Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 32 Fire Refinement

After returning to the military account, everyone was infected by this emotion with different expressions. But Mingjian and Fan Tian have not changed much. Mingjian is naturally an optimist, and no one knows what he is thinking. Fan Tian has an eternal heart, and he will not be easily influenced by other things. What's more, if he dies here, I don't know how proud Xiao Yun would be in the middle of the mountain gate. Speaking of Xiao Yun, Fan Tian was full of anger. If it hadn't been for this person's repeated pressure, they would not have been forced to come here and struggle between life and death.

"Xiao Yun, wait, a year later, I will definitely let you lie under my feet!" Holding his fist tightly, Fan Tian gritted his teeth secretly. No matter what, he could not die here. He still had a lot of things to do.

Sitting cross-legged in the military tent, Fan Tian took Xiaotian out of the space ring and put it aside. At the same time, he changed the air in the ring and picked up the secret book. Because I have been running for Xiaotian's food a few days ago, I haven't had time to read this method of absorbing and refining magic nuclei. Open the book and see a new set of sacrifice methods.

"Magic core is formed by the condensation of the source force between heaven and earth mixed with fire attributes. No one knows how it formed, because the depths of the southern fire are a forbidden place that human beings can't reach. These demons are born with the desire to kill and invade, so they have a large number of troops attacking human beings every year, causing a lot of casualties.

"Yuan demons can be reborn as long as the demon core exists, so the only way to eliminate them is to seal their spiritual knowledge and make them unable to communicate with the outside world." This seal is the mysterious array used by Fan Tian when they killed the Yuan demons. Of course, this array was also practiced by Fan Tian for two days before he could master the basic release method, but he did not understand the specific essence at all.

"Because the magic nucleus is mixed with fire attributes, human beings cannot directly absorb it, but it is this fire attribute that makes it precious. Because the fire attribute can burn our martial soul. Although it is painful, it can make the martial soul stronger and increase the chance of evolution. This is why soldiers who have been fighting in the southern fire for a long time can't feel the heat here, because their bodies have become resistant to the heat around them by refining the magic core. ." Fan Tian finally understood that when they struggled to resist the heat, Chiyan did not feel the heat around him. It turned out that his body had developed resistance.

According to the record of fire refining in the book, Fan Tian took out the magic core and refined it.

"First of all, destroy the spiritual knowledge and eliminate the spiritual knowledge in the magic nucleus, otherwise it will cause strong antiphagytosis and cause irreparable damage to the body." The method of erasing the demon core spirit is very simple. As long as the source force is constantly injected into the seal array, the array will run its own to destroy the spirit.

The dark golden source power in Fan Tian's body flows to the magic nucleus through his fingers. Under the winding of the dark golden source force, the dense runes on the magic core beat again, forming a six-point array, slowly rotating. The magic core wrapped in it trembled slightly, as if it was struggling to wipe out the six-point array, but it was useless. After a moment, a pale red smoke overflowed from it and dissipated in the air.

"Spiritual knowledge should have been erased, but let's test it first." After all, it's the first time, so it's better to be cautious. Fan Tian controlled the source power and divine consciousness and slowly approached the magic nucleus. At the moment of contact, a hot energy came to his face, but there was no resistance in it, which showed that the spiritual consciousness of the magic nucleus had completely disappeared, and all that was left was pure energy.

"It seems that we can start the fire refining." Fan Tian's mind moved and used his own source power to wrap the hot energy of the magic nucleus in it and carefully introduced it into the body. Among them, the fiery red hot energy slowly flows along the meridians to the Qihai cave under the package of the source force.


At the moment when the energy enters the air sea cave, the whole space is illuminated and the hot breath permeates.

"The magic array rises, and the fire is coming!" A magic array suddenly rose in the whirlpool of the source force of the Qihai cave, but this time the magic array is not six-pointed, but a yin and yang fish completely transformed from the yin and yang of the road. The black and white yin and yang fish suddenly opened their eyes, and the red energy involuntarily flew to the magic array and turned into a blazing fire.

"It's done!" Fan Tian's mouth was slightly raised, but the next burning pain made him unable to laugh. As the fiery red energy kept pouring into the body, the fire in the magic array became more turbulent, and the martial soul above the fire was even more restless and endured the roasting.

"What a perverted exercise method!" Fan Tian gritted his teeth, and his face had been twisted. Under the burning fire, the martial soul in his body had turned red. The original black dog had now turned into a burning dog.

As the fire in the array continues to grow, even the source vortex below is involved. The source force in the vortex seems to have become boiling, and a trace of steam continues to overflow from it. As the steam kept overflowing, Fan Tian's body surface was dyed with light gray. This should be the stains in the source power and martial soul of his body, which were extracted by the blazing fire.

With the passage of time, sweat has been left on Fan Tian's forehead. He is still enduring the burning pain in his body, and as the magic core energy in his hand continues to decrease, the pain in his body becomes clearer and clearer. However, in addition to his pain, he found that the Qihai cave, such as the martial soul and source power, as well as his own meridians, had undergone subtle changes under the burning of fiery red energy.

