Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 43 Escape

Thousands of Yuanmo army are dense and endless, and the whole desert is shrouded in red flames, which is unbearably hot. Facing this sea of demons, the faces of the three people have turned purple.

"Run!" Fan Tian reacted at the first time and pulled Xiaoyue and the fat man to run wildly. Fortunately, they appeared on the edge of the army, otherwise the gods and demons could not escape from here again. The Yuanmo army also found three human beings that suddenly appeared at this moment, and the originally calm desert suddenly became boiling.


The sky was noisy, and the whole desert suddenly became lively. The flames rumbled, the sand and rocks rolled down, and thousands of troops and horses were chasing and killing three people, although most of these Yuan demons were the strength of the primary stage and the second stage. Ants bite dead elephants. Once surrounded, the consequences of Fan Tian and the three are unimaginable.

"Damn it, God also knows which chess game to play, just out of the tiger's den and into the wolf's den!" The fat man ran awkwardly and sweated profusely. Running is not his long term. If Fan Tian hadn't been dragged, he would have been trampled by thousands of troops and horses behind him.

"Don't talk nonsense, you'd better save some strength to escape!" The overall situation of this group of demons seems to be not tired, reluctant to give up, and sent thousands of military forces for the three of them.

Faced with the endless desert, Fan Tian and others did not know where they were. They could only rely on the red sun in the sky to judge the general direction.

"Are you sure this direction is correct?" In order to reduce his weight and increase the speed of running, the fat man has put away his golden armor.

"I'm not sure, but do we have any other options besides running north?" Fan Tian was also sweating profusely and ran violently for a long time, which constantly consumed the power in his body. If it hadn't been for the breakthrough not long ago, he would have been dragged over by the weight of hundreds of pounds of fat people.

Just as everyone was at a loss and ran for their lives blindly, Fan Tian's voice suddenly remembered Xiaotian's voice in his mind.

" boss, there seems to be signs of life in front of the left?" Fan Tian looked at the distance suspiciously and didn't find any figure. He turned around and looked at the Xiaotian beside him.

"Are you sure it's a human breath?" In the face of Xiaotian, which is only more than four months old, Fan Tian still can't believe it.

" boss, I can't do it anywhere else, but my sense of smell is absolutely the best in the world!" The golden dog's head stood up proudly. Fan Tian frowned slightly, but thinking about the Yuanmo army behind him, he had to believe it.

"Let's move forward to the left!" Pulling the crowd, Fan Tian and others suddenly changed their direction, lifted their whole body and rushed out. One kilometer, two kilometers, fifty kilometers, but still didn't see Xiaotian's so-called life, Fan Tian couldn't help frowning. The Xiaotian beside him seemed to feel his emotions and sniffed his nose slightly.

"About ten kilometers ahead, there is a large group of people, more than a thousand!" Although Fan Tian still had doubts, he believed the other party's answer again. After all, Xiaotian was his comrade-in-arms and had no reason to deceive him.


took a long breath and looked at the army that was still chasing behind. Fan Tian once again mentioned the last source force. If they still couldn't find their own army, they would have to make the last struggle without the last vitality elixir.

"Captain, do we need so many people to spy on the military situation?" The dark-skinned young man's face was full of doubts, and it was the first time that such a vast army had used it to spy on intelligence.

"It is said that the general felt that the Yuanmo in the land of the southern fire fluctuated this time. Just in case, let's have more people to respond!" The leader is also the strength to step into the intermediate martial soul with half a foot.


At this moment, the distant sky burned like a red fire, and thick smoke rolled like thunder, from far to near. In front of this thunder, three figures are fleeing in confusion. The leader of the team saw such a scene and immediately realized, "There is an enemy army, everyone is ready to fight."

The other side, the three embarrassed people finally showed their joy!

"It's saved, it's finally saved!" The fat man was breathless, and Xiaoyue and Fan Tian were equally sweaty, but they could not hide the excitement of several people.

"Well, is my sense of smell OK?" At this moment, Xiaotian's voice sounded in Fan Tian's mind, but Fan Tian looked at the golden dog in front of him like a monster.

"Monster!" Except for these two words, Fan Tianzhen couldn't find any words to describe this dog. He could actually smell the breath 60 kilometers away. What else can be described except the word monster? Fan Tian became more and more doubted what kind of blood Xiaotian was, that is the real dragon. I'm afraid he didn't have such a sense of smell.

