Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 50 Endless East China Sea

After more than half a month of flight, Fan Tian and Mingjian finally came to Donghaibin City, Bojiao Bay. This curved bay is the most prosperous place where the source continent intersects with the endless East China Sea. It is also the largest coastal city with the altar of awakening. The whole city is shrouded in a huge defensive array. This is a harbor for human beings to escape the wind, and it is also a barrier for fierce beasts to stop walking.

"Sure enough, there is the momentum of the first coastal city!" From the air, the whole city has a crescent-curved layout, facing the endless East China Sea, and huge steel warships continue to appear from it. Endless East China Sea is a kind of fearing word, and it is also an abyss that makes human beings rush into regardless of life and death.

"Fantian, let's rest in Bojiawan for a few days and experience the local customs here. Anyway, your curse can't be solved in a day or two. There are things you didn't expect to exist in this bustling coastal city!" After leaving home for more than half a year and experiencing so many life-and-death battles, Mingjian's face will show excitement every time he looks towards the East China Sea.

Because there is a long-lost family there, whenever he sees Mingjian happy, Fan Tian is full of blessings to him, but at the same time, he has some loss in his heart. Because his family is now scattered in the sky, when they can be reunited seems to be an unreachable dream.

Stepping into Bojiao Bay, a breath different from the land came to my face. The air is mixed with a faint salty taste, which makes people feel strange but not annoying. Mingjian seemed to return to his territory and greeted Fan Tian like a landlord.

"We will stay here today!" The folding fan pointed to a magnificent inn in front of him, and Ming Jian walked over elegantly.

"Yoh! Isn't this Yao Shao? You haven't visited the store for more than half a year!" The middle-aged man with a greasy face and a broad-hearted body was full of smiles, and he was as enthusiastic as seeing Mingjian as his relatives.

"Ha ha, I went out to play for half a year and just came back. The business is really getting more and more prosperous!" Mingjian stirred up the folding fan in his hand and talked about it. It seemed that all the people here were recognized by him.

"I said why Yao Shao didn't come to visit the store, and I thought there was something in the store that made you dissatisfied!" The fat shopkeeper smiled and led Fan Tian to the inn.

"How come, the service of shopkeeper Wang is famous in the whole Bojiaowan? How can I easily forget this? This time, I brought a brother to visit." Mingjian skimmed Fan Tian behind him and seemed to brag about his status to him. However, Fan Tian shook his head helplessly at this playful brother.

"Yao Shao's breath seems to have increased?" The shopkeeper Wang's eyes were very poisonous, and he had judged the change of Mingjian in a short time, but because Mingjian's breath was put into his body, he could not feel the breath of his intermediate martial soul. However, Mingjian doesn't seem to want to hide, as if he is still showing off.

"Yes, after half a year, I have been successfully promoted to the intermediate soul master!" Mingjian's stinky fart made Fan Tian feel like he wanted to kick him. I really didn't expect this guy to change his temperament and become so flamboyant when he came here. However, after hearing that Mingjian had been promoted to the intermediate soul master, the smile on his face became brighter and his words became more enthusiastic.

"Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations on another disciple of the Yao family for successfully breaking through the intermediate level. In the future naval battles, the prince will definitely shine and emerge." The shopkeeper was full of flattery, and Mingjian seemed to enjoy it, which made Fan Tian's eyes fall.

" boss, why did I suddenly find that this guy owes such a beat!" Even the Xiaotian beside him couldn't see it. He grinned and had the impulse to rush up and bite him.

"I think you have a point. Give him some face for the time being today." Fan Tian stood by the dog for the first time. The Mingjian in front seemed to feel the bad eyes of one person and one dog in the rear, and his heart couldn't help trembling and quickly changed the topic.

"Shopkeeper, after a long journey, we now feel physically and mentally exhausted. Let's open three rooms for us first. Let's talk about other things another day!" The shopkeeper was famous for his golden oil, and he understood the meaning of Mingjian in an instant. He personally took several people to the back of the inn, and elegant courtyards appeared in front of everyone.

"Is this?" Fan Tian was a little surprised and confused.

