Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 67 Join

Binhai City was noisy, and the naval battle made Binhai City more lively. Many big families that were not usually seen appeared here. In the face of the noisy world, the sword in front of Fan Tian did not care at all. He stared at the young man in front of him, with a trace of imperceptible moisture in his eyes.

"Ha ha, don't be excited, I can't run! The matter between us will continue later. Now I want to be your team member. I don't know if you are interested? Fan Tian smiled faintly and looked at his best friend in front of him, and his heart was full of warmth.

"Can you do it?" After a short surprise, Mingjian suppressed his emotions, restored his previous style, and began to laugh at Fan Tian, but Fan Tian could see that although he tried his best to suppress it, he still could not hide Ming Jian's excitement.

"What do you think?" Fan Tian opened his mouth and looked at Ming Jian.

"I think it's okay. It's better to die an outsider than your own." Mingjian punched Fan Tian in the shoulder and looked at the second son beside him in the surprised eyes of everyone.

"Second brother, your injury hasn't healed yet. Let my friend replace you this time." In the face of Mingjian's sudden request, the whole team suffocated. You should know that the second son is the strength of the intermediate second stage. Even if the injury has not recovered, it is not something that can be replaced by any person.

"Third brother, are you sure you want this person to participate in the competition?" Yao Minghai, the second son, looked at Fan Tian and did not trust him, because he could not feel the breath in the other party's body at all, so he could not judge the depth of the person in front of him, but according to the other party's age observation, he would not be higher than himself.

"Don't worry, second brother, he will never hold us back." Mingjian was full of confidence, but he knew Fan Tian's pervert. When he first arrived, he killed Xiao Yun, who had three stages of strength. Although he had not seen him for more than half a year, Mingjian believed that even if it was not improved, Fan Tian's strength was not weaker than his second brother.

Although Mingjian is very confident, the people present still can't let go. After all, this is a battle related to the pillar industry of the family, and no one dares to make a decision easily. They did not enter the field for a long time and finally attracted the attention of the patriarch.

"Ming Jian, what are you doing? Why don't you enter yet?" The person who came was Yao Jun, the patriarch of the Yao family and the father of Mingjian.

"Father, this young man is a friend of Mingjian and wants to help our family participate in the naval battle." The second son took the lead in explaining to his father.

"Oh?" Yao Jun, the patriarch, turned his head to look at Fan Tian, and his face was full of curiosity. Feeling his father's eyes, Ming Jian explained.

"Father, this is my comrade-in-arms I once told you, Fan Tian. This time to help us participate in the naval battle. Hearing Mingjian's explanation, Yao Jun, the patriarch, looked at Fan Tian and showed a strange color in his eyes.

"Are you Fan Tian?"

"Exact!" Facing Mingjian's father, Fan Tian looked very respectful. Before everyone could react, Yao Jun had already looked at the second son beside him.

"Go down to recover and let Fan Tian bring you to participate in the game." The second son was shocked by his father's sudden decision and seemed to want to say something, but was stopped by Yao Jun's eyes.

"Thank you for your trust." Fan Tian slightly looked at the other party.

"It should be that I thank you for helping us tide over the difficulties." Yao Jun didn't have any airs, as if he were a kind uncle, looking at everyone's eyes full of concern.

"Don't be strong. If you really can't do it, just give up. The most important thing is to protect yourself." Fan Tian didn't expect that as the head of the family, he could say such a thing, and he seemed to have given up the game in words.

"Don't worry, uncle, I will do my best." Fan Tian looked at Ming Jian beside him, grinned at the corners of his mouth, and Ming Jian also smiled deliberately. All this was in Yao Zhen's eyes. He shook his head helplessly and knew that it was impossible for these children to put their lives first in the competition.

There were five members of the team participating in the battle, namely Fan Tian, Mingjian, Mo Jie, Yao Yuhuan and Yao Mingzhou. Among them, Mo Jie is a guest minister, and Yuhuan and Mingzhou are the elites of other branches of the family. Except for Mingjian and Mo Jie, who are intermediate second-level, Yuhuan and Mingzhou have only one level of strength. These people are the proud sons of heaven outside, but they seem to be a little insufficient here.


Family teams are gathered together, and each team has five people. Of course, gang formation is not ruled out. A total of 52 teams participated in this competition, while there were eight pieces in the peripheral trade zone, four pieces in the middle trade zone, and only one piece in the core trade zone. Therefore, 39 teams need to be eliminated in the first round, and you can imagine how tragic the battle is.

