Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 33 Forbidden Zone

The morning of the second day

Twenty young men and women stood in the square, and three middle-aged men stood in front of the team, the captains of each team. Their expressions were very serious and seemed to be waiting for the arrival of someone. However, the young men and women from other sects in the team were a little impatient.

The morning sun stood east, and a figure slowly appeared on the ground plane. When the middle-aged man stood in front of everyone, the trace of impatience in the team disappeared. Because the comer is an intermediate soul master.

"Major General!" The three of Chi Yan saluted the middle-aged man with great respect. The middle-aged man has thick eyebrows, a straight nose, a pair of deep black pupils and light, and the scar on his left face reflects the black armor on his body, which is awe-inspiring.

"Don't be polite." The middle-aged man motioned the three to retreat and looked at the 17 young men and women in the team. Under the gaze of these black pupils, Fan Tian felt the pressure for the first time, which was a pressure from the will.

"This man's martial arts will is so strong that although his strength is only intermediate, his will is unmatched by Xiao Yun. It's as fierce as a storm, as if it's going to smash everything. When Fan Tian stared at the other party, the other party also observed him. At the moment of eye contact between the two sides, Fan Tian was like falling into a turbulent flat boat. Although his body trembled slightly, his martial arts consciousness never succumbed and was still in the waves.

"Not bad!" The other party said a faint word and withdrew his eyes, but at this moment, Fan Tian found that he had been soaked in sweat.

"I am the captain of the mission. You can call me Ying Feng. In this mission, I hope everyone will strictly implement the order, otherwise they will be responsible for life and death. Of course, executing the order does not mean that you can come back alive. Don't talk too much nonsense, let's go!" Ying Feng took the lead in stepping on the sand beast, and everyone rode the only four-legged lizard-sand beast that could survive in the land of Nanhuo and marched towards their destination.

Fan Tian did not put away Xiaotian directly, because he found that the dog was no longer afraid of the heat here after the fire refining last night, as if it could directly steal the changes in Fan Tian's body.

"Is it the reason for the contract?" Fan Tian couldn't figure it out and didn't bother to think about it anymore. Then the little guy, who was already able to walk by himself, jumped up and down on the huge back of the sand beast. It has earned the attention of many beautiful women.

After a day and a night, they finally arrived at the black desert known as the forbidden area of death.

"Strange, there is really black sand!" Mingjian held a folding fan. Although he could not feel the heat here, he kept shaking the folding fan in his hand, which seemed to have become his habit.

"Naturally, the sand will not be black. The reason why this desert turns black is that it is stained with the blood of the human army!" Chi Yan looked at the endless black desert in the distance and recalled the history here.

"About 200 years ago, there was an unparalleal war here. Millions of human beings and Yuanmo had a shocking collision here. It is said that the battle was earth-shaking, blood rain fell, tens of thousands of people were damaged, and millions of heroes were buried here without a lifetime. After that war, the desert here became red. Red, with the evolution of time, has turned into a black desert today. Under Chi Yan's narrative, everyone seemed to see the tragedy of history and the weeping blood of millions of heroes.

"Since that war, Yuanmo has not been able to cross the human border again!" I don't know when Ying Feng appeared beside everyone and looked at the black world in front of him, and his eyes were full of vicissitudes.

"Okay, let's go. Everyone be careful. This area survives the dark demons among the demons and is good at sneak attacks." Ying Feng pulled out his sword, put away his mount, and took the lead into the dark desert.

At the moment of entering the desert, Fan Tian felt that the surrounding wind was cold, completely with two temperatures from the outside world. The sky and the earth seemed to be covered with a layer of dark silk, and the surrounding light actually darkened, which was simply two opposing worlds with the red desert outside.

Many people's sight is limited, less than 100 meters. However, Fan Tian's eyes emitted fluorescence, which was not restricted. On the contrary, he felt that this place seemed to have increased to himself. Of course, he is not the only one who has this ability, but also the young emperor's cloud leopard has the ability to see things in dim light.

