Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 63 Heaven Purgatory

In the shocked eyes of the great priest, Fan Tian's figure clearly appeared in front of him, still with bronze skin, but compared with before, there was a different breath on his body, which made the great priest feel familiar and a little uncomfortable.

"What the hell are you doing?" The great priest was full of doubts about Fan Tian's sudden disappearance six months ago and suddenly appeared today. And the sound of the sacred weapon that appeared twice in a row shocked him even more. Six months ago, after Fan Tian left, it was not that he did not check the statue of the saint. On the contrary, the inspection was very careful, but after the inspection, he was surprised to find that no matter how he checked, he could not feel any breath of the sacred artifact.

However, half a year after he gave up, the originally disappeared holy weapon appeared in front of him again. Of course, this time it is still a flash and hidden, so that it can't catch the trace. This made the royal priest very depressed, so he put all his hopes on Fan Tian.

"He went to our world!" Just when the great priest was puzzled, the emperor beside him interrupted, because this guy found that although the great priest in red in front of him was not as strong as himself, coupled with the soul weapon with the breath of a king in his hand, it was not so easy for him to clean up.

"Are you again?" The great priest looked at the quasi-imperial beside him, and his face was full of alertness, because he had sensed from the other party's breath that this guy was not a good guy, and he felt that the energy fluctuations in the other party's body did not seem to be the source of the world.

"He is a friend I know in another world." Fan Tian has also got along well with this quasi-imperial who only has only breakthrough thoughts these days. The other party did not elevate his identity because of his own strength, but to associate with his peers. In Fan Tian's view, this is out of respect for the other party, but this is not the case in the real heart of the quasi-imperial.

Friends from another world? Is there another space in the world? The red-robed priest was a little disbelieving, but the facts forced him to believe it.

"I don't know if it's another world, but I just know that it's completely different from us." Fan Tian also doesn't believe that there are two worlds, so he has been doubting whether he has been transmitted to another continent outside the source continent that people don't know, but the completely different energy makes him uncertain about his thoughts.

"Master, you don't want to chat with us all the time, do you?" The environment where the three people live is really not suitable for chatting, and the light energy around them is very dense. If it hadn't been for their strong strength and Fan Tian's baptism here, the holy spring would have been boiling like a steamer.

"It should be changed, but..." The great priest looked at the emperor beside him, and the meaning between his eyebrows was self-evident.

"Ha ha, the great priest doesn't have to be nervous. If he is a strong man at the imperial level, if he wants to make the idea of the holy church, even if all of you go out, it may not be difficult for him." As soon as Fan Tian's voice fell, the quasi-emperor beside him was very arrogant.

"You red-robed old man are as unreasonable as Jing Tuo. Do you think there is anything else in your hall worthy of my conspiracy as a quasi-imperialist strongman?" The words of the quasi-imperial are not unreasonable. There is really nothing that can make a quasi-imperial move except the emperor's soul weapon. The imperial soul weapon, obviously, this church is not yet available. What they are most proud of is the holy handbook in the hand of the great priest now.

"Yes, if you don't have enough strength, no matter how much you think about it, you will eventually talk on paper. Only when you have strong strength can you face the unknown!" Fan Tian looked at Cang Ming's two pupils and finally woke up again because of the words of the emperor.

"The soldiers will block it, and the water will cover the earth. It seems that it's time to return to the source continent. Fan Tian's bronze figure walked to the residence of the great priest in the thoughtful eyes of the prospective emperor.

Holy Church Sacrifice

"Great Sacrist."

"Fen Tian, are you here? Is there any gain?" Seeing Fan Tian's figure, the red-robed priest hurriedly greeted him, with a trace of expectation on his face. However, Fan Tian's answer disappointed him.

"There is no gain. The history is too long. Our current information can't see what happened ten thousand years ago." Fan Tian sighed and shook his head, and the great priest was also disappointed.

"So what are you today?" Fan Tian went to the Three Treasures Hall. Naturally, the great priest could see that Fan Tian had come beforehand.

"The purpose of coming today is to ask the great priest how to leave the Holy Island and return to the source continent?" The great priest didn't expect Fan Tian to ask this. He forgot to answer for a moment and didn't react until half a sound.

"Do you want to leave the Holy Island?"

"Yes, the prospective emperor is right. Instead of thinking nonsense, it is better to improve your strength and face what may happen in the future." Fan Tian was very serious, but the great priest opposite suddenly became silent.

"What? Is there any difficulty? Fan Tian immediately realized that the other party's expression seemed to be not simple on the way back to the source continent. However, this is true.

"There is indeed a channel back to the source continent. It is no longer an endless sea, but another special place, which we call heaven purgatory." The great priest's words were very solemn. While talking, I don't know when the emperor-to-be came here.

"Heaven Purgatory is worthy of its name!" When the quasi-imperial mentioned here, his face was also full of solemnity, as if this place could not be taken lightly even by him, a quasi-imperial player.

"Emperor, have you been there?" Fan Tian raised his eyebrows, and the other party nodded affirmatively.

"That road is really terrible, even if I almost broke it." The emperor-to-be recalled his experience of breaking into heaven and hell two days ago, and the entrance alone was already very horrible.

A few days later, Fan Tian and others came to the Holy Spring Pool again. The great priest held the holy man's hand and typed out mysterious characters, and a small entrance appeared in front of the crowd.

"Let's go, the road to heaven is below." Although the other party told him a few days ago that the entrance to the purgatory of heaven was actually under the holy spring pool, he was still amazed when he saw it today. With the slow entry of the great priest, the three appeared in a small space, and in front of them was a gate, with the words heaven and purgatory on the left and right sides.

Heaven is bright and holy, and purgatory is hot and vicious, but the left and right sides of a gate exude an opposite atmosphere, which looks very strange and terrible.