosion just now was discovered by his sense of smell honed between life and death for many years. Chi Yan also didn't know when the other party would explode, and he could not predict. Fan Tian knew that he had misunderstood Chi Yan.

"I'm sorry, Brother Chi Yan, I just misunderstood you!" Fan Tian apologized, but this aroused the sadness of the other party.

"Fen Tian, do you know? The previous ten-person team was killed in such a self-destruct. At that time, I found it and I roared, but so what? They still didn't have time to escape and all stayed in this desert without bones. Chi Yan's emotions infected everyone separately.

"In addition to relying on yourself here, others can help you with the little! However, congratulations on surviving from the first battle, of course, this is just the beginning..." Following the vicissitudes of life, everyone fell into meditation.

The scorching sun sets slowly. Is their future really so slim?