Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 51 Sea Beast

The sea is rough and the sea breeze is roaring in the air. The steel warship sails on the sea, like a moving island. The 100-meter-high warship is made with black iron. The value of the whole warship is unimaginable. Like this kind of warship, I can't cast it at all, so most of the warships that go to sea to hunt are rented. Of course, the rent is also expensive. Fan Tian, a passenger, paid ten third-order source cores.

Standing on the steel warship, facing the roaring sea wind and looking at the blue sky, Fan Tian's eyes fell into meditation. In his eyes, he was sometimes confused, sometimes low, sometimes vicissitudes, and finally fell firmly. Xiaotian stood silently behind him without making a sound. Since the unknown animal dog was able to speak, it has been silently following Fan Tian, and the boss kept screaming. Maybe there are also unknown secrets behind him.

"Sea beast attack, sea beast attack!" The originally calm sea suddenly boiled. Through the deck, Fan Tian could clearly see the dense figure on the sea and approach the warship. Of course, all this does not bother him. As a passenger, as long as he is safe.

Sea beasts are actually fierce beasts in the endless East China Sea. Because the other side lives in the sea, hunters are used to calling them sea beasts. In the whole endless East Sea, there are countless sea beasts. Of course, powerful sea beasts live far away from the coast and live in the deep sea. Of course, this deep sea refers to the depths of the sea. This is also why Fan Tian dares to march into the depths of the East China Sea with the strength of the soul master.

Because if you are lucky, you are likely to avoid powerful sea beasts. The main danger of going to the depths of the endless East China Sea does not come from sea beasts, but from uncertain weather, tornadoes, vortexes, storms and thunder and lightning.


The steel warship trembled slightly under the attack of the sea beasts, but most of these sea beasts were primary and second-level strength and did not have much deterrence. Under the siege of many hunters, the sea soon turned red. The hunters excitedly collected the source core, which is why many people rushed to the Endless East China Sea, because this is a natural treasure house with endless wealth.

Just as everyone was excited to collect the source nucleus, Fan Tian suddenly felt a trace of danger. Under the gaze of the black double eyes, sea whales dozens of meters long appeared in front of the crowd.

"Sea whale!" The members of the hunting team have changed color one after another, because the strength of sea whales is generally the primary third level, and the power in the sea is unmatched. Because of the appearance of sea whales, the waves kept churning on the sea, and figures rushed to the sea, like warships approaching.

"Fight back and open the crossbow!" The horn sounded on the warship, and giant crossbows opened the gate, and the three-meter-long arrows showed a cold light.

"Pray!" Under an order, the arrows shot into the sea like raindrops, and a sad and roar came from the body of the sea whale. The sea whale roared and approached the warship more quickly.

A sea whale finally broke through the blockade and crashed into the steel warship. The whole ship shook for it. You can imagine how powerful the sea whale is. With the first head, there is a second head. The sea whale gradually broke through the defense and has been besieged. The distance of the crossbow has lost its function. All the members of the warship picked up their weapons and were ready to go down for a hand-to-hand fight.

Looking at the beast souls above these people's heads, Fan Tian couldn't help nodding secretly. No wonder they would choose the endless East China Sea, because everyone here has the same sea beast souls as the Mingjian. Their fighting power in the sea will be greatly improved, but on land However, it will be greatly discounted, except for the monster Mingjian.

Knife, gun, stick and halberd, dazzling weapons appear on the battlefield. Human beings are like ants in front of sea whales, but it is this ant that is constantly harvesting the other party's life. The sea water has been dyed red, many crew members have been injured in the battle, and some have even fallen into the ruthless sea. This is the day on the edge of the knife, treasure Easy to take, life is also worthless.

"How about the little guy? I've never seen such a tragic battle!" A thin and yellow half-old crew member, who looked about fifty or sixty years old, looked at Fan Tian with a smile, as if the battle below had nothing to do with him.

"It's okay!" Fan Tian nodded disapprovingly, and the other party thought he was scared.

"I have been floating on the sea for more than 30 years. Every year, I watch a large number of martial artists lose their lives for wealth, and they are numb!" Hearing the other party's more than 30 years of sailing experience, Fan Tian's eyes couldn't help but brighten.

"In Xia Fantian, I don't know what to call my brother?" Fan Tian slightly checked his head.

"Ha ha, just call me Boyuan. It's the crossbowman of this steel warship, the martial soul sea eagle!" Boyuan's slightly wrinkled face showed a simple smile.

"Brother, it's not easy for you to take risks for more than 30 years!" Fan Tian sighed that it was not easy to live a knife life for 30 years in a row.

"I'm not as greedy as they are. I'm going into the sea to hunt sea beasts. I'm just looking for a career as a bowman on this ship. Although the reward for each time I go to sea is not as rich as theirs, it is safe enough to maintain my life. This is the last time I go to sea. After this, I can retire and enjoy life!" Boyuan seems to have seen his leisurely life after retirement, and his eyes are full of yearning and satisfaction.