The most annoying thing is Ming Jian. This guy's eyes are also shining and he looks at the fat face next to him with a smile.

"Fat, are you about to become blind!" Although a distance of more than 100 meters can be observed, it is too close for a martial artist, because in the sunshine, everyone can see more than 1,000 meters. The fat man glanced at the proud Mingjian and burst out a sentence that made everyone laugh and cry.

"Fuck, I know you're a deep-water fish!" Mingjian suffocated when he heard the sound and almost lay on the ground. Everyone also felt that it was rare for these two people to adjust the atmosphere in such an environment.


Ying Feng in the front suddenly clenched the long sword in his hand, and a purple light burst out of his black eyes and pierced into the darkness in front of him.

"If there is a situation, be careful!" While Ying Feng reminded him, Fan Tian actually saw the enemies in the dark. You should know that his strength is far inferior to Ying Feng. He should not have found him so early. His distance should be far less than Ying Feng, but now he is surprised to find that they are comparable.

"Seven third-order dark demons!" Fan Tian whispered to remind their team that in everyone's surprised eyes, he did not explain too much, and others did not ask. After all, everyone has their own secrets.

Although the dark demon is also a kind of motomo, its appearance is completely different from the enemy it faced yesterday. Because these dark demons chose to live in the skeleton of human beings, they looked for skeletons from the desert and put them together to form the bodies of dark demons, but the blue flames erupted in their skeleton holes.

Under the entanglement of this mysterious blue energy, the whole weathered bones actually emitted a hard luster, and these put together bones are actually more than two meters high. Obviously, they are randomly put together according to human appearance.

"Xiaoyue, don't be nervous for a while. These things are a little disgusting. They are completely made up of human bones!" Fan Tian reminded the only female comrade in the team that although she had successfully advanced to the third stage yesterday, this kind of thing is inherently deterrent to girls and has nothing to do with strength.

"What? Human bones?" Hearing Fan Tiandi's reminder, Xiaoyue became more nervous and kept pinching her clothes with her hands. But at this time, the stinky Mingjian stood up again.

"It's okay. Don't be afraid of everything. Let the skeleton come more violently!" Perhaps feeling the call of the Mingjian, a dark demon skeleton more than two meters tall suddenly appeared in front of the team with weapons. However, Yingfeng in front of the team did not fight, but gave him to others.

Ying Feng, holding a long sword, still stared into the darkness without moving, as if waiting for his opponent.


After the appearance of a dark demon, a total of seven appeared one after another, which exactly coincided with what Fan Tian had just seen. And their team was also divided into two. Seeing these monsters with blue flames, several people felt numb, and Mingjian kicked the fat man directly.

"You resist first and wait until I get used to it!" The fat man was scolded by Mingjian, but the movement of his hand did not stop, and the steel shield stopped in front of everyone at the first time. At the same time, the martial soul hangs above his head, and the tortoise shell text on his back continues to transform, enhancing the defense power of the fat man.

Boom, Fan Tian also rushed out at the first time and stopped another dark demon with Chi Yan.

"This dark demon's core is hidden in the skull, and we will destroy the skull as soon as possible!" Chi Yan's voice sounded again in the team. Fan Tian has gone into the air, and the long black iron stick in his hand emitted a cold blade and hit the other party's head.

"Cut the moon!" With the help of the cold environment around him, Fan Tian finally understood the true meaning of cutting the moon, as cold as the moonlight, as piercing as autumn and winter, killing everything, cutting off everything, and leaving no life!

Zhanyue burst into unprecedented power at this moment. A half-moon blade, cyan like ice, fell from the sky, directly cut off the weapons blocked by the dark demon, cut off the head, and even the magic core in the head was turned into a piece of energy and disappeared between heaven and earth.

Seeing the broken magic core fragments, Ming Jian screamed with heartache.

"My magic core!" Everyone also had a burst of physical pain, but the fat man did not change color, because he had no time to pay attention to other things, and the dark demon opposite him went crazy in an instant.

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