Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 64 The Devil of Heaven

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The gate of angels is surrounded by holiness, and the silver angel constantly emits a peaceful light, warm and peaceful. The right fan of purgatory, the demonic spirit is boiling, and the black smoke is thick. The word purgatory is like a demon in the region, roaring and screaming. Standing in front of this mysterious gate, Fan Tian had an indescribable feeling.

"Master, what the hell is this place?" Being able to have such a strange atmosphere, Fan Tian will never simply think that this is just an ordinary evil channel.

"I don't know exactly where it is, but there is a vague record in the saint's handbook. A long time ago, this was indeed heaven. But it is unknown why it has become like this. The great priest held the saint's note, and he had also thought countless times why there was such a existence under the holy pool, but every time he died of depression, because the clues were still broken ten thousand years ago.

"It seems that to solve this mystery, we still need to figure out ten thousand years ago." Fan Tian suddenly found that everything he had experienced had countless connections with ten thousand years ago, and it was inextricably intertwined.

"Well, don't think about it. No matter what its origin is, we must rely on our own strength today." Since the quasi-emperor entered here, his face has been solemn.

Looking at the back of Fan Tian and the quasi-imperial, there was a trace of reluctance on the face of the great priest. Although they had not been together for a long time, the two of them were one of the few people on the island who could talk to talk to them.

"As the great priest of the Holy Island, my duty is not to leave here and go to the outside world with you. However, one day in the future, after I find a successor. I will definitely go to see the outside world. The great priest's hands have moved between his words, and mysterious characters have hit the strange door in front of him through the saint's handbook.

"Ha ha, you old stubborn man is finally enlightened. In this case, I will tell you a secret." In the puzzled eyes of Fan Tian and the great priest, the emperor rubbed his hands and looked at the strange gate in front of him.

"Do you know why I didn't wait until after the breakthrough before leaving here?" The emperor-to-be did not sell the customs this time.

"Because it is also impossible for people to break through to the imperial level. Although there is an opportunity here, this opportunity seems to be limited by a force in the dark, so if you want to break through, you must leave here and go to the real source continent." Fan Tian looked at the emperor and didn't understand why the prospective emperor was like this until now. I'm eager to leave here. For this reason, I specially sought the help of the great priest two days ago and came here to test.

The fundamental reason for all this is that he found that he could not break through the imperial level here. And his failure to break through the imperial level means that his limit is coming. Only a successful breakthrough can continue to extend his life. Otherwise, only the trial of death will be awaiting.

"Are you sure you can break through when you get to the source continent?" Hearing the other party's explanation, Fan Tian suddenly felt that the source continent did not seem to be possible, and it must be able to make a breakthrough. When the emperor-to-be heard Fan Tian's words, his face showed helplessness.

"Actually, I'm not sure, but for the last chance, I can only fight." The prospective emperor sighed for a long time. People like him who are close to life but can't break through at the critical line are the most torture. Fan Tian looked at the thin back of the quasi-remperor and suddenly felt that he seemed to be a poor person.

As the characters kept pouring in, the two energies of light and darkness suddenly boiled together. There seems to be a force between the cracks in the door, trying to struggle to break through.

"The power in my body is only enough to support a quarter of an hour. If you can't return within a quarter of an hour, the door will be closed, and it will take at least two days to open again. The dangerous emperor has seen it. Be careful!" The gate was finally opened with the support of the great priest. Fan Tian and the emperor did not hesitate to step in, because they were fully prepared before they came, and this time they were allowed to succeed and not fail.


Under the gaze of the great priest, the figures of the emperor and Fan Tian disappeared in the gate. Inside the door, it was completely another scene. Fan Tian entered here for the first time and was almost confused by its appearance. Green mountains and green water, white clouds, streams flowing, the air is filled with fresh breath, and a sense of peace makes people feel unprecedented relaxation.

"Is this the purgatory of heaven?" Fan Tian looked at everything in front of him with an incredible face, but the quasi-emperor beside him always frowned.

"Don't be confused by the scene here." The emperor-to-be always looked around with vigilance, as if the temptation two days ago left an indelible impression on him. Next to the solemn eyes of the quasi-imperial, Fan Tian always looks very relaxed, because there is a quasi-imperial strong man here, and it doesn't matter whether he, a martial artist with only an intermediate period, is serious or not.

"It's really good to have a strong man at the quasi-imperial level as a bodyguard." Fan Tian was so uncomfortable, but at this moment, there was a sudden fluctuation in the air. A butterfly appeared in front of them at some point, and the butterfly king with seven-colored light looked full of sacred breath. However, it was in the face of this seemingly indestructible butterfly that the emperor took the lead.