"This is our inn, an independent courtyard room for the guests!" The shopkeeper proudly explained that Fan Tian couldn't help looking at Mingjian next to him. This guy's family seemed to be very influential here. Feeling Fan Tian's eyes, Ming Jian did not explain, but motioned everyone to enter the guest room

The small bridge and flowing water family can't describe this scene as appropriate. The furnishings in the house are equally luxurious and luxurious. Looking at the two people's unkind eyes, Ming Jian quickly took the initiative to confess.

"You can see that he is so enthusiastic about me because of my family!" At this moment, Ming Jian's face showed helplessness.

"My martial soul is actually not the saber teeth, but the sword dragon teeth with the blood of the dragon in the sword teeth. My family is the leading force here, Jianlong Island. Because of my identity, all the people here are respectful to us, and because of my identity, I have to act like that just now.

Because we are not the only family here, but also other major families, so as the next generation of the family, I must show no less potential!" Fan Tian finally understood why this guy ran to the gate of beasts, because everything here was contrary to his personality. He was born loose, but he actually didn't like this kind of acting communication.

"Oh, every family has its own difficulties!" Fan Tian patted Mingjian on the shoulder. After all, there was a big family behind him, which was not a bad thing.

"I originally wanted to escort you to the depths of the endless East China Sea with my warship, but now it seems impossible. According to the shopkeeper, the naval battle seems to begin. It is impossible for the family to transfer from the warship at this time, so you can only find a hunting team to join their warship." Ming Jian's face was full of apology. However, Fan Tian didn't feel anything.

Because this trip to sea is definitely a deep danger. He doesn't even want to carry the roaring sky beside him. However, this guy is like plaster and can feel his breath hundreds of kilometers away, so he can't stop him from going.

"Actually, I thought about it clearly before I came here! This time, only Xiaotian and I will go, so don't go." Seeing that Mingjian wanted to speak, Fan Tian stopped his action.

"Listen to me and continue to say that there is no end of the East China Sea, there is no entry and no exit, and no one has ever come back, so there is no need for you to go with us, because this matter is not enough to save your life with many people. I have nothing to do with Xiaotian, but you still have your own family and relatives. In fact, the family is not only a parasol, but also your responsibility!" Mingjian still wants to say something, but Fan Tian's words are indeed true. Whether he goes or not will not change the result at all. At most, he will only add one life. After continuous struggle, Ming Jian finally sighed for a long time.

" Take care and come back alive. I'm waiting to pick you up!" Mingjian looked at Fan Tian very firmly, as if he would not let him go if he didn't agree. With four eyes connected, Fan Tian did not avoid anything.

"I will!" This sentence represents not only a promise, but also a firm heart.

In the next few days, under the leadership of Mingjian, the two enjoyed the luxury fiercely. The glory on the faces of several people proved how successful the landlord Mingjian was, and even the golden hair of the big dog Xiaotian became shining.

During this period, Mingjian dragged the relationship and found a hunting team with senior soul masters for Fan Tian, and this team will enter the deepest forbidden area set foot on by human beings. It is precisely because of this that Fan Tian decided to join this team!

"Hey, who is this little guy? Are you rushing to die so early?" Just as Mingjian was about to take action, Fan Tian stopped his action, because his purpose was just to take a boat to the deepest part. Everything else had nothing to do with him.

"I just spent money on the boat and didn't participate in your hunting, so my strength doesn't seem to affect you!" Fan Tian looked at the half-footed mid-level big man with a flat expression, because everything here was just a passer-by to him. Hearing Fan Tian's words, the other party wanted to say something more, but he didn't say anything in the end, because a thin man in a robe got on the boat.

"He is the captain of this time, a senior soul master!" While several people looked at each other, the thin man also glanced at this side, as if he was curious about the teenager who wanted to enter the depths of the East China Sea. But at a glance, the man walked to the cabin.

"The gale warship has set sail!" At this moment, the sound of the warship sailing sounded. In Ming Jian's gaze, one person and one dog stepped on the 100-meter-high steel warship.

"I'll wait for you to come back alive!" Mingjian muttered to himself and looked at the distant warship. His heart was sour. He knew that it was likely that this was the last time he saw Fan Tian.