Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 49 Curse

A heavy breath in Lu Feng was far and near, and a strong and burly man fell in front of everyone.

"Imprisoner Niu Xianyi, I didn't expect the second brother to come." Everyone was talking about it below, but they didn't expect that a duel attracted the attention of the leaders of the two major forces.

"Hianyi, what do you mean?" The beast Huayu frowned slightly, and Xianyi stepped into the advanced strength with the same half foot as him. If the other party stopped him, today's thing could only be off. Xianyi revealed a heavy feeling, with a figure of more than two meters, standing there like a hill.

"I just came to watch the duel of my brothers, but I didn't expect to be a step late!" Xianyi showed regret, but the beast Huayu obviously would not think that the other party had such leisure and elegance. If he hadn't planned to take action, Xianyi would never have appeared.

"Huh, can a duel kill people?" The beast Huayu shook his long sleeves and looked at Fan Tian with bad eyes.

"Third brother, Wudoutai is a place where the sect openly solves personal grievances. Life and death is determined by fate. This is a well-known truth. Is the third brother just here?" Fan Tian was rude in his words. Since the moment he killed Xiao Yun, he has had a bad relationship with the other party. There is nothing to ease. Fan Tian also disdains to associate with such a proud person.

In the face of Fan Tian's sarcasm, the beast Huayu's face became very ugly, and the power in his body buzzed, turning his head to look at Xianyi aside.

"Are you sure you want to intervene in today's incident?" Seeing the cold eyes of the beast Huayu, Xianyi nodded warmly and smiled.

"We have lost our identity when we take action against our juniors who have just started." The second brother had stood beside Fan Tian in his words. Seeing that he could not take action today, the beast Huayu snorted coldly and stepped away.

"Thank you for your help!" Fan Tian turned his head slightly to the other party.

"It's a piece of cake, but you did cut off a wing of the beast Huayu today. He won't let you go easily in the future!" Xianyi looked at Fan Tian seriously. After all, the beast Huayu may step into the advanced at any time.

"Thank you for reminding me that the soldiers will block it, and the water will cover it!" Fan Tian smiled faintly and did not worry about his future at all. Seeing Fan Tian so confident, the other party was also slightly suffocated, and then left the top of the mountain with a smile.

In Yunfeng, the beast Huayu's face was ferocious and his face was full of anger.

"What a Fantian, you will die sooner or later!" The beast Huayu hated, and a teacup turned into powder in his hand, and his cold eyes filled his whole pupil.

Lu Feng, a man as thick as a mountain, smiled and said, "Huan Tian? Interesting guy!"

At the outer door, the group returned to the other courtyard magnificently.

"Fen, I really didn't expect that you would break through the intermediate level in such a short time!" Cangyan is still silent in shock.

"I didn't expect that you have reached the same level as Yingfeng and can use the beast soul skill. It seems that I need to work hard." Mingjian also showed a trace of surprise. The reason why the beast soul skill requires the strength of the intermediate three stages to be used is that it needs a huge source force as support.

However, these have no problems for Fan Tian and others who came back from the land of Nanhuo. Because after fire refining, the source power in their bodies has been more than three times stronger than that of ordinary people. Fan Tian has reached four times after the last war, with a trace of ability to perform beast soul skills.

"What is the stick you used? Why have I never seen you use it?" Xiaoyue also widened her eyes curiously. Fan Tian was a little troubled by everyone's questions one after another.

"That is actually the mountain stick method, but I combined the three moves and turned them into a blow to the sky." In the surprised eyes of everyone, Fan Tian explained patiently.

"In fact, these three moves have long been aware of a trace of connection, but at that time, they did not understand each move at all, so they could not be integrated at all. However, after the last war, I finally understood the true meaning of the three moves, so I tried to integrate. Unexpectedly, it was really the same as expected. This is a very powerful stick. Law, it's just been dismantled." Hearing this, everyone admired Fan Tian and dared to try his skills in the battle. If he failed, he was likely to be killed by the other party.

However, Fan Tian also smiled helplessly. Usually, it is not that he has not evolved, but he has never succeeded. This time, he also succeeded with the help of the pressure of the other party. If there is no strong pressure from the other party, it is difficult to say the result. In fact, this is martial arts. Building a car behind closed doors is never as good as the instant understanding when fighting.