"Great sad hand!" A huge golden hand, with a sad breath, suddenly pressed on the butterfly. And this colorful butterfly, which looked full of sacred breath, suddenly turned into a grimace under Fan Tian's incredible eyes, exuding a strong evil atmosphere. It was unprepared and scattered in the void by the great sad hand. Fan Tian clearly felt that at that moment, this seemingly indestructible butterfly actually burst out the combat power of a senior soul master.

"Is this the so-called heavenly purgatory?" Fan Tian finally understood what happened here.

"Yes, this is the so-called life in heaven and live as a purgatory demon!" After destroying the butterfly, the quasi-imperial did not relax, but continued to observe every move around him, because he knew that everything was peaceful here, but it was full of murder.

"We need to go straight south." Fan Tian narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance. This is the road pointed out by the great priest before coming. There is a transmission array at the end of the south, which is the only way to return to the source continent. Naturally, the emperor-to-be also knows about this.

"We need to speed up. Once the prison demons here are attracted, they will come endlessly. There is no weaker than me in the depths." The quasi-imperial ran all the way with Fan Tian. It was definitely the Buddha who blocked the Buddha and the god who killed the god. Hundreds of miles passed in a blink of an eye, but just as the two of them continued to run fast, a golden armored man suddenly appeared in front of them.

"I haven't seen human beings for a long time." The man's gentle appearance not only did not bring warmth to Fan Tian, but almost made his scalp explode. You don't need to look at it, you can know that the comer is not a good person, because it can be seen from the behavior of the quasi-imperial's failure to take action that this opponent can not be solved casually.

"We just want to borrow the transmission array in front of us. I wonder if you can raise your hand." Fan Tian didn't expect that the prospective emperor would take the lead in being soft, but the other party didn't seem to buy it. His originally warm and handsome face suddenly became ferocious and horrible.

"Haha, have you ever seen demons raise their hands?" With the change of the other party's voice and face, the golden armored man, in their eyes, became a ferocious, head with two horns, wearing skeleton armor, and holding an evil sword.

"Fentian, you should retreat quickly and protect yourself. This opponent is very difficult to deal with." Naturally, Fan Tian also saw the clue that the source force in his body was running and slowly retreating. He knew that this fierce battle could not only intervene, but also closer and could die at any time.

However, he did not dare to leave too far, because once he lost the breath of the two strong men, other demons would come up, and Fan Tian did not have the strength to be the emperor. The purple-gold source force has emitted a faint light on the surface of the body, and the void imprint is always flowing under his feet.


The quasi-imperial does not want to delay time here, so it is a unique skill. All the energy in this space seems to have been dragged over by him. The breath of destruction makes Fan Tian behind him a little breathless. A god and Buddha in the sky stands above the sky, and the huge golden palm seems to punish the evil spirits in front of him.

In the face of the gods and Buddhas, the other party showed no weakness. The black evil spirit was entangled. The eyes of the three eight-armed demon gods were full of evil, and the long sword in his hand exuded evil spirit and confronted the golden giant palm.

The two powerful skills of "Golden Hand" and "Demon Sword" were used at the same time. When they collided in the void, the demon sword almost tore the giant hand. At this critical moment, a rosary appeared in the hands of the quasi-emperor, and the powerful king-level breath immediately made the giant hand in the air stronger and grabbed the demon sword fiercely.


The demon sword was wrapped in the rosary from the emperor, and cracks appeared in an instant. Even under the increase of the inverted sword, it still failed to escape the shackles of the rosary, turned into pieces of dust and disappeared into the air. At the same time, a mouthful of black blood overflowed from the demon's mouth, and his face became more ferocious.

"Good human, you actually hurt me." Instead of being depressed because of injury, the demon became more excited. His eyes were full of madness. The evil breath began to boil all over his body, and a stronger force gushed out of the other party's body.

"No, this guy is getting more and more brave." In the face of such a difficult enemy, the quasi-imperial has frowned. At this moment, Fan Tian's condition does not seem to be very good.


This is the third impact. This one-eyed demon holding a black iron bar keeps shining in his eyes, and the long stick in his hand is not weaker than Fan Tian. With the alternating cooperation of four arms, a black iron bar makes Fan Tian not embarrassed.

"Damn, I'll fight with you!" Fan Tian gritted his teeth and was obviously angry.