Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 42 Tiger's Cave Wolf's Nest

Fan Tian was stunned by the scene in front of him as soon as he entered the second floor. The whole space is filled with dark breath, but this breath is obviously not as pure as three layers, mixed with cold and evil. The two people who are struggling to support in the middle of the second floor are Fuquan and Xiaoyue.

"Chatter, let's see how long you can hold on!" The owner of the sound is a devouring head, with a human face and a cow body, and his body is full of dark breath. Obviously, this veritable high-level fierce beast has also reached the point of drying up, otherwise it would not rely on the array to trap several people.

"Well, you also want to kill my companion!" Fan Tian's figure appeared in front of everyone. In the face of this monster with a human face, he had taken out a long stick. At the same time, his body was full of power, and the dark golden light flashed around him.

"Is Fan Tian you?" Both of them were excited, and the roaring sky, which was more than one meter tall next to them, was even more excited. If it hadn't been for the fat man, he would have ignored the fierce beast in front of him.

"Are you all right?" Seeing the pale Xiaoyue and the fat man full of scars, Fan Tian's eyes showed anger, and an unprecedented pressure suddenly burst out of his body and bombarded the fierce beast opposite him.

"You haven't been swallowed up by Pluto?" Ximeng was also shocked to see Fan Tian. He could understand the strength of Pluto and was absolutely far above himself. Unexpectedly, this teenager actually devoured Pluto, so he was not an opponent. In fact, Ximeng didn't know that the strength of the dark dragon was indeed far stronger than him, but this guy's self-confidence was too crazy to trap Fan Tian's body, so he directly captured the yuan god. If it were an ordinary person, he would have succeeded now. But it met Fan Tian, and there was an atmosphere in his body that he could not even suppress.

After his strength rose sharply, Fan Tian was full of confidence in himself, and the long stick in his hand flashed in the air with anger.

"Horizontal!" The black dog's martial soul stands overhead, exuding inviolable dignity. The pressure carried by the Xuantie long stick is not weaker than that on the opposite side. Although it used to be a high-level fierce beast, now under the erosion of the years, there is only half-step intermediate level left.


The shadow of the stick is as heavy as a thousand, and a trace of dark breath overflows from the martial soul, which increases the power of the long stick. In the face of the surging Xuantie long stick, he can't avoid it, because there are also fat men and Xiaoyue who have been under attack in the rear, who are always ready to attack. As a last resort, he raised his front hoof and hit the long stick, and an unexpected force directly lifted the devouring mask out.

"Today I will use your blood to commemorate my friend's scars!" Fan Tian's eyes exuded pressure, like an inviolable god of war, and the dragon-scale black dog on his head showed its majesty to the world for the first time. The dominant will destroy the other party in an instant, and the devouring eyes are full of fear.

"I am willing to submit, as long as you can let my life go!" This fierce beast, who had lived for thousands of years, chose to bow his head for the first time, but Fan Tiandi never left prisoners under the long stick. Since you have chosen the opposite situation, the ending can only be forgotten.


There was no emotion in the voice, and the majestic long stick stabbed the other party. Seeing that he was hopeless, he showed a fierce and cruel look.

"Since you are ruthless, let's go on the road together!" Unexpectedly, when the fierce beast saw that there was no hope of escaping, it was ready to blow up the source nucleus and die together. The other party's actions made Xiaoyue and the fat man's faces look ugly at the same time. If the other party really succeeds in self-exploding, there is no doubt that they will be buried in this small space.

"Hmm! Don't realize it when you die!" Fan Tian's face did not change color, and suddenly a force poured into the dragon-scaled black dog above his head. The black dog looked up and bowed his chest, his copper bell-like eyes were full of disdain, and a roar suddenly came out of its mouth.


At the moment of roaring, Xi Meng's body, which was about to explode, suddenly froze, and the Xuantie long stick ruthlessly inserted into his skull. With unwillingness, this high-level fierce beast left the world. Looking at the shocked two people, Fan Tian took out the source core and came to everyone with a smile.

"You also took that step?" The fat man's eyes are round.

"Yes, devouring the guy upstairs has brought a lot of benefits. I have reached a half-step intermediate level."

"So what did you roar just now?"

"The martial soul has changed a little, the skill of understanding!" Fan Tian told a little lie. In fact, he has had this ability for a long time, but he has not mastered it. Now he has only mastered it because of the change of the martial soul. This skill is actually the roar that suddenly broke out when facing the idiot dragon in the back mountain of the Beast Gate.

Xiaotian was the first to rush to Fan Tian, but this guy was not intimate with Fan Tian, but snatched the source core in his hand and swallowed it into his mouth. Seeing Xiaotian's behavior, the two people behind him smiled bitterly at the same time. Obviously, they had also suffered such treatment.

I haven't seen it for four months. Xiaotian has grown from a two-palm-sized dog to more than one meter tall today, covered with golden hair, making it look more like a lion. However, whenever the fat man and Xiaoyue say that it looks like a lion, this guy is full of displeaguity, as if the lion has humiliated its identity.