"In the first round, we only need to guard against the other two families, and the remaining small families hardly dare to trouble us." Mingjian has become very serious. He dares not joke about the fate of the family in this relationship.

"There are many middle-level strong people here, but the strongest ones are the two." Without the introduction of Mingjian, Fan Tian has felt that the two powerful teams are completely composed of intermediate soul masters like them.

"Yes, those two teams are the Sima family and the Sun family." While Fan Tian looked at each other, the other party also looked at them, and one of the men raised his head slightly. This young man is the ghost talent of the Sima family.

"What do you think of Sima Xiong's strength?" The voice of Mingjian sounded in Fan Tian's ear.

"very strong" Fan Tian had to admit that this young man, known as a genius, did bring him a dangerous atmosphere.

"How sure are you?" Hearing the question of the famous sword, Fan Tian suddenly turned his head in surprise.

"Isn't this guy using you to deal with it?" Fan Tian's surprised expression suffocated Mingjian and didn't react until half a sound. He was joking.

"If I can beat it, why do I let you join?" Mingjian simply played tricks.

"Do you believe the tenth floor?" Fan Tian's answer this time almost made Mingjian go back.

"This is my letter." Thinking of Fan Tian's answer when he fought against Xiao Yun last time, Ming Jian knew that what Fan Tian said was like water spilled out. Even if it was a question, it had the same effect.

The battle began in the referee's whistle. Dozens of small families rushed together, and various beast souls appeared above their heads. The source power in the field instantly became boiling. All kinds of martial arts were like dragons and tigers, bombarding their enemies. One by one person turned his horse and spewed blood.

In contrast, the three families stood in the three corners of the field, and almost no family came to disturb them, as if they were a spectator in this battle. However, some people don't seem to want them to see it all, especially the Yao family's team.

"I heard that there are many masters of the three families, and the young are not talented. I don't know if anyone in the Yao family will hesitate to teach them." The visitor is a middle-level young man. The sea lion's martial soul above his head is majestic, and his eyes looking at the Yao family are full of provocation.

"This is obviously a spy instigated by the other two families to inquire about our reality." Mingzhou behind Mingjian gritted his teeth and his face was full of anger.

"Master Mingzhou doesn't need to be angry. Let me clean him up." It was Mo Jie, the guest of the Yao family, who spoke, but just as he was about to take action, Fan Tian stopped him from moving.

"I'll do this!" Under Mo Jie's frown, an intermediate breath burst out from Fan Tian's body. While Fan Tian took action, everyone else frowned except Mingjian. Yao Minghai, the second son in the audience in the distance, has jumped up.

"Father, he only has intermediate strength. How can he replace me!" Compared with Minghai's irritability, Yao Jun, the patriarch, seems very calm. Just one sentence made the furious Yao Minghai silent.

"He is the one who came back from the battlefield of the Southern Fire like your third brother." At this moment, Yao Minghai finally understood why when the third brother mentioned the other party's name, his father agreed to this matter. It turned out that he had already known the identity of the other party. As the second brother of Mingjian, he knows the horror of returning from the land of Nanhuo. Thinking that the third brother had just returned home and defeated him, the second brother of the second stage, with only a period of strength. Although it was only one better, it was already a very terrible thing, because their martial souls were exactly the same.

In Yao Minghai's silent eyes, Fan Tian took out a black magic stick.

"I'll do two tricks with you." While talking, the black magic stick had emitted a purple-gold light and hit the provocative man in full view of the public.

"cross the sky, cut the moon, cave sky." Fan Tian only used the simplest martial arts skills, because the other party was not worthy of his full strength at all. The purple-gold magic stick turned into layers of stick shadows, and a faint murderous atmosphere enveloped the other party.

"Sea Lion Roar" made Fan Tian not expect that the other party actually made a sonic attack. However, this level of attack has no effect on Fan Tian, who already has the strength of a senior soul master. The purple gold source poured into his ears to block the opponent's attack, but his body pretended to shake. The other party was really fooled and thought that Fan Tian couldn't resist it. He rushed over against the sea lion's martial soul.

"Oh, with this combat experience, come up and make a fool of yourself!" Ming Jian behind him had already seen Fan Tian's attempt and knew that the other party had been defeated.


The man's figure flew out, with blood spilling on the ground, and finally fell at Sima Xiong's feet. Seeing the other party's ugly face, Fan Tian knew that this person was Sima Xiong's.

Fan Tian slowly raised his right hand and pointed to the ugly Sima Xiong, and a faint voice sounded, "I'll wait for you in the final the day after tomorrow!"