After everyone left, Fan Tian closed the door, and his eyes suddenly showed solemnity. He sat cross-legged, and his consciousness entered the body.

"What's wrong?" Fan Tian frowned and checked every part of his body, although today's battle ended in victory. But the power stagnated several times in the battle, which made him sweat coldly. I don't know why, every time the source power runs rapidly, there is an inexplicable sense of stagnation in the body, which will definitely threaten the life of a martial artist in battle.

With the continuous scanning of divine consciousness, Fan Tian's expression became more and more dignified, because this phenomenon never happened before he broke through the intermediate level. And under his own strict consciousness, he still couldn't find any problems.

"What's the problem?" The divine consciousness examined the whole body and finally focused on the martial soul, because it can be sure that there is no problem with its meridians. Then there is no doubt that the problem may occur is the interior of the martial soul. With the continuous infiltration of divine consciousness, the scene in the martial soul gradually appeared in front of Fan Tian. Finally, a black fog stuck in the corner attracted his attention, and it would be difficult to find its trace without careful observation.

With the approach of divine consciousness, a cold voice made Fan Tian's face very ugly.

"Haha humble ant, you can find this curse and prove that it has worked. My dark dragon Hadi is not so easy to refine. This curse will become more obvious with your strength. Enjoy the negative impact it brings to you." With the dissipation of the sound, the black fog actually It turned into a small character and disappeared into the body of the martial soul. After that, Fan Tian could no longer be found anyway.

"Damn!" He gritted his teeth with hatred and didn't expect to be plotted by a dead dragon.

In the next few days, Fan Tian entered the Martial Arts Hall again as an intermediate disciple and obtained the last three styles of the cracked mountain stick method, which is also a dismantled skill. Fan Tian is looking forward to the power of the second stick.

Of course, he did not forget to look for the curse left by Pluto, but after three days of searching, he did not get any results. Finally, with the help of the gray elder who had judged Fan Tian, he found a very old book with a similar curse.

"The resentment of the dragon is a vicious curse issued by the dark dragon clan when it is about to die. With the continuous strengthening of the strength of the warriors, it becomes more and more obvious. At the most critical time of the battle, it affects the operation of the source and kills people with a knife. This curse is invisible and colorless and cannot be broken. Legend has it that only the holy water at the end of the East China Sea can wash people's bodies and purify the curse. Seeing the record in the book, not only Fan Tian frowned, but also the gray-clad elder beside him frowned.

The East China Sea is a place that is a stop. It is difficult for humans to set foot. Thousands of sea beasts live there, even at the king and emperor levels. Looking at the books in his hand, Fan Tian was silent and finally seemed to make up his mind and stood up.

"Are you sure you want to go?" The elder looked at Fan Tian and was very serious, because there was likely to be no return.

"Do I have a choice?" Fan Tian's face showed a wry smile. Everyone understands that unless Fan Tian is not a warrior in the future, once he uses the source force, he may trigger a curse and compete with life and death in the battle. Suddenly the source force stops working. It can be imagined how serious the consequences are. With helplessness, Fan Tian's figure gradually disappeared...

a few days later

"Are you really going?" Xiaoyue's eyes widened and her face was full of reluctance.

"There is no choice!" Fan Tian shook his head helplessly.

"Then let's go with you!" The fat man looked at Fan Tian firmly.

"No, you also have what you have to do and your family. Don't take risks with me this time." Fan Tian stopped it.

"Then I'll go with you. I'll just go home and have a look!" Ming Jian, who had never spoken, suddenly looked at Fan Tian. The words are amazing.

"Is your home in the East China Sea?" Everyone was shocked.

"Ye, it's not in the sea, it's just an island at sea." Mingjian really hid the secret. This time, Fan Tian did not refuse. Two days later, in everyone's eyes, the two dogs left the gate of ten thousand beasts. Looking at the departing back, there are two figures in the central hall of the Beast Gate.

"Are you sure to let him go? I know you can crack this curse!" The speaker is the head of the beast Tianqing.

"I said that I won't intervene until I reach the senior level!" The armored man didn't know what was thinking.

"Then he is likely to die, so that your hope will be dashed again!" The beast frowned slightly.

"Then I will wait another 5,000 years"