"Thank you two for helping me take care of Xiaotian!" Looking at the two people on the opposite side, Fan Tian knew that they were also not good in the past few months. However, at this moment, an unhappy voice sounded from his mind.

"What do they take care of me? Obviously, I took care of them?" The sudden sound in his mind scared Fan Tian.

"Who?" Fan Tian suddenly held the long stick again and looked around with a very solemn face. His behavior also shocked the other two dogs.

"Big boss, are there any enemies?" Just when Fan Tian was very nervous, the voice sounded again. Along the direction of the sound, he actually saw a dog's head, which was also looking at him.

"Are you talking?"

"What am I talking about?" Fan Tian finally confirmed that the source of the voice was actually the roaring sky around him.

"Xiaotian, can you speak?" Fan Tian felt incredible. He had never heard of anyone's dog that could spit out words.

"Of course I can talk, I'm not a fool!" Xiao Tiangou's face glanced at him, which was indescribably funny. Fan Tian was told by this guy that he didn't know what to do.

"I remember that dogs should not have the IQ to speak, right?" Fan Tian looked at the big golden dog Xiaotian with doubt on his face.

"Who is the dog? Boss, you can really bury people. I'm the most noble king!" Hearing this, Fan Tian finally understood that this guy must not be a dog, but another race, and he seems to have a noble bloodline. However, it seems that the other party can only communicate with Fan Tian through divine knowledge, and can't really speak.

"Well, then tell me, what is the bloodline?" Fan Tian suddenly felt that the fierce beast who signed the contract with him was full of ruffians, and he didn't speak and do anything like he had only four months. I really don't know what ideas the fat man and Xiaoyue have instilled in him in these months.

"The specific bloodline is not clear for the time being. My inheritance memory is still sealed. I won't know it until later. In short, it's awesome!" Fan Tian never thought that a four-month-old fierce beast would be like this. He had no choice but to turn his eyes to the other two people.

"How are you two?" Looking at Xiaoyue's pale face, Fan Tian crossed the source power in his body and was moistened by the source force, and Xiaoyue's face gradually became rosy.

"Actually, when you were forced to rush to the top floor that day, we were ready to chase you, but..." Xiaoyue recalled her previous experience.

It turned out that they were trapped on the first floor for three months. As soon as Fan Tian left, a fierce beast appeared. The fierce beast only had the primary third level of strength, but it relied on the magic array to trap them for three months. Finally, after growing up, Xiaotian found the other party's weakness. Xiaoyue killed the fierce beast through soul attack.

While talking, Xiaoyue looked gratefully at the Xiaotian next to her. Without it, I'm afraid the two of them are now trapped in the first floor. In three months, when they saw that Fan Tian had not returned, they were already anxious, so they rushed to the second floor and had been trapped there for a month before Fan Tian saw them.

The other party did not leave Fan Tian here alone. With this feeling, the friendship between them will be indelible.

"Well, recover quickly. We must find the exit within two months, or we will starve to death here!" Everyone gathered together and knew that they were not out of danger, and leaving this space was the only way to live.

"Then where are we going?" The fat man doubted that this is like a headless fly, and may encounter other dangers.

"I devoured the yuan god of Pluto. Although other memories are very vague, there seems to be a transmission town in this city that can be transmitted out. This matter seems to have been planned for a long time and is particularly clear in its consciousness." Fan Tian's words ignited everyone's hope.

Without the control of Pluto, the gate of the town magic tower was opened very easily. Three people and one dog entered a state of battle. Following the memory in their minds, several people walked in this quiet underworld, and the surrounding streets and alleys blew from time to time, and the buildings were closed.

" boss, what do you think will happen in these rooms?" Xiaotian's face was fearless and full of curiosity.

"You'd better be honest and don't make trouble again!" Fan Tian also felt a little strange. Generally speaking, it is impossible for this kind of wooden door to be preserved for thousands of years, but in fact, the doors and windows of every house are intact. Where is this place? The more Fan Tian thought about it, the more he felt his scalp numb.

Everyone held their breath and hurried all the way, but this time they were not stopped. All the way was calm, and soon a silent six-pointed array appeared in front of everyone. The three showed excitement on their faces at the same time and rushed over without hesitation.

"Can it still be used?" Xiaoyue is a little nervous.


"Is this the transmission array?"

"No, it's just a door to open this space. If it's a transmission array, even if it can be used, we will be smashed to pieces!" Fan Tian input the source force into it according to his memory, and the six-point array buzzed, but it never worked.

"You will also input the source force into it!" Fan Tian frowned slightly, and several people injected the source force into the six-point array at the same time. This somewhat dilapidated array finally started, and the figures of several people gradually disappeared in this space. At the moment of leaving, the door of a house unexpectedly opened. Through the crack of the door, Fan Tian's face showed incomparable shock.

"Ginling!" However, before thinking about it in the future, the scene around them suddenly changed, and everyone actually appeared in the base camp of Yuanmo. The faces of several people who were originally excited suddenly became very ugly.