"Who is coming!" After a run for their lives, Fan Tian and the other three finally came to the army, but they were stopped by each other. The cold breath asked them mercilessly.

"Fang Tian, who used to be under Chi Yan, is now being hunted down by the Yuan demon army behind him!" Fan Tianyan was concise, because it was not possible for him to say more. Just when everyone doubted their identity, a person came out of the team. The man's face was full of surprise, and his eyes were full of excitement when he looked at Fan Tian and the three.

" Fan Tian, you are not dead!" Along the direction of the sound, they saw a familiar face, not Xi Shaohuang or who it was. Next to him stood a young man who was equally excited, holding a folding fan and full of bookish anger.

"Do you know them?" The leader looked at the young emperor beside him doubtfully.

"Yes, he is our teammate. He was separated in the desert before!" The young emperor did not say the real reason why Fan Tian disappeared that day, because those who can return alive from the ghost sand will certainly cause an uproar.

The leader is still skeptical, but the Yuanmo army chasing him from the rear no longer allows him to think.

"Put your affairs aside first, kill the Yuanmo opposite, and then talk about it!" The leader decisively gave the order, and the whole team was ready to go. All the warriors released their martial souls. In the face of thousands of demons, no one dared to take it lightly.


The sky changed color, and the earth trembled. The two people and horses hit each other like a storm. In an instant, people turned over and suffered casualties. However, no one showed fear, because the people brought out this time are all veterans who have experienced many battles. The disciples of these sects are no longer the group of chicks, but the gods of war crawling out of the dead after layers of screening.

Even Fan Tian, who came from the end of the team, was shocked. This is not a battle. They are desperate to kill the other party's life and dye the other party's body with his own blood. The battle was very cruel. If Fan Tian had not reached the intermediate level, even if the young emperor Several people have experienced hundreds of battles and also have to bend their waists here.

"Young Emperor, Ming Jian, don't leave me!" Blood has been stained red, and countless warriors and Yuan demons have fallen. Several Yuan demons who want to explode have been broken. Everyone here has honed their sense of smell between life and death. Everyone has the same speed as the wind, fierce and ruthless. Breathing can take the other person's life.

In the face of these gen demons who do not care about life and the fall of a large number of lives, Fan Tian has already regretted that he should not lead these gen demons here. Without him, there would be no such group of gen demons. Without the gen demons, everyone would not lose their lives.

At the sunset, the red afterglow reflected the earth. Some people stayed here forever, but some people were not happy. The battle ended and their lives disappeared. No one asked about Fan Tian's identity anymore, because it was full of endless sadness. There was a team of 1,000 people, leaving only 400 soldiers left, although it was destroyed. The Yuanmo army also paid the price of blood.

"Fen Tian, what's wrong with you?" Looking at Fan Tian's deep back, Mingjian came over, and the folding fan in his hand had turned red. It was not his blood, but the red splashed when his companion was killed.

"I shouldn't have brought this group of demons here!" Fan Tian was full of self-reproach, grief, guilt, and various emotions surrounded his mind, making him unable to extricate himself from sadness. Even the optimistic Mingjian, who has always been optimistic, has lost his previous smile.

"In fact, you don't have to blame yourself. Our purpose this time is to test the military situation of the other party. Because of your existence, although we have suffered heavy losses, the whole army has not been destroyed. If we go to the depths of the desert and meet those millions of troops without knowing it, which of us do you think? Can people escape?" Mingjian's face showed vicissitudes, and his experience seemed to be equally tragic in the four months of Fan Tian's disappearance.

Do you know? Since you disappeared, the young emperor and I have blamed ourselves and hope that you can come back alive all the time. However, in such expectation, we almost lost our lives several times." While speaking, Ming Jian had opened his clothes, and a scar that spread from his left shoulder to his right rib was ferocious and terrible.

"Is this?" Fan Tian looked at Ming Jian with shock on his face.

"This was left in a battle. I almost died that day. It was the young emperor who tried his best to break an arm to save me! In fact, no one is wrong with everything here. What is wrong is just the demon! If they don't disappear for a day, some of us will continue to die, and there will be no end to the succession!" Mingjian's words deeply pierced Fan Tian's heart.

"Yes, Yuanmo, there would be no death without them!" Fan Tian's eyes suddenly looked at Cang Ming. At this moment, he seemed to have made a promise, which was deeply buried in his heart and no one knew.