"It's finally over!" Looking at the disappeared energy in the magic nucleus, Fan Tian took a long breath, and the fire in his body was slowly weakening and extinguishing. At the same time, the yin and yang array disappeared into the Qihai cave.

"This fire is really painful, but the benefits are also obvious!" Feeling his purer source power and martial soul, Fan Tian actually hoped that the next fire refining would come early, but after he opened his eyes, he found that his body was covered with black substances and emitted a bad smell.

"It seems that it needs to be cleaned well!" Holding his nose with a wry smile, Fan Tian walked to a pond not far from the military tent. This pond has an underground spring, otherwise it is impossible to survive in such hot weather. The scene that comes to the pond and comes into view makes Fan Tian a little embarrassed.

"Fat, you are so stinky, and you still occupy such a big place!" Yao Mingjian pinched his nose and kept contemptuating Fuquan, but he himself was not good. I didn't expect that several people had come here before him. At this moment, a strange idea suddenly came to Fan Tian's mind, that is, what should Xiaoyue do?

But this is someone else's business, and he is just curious. He shook his head with a smile and joined the group. Everyone had a lot of fun in the pool. The battle over the past few days made everyone tense themselves. Today, it is rare to relax.

"Young Emperor, has the source vortex in your body shrunk?" The fat man frowned and looked at the source vortex that had shrunk by one-third of his body, revealing a bitter face.

"Less, but I've only shrunk by a quarter!" Shaohuang felt in his body and frowned slightly. At this moment, the voice on the shore interrupted everyone's thoughts.

"It is normal for the source vortex to shrink!" The person who came was their captain Chi Yan, who was on his upper body at this moment and seemed to be ready to take a shower. However, now Chi Yan is softer than before. Perhaps Fan Tian and others passed the first battle and let this experienced old man recognize them.

"Do you know how much the vortex of fire refining has decreased for the first time?" Chi Yan swam to the crowd with a smile on his face.

"How much?" The fat man who shrank the most couldn't help asking first. However, the other party's answer shocked everyone.

"The whole half!" Looking back on the beginning, Chi Yan also sighed. At the beginning, I didn't have your talent, and I didn't have the luck to join the school. Before joining the army, I was just practicing alone, without training or participating in the battle between life and death, so at the first time of the fire, my power shrank by half.

Chi Yan paused and looked at everyone seriously

"Do you know what this means? This shows that my source power is very flashy. Although I am also a second-stage warrior, my source power is far less pure than that of others. As he spoke, Chi Yan turned to Fan Tian.

"Your source power should be the least shrinking!" Under the gaze of everyone, Fan Tian nodded unquestionably.

"I've only shrunk by one sixth!" Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Chi Yan nodded as he deserved.

"That's right. Judging from Fan Tian's combat experience, he is a person who often wanders between life and death. His source power has been polished very pure, so the effect of magic nuclear fire refining is the smallest for him. In fact, you should feel lucky. At least now that you have solved this problem, you will not lose to opponents of the same level because your source power is not pure enough and flashy in the future!" Chi Yan's words shocked everyone present to know that the original source is not only the higher the level, the better, this is what is called military noble spirit.

Chi Yan got the expected effect and couldn't help nodding repeatedly and continuing.

"In fact, you don't have to worry. This kind of thing will only happen for the first time, and the impact will be smaller and smaller when the fire is refined in the future, and these sources mixed with flames will become the purest energy to supplement themselves after refining." When it came to the breath of flames, Fan Tian suddenly frowned and looked at Chiyan.

"Captain, what is this flame energy? Why do I think it doesn't look like an impurity?" Fan Tian's eyes were full of doubts, because during the fire refining, he not only did not feel any harm of the so-called impurities. On the contrary, it was the flame breath that made the magic array move. Chi Yan was suffocated by Fan Tian's question.

"I thought it would take some time for you to find this problem, but I didn't expect you to raise it so early." Chi Yan nodded with praise, and several other people were also attracted by Fan Tian's question. Seeing that everyone was interested, Chiyan explained it impatiently.

"In fact, this flame breath is not an impurity, but an energy that we cannot absorb. It is this flame energy that plays a vital role in fire refining. Although we can't absorb it, we can use it to burn the martial soul, source power and body to remove these impurities. When these flame energies disappear, the remaining essence power can be absorbed by our body to replenish itself. In fact, this special flame energy is the most precious thing in the magic core!"

After Chiyan's unstinting teaching, everyone has a deeper understanding of the world, but it has added more confusion.

Seeing the people who fell into meditation, Chi Yan suddenly turned around and said the real purpose of coming here.

"Guys, the land of Nanhuo has been a little uneasy recently, so tomorrow we will go to a forbidden area called the land of death with two other teams. I hope you can still come back alive!" Chi Yan left this sentence, and his figure disappeared in everyone's eyes.