"I don't know, brother, where is the farthest place to go in the past few decades?" Fan Tian began to fill in information for his trip to the East China Sea.

"The farthest place is the death line of the East China Sea. That time, I saw with my own eyes that in the same sea area, there was only a line of separation. The wind and waves here were calm, and the other side was lightning, thundering and stormy. An intermediate sea beast that was hunted down was forced to cross the boundary and was instantly stirred into pieces by the vortex!" Boyuan seemed to recall a very terrible thing, and Fan Tian frowned when he heard it.

This death line in the East China Sea is the so-called human forbidden area and the destination of this time. On the other side of the death line, it is the place that Fan Tian needs to face alone. The weather there is mysterious, sometimes sunny, and sometimes the waves are surging. It is said that you can reach the endless island in the East China Sea through this sea. It is Fan Tian's destination this time. It is said that many people have been there, but no one has returned. Therefore, the mysterious island is hung with a hazy veil.


The war on the sea has entered white heat. At this time, a sea whale with medium-level strength soared into the air. The 100-meter body was equivalent to one-third of the steel warship. At the moment the other party appeared, an equally powerful breath suddenly broke out on the warship, and the 20-meter-long shark whale martial soul looked at it. One of the two intermediate soul masters on the ship took action.


The waves rolled, and the shark whale man held a broad knife and cut it down in the air. The sea whale also showed no weakness. A huge column of water suddenly surged on the sea and roared and collided with the man's broad knife. The man's strength seemed to be slightly higher than the other party, and the broad knife in his hand bit the other party's body like a shark whale.


The sea whale let out a painful hiss, and its giant tail churned and sank to the bottom of the sea. The broad-knife man obviously didn't want to let him go. The martial soul above his head suddenly burst into light blue. The sea in front of him miraculously dispersed and chased him in. This is the advantage of the sea beast martial soul. It not only does not avoid the sea, but also can survive on the seabed with the advantage of the beast soul and gain the advantage of the sea.


Haiti is churning, and Fan Tian's black eyes are faintly fluorescent. You can actually see the following situation through the sea. One whale is tossed and wriggling at the bottom of the sea. The broad-knife man's movements have not become dull at all because of the resistance of the sea. On the contrary, his skills have become more agile, and the shark whale above his head are constantly placed. The light seemed to return to his mother's arms.

Although the opponent kept struggling, he was still killed, and the man returned to the warship with the body of the sea whale. During the subsequent voyage, Fan Tian kept seeing all kinds of different sea beasts, but there was no high-level existence, so the only senior soul master on the ship has not yet done anything.

The sea at night does not seem to be calm, but it can't turn over any waves in the face of such a steel warship. Of course, this is also because the wind and waves on the sea are not huge enough. If they exceed the death line in the East China Sea, not to mention such a warship, even several times larger will be smashed by the whirlpool of the sky.

Today is a relatively calm night on the last day, because tomorrow they will be adjacent to the death line of the East China Sea and reach the final hunting destination. It is said that there are high-level fierce beasts here, and the purpose of their trip to sea this time is that the senior soul master wants to hunt a high-level sea beast and provide his own cultivation.


The bow horn sounded, the morning sun sprinkled golden light, and a very obvious boundary appeared in front of it. Although the sea there was relatively calm, it was not the same as this side. It seems that a dividing line has been drawn between heaven and earth, telling people to stop here.

"It's time to get off the ship!" Fan Tian sighed for a long time, and his face was vague and he didn't know whether to live or die. However, just as he was about to leave in a boat, the breath of destruction suddenly came from the other side of the death line. A 100-meter-long creature suddenly surfaced, with copper bell eyes emitting bloodthirsty light.

There are many powerful beasts living at the other end of the death line in the East China Sea. Of course, they will not live on the sea, but in the depths of the endless seabed, because even they can't compete with the unpredictable weather on the sea.

Fan Tian didn't think that there were many people who had the same idea as him from the bottom of the sea. Before him, there were already many powerful beings trying to find the island through this method. But everyone failed and returned. In the end, a powerful and incredible strong man communicated with the fierce beast king in the deep sea that the sea was endless, but there was no road to the divine island. Only through the unpredictable weather on the sea could he find the location of the divine island. So Fan Tian had no choice. At this time, the fierce beast staring at the sea suddenly rose into the air and rushed over.

"Long Jiao, my God, it's the overlord Long Jiao in the sea!" Someone on the warship already exclaimed, and even Fan Tian's eyes widened. The 100-meter-long body, dark scales, copper bell-like eyes, and thick eagle claws, only have no horns on his head, proving that he is still not a real dragon.

At the moment when the other party appeared, the senior soul master on the warship finally took action. Hundreds of beast souls stood in the air, with wings spreading all over the world. The black and white feathers on their bodies were like steel. Peng Ou's martial souls looked down on each other, and the war was imminent.